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Katelyn rolled over and wrapped her arms around Kane, her face snuggled into Kane’s neck. [b “I’m sorry I got mad at you for just being protective...”] she said. She laughed when she felt Rambo lay on herself and Kane. [b “Lets go to the Cantina.. We can take Rambo, he needs to get out of this room.”] she said.

She was honestly really suprised when Kane said that they could go jet skiing. [b “We don’t have to go... It’s fine.”] she muttered. [b “You need to finish the album so the Label will leave us alone... I have a girls day planned with the wives and girlfriends of the band.”]

She sat up and headed over to the bathroom. She was going to attempt to fix her mess of a curl frizz right now. [b “I look like shit. I’m getting so fat.”] she muttered as she tried to throw her curls up into a messy bun. [b “I’m sorry I went today... I didn’t even think about how it would make you feel...”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 19h 45m 25s
“Bubby just wants all the attention.” He said kissing her and petting Rambo. “Yes I was depressed and tried to kill my self. So I am sorry if I get over protective of the people I love. My family. You, Baby brown, and Rambo are all that I have. There’s nothing else for me.” He said and leaned against her. “ What I went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone.” He muttered and heard her say she was hungry. “Your choice, Cantina, Restaurant, or room service. I’m not making you do anything you don’t want to do and we can go jet skiing as long as you let me drive you and your protected with someone there. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

It was obvious that Kane was trying to get her to feel better even though the idea of her on a jet ski made him want to scream no and stop her. “We can even take Bubby and he can play in the ocean.” He said smiling at the little dog.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 19h 55m 37s
Katelyn just sighed and shook her head. [b “I don’t want to go anywhere Kane. Your entire freaking band and their wives and girlfriends just seen us get into a fight. Do you have any idea how awkward that will be if I have to go face them today?”] she asked. [b “The entire bar was staring at us!”]

She glanced up st him when she heard him say that he was so depressed. [b “You tried to kill yourself...”] she said soflty. She just shook her head as she wiped the tears away. [b “Kane.. Baby...”] she mumbled.

She leaned over and cuddled into him. [b “You’re not ever going to loose me... Okay. You knocked me up. You’re stuck with me baby.”] she said as she leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b “I don’t deserve you..”] She laughed when Rambo came up and tried to push his way in between the two. [b “Bubby is jealous.”] she said. She sighed and looked up st him.

[b “I’m hungry.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 20h 37s
"No. I'm not going back without you. Its my fault you feel this way." He muttered and looked at her. "You and me need to work this out. I know you were safe but its the whole thought of losing you and losing our baby. It scares me so much because I know what that feels like and I physically and mentally can't go through that again. I tried to kill myself Katelyn. I was that depressed." He muttered and laid down on the bed and didn't move for a moment.

"Please don't hate me." He said looking up at her. His puppy dog eyes were in full effect. "Please if you don't want to go anywhere... spend tonight with me... together. I need us to be okay. I can't lose you." It was apparent that Kane was more insecure than he let on. "I love you Katelyn and I get scared when your in a dangerous situation. Damn it I'd take a bullet for you babe. I wouldn't do that for anyone else."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 20h 9m 5s
She heard the door open, but she didn’t move. She continued to rub Rambos back as the tears flowed down her face. [b “I’m not hungry. I don’t want to go anywhere.”] she muttered. She sighed when she felt the bed slip. She simply shook her head when she heard his apology. [b “Kane. I don’t even know what to say. I get that you’re scared, I completely understand that you worry constantly. Okay. But I wore a life jacket. I was careful..”]

She raised up and looked st him for the first time since he’d walked into the room. [b “Nothing is going to happen. Okay. I’m being so careful. I don’t do anything that I used too. When was the last time you seen me play the wii? Or even go for a run?”] she asked. She sighed once more. [b “You go back to the cantina. I’m gonna take a bubble bath and then Rambo and I are gonna head to bed early.”] she said. [b “I won’t leave the room... I promise.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 20h 17m 24s
Kane sighed and got up and went back to the Cantina, paying for his and her drinks and heading back to the room. Walking in the room he dropped his phone and key on the table not saying anything until he walked into their room. "Are you hungry?" He asked concerned. "We can go to that restaurant you wanted to go to last night. Get your lemon shrimp." He muttered sitting down on the edge of the bed, not wanting to talk about what had happened.

"I... I'm sorry... I don't know where that came from. I heard that and got so upset and scared that something could have happened. I can't go through that again. I can't do it. I won't do it." He said still upset.

He sighed and Rambo crawled to make Kane pet him. "hey bubba, I'm sorry, I love you too buddy." he muttered as Rambo licked his hand. Kane turned to Katelyn, "Everyone is still at the cantina if you want to go back there?"
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 20h 28m 3s
Katelyn nodded and pulled the straw to her lips. She nodded when Casey had said they went Jet Skiing. [b “It was so much Kane! We have to go tomo—....”] she was cut off by Kane’s outburst. [b “I wore a life jacket. Kane, nothing happened.. I’m fine. The baby is perfectly fine.”] She just stared st him. [b “Kane. I’m fine! Nothing happened. Baby Brown is okay!”] she just watched as he stood up. [b “Kane. Don’t.”] she said as she grabbed his hand. She was shocked when he pulled away from her. She looked back at their group and smiled weakly. [b “I’- Im gonna head back to the room. I need a shower..”] she muttered.

She grabbed her non alcoholic drink and turned to look at Tyler. [b “He’s mad at me... I have to go check on Rambo. Can you go check on Kane in a few minutes?”] she asked before she turned to walk back to their villa. Rambo was probably going crazy being all alone all day.

She smiled as she walked into the room. [b “Hi baby! Mommy missed her Bubby.”] she said. She took a sip and then walked into her room. [b “Come cuddle with mommy!”] she said as Rambo came and laid down beside her bump. [b “Daddy’s mad at me, cause momma wasn’t careful.. Momma wasn’t thinking like a real mom..”] she said as the tears fell.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 20h 36m 42s
"Go where?" Kane asked kissing her and pushing her drink towards her, "Don't worry theres no alcohol in it." He leaned against her, 'We wrote two songs, they're rough but I'm pretty proud of them." When Casey, his guitarist's girlfriend said they had went jet skiing, Kane shook his head, "What? you know your not supposed to do that. What if something had happened? What if you would have gotten hurt?" He asked her with the look of pain on his face. "I can't lose anyone else in my life. Your all I have. I already lost a son... I can't lose another." He said downing his beer and shaking his head. "You know your supposed to be careful." He muttered getting up. "Katelyn stop... I need some air." He said taking her hand off of his arm. He walked towards the beach and Tyler looked to Katelyn, "Everything alright? Where's Kane going?" Kane sat down on a log on the beach and put his head in his hands. Letting the tears fall.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 20h 49m 47s
The jet skis were amazing. Katelyn had never had so much fun. She had taken her medicine, so she didn’t get sick. She couldn’t even describe how much fun it was.

She and the girls were headed back to the hotel when Kane called her. [b “Yeah. We’re actually on our way back to the resort. We’ll be there in five minutes. Love you!”] she said. [b “Kane and the guys are at the Catina getting a beer. Baby Brown is hungry. Y’all wanna go?”] she asked. She smiled when the girls nodded.

Five minutes later on the dot they were walking up to the Catina bar. [b “Hey baby!”] she said as she walked up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. [b “I missed you today!”] she said as she hopped up on the stool next to his. [b “Babeeee. I had so much fun today! We need to go together maybe Wednesday. When you’re finished writing? Mr and the girls are going to the spa tomorrow.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 20h 55m 56s
The girls nodded, "Yes, I'm way overdue for a pedicure." Maria said as they walked toward the jet skis. Back at the hotel room Kane and the guys were writing, acoustic guitars, cajon drums and all. They had ordered room service pizzas and chicken wings and were in it for the long haul. Relaxing, writing and not goofing off at all.

Later Kane called her on his cell phone when they decided to take a break, "Babe are you girls coming back soon? We were going to go to the Cantina on the beach and get a beer, do ya'll want to meet us there?" He asked her as the guys were putting their shoes on. Kane was wearing slides since he was being lazy.

Soon they were at the Cantina and saved seats for the girls. Kane ordered a Bud light and ordered Katelyn a Blue moon which was blue raspberry soda and pineapple coconut soda mixed together. He knew it would be something she liked.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 21h 9m 31s
The night went pretty smooth, she and Kane ended up ordering more room service for dinner, and then they went for a walk on the beach. The sun was setting, and it was just so beautiful. She hadn’t seen something so beautiful before.

The next day, Kane and the band were working on new songs in the office/meeting room. They had basically put up curtains and locked the doors so the band could work on songs, and not be interrupted with crazy fans and just mosey people in general.

Katelyn wasn’t going to sit cooped up in the suite all day, she had heard the girls talking about going and renting a couple of jet skis for the day, Katelyn immediately agreed. It was something she had always wanted to do. She even splurged and paid for them all. She was excited to just hangout with girls. She didn’t have any friends in Nashville. [b “So I was thinking, the guys will probably be writing again... And the Resort has an amazing spa. Y’all up for a day of pampering? Nails, hair and massages?”] she asked as they walked out to the beach.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 21h 19m 51s
"I can't pick just one member of my band so they're all my groomsmen and Rambo is the best man." Kane said smiling, "Rambo will love the baby, I think he will try to sleep with the baby to protect them... he already sleeps near your baby bump." He kissed her and muttered, "Food is ordered darlin'." He kicked off his shoes and laid back on the bed. "Its so nice to be here and not have to worry about anyone or anything, Just relax in this resort." He picked up her hand and kissed the back of her hand gently. "You look beautiful baby."

His band was getting situated in their rooms and ordering their own food. There was a communial living room in the middle of all of the rooms and there was a small kitchen with a sink, microwave, coffee maker, and fridge. Each of the rooms had their own bathroom but Kane and Katelyn were the only ones who got a hot tub in their bathroom.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 40m 17s
Katelyn simply nodded. [b “Oh I know. I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t. Lemon Shrimp is one my favorite meals.”] she said.

Once they arrived at their villa, everyone picked a room. Katelyn and Kane automatically got the master suite, because Kane had paid for it all. She tugged their suitcases inside so she could start unpacking. [b “It doesn’t matter baby. Whatever you wanna do.”] she said. [b “Lets do room service now, and then we can go for date night to that restaurant on the resort? What do you think?”] she asked as she helped Rambo on the bed. Seems like he was tired too. She laid down beside him and grinned as he sniffed her belly. [b “What if he hates the baby? He’s our first baby. They have to like each other..”] she said.

[b “Is Rambo still the best man? Hannah was wanting to know. She said she found him this adorable graphic tee with a tux on it at the pet store up there.”]
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 17h 28m 11s
Kane shook his head, "Your lucky shrimp is one of the fish your allowed to have." he said kissing her smiling.

Once they were in the room Kane and the guys helped the bell boy unload and sort the luggage and Kane tipped him very well. 'Babe lets order some room service or do you want to order delivery? Theres a tradiational hawaiian place... the brochure is right here and they have the lemon shrimp you wanted." He muttered grabbing his phone to call as he looked at the menu. A Hawaiian BBQ burger with onion rings and pineapple bbq sauce sounded like something amazing. "I'm going to get the BBQ Burger and onion rings and order an extra order of fries because I know both of us eat them." he said kissing her cheek knowing she wanted the lemon shrimp. He wanted to order some of the honey lemon pepper chicken bites as well. He was in the mood to eat that was for sure.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 17h 40m 15s
Katelyn nodded softly as she listened to him. She didn’t understand why people were mad and upset with the fact that Kane was finally happy again? It wasn’t like she had just forbidden Kane from ever speaking about Taya. She really just didn’t understand it. [b “My fans are happy about it.. At least from what I can see. Some seem pissed because we kept it from them. Which I don’t understand. It’s our baby, my pregnancy. They don’t get to have an opinion.”]

Once they had landed, they were greeted by locals with beautiful leis. [b “Thank you so much!”] she said. [b “Baby Momma wants a big plate of lemon shrimp.”] she said [b “Ohhhh. And a jar of pickles.”] Her pregnancy cravings were starting to kick into overdrive.

Once they arrived at the hotel, they were immediately taken to their private four bedroom villa. It had the most amazing beach view, Katelyn couldn’t get over it.
  Katelyn Staton / BooBear96 / 1d 17h 48m 12s

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