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[center [i There’s always a story to tell. From beginning to end which marks the day that they fell. Sweet young girl and silly boy both put under a spell that was unparalleled.]]

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[center [b *Note: This is based upon Tim McGraw’s song “Don’t Take the Girl”]]

[center [#9251c1 Muse A as a child was the type that thought girls were icky and gross. Wanted nothing to do with them. So when his father invited Muse B, a little girl from down the road to go camping he threw a fit. Asked his father if they could take ANYONE but her to which his father told him no. Even said that in time feelings would begin to grow, just to wait and to see.]]

[center [#9251c1 That had been when Muses A and B were about seven or eight. Over the years and many pushes by Muse A’s father the two began to form a bond. One might have even compared them to Bonnie and Clyde. Where one went the other was sure to follow.]]

[center [#9251c1 On one of their dates, Muse B’s eighteenth birthday to exact the two had gone to a show. They had laughed and talked of a future without a care in the world. And the night seemed perfect or did until they left the theatre and were stopped by a couple gunmen who took hold of the girl. The boy begged that they take anything but just not the girl. The gunmen did, leaving the young couple alive but scared.]]

[center [#9251c1 Five years passed and Muses A and B moved away from the quaint little town they had grown up in. They went to college and promised to keep in touch. Promised to keep their relationship. But we all know how things turn out and little by little they began to drift apart. ]]

[center [#9251c1 As Muse A and Muse B seemed to think of their history, Muse A’s father died. And so both were called back to town for the funeral.]]

[center [#9251c1 It’s the first they had seen the other in years. They get to talking and it’s as if all the years melt away. Can they stay this way and rekindle an old flame? Or are they destined to forever be apart?]]

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Romeo and Juliet was the name he and Haley had been given in their high school years. It was a joke of sorts among those older in the town and also their own parents. Their way of saying that the pair were star-crossed and had a special bond and connection. The young man had been given so much hell over their break up. Told how you didn't find your soulmate like that and then turn it into the mess that it ended up. Both of them in one way or another had messed up along the way. And never spoke up to try and fix it either. Sure he had dated other girls. Some for about a year or two, but none EVER compared to Hales or the things she had made him feel. Now as he thought about it, Travis wished more than anything he could turn back the clock, turn back time and fix it. But again not the sort of thing you said to an ex. Though it was DEFINITELY something that you could think about.

It was the shuffling of the dirt road beside him and the soft voice that every once in a while haunted his dreams that called him out of his head. Dark brown eyes locked to dark brown eyes. And he had to try and regain himself as his head leaped into his throat at REALLY getting a look at her. With the setting sun making her hair glisten, Haley lookes JUST like the angel she had in high school and it took him a moment to gain his wits enough to speak.

[b "Sure thing...I think momma said the other reason I was to come down this way was to let you into the stable. Daddy wouldn't trust anyone but you to look at his prized horse.."] It was the best he could do. She just had such an effect on him that he became a bumbling idiot. God he hoped that she would not think that of him. But if she did, who could blame her? And it was after he spoke did James, turn down a side road and lead her to the stables, opening Moon's particular stall for the young woman and stepping back to watch her just as he did all those times before.
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There was that nickname that he gave her again... Hales. It drove her crazy just at the sound of that familiar word escaping his lips like it was a simple coincidence. It was so simple, but it meant so much more to her than she let on. They used to be almost star-crossed. Well, many people told her that at least. They knew they had something special, and they didn't even have to say anything... until it wasn't there anymore. Now, it was all coming back again... rushing back like a waterfall or an avalanche. It was just way too much for Haley to process, no matter how damn good he looked standing in her doorway. They messed up somewhere down the road, and they both never spoke up to each other. They went their separate ways... She had had other boyfriends, but they didn't last more than a year or so.

Haley was about to say something again when James promptly headed out the front door, and her mother was calling out to her to get going before dinner was ready. Snapping out of her daydream, Haley picked up her small bag of simple veterinary tools and hurried out in the road, hardly able to think. She just knew that she had a duty to Mr. Chamberlin that she wasn't going to push aside just because her son was suddenly back in her life after a long time between the breakup. Mr. Chamberlin was a good man, and he deserved his good and steady horse to ride at his funeral.

Before she could stop herself, Haley was running out in the dusty trail that was worn with horse hooves and the tracks of old pickup trucks. She was wearing knee high boots like she used to when she lived in that same house in what seemed like ages ago. Her auburn hair was down around her shoulders, framing her face almost like it did in high school. There was a sense of deja vu about it, but Haley was just trying to catch up to get access to Mr. Chamberlin's old horse. Haley finally got in place with Travis, looking him in the eyes with those dark brown ones of hers and speaking, "Wait... I have to take a look at your father's horse for the funeral, and I can't do that without you opening the stables." It was the first thing she'd said to him in years, and it had a gravity on her that was like nothing else.
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The man didn't know if it was a blessing or a curse at this rate. Both he and Haley who had been pretty outgoing their whole lives seemed at a loss on what to do. But what could he really expect at this rate? The two of them had left things off on some pretty awkward terms and had not seen the other since God knew when. So to literally be forced back together and before the other was truly ready was the last thing that he was sure either one of them would have expected. Honestly, Travis had not known that Haley was already back in town. He had been told by his mother briefly that the young woman had been asked to come back for the funeral, but a part of him in one sense did not believe she would. Actually, the man had thought after everything that had been said and done between them that she would still be bitter. Thought that she would hate him. But when he thought of it, Travis realized that he was a damn fool. Haley had never been the sort to really hold a grudge or to really hate someone. That had been proven time and time again back in their high school days when he had done some pretty stupid things that should have ended their friendship and relationship but even then she had been more than willing to give him a chance.

His mind was spinning with all of his thoughts and he couldn't seem to get them in order. When he had managed the words about the quilts and his momma wanting them brought back, the twenty-seven year old had been lucky to even get that sentence out and to be coherent. Haley did things to him that no other could do. Where he had always been more outgoing than she had, at this moment he felt like a cat had gotten ahold of his tongue. All he could do was keep brown eyes trained on the beauty before him who still had not been able to either look up at him or to speak as of yet.

When she had finally looked to him, the man found himself giving a weak, but genuine smile. It seemed that he had the same effect on her that she had him. He still felt like this was a dream and didn't know if this was the real her or not. As she tried to speak but failed the first time, Travis had to keep himself from chuckling at the adorableness of the blunder. But when she tried again and did take the quilts, the man only handed them off to her. [b "That's always did want to be a veterinarian and had been the best with the horses and other animals.."] He found himself saying when she mentioned she had to go and take a look at his father's horse. He too had been trained to look after the animals on the farm and had been good at it back in the day, but it had not been what he had wanted. But it was good to see that she had stuck to it and was following her dream.

The man wanted to say more, but she was already leaving the room. But that was probably for the best. [b "Thanks Hales...And see you this weekend..."] The words seemed to just escape his lips. Not that he had meant for them to but they had. And when he realized what he had said, the man was mentally kicking himself and wanting to plan his own funeral. Those were NOT things you said to your ex and especially not after not seeing them in so long. He was an idiot and it was as quickly as he could did he retreat and head back down the road and towards his mother's home. All the while he was locked in his head and wishing his momma had never made him take those quilts back.
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Haley heard his voice, but she didn't look up to his eyes when he did. She still couldn't bring herself to. Even from the slight glance she'd gotten from him bumping into her and knocking all of her medical supplies on the floor, she could tell he'd changed. His arms were more muscular than before, and his body was stronger. His face was more mature, and his jaw was more defined as if he'd understood more of the deep troubles of life. However, his eyes remained the same. They were deep and dark, but they always had some hint of a sparkle behind them. Haley remembered that he almost never failed to have that little playful glint in his eyes whenever he looked at her. It always comforted her when they were in high school. When she was struggling with some kind of silly test or what to do on the farm, she remembered looking into those eyes and thinking that she could overcome all of her stupid, high school problems that were nothing compared to adult life. Haley didn't know what she'd do if that sparkle wasn't there. It was just Travis. It was the way she remembered him looking at her, no matter how long it had been since she'd seen him. She wasn't just going to forget him that easily, and him being here wasn't making that any easier either.

His voice almost sounded nervous which was not something typical of Travis. He was more outspoken than she was... Well, he had been. They'd both worked on farms with animals and horses their entire lives, so they'd had to learn hard work and assertiveness early on. Haley contributed it to a huge reason why she was so successful later in her life. All of these thoughts floated around in Haley's head for a while, causing her to blankly look forward until she connected all of the words from Travis' mouth and put them together in something that made sense out of her jumbled mind. Haley finally stood, realizing she couldn't stay staring at the ground forever. Brushing her auburn hair back from her chocolate brown eyes, Haley held the bag of veterinary supplies in one hand and finally locked her eyes with him. The sparkle was definitely still there. Haley opened her mouth to say something back, but nothing left her mouth at first. It was like just the vision of him blocked her speech. That was new... Haley tried again, and her voice accompanied what she was trying to say, "I'll take those..." Haley managed a simple sentence in as few words as possible, and even that was a victory at this point.

Haley opened the crook of her elbow, using it to support the quilts against her chest and arm, setting them on the couch near the front door. She still wasn't completely realizing that this was the real Travis that walked through her door like nothing happened between them. This was him... This was the one man who never got out of her mind, no matter how much she tried to hate him. While she wasn't happy he never tried to contact her, Haley knew she should've made more of an effort too. Now they were here, and Haley was at a loss for words.

Still clutching the supplies in one hand, Haley spoke once more. "I... I have to check on your father's horse now..." Haley said a bit awkwardly, beginning to walk towards the door again. She needed to get out of the room before something happened that she couldn't reverse. Haley was completely out of her element. She'd been smart all her life, and she'd breezed through school without much of a strain. She never seemed to lose all train of thought, but Travis sure as hell did that to her right then and there. Haley needed to go before her knees gave out and no one would be able to treat Mr. Chamberlain's horse before his funeral. Hell, at that rate, someone might be needing to plan her own funeral.
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His mind was more than buzzing as he stood upon the once very familiar porch. He was wishing that his mother had not sent him to do this. What was he even supposed to be saying? "Oh hi there...It's been a long time and I know your daughter and I used to date..but my momma wanted me to bring this quilt back to you. She says she is sorry she didn't bring it back sooner." Yeah, that would sound really good.

His finger had just pushed the bell and it rang maybe once, not even once before the door opened. And as soon as it did, Travis found his heart in his throat. Because it had been none other than Haley who had opened the door. And he had to admit that she looked...beautiful as ever. No like a goddess or an angel were the better words. It seemed that the years had been kind to her. God he had to stop his mind before it ran away from him. That had been their past and that was where those things needed to be staying. But god seeing her had opened that old wound again. Had brought back the memories of all they had been and their past. It brought it all hurtling back.

[b "Sorry...I would have called first... But momma had sent me over with this...She said she was sorry for keeping it so long.."] His voice sounded strangled as he was forcing himself to speak around the lump in his throat. And suddenly, Travis was not the twenty-seven year old man, but the fifteen year old on her front porch asking her daddy if he could take her on a date. It made him feel scared and dare he say nervous at coming face-to-face with the brown haired beauty again and so soon too. What had his momma done?
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Haley had just finished putting everything up in the wooden dresser that stood to the side of the bed when her mother called for her. Moving down the stairs, she found her mother in the kitchen, chopping up vegetables to place in a pot to make some kind of vegetable stew. It seemed like there was always something cooking with her mother around. Stepping forward, Haley leaned her arms against the counter, looking into the pot that already smelled incredible. "What's wrong mom?" Haley asked, brushing her auburn hair back over her shoulders. "Well... I was thinking that you could check on one of the horses at Mrs. Chamberlain's house. Not one of the horses... Mr. Chamberlain's horse. You know how much he loved that animal... Mrs. Chamberlain wants it to be at the funeral as a testament to their bond. Since you're the up and coming vet, I thought you could take a look and see why it's ill." Haley listened to her mother, hearing the mention of going over to Mrs. Chamberlain's house. Haley knew the way by heart, so she wasn't afraid of getting lost. No... she was afraid of something else. Haley opened her mouth to protest, but her mother gave her that desperate look, and it always worked. Haley sighed, biting her bottom lip and rocking back and forth on her heels then finally admitted, "Okay... okay I'll go down there for you mom... you and Mr. Chamberlain only." Haley made it clear that this wasn't exactly something she was comfortable with... What if Travis was there?

Haley stood in silence for a few moments as her mother continued to cut vegetables to place in the stew. What would she say to him if she saw him? It wasn't like she hated me... she didn't think she could ever do that. She was just scared that he was different... that he changed somehow... that he'd be so angry with her. She knew that she should've called. She should've done something all those years ago when they parted, but he should have done something too. For the longest time, Mr. Chamberlain had taken care of her as his own daughter, so, surely, she could do this for him. After all, Mr. Chamberlain's horse was one of the most gorgeous horses she'd ever seen, and it would be a shame for it to miss the funeral of its beloved owner. Haley firmly believed that animals had feelings too. She'd just seen so many instances where it was true. Whenever an owner died, people would call in to report an animal that wouldn't eat or wouldn't move. Haley would check every sign and symptom for a diagnosis, but there was no other explanation for their misery than depression. Haley had a feeling that Mr. Chamberlain's horse might be feeling the same way, but she'd promised she'd take a look, so she was going to take a look, no matter if Travis was there or not. She had to do this.

Sucking in a deep breath, Haley looked to her mother and then readied herself for a possibly very emotional encounter. "I'll be back in time for dinner." Haley said, grabbing the bag of medical supplies that her father kept handy for their animals on the ranch. Part of the reason why she'd wanted to become a veterinarian in the first place was her father. She remembered going out with him as a little girl to some sick pig or goat, and he'd work his magic, as he called it, and the animal would be back on their feet and as happy as ever. Haley found a comfort in that... in knowing that she could treat something so innocent yet so essential to human life. Haley pulled a few extra supplies into the black bag of equipment that she held in her right hand and moved to the front door. Haley's hand wrapped around the door knob at the exact moment that Travis hit the door bell, and she opened the door not a moment later.

Haley dropped her bag in shock and some of the equipment sprawled out across the porch and hardwood flooring of the house. He looked almost the same... but not exactly. There was a more defined look to his jaw as if to reflect that he'd matured and been through more of what life had to throw. His body was lean and muscular, even more so from their high school years. Haley locked her deep brown eyes with his, at a complete loss of words. She must have looked absolutely ridiculous in that moment, but she was frozen. The thing that topped it all off was that black cowboy hat... oh she remembered that one. Travis was almost never caught without it when they were younger, and he was still wearing it now... that hit her hard. Haley stood there a moment longer before the shock wore off enough for her to busy herself doing anything else than staring at him with an open mouth. Bending down, Haley hurried to retrieve the stray supplies and stuff them back into her black bag. Her auburn hair fell around her face, and she was happy for long hair... it hid her somewhat from those brown eyes. Haley just kept finding anything to put in the bag, not ready to look back up again and have to utter some kind of word that made sense. She didn't know if she could.
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Travis' eyes were trained on the pictures ans each he seemed to take in longer than the last. It was amazing how much time had passed and how much had changed. And as he was turning through the old album, brown eyes froze on a picture of Haley on a horse that he had taken before they had gone their own ways. She looked so beautiful and so happy in the picture. As he looked at it, Travis felt a tug that he had not allowed himself to feel in so long. This was the reason he tried to stay away from old photographs. Even if he said it was over and he was over her, the man would be lying. It wasn't like he hadn't tried, but just nothing had felt right. So instead of letting himself dwell on all the things that could have been, Travis did the next best thing and that was throw himself into his schooling. And because he had chosen that path, he had become one of the top in his class and was so close to earning his Master's.

[i "Travis! I need you to come down! There's something I need you to do for me!"] His mother called up the stairs, calling him out of his thoughts.

Slowly a hand reached up and wiped away a stray tear that had managed to fall. He had not cried over her in years. And he would not start now. [b "Coming, ma!"] The man called to let the woman know that he had heard. Afterwards, he picked up his old black cowboy hat he used to wear, put it on his head and then went down the stairs. When he came into view of his mother, Travis tilted his head.

[i "I need you to return Mrs.Sage's quilts that I had borrowed from her. I had meant to take them back sooner...But I am sure you can understand it slipped my mind with the funeral and everything else."] The woman said and gave him a pointed look as to tell him not to argue and to do as he was told.

[b "Yes, ma'am. I'll do it now."] Travis found himself saying as he went to retrieve the quilts from the colset they had been stored in. Once he had, Travis slipped out the back door and began on the once very familiar walk down the road and to the Sage's house. How would he explain this? But he didn't have long to think on it when the house came into view and he soon found himself climbing the once familiar stairs to the front porch. As if in a trance, Travis rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. Oh hell did he feel awkward doing this but he respected his mother and enough to do as she asked of him.
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The flight felt like it took a few seconds. Haley had settled into the seat, reading a book that she seemingly never had time to finish and now they were landing. Haley lugged her baggage from the terminal to the bus station outside the airport, riding the long way out to the city she'd grown up in. It was remote, and it wasn't easy to find, but it was always the third stop on the bus route from the airport. Haley's father had taught her that if she ever wanted to come back. As expected on the third stop, Haley stumbled out of the bus, looking around. It looked the exact same as when she'd left. The center of town was lined with a few more shops than she remembered, but they were still outdated in style. Haley recognized the old grocery store, clothing shop, and farmer's market. It was almost as if time was frozen when she left. Snapping out of her trance, Haley pulled out her phone. Dialing her father's number by heart, she brought the phone to her ear. "Hey dad... it's Haley. I'm here in town. I need you to pick me up." She said, hanging up after her dad said he'd be there. Setting her bags down, Haley made her way into the grocery store. She was curious to see if old Mrs. Wade was still behind the counter. To her delight, the same old woman with her wiry, long, silver hair turned to greet the new customer, signaled by the bell above the door. "Mrs. Wade?" Haley said, smiling and hugging her over the counter. "Do you remember me? Haley... Haley Sage. I used to come in here all the time. Me and Travis..." She began before stopping herself from saying anything more. Mrs. Ward only smiled in that warming smile that only she knew how to do, holding up a lollipop from her counter. "Of course I remember you Haley... I still carry butterscotch lollipops." Haley smiled at her, gently taking it and removing the wrapping. "These are the best... I can't believe you still have them." Haley popped the lollipop in her mouth, sucking on it then holds it in her hand. "Same taste as always. I missed this place." Haley said, gently patting Mrs. Ward's hand. It was obvious that she was getting older.

Suddenly, the door bell of the grocery store rang again. Haley turned her head, smiling at the familiar face of her father. Haley hurried into his arms, hugging him tightly. "I missed you daddy..." She said softly then looked up to him as he spoke in his deep, raspy voice. He was still wearing his signature black cowboy hat. Haley would have been surprised to see him without it. "Ready to go back home honeybun?" He asked, and Haley nodded, waving to Mrs. Ward, mouthing "I'll be back to see you" then followed her father outside. He'd already loaded her luggage in the back of his red, beat-up pickup truck. Haley hopped in the front seat, looking to her father. "Just like old times, huh dad." She said, sucking on her lollipop as her father played the same country music CD on his truck and drove her out to the house. Haley watched the familiar landscape roll by as her father chewed on a toothpick. They got to the house after a few minutes, and Haley stepped out of the truck. The house was the same too. It was two-story with a green door and green window shutters. Her mother still kept the garden in the front. Haley turned her head to see the horses galloping up to the fence. With a smile, she made her way over to them, running her hand down their manes and elongated cheeks. "How are you guys?" She asked soothingly. Haley had a thing for animals. It was why she was becoming a veterinarian.

Being with a horse was so comforting to her, and she felt more at home in that moment than she had in five years. She was back. Haley heard her father's voice, and it broke her out of her moment with the horse. Stepping back, she grabbed her luggage, carrying it in to the house. She was met by her mother's warm hug, and Haley smiled, wrapping her free arm around her mother's similarly small body. "Hey mom." Haley rubbed her mother's back and then took her baggage upstairs to her room. It was no different than it had been in high school. Smiling, Haley thanked her father and then began unpacking. It was on terrible circumstances that she was back in town, but she was happy that it gave her the excuse to do so. Haley knew she should have come back before five years had passed, but she'd been so busy with school that it blinded her. Well... that and getting over Travis for years. Haley shook the thought from her mind, spreading a hand over the comforter of her bed. It was nice to be home...
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The hours in the jeep had been long, but they had been what he needed. The silence and the solitude had given Travis a chance to reflect on what had been and what was. And it was during the drive did he realize that both he and Haley were no longer the people they had been. For once so close now they seemed to be perfect strangers. Travis had no idea what she had been up to anymore than she did him. And he began to forget who had pulled back and created the space to begin with. Had that been him? Or had that been her? Well it didn't matter anymore as he was more than sure both of them would be back home. And he was sure their paths would more than cross as well. In a small town where everyone knew everyone, it was kind of inevitable. And deep down he was grateful for that, though he would deny it if that ever happened to come up.

[i "It's been five years, Travis James!"] Came his mother's voice the moment he entered through the back door. The woman looked just as he had remembered her. She still wore her pale coloured dresses and apron. And she still kept her hair up in the same bun she wore when he had been growing up. All and all his mother was still very much the same aside from her worrylines and the silver starting to thread itself into dark brown locks. But Travis didn't say anything and just set down his suitcase and hugged the woman. She even smelled just as he remembered.

[b "I'm sorry ma..."] He whispered when he pulled back to look into matching brown eyes.

[i "We'll talk about it later."] Laura said as she smiled to her son and gave him another hug. [i "I trust you remember where your old room is. It's still the same as how you left it. I figured you could stay in it. Now go on."] And with that, the woman turned back to her cooking.

Travis smiled and shook his head. [b [i 'Same old mom..']] He found himself thinking as he went up to his old room and set about putting his clothes in the old dresser. Once he was done, the man took a seat on his bed and pulled out the phot album he hadn't seen since he left and began to flip through it.
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Haley didn't really know how to feel when she got the letter from Travis's mother. The lettering was small, but it held more meaning than could even be expressed. The words were so powerful that they spoke to Haley's heart. How could they not? Haley had practically been over at Travis's house every day in their teenage years. She thought of Travis's mother and father as her own. She even called them that. Haley felt a tear slide down her cheek as she saw the flashbacks of her moments with Travis's father in front of her. It didn't really feel that long ago... Haley knew she had to go. Mrs. Chamberlain had asked her to come, and Haley couldn't possibly say no to that after all she'd done for her. Haley lived in her own apartment. She was doing fairly well. She was going to school to be a veterinarian, but they were on a break between semesters. Haley knew she had enough time to get there and come back. While vet school was hard, Haley was up for it. She'd worked hard all her life, and she'd helped with the farm back home. It was one of the reasons that she even knew Travis and his family. She was the girl down the road, and it wasn't like there were that many houses where they lived. It just felt so strange that Travis's dad was suddenly gone. He was such a good man... he was the heart of the small town they lived in. Everyone knew Mr. Chamberlain.

Haley stood from her bed, packing clothes and some other essentials. There was almost a guarantee that Travis himself would be there... She didn't even know him anymore. She didn't know where he went to school or what he wanted to do with his life. She didn't know if he was even single. It was strange how things could change in an instant and never go back. Haley didn't even know who it started with, but they drifted. Clearing her mind, Haley picked up her bags, heading for the airport. She couldn't wonder if Travis would be there. Haley had to be there for Mrs. Chamberlain, no matter where Travis was or who he was with. Before she could convince herself not to go, Haley found herself flying out to the all too familiar town where they'd grown up where her and Travis's story would inevitably meet back up again at the funeral procession.
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Brown eyes were locked upon the white page with his mother's neat scrawl upon it. Travis had read over the letter twice, but still the words upon the page were not sinking in. It was too much a shock to be getting the news that his father had died. And even more of one that he had not even gotten a chance to tell the man good-bye. Or to even thank him for showing him what love was or teaching him all the things he had over the years. How could it have happened? Or why did it have to be now when he was finishing his Master's in Law?

He had to shake himself out of his thoughts as his roommate blew a low whistle. [i "Trav, are you arlight man? You've been sitting still as a statue for the last five minutes and staring at that letter. "] Frank said as he motioned to the letter that was still clasped tightly in Travis' hand.

A sigh slipped from the man and he shook his head. [b "It's a letter from my mother. Something's happened and so I have to go home."] But that was the only explanation he offered the other man as he got up and began towards his room. As soon as he reached his room, he began throwing his stuff into his suitcase and quickly had it filled and zipped. The man soon walked past Frank and gave a faint smile. [b "Try to behave for once and don't let me come back to a trashed place. See ya, man."] With those as his last words, Travis was out the door, got in his jeep and began on his drive back to the small town it had all began.

In his mind, he was wondering if Haley would be back as well. Wondering what all had changed. And most of all, Travis found himself wondering if she remembered their story as he had. But all of that was just his way to try and not think about his father's passing or the funeral. Or at least not until he had to.
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