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Kane nodded, 'Yes I will change the stinky baby." he kissed her lips gently and muttered, "I'll carry you upstairs later." He knew it was an option and he was scared the birth had actually hurt her forever.

Ten minutes later Kane came back with Aria in a new outfit and with a new diaper on. "Don't ask about the onesie. She pooped on it." He said holding the little girl. He was a natural with the babies but it seemed weird to see such a big man holding a small baby.

Jason looked at Taya while Katelyn held her. "Shes a little dark isn't she? I know her dad is black but I thought they'd be I don't know your color?" Kane looked at him, "They're half me Jason, that means they're one fourth black since I'm only half.... They look like me, thats nothing that I can help because they're my kids. God forbid you have kids someday and they look like you."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 22h 19m 35s
Katelyn nodded softly. She had a very rough labor. She still wasn’t completely recovered. [b “Shittt.”] she muttered as she walked up the front porch steps. [b “I have no idea how I’m going to get upstairs later.”] she said. She looked around when she walked into their house. It seemed every one was outside. Jason was grilling? She rolled her eyes. She didn’t know why he came.

She seen Rambo jump on the couch, trying to figure out what the girls were, or maybe why they were in his house. She just laughed as he sat down, staring at them. Guarding them? [b “Can you handle changing Ari?”] she asked. [b “I’m gonna take Taya outside so everyone can meet her. I’ll have to feed them soon.”] she said.

She leaned over and gently picked Taya up from her car seat. [b “Lets go meet mommys crazy family.”] she said [b “Come on Bubby.”] She headed outside, Rambo running right beside her.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 22h 27m 43s
Kane chuckled seeing the banner on the gate. "I think they're excited for the girls to be home... I don't know if we will be able to get them out of your mom's arms. She loves them and has spoiled them.... I think she is even cooking dinner tonight with Hannah... I am starving too." As he parked he shook his head, "You just get the diaper bag, I can carry their car seats... you just had two babies, you don't need to be over doing it, remember what the doctor said. Rest is alright."

Kane carried both of the girls' car seats into the house and sat them on the coffee table smiling at them. Rambo jumped on the couch to look at them. He could barely make it to the couch on his own but he was getting better at it. Aria started to fuss in her car seat and Kane unbuckled her and picked her up, rocking her. "Princess daddy is right here whats wrong?" Then he smelled it, "Stinky baby..."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 22h 32m 45s
The rest of their hospital stay went pretty well. The girls had already grown, if it was even possible.

Two days later, they were headed home. According to her mother, the entire family was waiting for them. She was slightly annoyed at that. She knew that they all just wanted to meet the twins, but she wanted nothing more than to sleep for a few hours. [b “We can post one when we get home. That sounds nice. I want to use the one of us all together, but it’s the one that you can’t see the twins face. Which I’m all for. I don’t know how I feel about letting them in the spotlight yet.”] she said.

The drive home wasn’t long, only fifteen minutes. She laughed when she seen the banner of their gate. [b “Dear lord what have they done to my house?”] she muttered.

Once the SUV was parked, she slowly got out and grabbed the diaper bag. [b “I can get one of the girls... i think.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 5h 26m 38s
“I think he will want to sleep with them like he sleeps with you.” Kane said as the nurse showed her how to feed them and use the pump. Kane held Aria while she fed Taya. “Your body will keep up the supply if you pump regularly.” Kane listened too in case Katelyn forgot something.

Soon they were switching twins and the nurse was showing Kane how to burp his daughter. Once she burped he smiled, “Such a big girl.” Soon Taya was asleep in his arms.

Two days later they were released and Kane brought the SUV around to help her inside. The twins’ car seats were installed and a nurse Cake and checked them to make sure they were right and they were. Once they were strapped in and Kane helped Katelyn into the front they were headed home. “We should post one of the pictures from the hospital with the girls on our social media’s so no one is bombarding us for pictures.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 5h 38m 13s
Katelyn simply nodded. She grinned as she watched Kane’s face light up when he picked Aria up. She truly didn’t know how much she loved him, until she watched him interact with their girls.

Once everyone had left, the nurse was going to show Katelyn how to breastfeed. She didn’t know if she would be able to keep a big enough supply up, just because she had twins. But she wanted to try.

She listened to Kane as he explained why Ryan had come to see them. [b “I don’t even know how he found out. We haven’t announced that they were born yet.”] she said. She just shook her head. It pissed her off, simply because he thought he could just show up and everything would be okay. [b “I still can’t believe that he thought it was okay that he showed up..”] she said. [b “Mom and Hannah are staying at the house tonight. Jason and everyone are flying in tomorrow, they’re going to help Momma straighten up the house before we come home.”] she told him [b “How do you think that Rambo will react?”]

She looked up when she heard him repeat Taya’s comment about him having a daughter. She just smiled. [b “Shes their guardian angel.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 5h 42m 13s
Kane nodded, “I’m perfect.” He said smiling and picking up Aria from her arms. “Hey baby girl, daddy’s here.” The little girl giggled in his arms. He looked to Tyler, “don’t worry about him Man...he’s gone.”

Once everyone left and it was just him and Katelyn with their girls. “Ryan wanted to see for himself that we named our daughter after his sister. I told him yes and he should leave. He’s not forgiven for what he did.” Kane said holding Taya now.

Kane grabbed Katelyn’s hand and kissed the back of it. “I love you and I will do anything and everything to keep my girls safe. Anything you or the girls ever need or want consider it done.” He leaned down and kissed Aria’s forehead and then Taya’s. “I never thought I’d have a daughter let alone two but I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Kane chuckled when he felt a presence with them again. “Taya always told me that I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 5h 52m 39s
Katelyn didn’t breathe until Taya was out of Kane’s arms, away from Ryan. She watched as Kane took Ryan out in the hallway. She glanced over st Tyler, she knew that Kane had told him their situation, why a spot had come up in Kane’s band. She smiled weakly. She could tell everyone was confused as to why she had asked for Taya to be taken away from Kane.

It was killing her because she couldn’t be out there beside Kane. She didn’t know why Ryan was here, she frankly didn’t care at all. She just knew that she wanted him home. Away from her family, away from the girls. Her only focus was to keep them safe now.

She didn’t take her eyes off the door until Kane walked in... Ryan seemed to be gone? She didn’t know what Kane had said to him. She knew that she wouldn’t find out until everyone went home for the night. [b “You okay?”] she muttered as she watched him walk closer to her.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 6h 10m 22s
Kane nodded and handed the baby to Katelyn’s mother. “Ryan out In the Hall now.” Kane followed Ryan out. “What gives you the right to come to my fiance’s Hospital room to see my daughter? Just because we named her Taya? It was Kateyn’s idea and after what you did to her, your lucky your not in jail Ryan. What the hell?” Ryan stepped back.

“I didn’t know you were even considering naming your daughter after my sister.” Ryan muttered and then said,”I’m sorry about the shit I put you and Katelyn through.” Kane glared at him. “Ryan this doesn’t change things. What happened can’t be undone and it won’t bring your sister back. I’m finally happy. Let me be.” He said looking at him. Ryan nodded, “I just had to see for myself.” Kane nodded. “You saw now please go...I don’t want my fiancé upset on the day our daughters were born.” Ryan nodded, “Sorry Kane.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 6h 22m 28s
Katelyn simply nodded as she now cradled both girls in her arms. She was glowing. She was so tired, but it didn’t matter how. Her girls were here, and they were both perfectly happy and healthy. She grinned when everyone walked into her room about ten minutes later. [b “Aren’t they just perfect?”] she asked. She listened to her mother and agreed. [b “You really couldn’t even tell that I carried them for nine months. All those struggles, and morning sickness, and they come out looking just like their daddy.”] she said.

She looked up when she seen Kane walking toward the doorway, Taya in his arms. Her entire body went cold when she heard that voice. The voice that she had fought so hard to forget. [b “Mom.”] she muttered [b “Please take he baby out of Kane’s arms.”] She didn’t say the name because she didn’t want Ryan to realize that Taya was in his arms. She could see the confusion on her mother’s face. [b “Please.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 6h 34m 47s
Kane kissed her and said, “Let’s let everyone meet them before the nurses want to help you with feeding them.” Kane said holding Aria. “Let me hand her to you and I’ll go tell everyone they can come back.”

Ten minutes later Kane was back and this time took Taya into his arms. “Hey princess.” He said kissing her forehead and Katelyn’s mother smiled, “they look so much like Kane but your in there too...that nose is yours and your bone structure...but that smile...those eyes...and that hair is all from their daddy.” Kane smiled wide and Taya started to fall asleep in his arms. Everyone was discussing and holding the twins, taking pictures when Kane stopped someone in the doorway.

Holding his daughter he looked up and asked, “Ryan why are you here?” Ryan stepped forward...”I heard you named your daughter after my sister and I had to see it for myself.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 6h 51m 0s
Katelyn beamed down as Taya was placed in her arms. She was the most beautiful thing she’d ever laid her eyes on, apart from her sister, Aria. [b “Hi sweet girl. I’m your mommy.”] she whispered as she planted soft kisses on Taya’s forehead. She looked up as she felt another prenance in the room. She knew that their guardian angel was with them all. [b “Thank you so much for watching over my family...”] she muttered.

She looked at Kane and beamed. [b “Everyone is probably waiting to get in here and get their hands on the babies. Should we let them in?”] she asked. She knew that their friends and family wanted to meet the twins, but right now, she couldn’t focus on anything but the tiny human in her arms. [b “Momma loves both of her girls so much.”] she whispered. It wasn’t long before she had a tear running down her face. [b “You two tiles, and your daddy make me so happy.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 22h 34m 54s
Kane nodded, "They're perfect." he had a smile on his face no one could wipe off. "The nurse said they're bringing them down to meet us now... I barely got to see them but they're beautiful."

A few minutes later two nurses carried the twin girls into the room. "Here is Miss Taya." The woman said handing her to Katelyn, "and heres Miss Aria." The other nurse said handing her to Kane. "They're identical." One of the nurses said smiling. Kane nodded, "Thank you..." The nurses left leaving them alone with their girls for a minute. "Hey princess I'm your daddy." He muttered and the little girl looked up at him with his eyes.... "They... they have my eyes." he said looking to Katelyn... "And my hair, Lord help them if it gets long." The twin girl's skin tone was a mixture of Kane and Katelyn's but they leaned toward the tanner side than pale.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 22h 42m 39s
Fourteen hours, and a lot of pushing and cursing later, Taya Jae and Aria Rose has made their appearance into the world. Katelyn was wore out, completely. But she was so excited that her babies were now here. They were being taken to the nursery for extra check ups, as well as to get cleaned up. While Katelyns own nurses were cleaning her up. It had definitely been a long fourteen hours.

Hannah had ended up calling the band. They had gotten there about an hour after Katelyn had been taken back. They were there every step of the way, no one left. They were a family. Everyone stayed. Karen and Hannah ended up coming in the room with her, Kane and Karen holding her legs, while Hannah held her hand. Kane even got to cut both umbilical cords.

She looked up as Kane walked back into her VIP room. [b “Is everyone okay?”] she asked. She was trying to stretch out her right leg. It had gotten very tight while she was pushing.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 22h 48m 0s
"I will call them when your safely in a room babe." he said making sure he had one hair around her waist and one on her stomach." He felt her squeeze his hand and her mother nodded, 'Deep breaths Katelyn." Her mother said trying to show her how to breathe. A nurse brought her a wheelchair and Kane thanked her, "We have her birthing suite set up... you checked her in online?" Kane nodded, "Shes checked in and her water broke about 15 minutes ago and shes been having contractions on and off all day but thought they were the fake ones." The nurse nodded. "I will help her into a gown and the doctor will be in to examine her."

After the nurse helped her into a gown, Kane helped her into bed and the nurse positioned her legs in the stirrups. "Can I get you some ice chips? water?" she asked Katelyn as she set up her IV and a fetal monitor for each of the twins.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 23h 2m 37s

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