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[b "He's not said to mama or anyone because we outright told him 'no'. Besides he still remembers his last beating and knows you can throw a good punch."] He said, chuckling. [b "But being serious he knows this isn't his to tell. ONCE in awhile he can reapect boundaries."] And his hand squeezed hers again.

When she spoke, answering his question Travis couldn't help grinning. It seemed she was still very much the same as she had been and still loved food. Which was good for him because he still loved food and he also knew of a good little restaraunt that had become a favourite of his. [b "A date date with the dressing up sounds good to me. We haven't had the time and I want this to be special."] He said as he leaned over and kissed her head.

He was a little taken offguard when she asked him to "come to her neck of the woods". But when he thought of it it made sense. She was coming to his and if they wanted to try and make this work he should see hers as well. [b "After we tell everyone I would love to sneak off with you. See how your life has been."]
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Cori looked over at Travis and smiled softly. [b "Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that we get to stay in our own little bubble, and that we get to sneak around like we did when we were teenagers, but gosh. We're gonna have to tell them all eventually. I guess I forgot how nosey country women were."] she said. [b "I"m very surprised that John hasn't spilled our beans yet."] she explained. She looked down when he took her hand and she couldn't help but blush.

[b "A dinner date sounds absolutely amazing. We can get all dressed up."] she said. [b "We haven't had a date date in a long time... Anywhere sounds amazing, as long as I can get steak."] she said. Cori always had a hearty appetite, but you could never tell it. [b "I was thinking. Maybe in a few weeks, maybe before we tell everyone, what would you think about sneaking off to Seattle? I can show you my neck of the woods?"]
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Had she actually finished calling him sweetheart, he and Cori would have been held back. They would have been dragged into the house and say on the couch. Then there would be a million questions. Now of which he was sure they would want to be answering. It was those thoughts as he had her suitcase in back with his and him opening her door that had him silently chuckling. And also made him think about how much he was falling for her all over again.

Soon, Travis was in the driver's seat and buckled as well. There was a final wave and soon they were on their way. [b "Nope. Seems neither our mamas seem to get it. Mine was trying to admit to us being together and trying again. But I didn't. I rather wait until we are all together and you're ready for them to be knowin'."] He said as his hand had found hers as he drove. They would have a long drive ahead but it also meant that during the drive they would be alone.

[b "When we get to town..what do you say to goin' out to dinner just the two of us? And it can be anywhere you choose."] He said as he did take a quick glance over at Cori. It was the times like these he wondered why he had been so hardheaded..wondered why he had given her up.
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Cori looked at Travis and shrugged slightly. [b "Bye Momma, Bye Daddy! We'll see y'all in a few days."] she said as she handed her suitcase to Travis. [b "Thank ya sweet--"] She caught herself before she called him sweatheart in front of her parents. They'd never make it to Idaho if her parents had heard her say that, specifally her Mother. She walked up to the front of the Jeep and hopped into the passenger seat. Travis had opened the door for her. It was the little things, it really was. She caught herself falling for him even deeper all the time.

She buckled up and smiled once Travis was in the driver seat. [b "It's okay honey. I'm sure your Momma asked just as many questions as mine. It was THAT bad, but Momma just didn't understand why I thought it was so important that I attended your graduation."] she explained.
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[b [i 'I missed you too..']] He mouthed but made sure she happened to be in the view of her parenrs so they would not see his own mouthed response. He hated them being like that and hiding it, but what could they do? For the time being they wanted and needed for no one to know. They were still exploring the dynamics of their newly restored relationship and didn't want anyone else hurt along the way.

The man took the suitcase from her and put it in the back with his own. He once more gave her parents a wave and opened Cori's door for her. There was nothing odd about that. Besides he had always been polite as it was. His mama would have beat him black and blue of not.

[b "I'm sorry for being late. My mama decided today was a good day for the third degree and questions. Please tell me you didn't have to endure many yourself?"] He asked when he was finally in the driver's seat and pulling away from her house and starting them on their way.
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She sat on the front porch as her Momma continuesly asked questions. She loved that woman more than anything in this word, but boy was she a nosey woman. It was a small town, she was simply used to knowing everything. [b "Momma, Travis was at my high school graduation, and I was at his.. We weren't even speaking when I graduated College.. I just feel like I shouldn't miss his. I mean, I have my best friend back, Momma.. I'm proud of him."] she explained.

Her head snapped up as she heard someone driving toward their little house on the gravel drive way. [b "I love you, Momma."] she said as she stood up to hug the woman. [b "Daddy, I'll see you in a few days. Love you."] she grabbed her suitcase and purse before heading down the steps of the front porch. [b "Good Mornin'"] she said when Travis was out of the Jeep. She grinned as her back was facing him, so her parents couldn't see. [I "I missed you"] she mouthed. [b "We're late.. We better get on the road."]
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"You're aure that you have everything there, Travis? And you never did tell me how or why you wanted Cori coming so bad. Though it does my heart good to see the two of you back to being good friends." Mrs.Chamberlin had been saying. Though quite honestly the words almost lost on Travis. The most he had caught was him and Cori being back to being good friends. Oh if only his mama knew. [b "She's a good friend and like family ma.. So I figured things would be right without her there. Besides didn't you just last week say that I should ask her to join us for this?"] He was completely trying to dodge the trap his mother was trying to lock him in. She had been TRYING to make him tell her the truth. But for now he couldn't. This had to stay between him and Cori for now.

The night his cousin had found out about them, Travis had gone late that night with Misty and she sneaked out to join him just like they had become accustomed to doing again. The ride to the pond had been mostly silent and just enjoying the alone time they had since they didn't get much. And it was nice to have her riding in front of him and leaned back as his arms were around her. Most his thoughts had been focused on where this could be going, when telling their families would be a good idea and just the likes. The whole secrecy thing had been Cori's idea but he knew they both hated it. They just didn't want anyone hurt.

[b "I'll see you there ma."] The man said as he had his suitcase and kissed the woman's cheek. After, Travis exited the house and drove to Cori's to get her as they had planned. And when he pulled up he was quick to get out and help her with her own suitcase, only offering a quick greeting to her mother and father as they were running a little later than was planned.
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A week later, It was a thursday morning. Bright and early. She was on her front porch waiting for Travis to come pick her up. His graduation was tomorrow afternoon. She was so excited. Her Mother kept asking why she was going to his graduation, in which she would always say, [b "It's what friends do. And I'm just so proud of him, Ma."] She really didn't know what else to say without telling their secret.

The night that John found out about her relationship with Travis; Travis rode Misty over to her house, she snuck out and they went for a ride. It was nice to have some alone time. They didn't talk much on the way to the pond, she was sitting in front of him, like always, and was leaned back against his chest. She could hear his heartbeat and she loved it. She told Travis once again how she hated sneaking around and lying to their parents, even though it was mainly her idea to keep them a secret.. Maybe they could tell them when they got back from Idaho. It was officially summer, which meant Cori had about a month and a half before she went back to Seattle, and she was already worrying about what would happen to their relationship.. Would it strain it? Ruin it even?
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[#81e66b "Relax there Cori I learned after the last time not to touch your food. That punch to arm you gave was a pretty mean one. Almost enough to rival what Trav can do."] The man said with a chuckle as he pushed the bag of sandwiches their way. His eyes did however stay on the pair and he wondered if Travis would speak up.

[b "Mama asked me to fix some of the old fencing out on the farm and John was helping me. And then he saw my reaction to the text you had sent.. So we have been doing what was asked and he had been asking me all sorts of questions. Though I'd be careful there Cor.. He's itching to begin asking you questions now too."] Travis said as he moved to get glasses for them and poured each of them some of the sweet tea that Cori had set on the table.

[#81e66b "Well I didn't know y'all were back together. So we're even there. What made the two of you decide to try this again?"] He asked as he took a bite from one of the sandwiches.

Travis sighed and shook his head. Straight in as always. [b "Sorry but as you can see he's not much changed."]
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She looked at Travis' with the biggest grin on her face. [b "Mrs Chamberlin knows that I don't mess around when it comes to my food. She won't say anything."] she explained [b "Okay. She'll probably laugh and tell me that violence doesn't solve anything, and then it'll be over."]

She followed behind Travis as he headed into the house, holding her hand. She could see that he was thinking, and she didn't want to interupt. [b "Better not have ate my sandwich, John!"] she said as she set the gallon of sweet tea on the kitchen table. [b "So what have y'all been doing today?"]

She glanced up at Travis as she slugged her button up off and hung it on the coat rack. [b Well. I wasn't planning on you being here to interrupt so I had to get a few minutes of alone time with my boyfriend end."]
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[b "I won't stop ya in giving him a black eye. He'd deserve it if he eats your sandwhich. Though we'll just have to tell my mama what he did this time."] The man said, chuckling. It really did amuse him that Cori had threatened that considering he knew that MOST the time she didn't have a violent bone in her body.

And after her spoken words did Travis gently tug her into the house with him. He knew that for a little while they would have to endure his nosy cousin and all the questions that would be coming their way. But he also knew that that night he intended to sneak out and take her out on Misty again. He found he enjoyed those nights and the true quiet alone time they got to spend together.

[#81e66b "Took the two of you love birds long enough. Was gettin' hungry and almost ate the sandwhiches on my own."] John said, chuckling when the two came in. Oh he was going to be asking them TONS of questions. Cori said not to tell but she didn't say he could not ask.
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Cori smiled when Travis chuckled. No doubt that he had caught wind of her hidden saying. She'd never forget the day that John sulked back into Mrs. Chamberlins kitchen with a black eye and apolgized to her, with Travis right behind him. Poor Mrs. Chamberlin didn't know what to do. She never condoned violence, but she was also proud of Travis for sticking up for his girl all at the same time.

Her eyes fluttered as she listened to him speak of the road trip. [b "I cannot wait to see you walk across that stage. I'm just so darn proud of you, Travis.."] she said. [b "But yes. Not having to hide for at least a few days will be amazin'."]

She couldn't help but blush as she felt Travis' lift her hand to his lips. It sent shivers down her spine. She loved it when he did that. [b "If he eats my sandwich, he'll not only have gotten a black eye from you, but now from me as well. I'm hungry."] she said, grinning.
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A chuckle slipped the man's lips at her explanation of why his cousin actually listened. But she did have a point. The last time John had upset Cori was their junior year of high school and his first year of college. He had teased the girl and made her cry which in turn earned him a bruised shoulder and black eye from Travis. Now being older and stronger, the man could do way more damage if it came to it. Though most the time his nature was more easy going and he didn't like to hurt people.

[b "The road trip and alone time will be nice. Lord knows this is drivin' me crazy. At least then we won't have to hide."] He whispered, hands on her hips and lips still pressed to hers. God he didn't want to let go but knew he had to.

He sighed as he did pull back just enough so he could look into her eyes. [b "I know, darlin'. But like you said.. right now the time still doesn't feel right. But we will soon."] And with that, his hand moved once more to take hers and brought it to his lips. [b "Maybe we really should get inside. John's already at the table and we both know he will eat it all if we're not careful."] Yup he was trying to lighten things and see that beautiful smile he loved
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Cori couldn't help but smirk as John walked into the house carrying one of the bags with food in it. [b "We need to get in there or he is going to eat all the sandwiches."] she said. She nodded when she heard Travis' statement about John. [b "Eh.. I think it's partially because he's afraid of me, mixed with a little he's wrapped around my finger, AND that he's afraid of what you would do if he upset me that bad."] she explained.

She couldn't help but blush as she felt herself being pulled closer to Travis. [b "Mhm. I can't wait for our road trip. At least we'll have a little bit of privacy."] she said. She grinned against his lips. After the kiss, she wrapped her arms around Travis' neck and just stood there, against him. She didn't want to let go. She sighed before speaking. [b "We need to tell everyone, y'know? It's just going to get harder, keeping all this a secret."]
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It was funny to Travis how easily Cori seemed to get John to listen to her. He had been trying for an HOUR and his cousin had been giving him grief the whole time. But then, the young woman had ALWAYS been able to get his cousin to listen or at least get him to promise to keep his mouth shut. Should that have him worried? Maybe a little but he didn't and was just glad she did manage it.

[b "You know you still got it when it comes to him."] Travis said, the smile growing even wider as he saw the smile on her face. What could he say? She had an amazing smile and it was contagious.

Her next words made him chuckle and he pulled her close to him, kissing her. Since his cousin knew, there was no harm or foul. [b "Yes, ma'am..and I've missed you too."] He whispered against her lips before he pulled back and once more smiled to her.
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