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Jesse wasn't as controlling as Kenna so he was fine with this. At least for now. He assumed while working on this case they would figure out who is responsible for sending them on this con.
He had to say a smirk was beautiful on her, but he smiled in return. "Have I ever told you that I think you are a control freak?" he asked teasingly in an amiable voice before nodding, "Messing with this guy we need all the protection we can get."
Admiring the view in that oversized t-shirt, it suited her well. "No need to thank me. It was worth it," he mused, "I would say we have time for more, but I think you will want to get ready." Maybe later he could convince her again.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 2d 4h 42m 24s
It was useless to wonder exactly who and what was going on. Only that she knew this asshole indirectly screwed her over. This was a form of revenge for her really.

"Actually quite the contrary," Kenna answered looking to him with a smirk. "You hold the power when you know and can control more of the outcome. In this might protect us."

Hearing her phone go off she looked to the text. "Looks like we're live in an hour. Thank you for breakfast," she said kissing his cheek, still in that oversized shirt.
  Faust / 2d 5h 27m 19s
Jesse gave a shrug. "It's not like the people who come to us always tell us everything. They always hide something. Naturally, I am also suspicious about this person, but not much we can do now," he replied, chuckling at the outburst about children, "So no marriage for you?"
He smiled at seeing her enjoy the pancakes before he sat down to eat himself. Thinking on it for a moment, he shrugged. "You chose the wrong job, if you want all of the pieces to make sense," he mused, "You think so? He's probably already knees deep in this and profits from it. I would say a high level employee." It would be interesting to see who this person was.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 4d 4h 42m 56s
"So, this doesn't bother you at all that we have no idea who is setting up this sting? This guy has a lot of enemies but I doubt most people are close. Three ex wives, four known kids....God...this is why we shouldn't marry and have kids," Kenna shook her head.

The food was good on the stomach. Giving a content sound she shook her head. "Sorry, you know I need most of the pieces to make sense. Probably the son, though."
  Con / Faust / 4d 5h 19m 9s
His life was all kinds of crazy, but Jesse liked that and enjoyed how it was. No one could tell him how to live and he was someone who enjoyed all manners of life. Though he enjoyed nothing more than when Kenna kissed him and straddled him. God, she was the type of woman that could drive any man insane.
The night had been amazing, but the next morning he did get up to make breakfast as he had promised. Hearing what Kenna said, he chuckled as he made some pancakes. "Perhaps, wouldn't that be interesting?" he mused as he put some of the pancakes on a plate, "More likely they work all day and only have time at night for this. Here you go. The promised breakfast." He gave her the plate, kissing her head lightly.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 6d 4h 13m 40s
The woman was careful as she could be shrewd. The only thing messy about her life was the sex part, otherwise she was careful. Looking to Jesse she rolled her eyes before leaning down and kissing him again moving on top of him in one quick movement.

In the morning when she reluctantly got up, there was already a swam of new information from a new e-mail.

"This mystery party must be a vampire," Kenna yawned already smelling some of the food. It was usually a long night with Jesse but it was usually a good night.
  Con / Faust / 6d 5h 36m 6s
Jesse had never really cared how big the risk was. He was so sure in his abilities that he didn't think they could fail. "So? There are so many of those. Isn't it good that we are taking one down?" he pointed out with a shrug, "What, you don't enjoy the luxury?" He thrived on it and enjoyed it immensely.
Kissing her back, he ran a hand through her hair as he looked to her. "Why, I do believe that is the first time you said you cared about my well being," he teased lightly before kissing her forehead, "I'm always careful. They haven't caught me yet and they won't ever." He gave her his signature smirk.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 4h 42m 58s
"I'm not fully sure. I mean, this guy is a big asshole. Still...I do miss having a tiny apartment and working bars," Kenna answered thoughtfully.She knew that Jesse just was in it for the blondes and money. Kenna took a more complex approach to it.

Going on one elbow she leaned down and kissed him softly. "Just be careful, okay? You're one of the few people I can stand."
  Con / Faust / 8d 5h 2m 41s
Strangely enough, she was just the woman to keep him interested. A gorgeous blond with a temper and intelligence to match. Not that it made Jesse suggest getting together, but this off and on thing was pretty good.
Feeling her arm and leg around him as she said that, he chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. "True, you could say that, but you never would. You enjoy this too much to stop this as well," he mused and kissed her softly, "True. This is all real." He ran a hand along her body slowly.
He had gotten used to her mind jumping back to the case rather quickly. "I think it is. Don't you?" he replied, looking over to her curiously. Then again, he enjoyed risks.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 9d 4h 38m 12s
It took a lot to keep her interested and yet she was still there interested. There wasn't just the physical portion it was the quick conversation that kept her going back to bed with him.

"Maybe next time I'll say a blonde that isn't five six, named Kenna, and has a body that altered by surgery," Kenna smirked to him. Placing her leg and arm around him. "It was like an advertisement for plastic surgeons at that fundraiser."

Her mind couldn't help but think back to the case. "This is worth the huge risk, isn't it?"
  Con / Faust / 9d 5h 19m 4s
She really should have chosen a better bargaining chip. After all, she should know that he didn't mind cooking breakfast and if that was the only thing she had to bring up, then he was okay with it.
It was interesting that they were still okay with this after so many months. They both weren't exactly known for being committed. When they were done he held her close to him. She was always amazing, such passion. Hearing what she said, Jesse had to chuckle. "You did. Problem is you could also say woman and that doesn't disqualify you either," he mused, kissing the top of her head. Even if it was partially to sate him, he did see that it helped her as well.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 10d 4h 43m 8s
Kenna laughed loudly at the awkward comment. That was one reason she did this, was these moments, and with him it was easy. Not too easy that she could become complainant and fall in love.

"That just" she said before kissing him back. Six months of off and on and it was still interesting to both of them, it was a world record for the likes of them.

Several times, biting and scratching, it was definitely good times. Resting against him she closed her eyes, the anxiety of the large task momentarily forgotten.

"Well, I did say a blonde, right?" She mused, she'd need to pick her words more carefully.
  Con / Faust / 10d 5h 55m 4s
Jesse gave a shrug. It wasn't the first time that she had called him that. Besides, they both enjoyed this way too much for either of them to give it up for that reason. "But you enjoy what this toddler does to you," he mused, kissing her again as his hands roamed her body. She had a body that was worth to die for.
When she pulled him back he couldn't help. He never minded cooking and if that was what got him a good time, so be it. "Very well, I make breakfast," he agreed and pulled her back closer to him to kiss her again and let his hands keep exploring.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 12d 5h 15m 16s
"This is like having a serious conversation with a toddler," Kenna pointed out, still annoyed, yet knew that she wouldn't win. They had their rounds. He found some other blondes and came back. Kenna on the other hand, just stuck to their times unless someone interested her and never on a job if she couldn't help it.

Kissing him back for a moment she looked towards him after pulling him away. "You'll make breakfast tomorrow," Kenna bargained. He was much better at those things than her.
  Con / Faust / 12d 5h 41m 36s
Jesse simply chuckled as an answer. They both knew that they didn't have an idea how they had come to work together and perhaps even more mysterious how they were still working together. It seemed impossible, if one observed them from afar and yet somehow it worked.
"Smooth is boring. Besides, I found it quite amusing," he mused against her neck, kissing up her neck to kiss her lips, feeling that she was slowly giving in. At the same time his hands began to wander her body. She was definitely one of, if not the finest, woman he had been with. He didn't even have a problem of being with her more than once. She was just so much fun.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 13d 3h 29m 2s

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