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Kane nodded, "I know, by the time I'm healed from all of this they will be two years old... before we go home to Nashville... I want to take the girls and Hannah to disney... a family trip... our first vacation like family trip and I think once they're two they will be able to enjoy it more... meet the princesses and get pictures and make reservations at that castle thing to eat. It will be fun... and yeah... I know I don't talk about my PTSD but maybe I should... getting it out is helping. I like having the dogs, they calm me but not as much as you do... I mean if they're service dogs we can take them anywhere. I think its only a couple hundred dollars to get them certified and they're already trained and could pass a test... so lets do it."

Kane kissed her and took a few pieces of pizza on a plate and leaned back in the bar stool. "Where the doctor pressed on my spine today is throbbing.... do we have that back pillow?" He asked hopeful.
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Katelyn just smiled and nodded. [b “I’ll have to go out on black Friday just for the movie des at Walmart and meijer alone.”] she said. [b “They love all the princesses. They’ll love it when they actually get to go to Disney.”] She thought for a moment about the televisions and nodded. [b “We could put one in their playroom at least. They basically like the same shows and movies.”]

She quickly nodded when he mentioned the service dog. [b “Rambo has definitely gotten us both through some rough times. I’ll put the fake vest on, and even though they look the same. I’ll soeak with Doctor Li about grt the actual papers. He’s a great emotional support. Nash too..”]

She just shook her head again when he mentioned how big the twins were getting. [b “I cannot believe they’ll be two in October. Babe. That’s like only eight months away.”] she said. She hated the fact that time was going by so fast.
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Kane got up slowly and walked to the kitchen, making sure to hold onto things. "The girls are obsessed with Anastasia... I'm glad we bought it at that rest stop... a five dollar movie is hours of fun for them. We should order them a few more things off of amazon... and I don't know about you but I don't think that they should have tvs in their rooms until they're older. They can watch movies in the living room where we can watch them and make sure they're alright... I can't believe how big their getting." Kane loved their daughters, their little girls were growing up already.

Soon Hannah was back and Kane tried to help her but he knew Katelyn would tell him to sit down so he did and sat on a bar stool with a back on it, at the island in the kitchen. "Girls are going to eat at the coffee table with Rambo... maybe we should take him running on the beach tomorrow with Nash and I like the idea of the service dog... I do have PTSD, I am allowed one. "
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Katelyn just laughed and simply nodded. She was sure that Hannah wouldn’t object to the security guard, just so she could get out of the house. [b “She shouldn’t have a problem with it. I’m not sure where she plans on taking them. But I’m sure one of the stops will be an ice cream shop.”] she said soflty.

[b “We can go get their beds now.. I mean they have people that will load it in. And then once we get home, Hannah and I can put them together while you watch yet another princess movie with the girls?”] she asked. [b “Rambos been kind of sluggish the past few days. I’m not sure what’s going on with him. I thought about putting that fake service dog vest on him so we can go with us Thursday.”] she said. [b “But are you hungry?”]

After they went and had the beds and mattresses loaded up in the truck, they ended up going home. The plan was to order pizza, and she was perfectly fine with that. She had sent Hannah to the convenience store down the block for paper plates, juice and soda.
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“If Hannah is okay with having a security guard with her and the girls tomorrow she can take them out.” He said kissing her gently, “I’d love to get in and out and then we need to order their beds to be delivered.” He kissed her gently and leaned back in the seat. Soon they were back at the house and he got out slowly, “let’s order pizza tonight darlin’ a treat for the girls since they did so good while we were on the bus.”

Later that night he was laying on the couch watching Anastasia with the girls. They were in a princess mood lately. When he was able he wanted to take the girls to Disney and Universal. He knew that Katelyn understood that he wanted to take them to Disney as a daddy daughter thing. He loved them and wanted his family to share in that experience together. It was almost time for pizza and Kane had ordered it from his phone while the girls watched the cartoon intently.
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Katelyn smiled softly as the Doctor answered all of her questions with great detail. Once they were outside, she just smiled softly. [b “I think everything is going to be just fine. I like Doctor Li a lot better than the one in Nashville... This one seems to actually care about his patients. I think we’re in great hands.”] she said.

She heard Kane say he didn’t want the girls knowing and she simply nodded. [b “I don’t think they’ll ask. Hannah is apparently planning an entire day of fun, but if they do, I told her to tell them that Daddy just isn’t feeling well.”] she said. [b “She wants to know if she can take the girls out instead of just hanging around at the house. I told her that we would talk and think about that.”] she said. [b “They would probably like going out bettter, but I’m not sure yet.”]

She helped Kane get up into the truck and made sure he was situated properly. [b “Anywhwre you wanna go?”]
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“You’ll have to be here at 8 for prep and you filled out the paperwork when you arrived today but you will have to sign a form when you come in just the basic medical release form. We have better equipment than Nashville does and could see everything clearer. If his back would have healed that way it would have been unfixable, this way we can correct the damage and he can get on the road to recovery. Are you staying here in a California for the duration?” He asked and Kane nodded, “We have a house in Huntington Beach, we actually have to go buy beds for our daughters.” The doctor nodded, “Ill see you Thursday at 8 am, don’t eat anything before the surgery but afterward you will be able to and it’s not invasive just a few small incisions but nothing you can’t heal from. The pain will be internal.” Kane nodded understanding. As soon as they left he leaned into her, “Katelyn don’t let the girls know where daddy’s going.”
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The meeting with Doctor Li didn’t go as they had planned and hoped for. Kane’s back was worse off than they had originally been aware of. She couldn’t believe this. She sat silent for the first few moments after Doctor Li has stared speaking.

[b “Why didn’t the Doctor in a Nashville see this? I mean. What would’ve happened if his back had healed completely like that?”] she asked. She couldn’t believe his back was this bad. It was all her fault. Had she not gotten so close to the edge of the stage that night, he wouldn’t of gotten in this mess. [b “Should we arrive earlier than nine? Do we have to fill out any paperwork?”] she asked.

She reached over and took Kane’s hand. She just smiled. [b “We’ll get through this... It basically just means a longer vacation for the girls.”] she said. An hour later, they were leaving the hospital. Even though he had the brace on, Katelyn wouldn’t let him walk without her arm around his waist, so she could catch him if he went down again.
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Kane nodded, "I'm glad shes getting better, I worry about our princesses." Kane said kissing Katelyn's cheek gently. They had a meeting with Doctor Li tomorrow and Kane was nervous. His back still wasn't healed enough for the surgery, he knew that but he understood that the doctor wanted to look at him and make his own calls instead of just trusting another doctor's word.

The next day Doctor Li found a problem the other doctors had missed. On top of Kane's spine being broken and fractured... along with the bones in his back, this had all happened because of the impact. He had his bones trying to heal improperly before when he didn't have the brace. It was a mess. "Even though you aren't fully healed I'd like to do the surgery as soon as possible to prevent any further damage, your recovery time would be about ten months to a year depending on how fast you heal." Doctor Li said to Kane and Katelyn and Kane asked, "How soon?" Doctor Li looked at his schedule and asked, 'Thursday at 9 am." Thursday was in two days.
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The next week went over surprisingly smooth. They were now at the Beach House in California. They didn’t stop a lot, like she had planned because Taya came down with a fever. It was pretty hard keeping the girls away from each other on a tour bus. Katelyn knew that they wouldn’t have gotten through it without Hannah’s help. Between Hannah and Kane, they had been able to occupy Aria. Which wasn’t the greatest, since Aria was a complete mommas girl. But for once, all Taya wanted was her mother.

The house in California was absolutely beautiful. The view was amazing. She just couldn’t get over it. The girls loved it already. Though they would definitely have to go shop for baby proofing items and new toys... She forgot to pack most of them.

[b “Taya still seems tired. But she’s getting her appetite back.”] she said as she rocked around the kitchen with the baby in her arms
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Kane had Taya in his lap sitting on his knee, coloring on Kane's placemat with the crayons the waitress had left for the little girls. Taya was basically coloring the entire thing blue since it was her favorite color... she said it was because of the color of her eyes... she had yet to notice that her, and her sister, and her father all had the same eyes.

Soon their food came and Kane cut up Taya's pancakes for her and she used the fork to pick up the little syrupy pieces of pancake to eat them. Kane had gotten Biscuits and Gravy and of course the girls had to taste it. They loved the stuff but pancakes seemed to appeal more to both of them this morning. Aria was sitting by Ron telling him how fun it was to be on the bus. Kane felt otherwise about the bus but seeing his daughter's so happy and laughing, made him smile with pride. When they were finished eating Kane paid the bill and paid for Ron's food as well and left a tip for their waitress.
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Katelyn felt bad after she had said that. She did want another baby, but she just felt that right now they were only meant to have Aria and Taya. She smirked softly before she leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “How about after you’re healed from the surgery... We can talk about trying again?”] she asked.

She slept as close as she could get to Kane, without him being in any extra pain. She slept pretty well.

The next morning, she woke up to the twins all but jumping on their bed. She just laughed as she sat up in the bed. [b “Momma and Daddy are up up up!”] she said. She grabbed Aria and just tickled her belly, earning a very adorable giggle from her. [b “Let’s go get breakfast.”] she said.

The cafe that they had found was very quaint. It definitely had the small town charm. Ron went in and ate with them. Aria just thought he was something else. She ordered pancakes.
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Kane nodded and let his expression fall. He wanted a son but he didn’t want to push it on her. “Okay...I’m sorry I brought it up.” He muttered sighing before he leaned forward to kiss her. He didn’t want to dwell on the subject as he was still upset about what happened as well but he hid his emotions better than she could. “You want the girls...we will have just the girls I love you and I want you happy.” He said and petted Rambo between the ears.

The next morning the girls were up before they were and grabbing at Kane and Katelyn. “up up up.” Taya changed grabbing his arm. “Tay daddy’s getting up.” He muttered and kissed her cheek gently before pulling on a shirt. He usually slept shirtless now because of his back. Aria was forcing Katelyn awake. Soon they were getting biscuits and gravy in a small cafe in a small town he had never heard of but no one was bothering them of the girls. The dogs were happily sleeping on the bus.
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She was glad that Ron would be both of their bus drivers, even with the new record label. There was no one else that she would trust as much as Ron. He was apart of their family.

[b “I have lunch meat and things. Chips, all that good stuff. And a ton of Hi-C orange juice and Gatorade. I thought we could just do sandwiches? We’ll have to stop for breakfast. The girls will want biscuits and gravy.”] she said. [b “Let me put them in their bed baby.”] she walked over and picked up the girls. She froze when she heard him ask about having another baby. She didn’t answer his question right away. She made sure the girls were tucked in their little makeshift bed.

She walked back over and sat down beside Kane. [b “You’re already thinking about another one?”] she asked. [b “I honestly haven’t thought about it... I mean... I don’t know. After our experience last time, I’m kind of content with our girls now.”]
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"They still feel guilty for the crash and I offered Ron a job with my team and your team when the touring does start back up eventually, I wouldn't want anyone else driving my family." Kane said as he held Aria and Taya in his arms. They were both sleeping soundly against him as the bus barrelled down the highway. "The girls seem wiped out." He said kissing the tops of their heads. Rambo and Nash were curled up against the girls as well. "What are we getting for dinner? Are we driving through somewhere? Since we are staying on the bus and don't need hotels." He asked as he laid there, in no pain at the moment, holding their daughters. "I also wanted to ask you a more serious question... should we plan for another baby? I mean I obviously can't right now with my back like this but when I'm better... can we try?" he asked hopefully. He loved being a father.
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