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"They won't like me much, since I'm an enemy to them...but at least we made it..." he said, and once they had gotten to a gas station, Simon said he'd stay with the motorcycle, and keep an eye on the weapons.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 4h 39m 35s
Alycia had slowed down some one they entered the town, and she smiled as she glanced around. "Civilization!" She said with a happy tone, pumping one of her fists in the air. "How are the townspeople going to react to us...soldiers?" The female asked Simon quietly.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 4h 49m 15s
He smiled, and kept a good grip on the crate, and after she had accelerated, the bike was at full speed, and they were soon in a town that actually had people, and Simon was relieved to see civilization for once.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 4h 51m 33s
The female calmly waited for Simon to sit down with the crate, before she looked towards him for a good few seconds. "I would say that I am long as you are." Alycia said with a smile, slowly pushing down on the gas pedal as the motorcycle began to move.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 4h 53m 8s
"Let me get the food out of the seat and I can hold onto it..." he said, moving the crate an drew quickly sitting down, placing the crate in his lap. "Are you ready?" He asked.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 7h 38m 27s
Alycia nodded, pouring gas into the motorcyle and getting on the seat. "Here goes." She said, turning it on. Surprisingly, it worked just fine. "We're all set!" She exclaimed happily, revving the engine a bit to get it warmed up.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 8h 20m 15s
He nodded, and used a crate to hold their food, being careful not to drop it. "Hopefully it still works, but let's gas it up..." he said, and he carefully set the crate in the sidecar of the motorcycle.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 8h 22m 29s
"I can drive a motorcycle." The sniper said with a smile as she approached the vehicle, which actually seemed to be in decent condition. It had a strange paint job, of faded black and purple. "I wonder who painted this." She said, finding some gas and oil. "I think we have everything we need to see if this works." Alycia stated, hopeful.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 8h 24m 8s
"Yeah...but I don't have anything to carry all this in..." he told her, then he saw an old motorcycle and side car. "Wonder if that motorcycle still works..." he told her.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 9h 30m 0s
"Even a simple apple tastes better than that...MRE garbage." Alycia said with a chuckle, as she took a bite out of an apple. "Happy I spotted this place, or else we would have been eating either tasteless garbage or nothing at all." She said.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 9h 41m 2s
Simon hopes so as well, and they found it was a home market, and most of the food was still good, even after being left out for a day. "That's lucky." He said , taking a bite out of a tomato.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 10h 6m 2s
"You never know. There could be another town right near here...and we just don't know it yet." Alycia said with some hopefulness, as she seemed to discover an old store. "Hey, there might be some food in here." She stated, slowly opening the door as it creaked.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 10h 17m 8s
"Yeah...maybe we can camp here for s few days, make sure we're ready for the long trip ahead of us..." he said, disappointed there wasn't anyone to see in sight.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 10h 18m 45s
Alycia had ran after the male, soon also realizing that the town was deserted as well. "Dang..." She mumbled, sighing sadly. "Perhaps there are some people left in the town somewhere, or at least some food that was left here." She said.
  Alycia Mira / AskTheStaff / 127d 10h 20m 58s
Simon looked around, soon seeing some buildings, and he ran ahead, but found it was a ghost town, but everything looked like it had been abandoned for a short time.
  Sgt Simon Quinn / DoomGuy123 / 127d 10h 25m 5s

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