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Jackson knew his actions made little sense. That he worked for too much to have a proper family, but it was something he had sort of dreamed about. He was a simple man, not really able to be that loose and fluid as say a man like James.
He did nod at what Mary said. "I suppose that would be a possibility," he replied thoughtfully, but not sure he could do that, "In my opinion he would be an idiot to be unfaithful to you."
When Jesse received the text, he naturally had a plan for this. Trina had gone back to her boyfriend after a quick flirt, but he had arranged for another blonde for this sort of thing, sitting in a booth. Walking over to her, he very obviously started flirting with her.
Seeing this, Jackson shook his head. "I'm very sorry Mary," he said, taking her hand in his.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 1d 17h 27m 0s
Kenna's first question in her head was why would he want a family. And second was how one kept a family when working so much. Keeping those questions to herself.

"Flings. Someone who understands it's not deep, but not a one night stand and you can walk away," Kenna smiled simply. "It'd hurt to not have him there. It's hard to find someone that gets it. But manage...If he's not going to be faithful...there's not much point..."

She was doing a bad job here, damn.

Taking out the phone under the table she texted with the number 3, which meant show a display on another woman in full view. That'd work.
  Con / Faust / 1d 17h 57m 13s
It was interesting. Here sat the first woman thar ever seemed to understand him. Jackson somehow couldn't quite believe it. "That about sums it up," he agreed with a nod before shrugging, "I do want a family. I just seem to be incapable of keeping a woman. And what would that be?" He gave her a curious look.
What she said about her engagement made him nod. He had noticed that. "You tried what?" he asked, "I mean breaking off the engagement is always an option. What would you do?" What was she suggesting?
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 2d 16h 11m 56s
"I understand. For some it's a luxury to work, and others it's a necessity that drives you to the edge," Kenna said calmly taking the drink and smiled. "'s time to stop being traditional and just go for what works in your life."

She was too calm right now but maybe that was what was needed. "Like...I'm not made to be engaged, and he isn't either...but...we thought it would be good and he's roaming...I tried."
  Con / Faust / 2d 18h 11m 13s
People have been telling him for years that he needed to stop working so hard and that it was entirely his fault that his last relationships all ended due to him being a workaholic, but he couldn't help it. His job was something he was passionate about.
Sighing, Jackson motioned for her to sit down. "I just can't guarantee that I will be good company," he told her, "I guess I deserve it. I am aware that I work way too much, but I enjoy it, it's a passion. I know that's a very workaholic answer. Sorry, I shouldn't bother you with this." He took another sip of his drink before him.
Jesse had meanwhile slipped in rather inconspicuous and was waiting for Trina near the bathrooms, away from the prying eye. That and she was going there a lot lately.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 3d 17h 58m 45s
Kenna started to open her mouth before deciding not to. Jesse was the actor, she was just too straight forward to act more than a few minutes. Giving a wistful smile she nodded. "I'm sorry, it's hard. Would you like some company?"

Jesse would come when he saw it was right. Right now he was attempting to look interesting to Trina who was trying to talk to Killian. She was getting up a lot though.
  Con / Faust / 3d 18h 20m 16s
Jackson was amazed how often they had run into each other. It wasn't like this city was tiny and there was only one place to hang out, but on the other hand he was likely paranoid and his personal situation wasn't helping the matter.
Seeing Mary, he did smile. She was beautiful and he couldn't understand how any man could cheat on her. "I have not, at least not here in the last few minutes. I'm sorry," he replied, and he would have had to admit that he had been preoccupied with his own thoughts to remember if he had been here, "My... relationship ended. Said I spent more time working than with her. I mean, I can't blame her... She's right..." He ran a hand through his hair. That was perhaps the worst part. She had been right that he spend too much time working, but he couldn't help it. It energized him like nothing else.
  Jackson / Hoshizora / 4d 17h 40m 23s
During the last week she managed to run into him twice. Of course, by running in, was premeditated at the cafe he went to for lunch and once at the store. Each time she started the seed of doubt about the relationship.

Jackson was a good guy and she didn't like this. Sleeping with more than one guy was actually something she hated.

Glancing behind her she looked more agitated. "Have you seen James? I interesting can one blonde be from another? You look like hell. What's wrong?"
  Con / Faust / 4d 18h 40m 38s
Jesse gave her a look. "Of course it was," he replied, showing that he didn't believe it, "I think you have other specialties as well. Either way, yes, we got a plan." He gave her a smirk, remembering a lot of their antics. It was easy to pick a suit and get dressed. Working on Trina would be easy enough. He just has to be patient and wait until she was alone.


That had ended swimmingly. Jackson looked thoughtfully into his glass. He was doing what he did best. Drowning his sorrows in work, even if that meant being in a place he didn't like at all. Perhaps a bit counter intuitive, considering that was the reason everything ended. However, he couldn't help it and the son and girlfriend were here.
Taking a sip of his drink, he saw Mary. She was still as stunning as during the party, perhaps more so. "What a surprise to see you here," he said, looking to her.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 5d 18h 2m 40s
"Poker was pure luck. Pool and darts are my specialty," Kenna smirked. That had been an interesting night. Six months later she was still sexually involved and working schemes. Of course, she only picked the bad ones.

"Great, we have a plan....let's do this," Kenna smiled before taking the dress. She was sick of these by now but the boots worked with it, she was happy.

She knew that Jackson would be here as well as Killian and Trina. Jackson was placing himself in those places much like they were.

Looking to Jackson she frowned, seeing that expression. "Ah...girlfriend problems. I was hoping I wouldn't have to seduce anyone else..."
  Con / Faust / 5d 18h 14m 6s
Listening to the idea, Jesse smiled, giving a nod. "Considering the way he looked at me, I would say you just have to hint at it and he would believe you on the spot," he mused before moving to the closet to look at the clothes, "And I'm sure he is the kind that loves to play the hero. Wear this." He held up a dress, while only having the hint of tempt was fairly modest with its slightly above knee length skirt.
He chuckled as he remembered their first encounter. "I do say I make a good fake drunk. Though I'm more than sure you cheated on that poker match that evening. No way I lost that easily," he replied, looking to her before grabbing his own clothes out of the closet. He remembered how she had gotten a small bit of money from him that way before they simply fell into bed. "I will just play the mysterious guy. She barely qualifies as together with that guy. It shouldn't be too hard," he said as he slipped on his pants.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 17h 41m 14s
"I just need enough to have him think you're a scumbag, and when I go crying because I'm not enough for you. He'll buy it and be the hero of the day," Kenna said glancing through the closet. What would give that message? This outfit didn't have that feel.

"You just taught me the techniques and names of it. I've been doing this for over ten years. It was how I survived. I still say you cheated me when I was hustling you at pool."

She gave a small chuckle. She had fallen for the drunk look, and thought she could win, some passionate nights later he proposed the ideas.
  Con / faust / 8d 17h 59m 41s
Jesse couldn't help chuckling at what she said. "I always have an appetite, thank you very much. Though I have to say you definitely give me an increased appetite," he mused, looking to her before considering what she said, "True, but depending how this girlfriend acts anything with them might be off limits." If she got pissed off easily, it would mean nothing with the friends. He would have to test the waters.
A small smirk appeared on his lips and it only widened when she realized that she was telling him stuff that he taught her. He leaned up to kiss her forehead. "It's okay. It's quite flattering to see how much my words are ingrained into you," he told her before also finally getting up, "Well, I'm curious what that uptight guy will do. It's easy enough for me. I already know the place she likes to hang out at." It would only be a matter of observing it and waiting until she actually came around, then be surprised she's there.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 9d 17h 35m 9s
"I can't stand you being on your best behavior. At least it leads to you having quite the appetite when we're done," Kenna chuckled. It was sex everywhere and many times, honestly the best time of her life. "Maybe she'll have some sexy blonde friends."

This was casual at least, she could just wear nice black pants, with boots, and a blue top. It was simple. "Just don't overdo it. We need this to appear simple otherwise he's going to suspect....and...I'm telling you how to do something you taught me. SOrry."
  Con / Faust / 9d 19h 44m 57s
It was finally getting more interesting and Jesse was getting excited. This is why he did these things. The thrill and the chase. If there wasn't the caveat of getting close to Trina.
With a raised eyebrow he looked over to Kenna. "Oh, you are endorsing me being on my worst behavior? I actually get to flirt with whoever I want?" he asked, slightly gleefully, "It's a dream come true." He straightened his tie one last time, though the thought of rather flirting with Kenna crossed his mind, but he pushed it away.
Giving a sigh, he ran a hand through his hair. "I know. That will be a challenge. She is a taxing person," he muttered, but knew how to be charming even if he really didn't feel like it.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 11d 17h 30m 31s

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