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Katelyn smiled softly and nodded. She reached over and picked Aria up, snuggling her to her body. [b “Mommy is so sorry that she couldn’t be here while you were sick baby.”] she said as she rocked with the baby in her arms. [b “I just came home to get a shower and some extra clothes.”] she said [b “The hospital is pretty boring, so I figured Kane would like the iPad and laptop too.”]

[b “Kane’s going to be okay.. It’s just going to be a long road to get him recovered fully... Has the label said anything to you guys? Kane’s going to be off for at least another year...”] she said. [b “Tyler... If y’all need anything... Please don’t hesitate to ask. Y’all have helped me so much by watching the twins, helping Hannah out.. Thank you.”] she said. She smiled weakly when Marie asked her how she was feeling. [b “I’m six weeks pregnant, so Ill be okay.”]

Aria wouldn’t let her Mother out of her sight, Katelyn had to end up taking a quick bath with the baby. She needed to shower, but she couldn’t. They did the best they could. Katelyn was dreading seeing what it would be like when she went to leave again. [b “Hannah!”] she called as she stepped out of the bathtub. Currently, Aria wouldn’t let go of her. And she needed to throw on some clothes so she could get back to the hospital.
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"Your home... how's Kane?" Marie asked. Everyone was worried about Kane. He was alive and that was all that mattered. Aria was asleep in her lap. "Hannah is in her room in the basement, she just got pizza and there is some left in the kitchen... actually a whole pizza and some breadsticks if you want to take it to Kane." Tyler looked to Kane, "You feeling better man?" Kane tried to nod and winced, 'yeah I am... even better now that I have Taya."

Tyler rode back to the house with Katelyn so she could drive the SUV back to the hospital. It helped they were only 10 minutes from it at the house. "Did they say when Kane could come home?" Marie asked Katelyn as Aria started to wake up. "Marie... hes pretty bad..." Tyler said and Marie nodded. "How about you Katelyn, are you alright? Hannah told us you weren't feeling well and were throwing up before the accident."
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Katelyn smiled as Taya instantly reached for Kane. She figured that the would be the first thing the baby did. She just smiled as she watched the both of them interact. [b “Hannah said they cried for Daddy all the time.”] she said. She watched as Kane lit up. [b “If you don’t care... I would really love to run home and shower, check on Aria, and just get some of our electronics so we aren’t so damn bored here..”]

She kissed Kane’s head and smiled. [b “Can I borrow your truck, Tyler?”] she asked. She nodded when he handed her the keys. [b “I won’t be gone longer than two hours... I’ll bring over some of your own pajamas baby.”]

Twenty minutes later, she was running into her own home. [b “Hello?”] she aaked. She didn’t seen anyone in the downstairs part of the house, so she figured they were upstairs. She ran up the stairs and grinned when she was greeted by Rambo. She reached down and rubbed his forehead before walking into the nursery. [b “My sweet girl.”] she said when she seen Aria asleep in Marie’s lap.
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Kane looked over at Tyler and Taya and his eyes filled with tears. "TayTay." He said kissing the little girls forehead. She was a daddy's girl that was for sure. Taya hugged him, she was almost one and they were talking. Daddy was her favorite word. "Daddy's here princess, I missed you." He held her in his lap, careful that she didn't crush his ribs again. She wasn't heavy though. He looked to Katelyn and Tyler, "Thank you."

The girls looked a lot like Kane. Tanned skin, dark curly hair, and those icy blue eyes. There was no doubt they were his daughters. Kane started playing patty cake with her. Unable to move his neck he couldn't do much but he could move his arms better now even though they had cuts and bruises on them and they were sore from burns. "Princess daddy loves you and when Ari is better you two can come and see daddy together."
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Katelyn simply nodded as she reached over and grabbed the cup before pouring a little bit of ice water inside. [b “Once I get you settled, Hannah said she would run to the store and get anything that you wanted.”] she said. She held the straw up to his lips and watched as he tried to gulp a bunch down. [b “Easy baby.”]

She smiled softly st the Nurse and nodded. [b “Thank you Ma’am.”] she said. She watched the woman finish hooking up his medication before she walked out.

[b “We don’t have to fly ever again. If we tour again in the future, we’ll just get a big bus. I don’t want to get on a plane either.”] she said soflty. [b “I think Nashville will definitely be our base for the next little bit.”] She nodded when he asked if they were back home. [b “Were back home. Aria is still sick, but it’s the tail end so she’s okay.”] she said. She held the straw up to his lips and smirks when’s he heard a knock on the door. [b “I shave a suprise for you.”] she said as she turned to watch Tyler walk in with Taya in his arms.
  Alex Johnshon / BooBear96 / 320d 11h 9m 16s
"Like I need a drink." he said laying his head back on the bed. He still had to wear the neck brace but it was less bulky than the original one. His neck was messed up to the point he needed physical therapy when his broken leg was healed. Kane would be out of working for awhile and now with another baby coming, he was happy about that but he couldn't much help with the girls if he was injured. "I can't fly anymore." He muttered ashamed.

Kane's new nurse smiled, hooking up his IV fully with his pain medication. "If ya'll need anything just press the red button on his bed and I'll be right at the nurse's station."

It was a couple minutes before Kane asked Katelyn, "Can you help me put my bed up." No hospital seemed to understand that he hated bing so low to the ground. He started coughing again, he needed a drink. "We're back home right? How's Aria? Is she any better?" he asked whispering.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 11h 15m 51s
Katelyn watched as the paramedic inserted the medicine. She just shook her head as she tried to calm herself down.

About an hour later, they were finally landed at Vanderbilt’s helicopter pad. She couldn’t wait to get out of the damn helicopter, Kane was slowly starting to come to, which she was thankful for. It seemed that Aria was still feeling pretty icky, but Tyler had brought Taya over, as a surprise to Kane. They were downstairs waiting and would come up once they all got Kane situated in his room.

Katelyn had made sure that Kane would have the best doctors, as well as the best room money could buy. She knew they would be here awhile, and they needed to all be comfortable. It was about twenty minutes after they got off the helicopter, that they were in his vip room. She had already texted Tyler, who was on his way up with Taya. Katelyn smiled last she watched Kane’s eyes fluttering. [b “How are you feeling?”]
  Alex Johnshon / BooBear96 / 320d 11h 20m 53s
Kane watched a nurse give him a shot to sedate him. "I can't do this." he muttered trying to breathe deep. "It'll be alright." A paramedic that was flying with them said smiling. That paramedic had been one of the ones that had found him and had also given Katelyn a bag, pictures of the crash, and what he had personally dug through the wreckage and found of Kane's out of his luggage. Most had been destroyed but he had found a few small items like a necklace that hadn't melted in the fire and a keychain that had been attached to his bag that said KANE on it.

A few minutes later Kane's sedative was taking effect and the paramedic looked to Katelyn, "He will only be out about an hour and by then we will be in Nashville. I will talk to his doctor there about treatment for PTSD... he has it. He could have dreams about what happened or hear a noise and it could trigger him. Theres medication for it and therapy though."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 11h 28m 14s
Katelyn smiled weakly as she listened to him. [b “If you aren’t ready, we can stay here.. Hannah called and told me that Aria has a semi rough case of the stomach bug.. I just want to see our girls.”]

Just like she had thought, talking the Doctors into transferring him to Vanderbilt had been very easy. It was one of the best hospitals in the entire country, and they had more than enough means to make sure that Kane would receive all the care that he needed.

The next day, Katelyn walked out to the small helicopter, which Kane’s backpack thrown over her. She herself was, terrified. But she had to be strong for Kane. Because she knew that this would be a terrible experience. When they begun touring again, they would definitely have to buy a new bus. There was no way the could fly. She looked at Kane once they were situated in the small plane. [b “Kane. I’m right here. Okay. Breathe. You’re going to be okay.”] she could tell that he was going to call down. [b “A little sedative. It’s only a thirty minute flight.”]
  Alex Johnshon / BooBear96 / 320d 11h 33m 25s
Kane reached for her starbucks to steal a sip as he listened to her. "Baby... I... I'll try it... I want to go home.... see the girls." He said his voice getting scratchy towards the end. "We talk to the doctors." he said barely above a whisper. He would need the breathing treatments and to be monitored for awhile yet but he would rather be home in Nashville than in New Orleans, no doubt about it.

It wasn't hard to convince the doctors to transfer him. Vanderbilt was a better hospital and had better equiptment to care for him. It was arranged for the next morning that Kane would be life flighted to Vanderbilt in Nashville and Katelyn would be able to ride with him.

The next morning Kane's bag of things as well as Kane was loaded into the helicopter. He was shaking now. He didn't know if he could do this but Katelyn holding his hand was helping. Then he heard the helicopter start and he felt like his throat was closing up and he couldn't relax. "No. No. Baby get me out." He said as loud as he could.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 11h 39m 54s
Katelyn just smiled and nodded. [b “I’m pregnant.”] she said soflty. [b “You always said you wanted more.. I’m so excited about this.”] She felt different with this pregnancy, better than she did with the first. The first one was shocking, so was this one, but they knew how to be parents now.

She looked over st the Nurse and smiled weakly. [b “He seems to be in more pain when he speaks.”] she said. She watched as the Nurse began to set everything up for this breathing treatments.

Two days later, they were still in the hospital. Which she expected, she was trying every way in the world to get them to transfer him to Vanderbilt, but it seemed the only way they could, was by life flight. She wasn’t sure if Kane would want to fly again or not, she knew they would probably have to sedate him. She was in such a hurry to get back home though, she missed her girls so much. It seemed that Aria had somehow come in contact with the stomach bug, and her heart was hurting because she couldn’t be there to comfort her.

She walked back into Kane’s room with Starbucks in her hand. [b “So I have something that we need to talk about... I spoke to your doctors, and they say that we can go to Vanderbilt.... But we have to fly... They’re going to life flight you..”]
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Kane ate the pizza and listened to her, "your pregnant... we're having another baby." He smiled so wide. He loved being a dad, it was something that he had always wanted and now that he was one, he loved it. The girls would be one in a month and Kane would probably still be in the hospital. A nurse came in, "I'm from respritory, my name is Carla and I'm here with your breathing treatment. According to your chart you need to do these twice a day or more, depending on how your breathing. You inhaled a lot of smoke and debris and your chest was crushed. You have broken ribs and your lungs aren't the best right now. Talking seems to be rough right?" She asked Katelyn. There was no way Kane would be singing anytime soon and with his injuries he wouldn't be touring either.

"Your eating pizza, thats good get your strength back up." She said setting up his breathing treatment.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 320d 11h 57m 9s
Katelyn looked at him and smiled before she held the piece of pizza up to his mouth. She waited until he took a bite before she placed the piece back on the plate. She stole a sip of his coke slushee and grinned. [b “Do you remember that I wasn’t feeling well when you left? Well... I ended up making appointment, so I could get some medicine for the nausea... Turns out, I’m about six weeks pregnant.”] she said. [b “Which means that night in New York, we got a little bit more than we bargained for.”]

She smiled when he mentioned the wedding. [b “We are getting married soon.. But we might need to talk about pushing the date back again...”] she said. [b “I’m still open to having the wedding with my family and our closet friends, and then having a big ass reception later on. We just have a lot to talk about... I’m going to speak with your doctor when he comes in about getting you transferred to Vanderbilt.”]
  Katelyn 1.5 / BooBear96 / 321d 5h 7m 45s
Kane looked at her and tried to shake his head but winced, "Damn I forget I can't move much." He said and then took another sip, "No I remember hearing you talk but I can't put my finger on what you said. I just know I wanted to wake up and I couldn't." He muttered and looked at the pizza. "I am starving. I haven't eaten. We didn't eat after the show. I was going to eat when I got home so its been hours."

He looked at the steamy sausage pizza. "That looks so good." He said and almost ate a piece that she put to his lips in three bites. "Yep thats what I needed, food." He used his hands and tried to push himself up. it hurt but it was bearable. "I could use my arms but I can't lift my neck up and my ribs hurt so I can't move much." He was going to be immobile for awhile. "We're getting married soon. I'm going to marry you even if I have to go in a wheelchair. "
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Katelyn shook her head. [b “Calm down, okay.”] she said soflty [b “Were not in Texas, were in Louisiana. Tyler said in Texas to visit family. But he’s driving back home as we speak to go stay at our house with Hannah, Marie and the twins. He said if I wanted him too, that they would all drive down here.”] she said. [b “We’ll see how you’re feeling tomorrow.”]

She looked up when Gage walked in. [b “Thank you so much.”] she said. She was hoping that he would get breadsticks, but she wasn’t sure. [b “Once I get to the atm, I’ll take out some more.”] she said. [b “Thank you so much... I can handle it from here, you need to go rest.”]

She reached over and held the coke slushee up to Kane’s lips so he could take a sip. [b “Did you hear anything that I said before you woke up?”] she asked as she pulled a slice off pizza out of the box and placed it on a paper plate, along with a breadstick.
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