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"How is Angelo's death convenient for anyone? He's been nothing but a pain for years," Dante growled towards the other male. He had been trailing that male away from parties for years, it seemed.

"This isn't helping anyone, at all," one of the elders shaped stepping forward. "We have our last party at Roscigno Vecchia. This time there must be no humans present, at all, for any reason even for sexual relations."

Dante stiffened but nodded, for three months they could be all of themselves without hiding. That meant a rising tension.
  VS / Turadh / 66d 7h 34m 4s
This was by all accounts a disaster. The news of this human's death had spread before anyone could cover it up with the calling card of their people. Melchior was waiting was waiting for the first punch to be thrown to start an all out war.
He stared to his own fraction. "It's only natural that they would try anything to get their way. I never would have thought them to be so reckless," he said angrily before overhearing what Dante said.
Whirling around, he glared at the shape shifter. "Want to say that to my face, chameleon? Sure seems awfully convenient that he dies for you," he pointed out, clenching his fist so that it began to glow slightly.
  Malchior / Hoshizora / 66d 21h 11m 28s
By the time that anyone could try to keep this quiet, the report of that international business man's son death was out there. Found thrown off a cliff some three miles away.

A card saying the old Latin name that needed an update. Both sides seemed ready to kill each other then.

Dante was just waiting for his services to be enlisted, to be told to transform into a dead person, to find out that the other side did this. Pacing he gave a small glare to the leaders of his fraction.

"Why do I want to do this? We know who killed that man's son. They did," Dante gestured to the other people rudely.
  VS / Turadh / 66d 23h 3m 36s

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