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Cori searched Travis' eyes and face, trying to figure out what he was thinking. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she had suddenly just became very nervous. She sighed as she had almost given up in defeat, her head falling along with everything else.

[b "I never moved on. I sure as hell tried, Travis.. But they weren't you."] she whispered [b "I just wanted you. Only you... Damn near impossible to find a cowboy in Seattle..."] Her head shot up, when she heard Travis' words.

[b "A do over?"] she asked. Her mind was racing a mile a minute.. She was finished with College, and Travis was about to graduate, that would be one less thing that they would have to face. Would it actually work for them this time? She had no idea. Would she die trying? Absolutely. [b “I... I think I’d like that, Travis.
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 145d 15h 31m 36s
This was a dangerous game and he knew he was tempting the gods, fate, or whatever was out there. But he had spoken and she deserved to know where his mind was going. Probably it would have been better to sit down and think this all over, but it appeared emotion had gripped him and taken over his logic. This only EVER happened when he was around Cori. Why she was both his heaven and his own personal hell.

It took him a moment or two to form the words or the thought properly before he could speak. He needed to have some logic and wit about him or this could go up in flames. [b "What I mean is.. seems we never really moved on and there are still feelings on both ends.. Maybe.. if you're willing we could try again. Like starting over?"] Travis stated slowly and quietly as his dark gaze was locked upon her.

He'd spoken and put it out there. Now the ball was in her court. He only wondered what she would choose to do.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 146d 12h 39m 50s
Cori couldn't help but chuckle. Travis' had never been the type of person that was so open about himself with others. [b "I should've known better.. I guess I just thought that College had changed you, made you more open with people. I don't know, Travis."] She titled her face, looking him straight in the eye. [b "Travis, we were together most of high school, three years.. Of course we'd have a history that was hard to forget.. We were with each other every single day.."]

She let her head fall when she heard Travis apologize... She didn't understand why he was apologizing. She had been the one to start the fight, basically. She had begged him to move to Seattle with her. Why didn't she just swallow her pride and move to Idaho with him? Oh, because she had never set foot out of Montana, and she wanted city lights, not more small towns and corn fields.

Her head snapped up when she heard what Travis had to say next. [b "Tr-..."] she whispered [b "You can't mess with me like that... What does that mean? What're you trying to say?"]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 146d 16h 51m 54s
[b "When do you know me to ever show what I really feel around people? Only those closest to me do I let in, Cori.. Them.. The new frieunds and all you saw was me trying to move forward and convince myself I could be happy. But I really wasn't. Never really could be happy without you. We've had such a long history and not one I could easily forget or move on from."] He whispered, needing her to know that for some reason. It appeared they both were trying to clear the air.

[b "I had been just as bad back then and I'm sorry too."] And he was. He remembered how excited both of them had been. They had gotten into the schools they had wanted but neither could swallow their pride and it had turned into one hell of a fight. One that they had not been able to work out and so the break-up had stayed. Looking back he wished it could have been different. But the past was the past.

[b "Maybe it's not too late..."] The words slipped before he could even seem to stop them.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 146d 21h 10m 4s
Cori back at Travis as she listened to him. [b "You always felt like home to me... I hated Seatlle when I first moved there. I was so home sick. Cried to sleep everynight, begged Momma to come stay with me.."] she muttered. She had been a different person back then.

[b "You seemed so happy.. I thought you had moved on from me."] she explained. [b "I know it was so long ago... But I'm sorry. Travis, I was so mean to you that night. I'm to stubborn and hard headed for my own good at times. I should've just went with you.."]

She remembered that night like it was yesterday. She had gotten her acceptance letter from Washington State University that afternoon, she couldn't wait to tell Travis, but he had gotten his acceptance from Idaho. He wanted her to go with him, and she wanted him to go with her. It was childish on her part, starting the fight with him. But what could she do about it now?
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 147d 18h 28m 37s
He had have seemed happy on the putside, laughing and talking with new friends that he had made but he had always been torn on the inside. His mind would constantly wander to Cori and their high school years..what they had been and what they could have been. Yeah he had a few relationships after everything happened but NONE had lasted long because face it..none of the girls were her. It was her words..her answer that even made him think about all of that. And it was hell because they were thoughts he had tried to bury and to not revisit. But it seemed in this that could not be helped.

[b "It may have looked that way.. But I wasn't. Not really. The only that ever made me happy was bein' with you. You had been my home and sanity for so long and without you I was lost. I wanted to call or to talk. Maybe even get to try and set us right.. But I had been a damn fool and figured you would have moved on. So I just tried to move on with my life and let you move on with yours. God I wish I would have known all of this back then."] He said quietly as he stood at her side and gazed up at the moon. It was all out there now and he wondered what she might think of what he had just said.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 148d 10h 15m 33s
[b "That last time, I visited... Daddy wanted to take a ride, so I borrowed one of Momma's horses and went with him, then I realized where he was leading towards, I don't know if he understood what happened when I took the horse to a full on run back to Momma, I'm not sure.. I tihnk somehow he knew, he never asked me about it, to this day..."] she said softly.

She held onto Travis' shoulders as she went to slide off Misty. She listened to his answer, and practically stared off into space as she heard his own question next. [b "I have.. Especially at first. I figured out what University you had finally decided on about a year after I left, I wanted to swallow my pride, drive down and beg you to take me back... I actually did.. I was on campus, but I seen you, seen the group of friends you had made... And I decided that you were better off without me..."] she said.

[b "You just seemed so happy with all of them.. Who was I to tear up that life that you had built there?"] she asked. [b "I couldn't mess that experience up for you.."]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 148d 18h 31m 19s
He had been down the old trail a couple of times since their high school days but it had not been without difficulty. There were so many memories along the way and years that rhe places just brought back. And just doing this with her as they were now was making it seem like they uears had melted away and it was all just like yesterday. He would be dreading the ending of this night but also knew that he had to keep the msmory and make it last too.

Her words had not shocked him when she said she had not traveled the parh in years. [b "I did a couple of times since... But more because I didn't want to forget. It jusr always made me think of them good ol' days.. And I wanted to. The last I came out here was the last time I came to see mama and daddy before school became too much and I decided I couldn't continue the back and forth.."] The man admitted.

It was up on the hill as he helped her down from Misty did her question come. It was the last thing he would have thought she would ask and so had caught the man off his guard if only for a moment. [b "Honestly all the time.. But we had been kids too and didn't know what the world was.. How it ran. Cori, do you ever think of what was and what could have been if we could have swallowed our pride?"] He really was curious.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 148d 18h 43m 57s
Even though she knew Travis couldn't see her, because it was dark, and he was sitting behind her, she couldn't help but smirk. [b "When did you ever know me to back down from a dare?"] she asked.

She leaned back against Travis' chest slightly, breathing everything in. This was exactly like it had been in highschool, sure they went on a ton of date outings, but this had always been her favorite, it was so intimate, just the two of them. [b "I know you do."] she mumbled slightly, relishing the feeling of his arms around her waist.

The young woman was having a hard time keeping her emotions in check while on the trail ride. She honestly didn't want it to end, she was dreading it, honestly. [b "I haven't been up here in years... Not even when I came home for Momma and Daddy's anniversiry, I couldn't bring my self to come out this way.."] she explained.

[b "Travis? ... Do you ever think about what would've happened had we both not been so stubborn and hardheaded?"] she questioned.
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 148d 19h 2m 58s
[b "You had a couple of shots on a dare because you wanted to prove you could handle it. And from there I had to stop you from it. Only reason I didn't get drunk or feel it really was my uncle used to slip me some Tequila and told me not to tell mama or she would skin him alive."] Travis said with a chuckle as he really did have fond memories of that night. The man didn't lie when he said he could never forget it.

A smile came to his lips when she had agreed to come to his graduation. Maybe he shouldn't have been as happy or as excited as he was, but it just meant a lot to him. Cori had always been special to him. And looking back, the man did realise that maybe he should have told her so. [b "Mama was goin' to be there. But still it would mean a lot to have you there too."] The only words he could say as his mind was still trying to grasp the fact that she had actually said yes.

The gasp that she had let our was cute and made him chuckle. Oh he should have warned her but it had been more fun not to. Actually more like their youth because back then he had never warned her either. [b "Don't worry. I've gotcha."] He said as his arms stayed around her and he kept Misty at a slow trot as she agreed to the ride before the hill.

Because it had been so long, Travos literally took them down memorylane. First was the old apple trees, along the stream, and then back to the barn and up the hill. And all the while he did talk to her about some of their old memories.. Things he missed but had been keeping locked away.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 149d 9h 26m 6s
Cori couldn’t help but grin when he mentioned how the bonfire was so innocent at first. [b “That’s definitely true.”] she said [b “It was as actually the Vaughn’s, remember? That was the first night I ever had Tequila. Thought I was going to die until you made me stop.”]

She looked up to him and nodded. [b “I wouldn’t miss your graduation for the world. Is your Momma going?”] she questioned.

She couldn’t help but gasp when she felt Travis’ hands on her waist, soon enough she was sitting on top of Misty. She shivered when she felt Travis climb up and sit behind her. [b “Sounds like a plan.”] she said.
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 149d 15h 3m 44s
A chuckle slipped from him and he nodded. [b "It started off so innocent too. Dancing and just hangin' out.. then someone thought bringing drinks would be a good idea and the rest.. Well I'm glad we got out of there and managed to be back at pur favourite spot on the hill and watched that sunrise."] He said, the faintest sparkle in his eyes at that memory.

He could see that Cori was thinking for a moment and he had been about to ask her what about. But as was a common theme, the young woman beat him to the punch. And she told him EXACTLY what was on her mind. [b "You know that would be fitting. And I would like if you would come."] He said with a smile. And his words were true as he would like for her to see it. He only wished he would not have missed hers.

[b "And you had always been my sanity..."] But that was all he said. A smirk came to his lips and he nodded. Trafis soon lifted Cori into the saddle and he was up behind her, arms around her waist and reigns in his hand. [b "So a quick ride and then the hill like we used to?"] He asked as he did get Misty into a slow walk.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 149d 15h 34m 48s
Cori couldn't help but smile when she heard Travis agree; it was a nice memory for him as well. [b "It was one of the weekends of our life. Remember that Bonfire at the Flemings Ranch? After Graduation, I think the entire senior class was there, maybe the juniors too."]

She thought for moment when he mentioned he still had a few more weeks of school. [b "Wait.. You graduate from Law School this year... Right?"] she questioned. [b "I was at your high school graduation, don't you think it's fitting that I'm at your University as well? If you'd like, that is."]

She blushed when she felt his hands hold onto hers, moments later. She nodded softly. [b "You were always my protector."] she said softly. [b "Lets go then. Night times a wastin."]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 1y 149d 15h 58m 32s
The man had not been sure if she ever did think on all those nights that they used to slip out or not. But in hearing that it had been a good memory for her, a faint smile came to his lips. [b "That's real nice to know, Cori.. Because it is one of my favourite memories and the best times I remember too. It has helped me get through so much."] Okay so maybe he should not have told her that but it was out before he could stop himself. Always was it so easy to be around her.

A chuckle escaped him when she seemed to be excited to see Misty again. If he was honest, Travis was too. It really would feel like old times. [b "Well if you do I've got a couple weeks left of school.. Maybe we could make plans and visit the other?"] He asked with a faint tilt of his head.

Slowly he did nod to the blanket as he knew that meant the old hill beyond her family's property. As teens the two would stay out all night and watch the sunrise. [b "You know I won't let anything happen.. Besides riding a horse is like riding a bike...once you learn you never forget."] The man said as his hand moved into hers and gave a small squeeze.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 1y 149d 16h 15m 13s
Her deep eyes studied Travis as she walked out on the porch. [b “One of the last really great memories I have with you is the night before graduation.”] she said softly. [b “It was one of the best nights of my life though.”]

She glanced over Travis’ shoulder when she heard Travis say Misty. She just grinned. [b “I haven’t seen her in forever..”] she said. [b “Dknt worry. I wasn’t sleep. I have another two weeks of lesson plans to get ready for my sub. I think I’m gonna take the last two weeks off, maybe stay around for the summer or something. At least part of it.”]

She missed riding with Travis. It was her safety net, so it seemed. You would think being on top of a horse would be kind of scary, but when Travis was in front of her, it was like she was the safest person on the planet. [b “I’d love to.. We can grab a blanket from the barn?”] she questioned. Sometimes when they were in high school they would stay out all night, I top of the big hill on her families property, watching the sunrise. [b “Travis, I haven’t been on a horse since that night...”] She was nervous for sure, but it was Travis. He would make sure she was okay one hundred percent of the time.
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