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"It's not any warmer there. It's still cold, but yes, going to Bath sounds nice," Savannah agreed, though just thinking of surfing made her shiver slightly. Their healthy food discussion made her laugh. "I know, but you think I'll ever stop mentioning when you are at least eating sort of healthy?" she replied, playfully challenging, "It looks delicious though and yes, I could totally see you eating like that all the time.
Sitting down on a stool, it did feel a little strange to be here in the morning. Maybe it was this newness and that this felt like a bubble that was keeping all the bad thoughts at bay. Once this bubble was broken however, she had a feeling it would go down hill again. Taking a bite of the food, she smiled. "This is really good. I should come over for breakfast more often," she mused, "And yes, a shower would be great. I can't change clothes before work so a shower at least would be nice." Maybe a few minutes to wash all the thoughts of David away.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 16h 49m 31s
"You mean like going to Bath or wherever else isn't as cold? That sounds good, yeah," Carrick said before smirking to him. "What, do you think I eat like that all the time? It's not rabbit food with seeds. You know that's never being let go, right?"

After serving up the food for both of them before sitting on the stoll. It was strange having her in the same room first thing in the morning. She seemed to be doing pretty good this morning.

"If you want to shower, you can use my shower or anything else you need before we have to go."
  Hollywood / Faust / 19h 11m 47s
Jesse didn't know what he was supposed to do. Perhaps the problem was that he had never really been in love so he couldn't realize when he was. Still, she didn't really want to talk about it either so he supposed the right thing to do was act like it never happened.
He was starting to feel lame for leaning on the wall like this and much like her he moved to grab his drink to take a long sip. Hearing what she said, he was a little surprised she was actually asking. "You've never asked before," he said, not sure why he was pointing that out, "Yeah, tell him. Can't exactly get any further, if we don't." He still wanted to know who was after him, even if he had the feeling this was going to hit way closer to home than he wanted to.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 3d 16h 59m 28s
God, she was a coward, she thought to herself. She was a grown woman with experience under her belt but one feeling and she was acting like a baby. How could she be so weak? Giving a groan, she moved to her drink, thanking someone it was there when she was needed.

"That's something I'd ask Phin. It's hard when it comes to anyone in government. I haven't informed him yet, no one knows, I made sure that only I knew," Kenna said. Because she loved him, and wanted to respect his story. Oh she was an idiot. "Would you object to him knowing?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 3d 19h 26m 34s
It wasn't long before Savannah completely fell asleep, not moving much at all, except for curling up more when the blanket was placed on her and a small smile when she felt the kiss on the forehead. It was clear she was feeling very comfortable and safe here.
Waking up the next morning, she was a little dazed, trying to remember why she was here. Slowly it came back to her and she wrapped the blanket around herself before she smelt something delicious. Curiously, she got up and walked to the kitchen. Still a little sleep drunk she leaned against his back to peek over his shoulder. "That looks too healthy for you," she teased lightly and moved over to sit on the counter next to the stove, "Good morning. Thanks for the blanket. I slept like a log." She gave him a small smile. "Hey... let's go surfing together at some point," she suggested, knowing this would surprise him, since she had been refusing to go before due to the cold water here.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 4d 16h 41m 42s
When Savannah fell asleep, he got a blanket and covered her up before cleaning up the mess. He finished more of the show before he turned it off kissing her forehead. Going to bed himself, he couldn't help but think that he had what he wanted out there, but the ground scared the shit out of him.

In the morning he started on a breakfast for the both of them, eggs with spinach, tomato and cheese with some healthy bagels. He ate healthy at least part of the time, the other times he worked out.
  Hollywood / Faust / 4d 17h 47m 39s
Jesse honestly didn't know what to do. He had never really been in this situation before. As he listened to her, he looked at her, unsure of how act. "She?" he asked curiously, "I can't say I've been in this situation really. I mean, I've been confessed to before, but I never had any feelings or stuff like that before. Now... it's different." Did he love her? He knew he felt more for her than he had for any other person, but was that love?
Hearing her pedal back, he didn't know what to do. "If that's what you want," he said unsure, "How would we find that woman?" It seemed like the best lead to follow.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 6d 3h 46m 25s
"Yes, I did..." Kenna said slowly, looking to him actually looking concerned for herself. Love meant being an idiot, opening up when that was bad. "I don't want to be. Everyone I love has only hurt me, except one, and someday she might change her mind."

Christ, what was wrong with her. She was about ready to flee this moment and try to take back her words. She shook her head. "Sorry, shouldn't have said anything... Anyway... Maybe we should eat of plan...anything."
  Hollywood / Faust / 6d 4h 2m 51s
Amused Savannah couldn't help rolling her eyes. "I know, I know, I'm sitting next to Mr. proper British food over here," she mused teasingly, "I still like the seeds, even if I do enjoy some proper British meals at times." Even if it was true that she ate more seeds than the proper food.
"Still doing something better than me. I always think I have that, but clearly that hasn't been the case. I guess... I just get too caught up in what could be," she lamented softly, really wishing she didn't, but it was just who she was, "Oh, so even you had a bad pick?" It was hard to imagine with how careful he was.
Shrugging at the reply, she really didn't care. As annoying as it was, she had gotten used to her life being on a silver platter. From all the crying she felt tired as she found herself slowly sliding more into the couch and her head drooping the more she grew tired.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 6d 7h 20m 29s
"Not if it's the only thing you eat. Or if it has all those strange seeds that's supposed to make you skinny. Those Californians are insane with their food," Carrick said before he shrugged. "I tread carefully. Honesty, true feelings, and mutual desires. It's worked... Mostly... Before."

Putting away his phone he smiled. "Its your life not hers, so I didn't tell her." The movie wasn't bad but he wasn't really paying attention either. It was nice to have her back, and hopefully she'd keep her promise.
  Hollywood / Faust / 6d 7h 52m 6s
She was right in that point. Nothing could have made him feel better right now. His entire world had been turned upside down. Now he felt like half his life was a lie and he was uprooted. "How would we go about from here?" he asked, wondering if she was going to find this other woman or child.
Looking to her, he wasn't sure himself what to say. It was painfully obvious that neither of them had ever had experience with this word. "But you said love," he said slowly, still holding on to her, but honestly had no idea how to react. The way she acted now it felt just as possible that it had just slipped out without actually being meant, but he didn't believe that and he had no idea what to do.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 6d 17h 39s
In this moment there was nothing that could be said and done that would make him feel better. Perhaps once the dust settled he would be more open to seeing what truly happened, either way, she had to find out if this woman or a potential child was responsible for this.

Kenna wasn't sure if the word love or the fact that this was tearing her apart was more shocking. She couldn't exactly tell. "I...I'm not sure..." Kenna said confused herself. She hadn't said she loved anyone but her cousin and the kids. Otherwise it was a foreign words.
  Hollywood / Faust / 6d 18h 14m 19s
"Salad totally counts as food. It's good for you, in fact," Savannah reminded him before shrugging, "No one else ever noticed." What that said about the people she knew was a different thing entirely. Rolling her eyes as the teasing command, she did relent and ate another one. "You are the first guy to make me eat stuff like this," she told him, wondering if everyone else had always been obsessed with her model figure.
Looking at the phone, she was in a way impressed. "Why do you always have the sane relationships?" she teased with a small smile, remembering how David had demanded to see her phone when texting a few times, "I like her too, though you could have told her. It will be in the tabloids tomorrow. Especially after you punched him." It was in a way frustrating knowing her track record of relationships would be dragged through the mud again by them.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 7d 16h 57m 18s
"It is obvious when you poke at a salad, that barely counts as food, it's really not that hard to miss. Now ear your calories," Carrick gave her a teasing look, though was being quite serious really. He settled on the other end of the couch looking for a movie to watch. After selecting a movie he nodded.

"I told her and everything, she's okay with it. She likes you," Carrick said pulling out his phone to show her. "I wouldn't hide this from her or you. I didn't tell her what happened though."
  Hollywood / Faust / 8d 1h 25m 30s
Jesse gave a sort of soft growl. "I don't care what the story is. He should have never cheated on my mom," he muttered, "Besides, it's not like we can ask him." His father had died years ago.
Her holding on to him like that made him hold on just as tightly, not wanting that she let go. "That's what you say. Who is to say there wasn't another affair? Maybe he just got lucky and it wasn't discovered yet," he replied dryly. How was he ever supposed to think of his father like before ever again.
He blinked at what she said. "What did you say?" he asked, looking down at her, not sure he had heard her right or if he had even heard it at all.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 16h 59m 1s

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