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Malchior had a feeling that the chameleon was only doing this to annoy him and it was working. That was the worst part. Couldn't that guy just mind his own business for once?
"Oh, he knows a lot more than that," he said as he too stepped up to the girls. There were occasionally new faces around, usually local mages or creatures that hadn't gone out of their country, but that was rare.
"Is that so?" Ariadne muttered, though it was clear that the new arrival didn't mean it as a compliment, and then smiled, "Well, I'm Ariadne." "Malchior," he replied with his own charming smile, "And you are?" He looked to the brunette.
  Malchior / Hoshizora / 61d 21h 23m 9s
If it meant that he would act interested to infuriate the other side, then he would do so. Especially if it meant it was that man. For all of their abilities all the work landed on his back with changing to other people.

"Ah, new faces, I was wondering if we'd be stuck with these people for a while," Dante smiled, the accent a mixture of mostly Italian with the traces of British.

"You can know all these faces?" Arelle asked amazing. There must have been over one hundred people here.
  VS / Turadh / 61d 23h 41m 15s
Ariadne gave a nod. What it exactly was she couldn't say, but they were odd. "Definitely, but I suppose you have to be, if you are partying in an abandoned city. Doesn't exactly happen a lot, does it?" she pointed out, wondering if it was a scene thing.
Taking her own drink, she too had to agree that there was something wrong here. People were way too tense for a party. There was just something in the air. Curiously she gazed over to the guy that was watching them. "He's not bad looking," she mused, sipping her drink, "Though I'm not sure if he ain't looking at you. Though don't look now. There is another guy coming." Arella was pretty no doubt and she wouldn't step in, if that was the case.


One had to say that there was an irony to this party. They were on the brink of a civil war and here they were partying like nothing was wrong. Still, he wasn't going to sulk and be a downer. He may as well enjoy himself.
Malchior gave an irritated sound when he saw the chameleon step in front of the girls. Damn guy. Not that he was going to let that chameleon get in the way. The brunette was cute, though she clearly was not as comfortable. He gave a nice smile as he moved over to the two women, though the chameleon would reach them first.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 62d 7h 40m 27s
"They're an odd lot, aren't they? Curious is an understatement," Arella agreed, taking the drink carefully. There were groups and they seemed tense. Watching them she couldn't help but feel this was more Jersey Shore.

"There's someone interested already," she pointed out amused. It normally was Adriana when they were out. She learned to sit back and enjoy the show.


To say he was in the opposite of a party mood, that was as an understatement. With his arms folded across his chest his eyes drifted to Malchoir as he seemed to be making a move.

He'd just get even. He rose from the wall walking over before the other male did.
  VS / Turadh / 62d 8h 8m 21s
"The bugs aren't that much of a problem," Ariadne replied but finally did give into a nod, "Okay, okay. Though one could argue that something might still happen." She couldn't help teasing her cousin a bit.
It was by far the weirdest party she had ever been to. She couldn't put her finger on why that was. Getting her own drink, she scanned the crowd. "It's a curious bunch and no one I know," she said, wondering who all these people were.
Melchior spotted the two women at the bar. He couldn't recall seeing them before, but they were beautiful. Perhaps he should approach them.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 63d 21h 38m 35s
"Please do. I don't want to sit out here being eaten by bugs alone wondering if you're okay or not," Arella said before they found their way to the writhing bodies. They seemed to be more than just enjoying a party, no, it seemed like the Olympics.

She settled for a drink hoping it would settle her nerves. Parties were hardly her thing with all the strangers. She would remain by her cousin as long as she'd tolerate her.
  VS / Turadh / 63d 23h 7m 59s
Soon they heard the sound of music and saw the lights. It was easy enough to join a crowd, though Ariadne had absolutely no idea what nationality they were. It was none that she had ever met.
The inside was very fascinating and she looked around before listening to Arella. "Okay, I'll try to remember, but no promises," she replied, knowing that once she got into a party mood that she easily forget the time, "Now... Where are those drinks? Anything you want to start with?" If she met someone she fancied, it was possible that something might happen.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 64d 12h 59m 21s
The lights was the first indicator that there was something going on. All midlevel to not attract too much attention. Joining the center of a group of what she thought was tourists from Spain, somehow they were more excited than what should be.

It was easy to slip into the maze of the town. Looking around she gave a grin. "So, we should meet right there if we get separated at one in the morning. And text if we go home with anyone. Yeah?"

She liked the safe way,not that she was the sort to go home with just anyone.
  VS / Turadh / 64d 20h 27m 50s
"Well, it would definitely give you some experience and that's pretty beneficial," Ariadne pointed out, "Naturally you need to decide what's best. I'm sure everyone would be happy if you helped out." She too jetted between Milan and here to help out as much as she could.
She nodded as she followed her cousin through the town. It was a nice city, but naturally the old one would be even nicer. Hearing the question, she had to chuckle. "It wouldn't be a fun party if it was legal," she replied and headed for the abandoned town. At least to her it made sense that it would be there.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 64d 21h 10m 30s
"Maybe in a year or two. It might not be bad, but you know getting involved in the family business might be good," Arella shrugged slightly. It had been fun, a lot of hard work, and two failed relationships. But there was a good degree and she planned on staying her and finding out what else there was.

"Alright then," she said before they went through the new town. Which was still old seeing the signs to the old town she pointed to it. "Do you think they'd have an illegal party in an old abandoned town?"
  VS / Turadh / 64d 23h 41m 41s
Ariadne gave her cousin a look. "Don't doubt my party finding abilities. It has come in handy and trust me, I never miss a good party," she told her before chuckling, "I suppose that is tough. I mean a different kind of tough compared to surviving in a fashion magazine, but tough. Do you really want to go to Yale? You could do so many things that aren't that." Having not gone to college herself, she didn't quite see the point of it.
When her cousin was ready Ariadne nodded and opened the convertible. Not her own, but the family's. She knew the roads well and soon they reached the abandoned city. Curiously she looked around. "It has to be here somewhere...," she said slowly, her eyes scanning the buildings.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 65d 5h 56m 34s
"So, a friend of a friend, told you about a super rare party in an abandoned town. Sounds like a real party," Arella said in amusement. "It's nice being back after four years. Dad was going on about Yale and their graduate program but I just want to help with the vineyard and backpack."

Wow, this was something. The long years of Duke. She examined the backless dress once more satisfied it looked good. "Ready."
  VS / Turadh / 65d 6h 54m 59s
Unlike her cousin Ariadne stayed true to their home country in most respects. In the summer and Christmas it was the vineyard, the rest of the time in Milan, fashion capitol of the world working for a fashion magazine. It was damn hard work, but she loved it and jetting through the world for occasion wasn't too bad either.
The summers were always nice cause she did see Arella again, even if they usually lost touch the rest of the year. Today was party time as she inspected herself in a mirror one last time as she gave a dismissive wave. "Does it really matter who told me?" she replied, but gave in, "You see, Angelo's sister told her best friend who told her cousin who told Giovanni who told a twice removed something who told a friend of mine who told me." She gave a smile as if that was the most normal thing in the world. "Let's go. From what I hear this party is very exclusive and very out of this world," she smiled as she stepped for the door. She had wondered why someone would have a party in the old city, but hadn't thought about it more.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 65d 22h 27m 1s
What happened when an Italian-French woman met a rich American? Disaster.

It went so well for some years. Summers and Christmas spent in the vineyard helping with the labor, summer fun, and cities. It was good times and then came Ivy Leage.

Arella was back though, done with school she deserved the year off and backpack Europe like every entitled rich kid.

She adjusted the straps on her sandals before looking to her cousin. "So, a party. Who told you this?" She asked while they were preparing for this party in an old city.
  VS / Turadh / 65d 23h 33m 24s
Melchior glared at the shape shifter. "Really? I'm sure there are some people somewhere rubbing their hands with glee," he pointed out, ready to punch this chameleon.
He turned to look to the elder. Even if he wasn't his elder, he did respect him. "Agreed. Humans would only make this situation more complicated. Furthermore, keep contact to humans in general at a minimum right now. This murder will have them on their toes," an elder of his own fraction. Melchior wasn't too pleased about not having humans around, but he too nodded, knowing that disregarding the elders was dangerous.
Looking over to the shape shifter for a moment longer, he turned to his own people. "We should get out of here," he said, deciding that he had had enough of the chameleons until the last party.
  Malchior / Hoshizora / 66d 7h 45m 20s

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