Super Mario: The Skeleton and The Hare

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She forgot about that part. "Yeah, but that was with a vacuum cleaner...that stupid thing is useless against us." She told the skeleton, and Bowser laughed long and hard at the sight of Mario trapped in the painting. "Good work." He told them, and allowed hem to go ahead and relax for a while.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 32d 22h 46m 50s
"Don't underestimate the guy. After all, Luigi is the person who saved Mario both of the previous times." Dry Bones clacked as he helped hold up the painting for Bowser to see.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 32d 22h 49m 35s
"And his wimp of a brother isn't a problem..." she confirmed, and they escorted the painting into Bowser's throne room, and presented it to the big guy himself.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 32d 22h 51m 46s
"A work of art? Maybe." Dry Bones clicked, walking up to it and looking at the plumber trapped within it. "That means Bowser's main enemy is already out of the way." He clacked.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 32d 22h 54m 38s
"Sorry, it was the only idea I had..." she said, apologizing, then the two saw the painting with Mario stuck in it. "That is a work of art, isn't it?" She asked, laughing at her ill timed one liner.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 32d 23h 26m 0s
All of the skeleton's bones seemed to fly out, forming a little pile before he reformed himself. "That was rather...unpleasant." He clacked, stretching and popping a bone or two.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 32d 23h 30m 9s
She swung her braid back, and smacked his shell at Mario, hitting the plumber straight into the painting, and she smiled. "That was a croquet special..." she said, and went to see if Dry Bones was alright.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 32d 23h 33m 17s
Dry Bones nodded, and he popped into his shell. "Alright, do whatever you're planning." He clicked out to her, curiously awaiting for something to happen.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 32d 23h 36m 20s
She looked at him. "You can pop into your shell, right?" She asked the skeletal koopa, hoping for a yes. "Because I have an idea..." she told him, and smiled.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 32d 23h 40m 45s
Dry Bones watched curiously, wondering if the plumber had any special tricks up his sleeve. He made some click and clack noises as he followed Harriet again.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 32d 23h 45m 1s
Mario tossed the cap at her, but it just rebounded off her metal hat.i "nice try plumber boy, but that cap won't do you any good!" She said, and managed to hit him, sending him backwards, where King Boo had a painting frame ready.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 33d 5m 41s
"Watch out for that cap-friend of his, if the plumber still has him!" Dry Bones clicked as he caught up to Harriet, standing behind her as she tried to pummel Mario.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 33d 7m 51s
Harriet leapt down from her seat, and her braids moved like arms, ready to pummel the plumber. "Time to get payback for the family, you Pipesqueak!" She shouted, her braids punching at Mario like Bowser's hat used to do.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 33d 11m 7s
One of the skeleton's yellow eyes illuminated as he woke up from his slumber, and he noticed Mario across the room. "Well, there he is." He clicked to himself, stretching and getting up as he got out of the lava. He then started to run over, making the occasional clack noise as his bones moved around.
  Dry Bones / AskTheStaff / 33d 12m 56s
Harriet soon started to doze off as well, until they both heard a lot of commotion outside the throne room, then Mario barged through the doors and looked around to find Bowser.
  Harriet Broodal / DoomGuy123 / 33d 15m 17s

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