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Kane chuckled and kissed her, "I know I'll love it." Rambo right then ran as fast as he could to Kane, his little feet couldn't carry him to his daddy any faster. "Hey bubba." he said bending down to rub the little dog's belly. He was adorable. Katelyn was still pulling on his arm and he nodded, "Alright alright show me darlin'." He was being led up to their room first and when she said he could open his eyes, he smiled, "Wow.. .this looks like a different room completely. I love it baby.... its both of us."

Next was his man cave downstairs by the studio. "Babe you redid a guest room?" He asked curious. "its not the baby's room is it?" he asked hoping she didn't do that without him. When he was allowed to open his eyes... he was shocked. "This... this is amazing.. how... when.. who... oh my god." he said looking at everything Georgia Bulldawgs around them. "Best fiance ever." he said kissing her hard.

"Go look in your studio." Hannah muttered and Kane looked confused, "You did the studio too?" He asked and wandered to the studio walking in. "This is... this is... how did you do this on your own?" He asked her seeing the new equiptment and new guitars. "This is everything I've wanted..." He said and stopped looking up at the wall. His first single plaque was missing, the color drained from his face... "Wheres the plaque that was there?" He asked seriously.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 6d 22h 34m 11s
She simply nodded when Kane asked if the baby was hungry. [b “I’m freaking starving.”] she said. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “I love you so much.”] she said. [b “Gosh. Next time you go on tour; I’m coming with you. It was such a long week without you. Hannah snores.”]

Soon they had all finished eating, and they made a last minute decision to go home before Kane’s concert. They didn’t have to be at the Arena for another six hours, and it was only a thirty minute drive from their home, so it didn’t make sense to just hangout on the bus. She was so excited for Kane to see the house; she knew that he would absolutely love it.

[b “I’m so excited for you to see the house baby!”] she said as she pulled into the driveway. She pulled him into the house with the biggest grin on her face.

[ ManCave]

[ MasterBedroom]

[ MusicStudio]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 6d 22h 41m 57s
Kane nodded, "I'm always excited for you to be there and I've been writing a new song for you and I want to play it for you tomorrow... or at least sing it, I don't really have the music part of it worked out yet." he muttered looking at the menu, the twisted mac and cheese looked good and the boneless wings. The people at the hard rock had given them a private booth. He smiled hearing what she wanted to order, "Baby hungry?" He asked kissing her cheek. They were alone so he knew he was safe to talk about it.

Hannah giggled, "You guys are cute." Kane nodded, "You know I don't care how much money you've spent, I'm just glad Hannah and your mother have the things they need and you had a fun and safe week with Hannah and Rambo... I miss our boy." He said talking about the little dog. "I got him some toys at one of our stops. They had dog toys at the travel plaza and I might have gotten him a few."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 6d 23h 15m 6s
Katelyn just grinned as she all but jumped into Kane’s arms. [b “I missed you so much!”] she squealed. [b “Hard Rock!”] she said.

She climbed into the drivers side of the Hellcat and simply nodded. [b “I’m kind of sad. Once I have the baby I won’t be able to drive his anymore.”] she said. [b “I know I’ve spent so much money this week... But can we go look at those four door Dodges? I don’t want to have to drive the Escalade or the truck all the time with the baby.”] she said. She was wearing a pretty baggy outfit, because you could definitely tell that she had gained a little weight.

[b “I’m so excited for this barbecue bacon cheeseburger!”] she said. [b “OHHHH. Can we get their apple cobbler too?”] She grinned and sat down beside him. [b “Are you excited for the concert tonight?”] she asked. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “I cannot wait for you to see the house.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 6d 23h 19m 6s
Kane smiled seeing her and laughed, "Its only meant to be driven like that." He muttered kissing her lips gently. He waved to Hannah and turned to Katelyn, "Hey baby." he gently put his hand on her flat stomach. She would be showing in a month and he couldn't wait. "Where do you girls want to have lunch?" He asked.

Kane got into the front seat of the Hellcat, letting Katelyn drive and said, "You go ahead darlin'." He knew of the restaurant that the girls wanted to go to and honestly he was starving and would have eaten anything they suggested.

Once they were seated at the restaurant he kissed her again and said, "Darlin' are you hungry?" He asked her. It had been a week since she had been in his arms and he couldn't keep his hands off of her. If he couldn't be holding her, he would be holding her hand. He loved her so much, he would do anything for her.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 6d 23h 44m 23s
Katelyn smiled softly when she heard Kane mention the party and everything they had done in the month. It had been a pretty amazing month to say the lease, except for being “hungover”. [b “It was a pretty amazing month. I can’t wait for you to be home. I miss you so much.”] she said.

Three days later; she and Hannah were walking out the door when Kane called her. [b “I’m on my way baby. Hangout there. Be there in twenty minutes.”] she said. [b “Were taking the Hellcat.”] she said to Hannah. She had basically taken the Hellcat over as her own car; the only bad thing was that she wouldn’t be able to keep it up when the baby came.

Twenty five minutes later, Katelyn pulled into the parking, driving it like she stole it; just like she told Kane. She grinned when she seen him standing on the sidewalk talking to Ron. She opened the door and blushed. [b “I told you that I would drive it like I stole it!”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 6d 23h 54m 3s
Kane smiled and nodded, "I don't think I'll be touring in nine months. I'm not leaving you and the baby for at least a year. I already told Mr. Flores that I would be focusing on writing. I would do appearances and special things like the Jimmy Kimmel show but I won't be touring." He said seriously. "I want to spend time with my family. I was home less than a month, we had the best party I've ever been to and found out we were having a baby... I want more of that." He muttered.

Soon Kane hung up because he was struggling to keep his eyes open. He was tired. Three days later Kane called her, "Babe we're pulling up to the venue, finally back in Nashville... are you and Hannah free for lunch? We can go anyplace you two want to go." Kane was just excited that this was the last show of this mini tour. "We're parking now, where are you darlin'?" he asked looking out the window.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 8m 2s
Katelyn smiled softly and nodded. [b “I’m not lifting or pushing any thing that I’m not supposed to baby, I promise.”] she said. She bite her lip and shook her head. [b “It’s a suprise baby. I can’t wait till after the concert, you’ll finally be home and I just cannot wait for you to see the house babe. We still have a lot to do, but we’ll definitely be done by tomorow night!”] she said.

[b “Wait... He called and asked you when I was available to tour again?”] she asked. She just rolled her eyes. [b “I want to go on tour, I miss preforming, but I have the wedding to plan, we have Bubby now; I’m pregnant. I just don’t have time. It’s not in the words. I did hear him say something about creating you a tour in about nine months.. Just like a two month one or something...”] she said.

[b “I decorated a little bit in there. May or may not have gotten a few people to help me. But it looks amazing.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 7d 20m 47s
Kane couldn't help but chuckle when she said that Rambo had left a little present under Mr. Flores' desk. "You said your decorating, is Hannah helping you? Your not lifting anything your not supposed to be lifting are you?" He asked her worried, "Can you show me some of what your doing or is it a surprise for when I get home in three days?" Kane was excited to be done with this little mini tour. He missed his fiance, rambo... his fur baby... he missed both of them. "I think Mr. Flores was just trying to put you on tour again, he asked me and I said now wasn't the time. We were dealing with family things and that we had a wedding to plan. He doesn't need to put you on tour right now." He muttered. "You were in the studio? Doing some decorating in there?" he asked seeing her close the door behind her. "I am just on the bus driving tonight." He said sighing.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 35m 31s
Katelyn couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Hannah say that Rambo had left Mr. Flores a present. [b “Thats a good boy bubby.”] she said. [b “Kane had gotten me a meeting with them a few weeks ago, and the first thing they said was that Kane sold better when the fans seen that he was single.”] she told Hannah.

Later that night, they had been working on placing the pictures all over the house, even in the studio. She was actually walking into the studio when Kane’s FaceTime call came through.

[b “Hey baby.”] she said as she turned and walked outside. [b “Well. There really wasn’t a meeting persay. I was tired and cranky, and really just not in the mood to deal with them. He said that Kane’s little proposal stunt was a suprise for everyone. And then I got mad. I told him that I was slowly getting new music written, and then I told him I was taking a break because I have a lot going on, with plannning the wedding and just family things.. Rambo left him a present under his desk.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 7d 10h 42m 32s
Hannah chuckled and said,”He gives me the creeps too but what he doesn’t know is that uh Rambo left him a little surprise while we were talking.” She had kept trying to leave and Katelyn kept her there so Rambo pooped under the old man’s desk...the man was mean and creepy though. The guy deserved it.

Later that night Kane called Katelyn to say good night and ask if everything was alright. He was riding the bus to the next city. He wished he was back in nashville already. He missed her. “Three more days and you’ll be back in my arms.” He muttered into the phone while he was on face time. “Three more long days. How are you feeling? How did your meeting go?” He asked hoping that everything went alright and Mr. Flores wasn’t involved but that was only wishful thinking. That man could make Hitler cry. He was vile and foul but somehow He worked for a record label and not a government.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 20h 35m 10s
[b “Come on. You’re coming in too.”] she said. She walked into the Label and rolled her eyes. She didn’t want to be here. It felt weird being here without Kane. She texted him as they walked inside. [i “I don’t want to be here without you.”] she sent.

She looked at Mr. Flores and smiled softly. [b “Nice to see you again.”] she said. [b “Are you really going to start this meeting by dissing how your number one artist proposed to me? Need I remind you what happened last time?”] she asked. [b “I have a lot of errands I need to run. Why am I here?”]

She reached into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper. [b “I have one new song written. And I’m currently in the process of writing more. But I am going to let it be known that I’m taking a small break. I have a wedding to plan, and my family to take care of. Thank you so much for having me. Bye.”] she muttered before she stood up, taking Hannah’s hand, she pulled her out of the room. [b “He gives me the creeps.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 7d 21h 13m 53s
Kane was doing a day time show today and tonight would be traveling to the next town while he slept on the bus. The bus was lonely without Katelyn. He texted her, "I miss you... good luck on your meeting, I love you and if you need me call me. " he didn't want the label to tell her something to stress her out or upset her. Stress was bad for the baby.

Hannah was taking care of Rambo and handling him while Katelyn went into the meeting that the label had arranged for her. Mr. Flores sat at his desk waiting on her, "Hello Miss Jae.... or should I say Mrs. Brown... that was quite a stunt Kane pulled during his concert but congradulations..." He muttered obviously not pleased with Kane but unable to fire or drop his number one artist. Kane was untouchable and even Mr. Flores knew that. He could lose his job if he upset Kane Brown again... he had almost lost it last time.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 21h 20m 0s
Katelyn just smiled. [b “They have my part recorded to a perfection. Baby. You’ll do amazing. We cannot wait to watch you.”] she said. [b “I won’t let Bubby have any bones baby. You’ll do great! I cannot wait to see you at all the Nashville show. I love youuuu!”]she said before she blew a kiss to the screen.

Her eyes were glued to the television as Kane walked out on the mini stage. She just grinned. He looked amazing. She missed him so much. [b “He’s the best momma. He’s just amazing at what he does.”]

Two days later, Hannah and Katelyn were heading back to Nashville. They were touching down at the private terminal. They had to be at the Label in an hour; just enough extra time to stop for breakfast. [b “You’re in charge of Rambo, okay.”] she said as she climbed into the HellCat drivers seat. [b “He’s going into the Label with us. The leash is in the back seat.”] she said.

She didn’t know what they wanted. They one Kane was on the mini tour. She was hoping they just wanted an update on her songs.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 7d 21h 24m 37s
That night Kane was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He was nervous without Katelyn there, "Babe I've never sang What Ifs without you...." he said into the phone. They were on face time again and Kane would be going on within ten minutes. He could see her eating fried chicken sitting on the couch while she waited to watch him on the television. "Don't give Rambo any bones darlin'."

Ten minutes later it was time for Kane to go on and Jimmy Kimmel himself announced Kane and his album, he started with Heaven, there were hundreds of people there watching him and thousands watching at home. He started to sing and looked at the cameras, knowing Katelyn was watching him, his fears and nervousness seemed to melt away. He was a natural up there on stage, no one could deny that. Her mother listened to him, "Hes very good... hes got such a deep voice."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 21h 30m 59s

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