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Kane nodded, "Please don't make me get on a plane." he was so scared... he still had nightmares about it. What he went through was traumatic. The doctor came back in with multiple types of braces and said, "You can call this number and arrange to meet Doctor Li, Kane has to wait until his back is healed though, so most likley 6 to 8 weeks with the brace and no lifting, no touring, no picking your daughters up, nothing Kane, if you lift anything over 5 pounds your wife will personally call me." Kane nodded, "I understand sir." He leaned over to kiss Katelyn and the doctor asked him to remove his shirt so he could fit his brace... thats when he knew Katelyn seen it, his spine was bumpy and there were bruises... deep purple and black ones that looked painful to the touch. He had over done it. "Kane I'm going to prescribe you a pain relief gel that Katelyn can help you with, just put it along his spine." The doctor said gently fitting a soft brace to his back.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 312d 12h 38m 44s
Katelyn just shook her head as she listened to the Doctor. Before they had came to the hospital, she knew that Kane had messed up his back even more. He shouldn’t have carried her, she didn’t care what he said. He should’ve waited for security. She nodded as she heard the Doctor explain that he now needed surgery to correct the damage.

[b “We want the best.”] she said. She glanced over at Kane. [b “Money isn’t an option here.... When can we set up a meeting with the doctor?”] She asked. She knew that the surgery would still be a few weeks away, but she wanted to meet the specialist as soon as possible.

She glanced over at Kane once the doctor left. [b “We need to go to California as soon as possible.. Mom has to stay in Nashville but Hannah will want to come with us. She’ll be a big help with the girls. And we have to take the dogs since we’ll be leaving the girls home a lot.”] she said. She leaned over and kissed his forehead soflty. [b “We’ll get through this...together. Okay? Don’t worry.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 312d 12h 46m 45s
"it wasn't stupid, I was protecting the woman I love." He muttered leaning back in the seat. They weren't in the Emergency room long before a doctor was looking at his xrays again, "Well Kane, your back wasn't broken before but it is now, your fractures have cracked all the way through now, your going to need surgery to correct your spine and you'll have to wear a brace on your back during the day but you will be able to take it off at night, it is not comfortable to sleep in." Kane nodded listening , "When can we do the surgery." The doctor sighed, "When your back is healed, it would be more dangerous going in now with it broken. So I will fit your brace and I will not be doing your surgery, I wouldn't recommend this to most of my patients since it is expensive and requires a 5 month recovery time where you have to stay in the area but, I'd like to refer you to a specialist in Los Angeles that is the best in the world."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 312d 13h 47m 31s
Katelyn smiled softly as she heard Kane speak to the girls and her Mother. She hated having to leave Aria and Taya with her Mother, as they really weren’t used to her because they didn’t get to see her a lot, which was going to change, right?

She headed upstairs to quickly pack a bag for not only Kane, but herself. She through all her electronics and chargers in there. She didn’t know how long they would be in the hospital, which wa semi scary. She headed downstairs and shook her head when Kane said he needed to walk down on his own. [b “You know I’m not gonna risk letting you fall.”] she said. She walked beside him, holding onto him.

She waited till she made sure that he was in the truck before she hopped up in the driver seat. [b “Were definitely going to tell them that you fell, and that you stupidly picked me up and carried me.”] she said as she backed out of the gaffer, and opened the security gate.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 312d 13h 52m 10s
“Truck so I don’t have to bend myself into the car...I love you.” He muttered watching her go pack a bag. He kissed both of the girls on the foreheads and looked to katelyn’s mother, “Take care of the girls please, I don’t know what’s going to happen when I go in but I don’t want to worry about them. There’s a debit card under the dog treat jar, order any food y’all want or if you need anything. I keep it there now for emergencies.” He smileded seeing Katelyn come down the stairs again but this time with a bag.

He slowly stood and said, “Let me make my own way to the car, if I fall I don’t want to fall on you...maybe we should tell the doctor about when I fell down the stairs.” Ten minutes later he was in the car. His lungs were still weak but his back problems were what was going to end up putting him in the hospital. He had almost broken it.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 312d 14h 8m 15s
Katelyn just smiled and nodded as she listened to Hannah let it all out. [b “I don’t know how I feel about Mom moving down here either. I’m not her favorite Hannah. Aria and Taya are her favorite. I know her being in Nashville will be such a big help, but I understand you being upset because this was tour chance to get away... I have to take Kane to the hospital, but how about you think about some other schools that you’re interested in. We still have five months to make another decision..”] she said.

Deep inside, she knew that Kane would need surgery to correct the damage that he had done when he carried her out. So she would need her Mother’s help now more than ever. She just didn’t know how she felt about it.

[b “Were gonna go on to the Emergancy Room. I’m gonna go back a bag just Incase.. Can you stay right here?”] she asked as she walked into the kitchen. [b “What vehicle would be easier for you to get in? Truck or car?”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 312d 14h 16m 19s
"You know Mom is only moving here because of you and Kane, and the girls. She knows Kane is hurt and you... your her favorite." Hannah said to Katelyn. "I wanted this to be my getting away from her and now shes moving here? and everyone is happy but me? Maybe I should go back to Philly." She mutters going to her room and slamming the door.

Kane was in the kitchen, he couldn't move much, he was in alot of pain, "I know my appointment isn't until later but I don't know how much longer I can handle this." he said looking up to Katelyn, "Baby my spine is on fire."

They had had a hell of a time, with losing Baby Brown, Kane having to carry her and him being hurt worse, and now Hannah was throwing a teengager tantrum? When was it all going to let up?

Taya and Aria came and hugged Kane's legs, they knew their daddy was hurt but didn't know how to help him.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 314d 11h 33m 8s
Katelyn looked over at Hannah, who seemed pretty shocked. She wasn’t sure what was going on with her. She didn’t look all that excited?

She snapped out of her thoughts and just smiled. [b “Mom! That’s so amazing. I’m so happy you got a promotion!”] she said. She reached over and hugged the woman. She didn’t know how she would feel about her mother now living in the same city again... As she had left Philadelphia to escape everyone, but they could make it work, right?

Around three, everyone had calmed down. Her mother was actually napping with the girls, and Kane was just trying to find a position that didn’t cause him pain. [b “Hannah went outside. She’s been off since Momma said she was moving down here. I’m gonna go talk to her really quick, and then we’ll go get ready for your appointment.”] she said. She leaned down and kissed his cheek before she headed for the patio.

In truth, Hannah didn’t like the fact that her Mother was moving down here. She hadn’t asked her opinion or even Katelyns. Teenagers moved away from college to get away from their parents. They weren’t supposed to follow them. Maybe she still had time to explore her options?
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 315d 23h 43m 44s
"They're grown and barely speak to me any way... Jason still doesn't come over and its not that far of a drive the little bit that they do see me. Plus I was offered a raise if I took the position... I'm putting the house up for sale and will need to find one here." She said and Kane spoke up, "Marie is a realtor, she can find you something for a good price and remember if you need anything we can help. " Kane not only sang but he had made investments. He owned a football team there in Nashville and was part owner of the Nashville Sounds baseball team. He had invested his money well.. when he first started out and that would be their saving grace now. Even if he sold his shares of both teams someday, it would equal almost 40 million dollars. They were set but Kane would sing again someday... just not now. He had to get better first for his family.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 10h 12m 21s
She watched as Taya walked over, holding her arms up to Kane. [b “Daddy’s hurting right now princess.. He can’t.”] she said. She knew it hurt Kane to tell her no, something that would bite them in the ass eventually.

Katelyn smiled weakly as she listened to him. He was making excuses. [b “I’m going to drive. Hannah and Momma are going to watch the girls.”] she said [b “I called and explained the situation... May or may not have gotten a little sassy with them...”]

She followed them all into the kitchen as grinned as Aria kept stealing her Grandma’s fries. She looked up when Karen starting speaking. She just stared at her for a moment. [b “You’re moving to Nashville?”] she questioned. She couldn’t stop smiling. She knew her mother wanted to be closer to them, but she also knew that she would be a big help. [b “What about Jason and Danny? They’re still in Philadelphia..”] she said.
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 10h 16m 45s
Kane looked at her worried. It was clear he wasn't okay. Taya wanted him to pick her up and for the first time in her life Kane had to tell her no. "Daddy can't princess." He said taking her hand and leading her to the kitchen island, "Help daddy eat his fries." Aria was already helping Katelyn's mother eat her fries even though the girls had their own food and snacks.

"I can't drive at 5." He muttered looking to Katelyn... "How did yo uget an appointment so fast?" He asked. After they ate he looked to Katelyn, "my spine feels like its on fire." He said softly... he hated complaining and admitting he was hurt but this had gotten worse. The doctor would make him rest and he knew it but he wanted to help Katelyn with the girls and the dogs and the house. Her mother looked to her, "Katelyn, I'm transferring to Nashville... my job is opening a new branch here. I'm going to sell the house and move here to be closer to my girls."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 10h 22m 28s
Katelyn wasn’t afraid of a lot of things, but Kane being severely hurt... was definitely top on the list. She had made it a point to call his doctors as soon as they got back home.. This, he was giving her something to fight for. She was going to have her bad days after loosing her son, but she had a husband, two daughters, and two dogs that needed her. She wasn’t going to give up.

She looked over at her mother and simply shook her head. [b “After I was pulled off stage, the fans went crazy... Security wasn’t even trying to help, Kane carried me out of the pit.. But in return, he messed up his back even more. We go see his doctor at five, he’s working us in.. I’m so scared Momma..”] she said. She watched as Kane leaned against the wall.

[b “Babe.”] she said as she walked over to him. She smiled weakly. [b “We have an appointment at five..”] she said soflty. [b “We need to figure out a treatment plan, so we can get back to our lives. Even if we aren’t in the entertainment business... We still have a family that needs up both.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 10h 29m 27s
Kane nodded, "Together... and chicken wings and bbq sounds good... lets go to Moe's." He muttered knowing that there was a drive thru that they could go to. "My back... I messed up my back, I know I did... the injection last night didn't do anything... I gave myself one while you were asleep." He said crying. "It hurts so much right now I don't know how I'm walking but I am and theres no way I'll ever be able to do a show again, new music maybe but never a whole show." he was a mess.

Soon they were home with bbq and chicken wings. Kane was on the couch because he couldn't go much farther. Her mother looked to her and asked, "Whats wrong with Kane? He looks like he needs a hospital... is he alright." Kane slowly pulled himself up to get a drink and leaned against the wall in the hall until the pain subsided. His spine was messed up to the point he needed surgery.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 11h 7m 40s
Katelyn was very shocked and surprised when she heard Kane tell them that they could terminate his contract while they were at it. She made the decision to drive, he clearly was in no shape.

[b “We need to start your physical therapy.. You know. But I think we need to call your doctor and get you back in there for a check up.. It’ll make me feel better. I’m afraid you might’ve hurt yourself even more when you picked me up... It would make me feel better Kane..”] she said.

She smiled weakly when he mentioned food. Kane was like a bottomless pit. But she really wasn’t much different. She loved food. [b “Let’s go get Chicken wings? We can get it to go.”] she said. [b “I don’t think we should really be seen out in public right now...”]

Her heart broke all over again when she seen that he was breaking again. She reached over and just rubbed his back, her own eyes starting to tear up. [b “We’ll get through this... Together...”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 316d 11h 13m 31s
Kane held her hand, "Terminate my contract too while your at it, I have other offers." he muttered before they walked out. He did have other offers. Universal Music sent him purposals monthly, wanting him to switch to their label and he was sure he would switch now... or start his own... that was an option.

Kane was furious... so much that his face was red. "Lets go... we're getting food, anything you want, and we're going home." He muttered. he had just flipped on them and said what he was feeling... what he had been hiding from her the whole time. He lost another son. He wasn't doing the best with his recovery and he was in more pain than he was letting on. Once he was in the car he broke down. The tears couldn't stop... the pain was one thing but the heartbreak was another.

"I hate this....I can't even protect you... I carried you because I wanted to make sure you were safe and if I hadn't they would have hurt you more."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 316d 11h 52m 2s

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