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Ariadne nodded solemnly as she followed her cousin to the cliff. Hearing the question about if she remembered the guys, she paused. It felt like she was grasping at something squishy that she couldn't grab no matter how hard she tried. "No... I feel like if I don't focus on it I get a vague image, but as soon as I focus on it it's all a blur," she replied slowly, wondering more and more what had happened.
What was missing? There was clearly a lot missing. "I remember... cat eyes. Like... slit pupils, but not yellow...," she said slowly, but then cursed as again the exact memory slipped from her grasp, "What the hell is this... We are missing at least several hours and can't remember a thing." This wasn't normal. She ran a hand through her hair. "We have to find those guys," she told Arella, though obviously knew that that wasn't exactly an easy task.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 32d 27m 56s
"It was going to the cliff, anyway. Still sad you even remember the guys?" Arella asked but she didn't even remember much right now. She walked around knowing that's probably where bodies had been.

"There was some yelling in another language, we met there, and then woke up at's missing her aside from the guys?"

She thought she heard something though, maybe it was her imagination.
  VS / Turadh / 32d 1h 5m 55s
Somehow Ariadne felt very sad at seeing the charred skeletons of houses. They had been so incredibly beautiful and now they were lost to history forever.
She nodded softly at what Arella said. Entering the courtyard, she looked around. It was hard to imagine a party had been held here not long ago. "No, but what? It destroyed the entire town, so it spread really quickly. The only effective way would be gasoline and that didn't happen," she pointed out thoughtfully. What could possibly explain this? "Do you think those guys would know something?" she asked, speaking out what she was thinking. After all, a party in an abandoned town wasn't exactly normal.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 35d 26m 11s
Entering felt strange. She had remembered it being different but the entire town had been burned down it was just skeletons instead of just old frames from a time long past.

"It's so sad," Arella picked up a piece of a building. At the courtyard she looked around before shaking her head sadly. "It looks like it started here. Definitely not a cigarette in the wrong house."
  VS / Turadh / 35d 2h 24m 22s
Pizza seemed like a good idea. That and they were in Italy. No place made better pizza. They were heading to the pizzeria when Arella spoke up. Ariadne arched a brow. Truthfully, she had been thinking about going there as well. "I would expect the old town to be tapped off by the police since the buildings might be damaged from the fire and could collapse, but some things are more important than that," she smirked and turned towards the old town.
The closer they got, the more distinct the smell of smoke became. As expected there was tape, but that really wasn't stopping anyone.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 36d 1h 17m 54s
"That sounds good," Arella smiled towards her. It was amazing what two days did since she still felt the difference. There didn't seem to be many people around the old town. Glancing to her cousin she smirked. "Maybe we should be able to go see what actually happened?"

She hoped that she would agree. She remembered people yelling and the fighting, then the fire. Going back felt like it would solve the memory gap.
  VS / Turadh / 36d 2h 36m 7s
"Sounds like a plan," Ariadne agreed with a nod as she drove the car to their new destination. She wondered though how many people would know what happened. Somehow she had the feeling something had been off that night.
Seeing her cousin blush, she did give a good natured smile. She did like her cousin. "Just saying how it is," she replied as she navigated the streets. Driving in Italy most of the time, she was used to it, though still cursed a guy that thought that one way streets didn't apply to him before parking the car. "So, where to? I think I saw a nice pizzeria over there," she said, motioning towards one direction.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 38d 22h 56m 27s
"Well, we could visit the new city...maybe by someone has more idea what happened and I'm hungry," Arella said blushing lightly at the teasing. It was a long time since she had been with a guy. God, why was she so awkward?

"Rub it in, why don't you?" She asked rolling her eyes as they pulled in. These streets were confusing. Miss your stop and you had to roll around to the next one.
  VS / Turadh / 39d 51m 4s
"I know what you mean. I was checking out the facades with the guy when we smelled the smoke," Ariadne agreed before hearing what Arella said, "Oh, so you want to know who the guy is? Left quite the impression, it seems." She couldn't help a small teasing sound in her voice.
Still, she did sober at the thought. What Arella described sounded just like her. "I know what you mean. I had one drink, which barely classifies as anything for me and I can barely remember anything. Not even the guy's name and I'm sure he told me. That's not normal. Unless they gave us the strongest alcohol in existence, I can't for the life of me explain it," she agreed. She almost would have suggested drugs, if she didn't remember some things that happened at different times throughout the night.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 40d 1h 37m 55s
"Such a pretty town to be destroyed...I remember the inside of that house. It was like someone was going to come home soon. That guy was saying something about a servant," she said with a smile but that bothered her. "I wish I remembered who he was. Or at least did something before the fire."

Lord, what was wrong with her. "Do you feel weird? I mean I had one drink and still barely remember anything."
  VS / Turadh / 40d 2h 37m 30s
If Ariadne would have thought that she drank too much, she would have blamed this blackout on the alcohol, but she was sure she hadn't. There was the party, the guy, the fire, seeing Arella and then... nothing. Though she had the feeling that it was something important.
The news covering the incident didn't help lessen the feeling. "Agreed," she replied as she got up and she grabbed the car keys. The vineyard was too far away from the two to just walk there. "I swear if I hear the story about the fire I'm going to punch someone," she muttered, turning off the car radio when it too reported on it, "I mean, I was there, but I can't remember for the life of me what happened exactly." Like her memory had been erased or something, but that was impossible.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 41d 44m 38s
"When there's a fire go to the main fire exit and that is that. Meet the person and crawl if it gets bad. I know my fire drills," Arella repeated. The strange encyclopedia of every safety procedure was there by her paranoid step dad.

She remembered feeling relieved when seeing her cousin. From there she couldn't remember much, only the house, his face, and a fire.

Two days later it was still on the news and she sighed, turning it off. "Let's go get something to eat before we're dragged to looking at more barrels.
  VS / Turadh / 41d 3h 32m 49s
Ariadne gave him a look, unimpressed at being growled at. "Considering all the other weird stuff that is going on here and you clearly knowing about it, I would say now is a very good time," she replied firmly. No way was she letting him out of her sight until he explained all this.
Turning to her phone, she said, "We're already at the entrance, but don't take the direct route. It's chaos." Probably everywhere was chaos, but here particularly.
Malchior nodded at what Arella said. "We should take a long way. We don't want to run into the fire," he suggested before not being able to suppress a chuckle, "You are more worried about your cousin than the fire." She was getting more interesting by the second.
  Ariandne / Hoshizora / 47d 59m 23s
"This isn't the time," Dante growled, more annoyed at them than her. That was the main entrance, slip her away and then skin a few people. Possibly alive. That depended on his mood.

"We need to meet by the main entrance. You know...the fire drills from school," Arella said wondering exactly where that was. Looking to Melchoir he "Let's go to the main entrance. My cousin is there."

The fire ought to scare her more but not being close to her cousin during this scared her more.
  VS / Turadh / 47d 3h 2m 29s
Right, the cousin, very likely another human. Malchior could have cursed. Who knew where she was and what she saw at this moment. Then he remembered the chameleon. He too must have noticed that something was off. "I'm sure she's fine. She was with the ch... Dante," he assured her as they made their way towards the entrance, "It should be." Then again would everyone gather there then it would be extremely dangerous for a different reason, but he doubted that he could convince her otherwise at this point.


Luckily, they hadn't been far from the entrance, but this was the route everyone chose, making it crowded. Some even started to fight, as if the fire didn't matter. Though was it her or did that one person have claws?
Just then Ariadne heard her phone ring. She was about to pull it out when that person spoke to them and made her pause. His pupils were slits. "Death? Expose? What is he talking about?" she demanded to know, though kept letting Dante lead her, "What was that? His eyes were slits." This was getting stranger and stranger.
Then she remembered her phone and answered it. "Arella? Where are you?" she demanded to know, hoping her cousin was okay.
  Malchior / Hoshizora / 49d 1h 2m 26s

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