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As soon as her arm draped into his, Travis drew her closer. Here they didn't have to be afraid of letting anyone know what they were. They didn't have to hide. Hell he wanted it known that he and Cori were together.

[b "You know, we might neet a few of them. I'm not exactly sure. But yeah it is a place popular among the college students. I think the have special little dance nights, singing competions and stuff three times a week."] Travis said with a chuckle as they walked.

But he did fall silent as he was thoughtful too. Her reminding him what a hot spot it was made him hope to hell Veronica wouldn't be there. She had been the girl he had tried to date after Cori. And she had been..well he just hoped she wouldn't be.

When they got there, Travis held the door open for her. [b "After you."]
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Cori smiled softly as she looked up at him. He had been watching her then. Her eyes sparkled slightly. [b "You're so sweet."]

She nodded as he spoke after what she had told him, about following him anywhere. [b "You wouldn't be making me do anything that I don't already want to do, love."] she said softly. [b "You're right... We will figure it out... Together."]

She looked down when he offered her his arm and she grinned. [b "A fun night out is just what we need."] she said as she wrapped her arm through his own. [b "Do you think we will be running into any of your friends tonight? The way you spoke, I kind of figured that this bar is the happening place for students?"]
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He had not wanted her to hear her because he had wanted to take those moments to admire and to appreciate her. And when she glanced up and his words and said she didn't hear him, Trav chuckled and nodded. [b "Didn't want you to because I wanted to admire you, darlin'."] The man said and then shook his head. [b "Thank ya. But you are the one who look amazing in anything she wears."] God he had missed her and this. Why the hell had he been so stupid and stubborn those years back?

And he gave her a nod about being ready to go when she asked. But she began with her words and he couldn't help the tears from stinging his eyes. Yup, he was definitely fighting for her this time and never ketting go. [b "I'm not going to make you move. And I would go anywhere with you. We will figure it out, Cors."]

She was the only thing he was sure he wanted and would ever need. And when she looked up at him with that soft smile, Travis gently kissed her. [b "Enough of the heavy. Lets go and have a fun time."] He whispered and offered his arm. The bar/steakhouse he had told her about wasn't that far and it was a nice evening.
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Cori glanced up when she heard Travis' voice. [b "I didn't even hear you!"] she said as she stood up with a grin. [b "Thank you sweetheart. You look so handsome... Though you look good in just about anything."] she told him with a twinkle in her eyes. [b "You ready to head out?"] She grabbed her purse and slung it over her shoulder.

[b "Before we go.. Can I say something?"] she asked. [b "I meant what I said eariler. I will follow you wherever you go, Travis. I love my school, but there are first graders that need teaching every where.. It's easier for me to find a postion than you finding a law firm that would benefit you."] she said. [b "I will go wherever you want to go. I'm not running anymore. You are all that I will EVER need."]

She looked up at him, smiling softly. [b "Okay... Enough with the heavy."] she spoke softly [b "Lets go out?"]
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Even he couldn't help the sting of tears to his own eyes at her words. He wasn't one to cry much and so the tears didn't fall, just had a sparkle to his eyes that normally wasn't there. And from her wirds, Travis knew she meant them. Both of them were determined to not let what they had die this time around.

[b "I was about to ask if you were seriously. Even if you were it wouldn't have bothered me."] The man said with a chuckle as he kissed her cheek.

Travis was always quick with showers. Maybe ten minutes later he came out wearing black slacks and a blue button up with his favourite cowboy boots. As he stood in the doorway if the bathroom and watched her, the man smiled. [b "Lookin' as beautiful as ever darlin'."]
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Cori couldn't help but tear up a little bit when she heard Travis' answer about what they would do next. She simply nodded. [b "I have my teaching postion in Seatlle... But Travis. I'll follow you anywhere this time. I mean that."] she said softly. [b "I'm not giving up on us this go around."]

She chuckled when he told her not to take too long. [b "Sweetheart. I haven't changed in that department."] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "Just kidding. I've got this down to a breeze down."]

After her own shower, she got ready while Travis was taking his turn. She had the thought that they might run into some of Travis' friends down here, since he seemed like he knew the bar/restaurant well.. So she wanted to make a good first impression. They didn't have to hide down here, not yet. So she could be introduced as what she was... Travis' Girlfriend. She took extra time with her makeup, as her hair was naturally curly, so she would just have to add a few with her wand.

[ makeup]
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[b "I was thinkin' to do anything you wanted to do, darlin'. After geaduation starts the rest of our lives...And hopefully that's together. I meant what I said about wanting to try us again and wanting it to work this time."] The man said quietly. Those words right there should have told her that he wanted this second chance. And that this time he hoped it would be working out and NOT like the first time around. Even with things seeming good with them, Travis still hosted some fear in the back of his mind.

[b "Then we'll go there, darlin'. They are always open and always willing to let couples have a fun night."] He said, chuckling as she seemed so excited. And because of her being so excited, so was he. She had a way to just make everything better. [b "Fine, but don't take too long. I still need one too."] He teased as he watched her go for her shower.

And as she was in the shower, Rravis was at least finding the clothing he would change into for the night. He was both excited and jittery for the night. This would be their first real date in years. Nothing could ruin it, right?
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Cori smiled softly as she listened to him. [b "What's the plan for after graduation?"] she asked. [b "Will we just go back to White Peak?"] She was so thankful that she and Travis had been given this second chance with their love story, and she was very excited to see where life would take them. But a small part of her was still terrified that it would just turn out like last time. She didn't think it would ever go away.

She looked at Travis as he told her about a steakhouse that had a club bar built into it. [b "That's sounds amazing actually..... I call first dibs on the shower!"] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek before she grabbed her things that she would need.

It had been such a long time since she an Travis had went on an actual date... Back in high school? It had to be. She was giddy with excitement, but she had butterflies in her stomach as well.

[ outfit]
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[b "Think we both miss those day, Cori. But we have the chance now to make new memories and to have new adventures."] Those words were thoughtful as they had been spoken. But they had been totally meant. He was looking at this as a chance for them to start again and to have a second chance.

The next few days would belong to them and them alone. There would be no friends and family to worry about. No classes for him since graduation was JUST around the corner. It would just be her and him and the freedom to do what they wanted. [b "It means a lot to hear you say that. But so much more that you will be there. Wouldn't want to share the moment with anyone but you, darlin'.."] The man said as his eyes met hers

Then she mentioned the dancing and asked about a small country club. Truth be told when he first got here, Travus had spent every weekend there. [b "I know of a place. It serves as both a steak house and a dance club/bar. Would you like to kill two birds with one stone?"] He asked as his head tilted.
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Cori just grinned as she looked at Travis. [b "My Momma was waiting on me on the front porch when I finally went home the next day. She wanted to know every detail, and then my Daddy gave me the earful."] she said. [b "I miss those days, Travis. Things were a lot easier back then... Much simplier it seems."]

She was so excited to have the next few days with just Travis. They didn't have to worry about anything or anyone except themselves. [b "I'm so proud of you. I just want you to know that. You've had to face so much, and yet in a few days, you're graduating from Law School.."]

She pulled away from him long enough to turn so she was facing him. [b "Dinner... And then can we go dancing? There has to be a little country bar around here somewhere, right?"] she asked [b "I really want to go dancin' Travis."]
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Okay so maybe she wasn't better in her direction sense than he was. Travis had known back then where they were going but didn't speak up. He had wanted the time with her and the adventure. [b "Mama didn't want me upstairs that night. But when she and dad were asleep I did sneak back up to be with you. Also got an earful from my mama when you went home too."] The man said with a chuckle. He did always love their fonder nemories like times they had gotten lost.

His arms only tightened around her as she shivered. [b "Tellin' the truth, ma'am. No sweet talkin' here."] He whispered, breath once more going over her ear. The man was doing this on purpose. [b "So am I. Means we're free to be us without having to think of covers."]

Travis was nervous but at the same time excited. He was thinking of all this as a new start for them. [b "I believe I owe you that dinner?"] He asked as he had FINALLY let her go.
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Cori grinned when she heard Travis say that she was a better navigator. [b "Is now a bad time to reminise on that time that your daddy sent us down to White Creek but we ended up in Haven? Six hours from home."] she said with a small grin. [b "We were dead tired by the end of that night, your momma wouldn't let me drive home. You had to sleep on the couch... Thought I think I remember that you snuck upstairs?"]

She shivered slightly when she felt his arms wrap around her waist, his breath on her ear. [b "Aren't you just a sweet talker?"] she asked. [b "I'm so glad that we finally have some alone time... We don't have to worry about anyone catching us here."]

It partially made her nervous, knowing that for the next few days she and Travis would be sharing a bed... but they were adults now. It would be fine.
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Travis had always thought teaching would be the better career for her. She had always been quite the charmer with children and they looked up to her. A magic she had about her. And he had told her so many times back in high school. But he doubted she remembered it.

[b "Nah I've got it. Besides you're the better navigater and will be able to find the room better."] He teased with a chuckle, but did not relinquish her bag. And when she began down the hall and found their door, a smile was on his lips. It was ALMOST like old times.

Slowly he followed her into the room and kicked the door shut behind him as he set both their bags on the floor by the dresser. It really was a cute room. Simple with the red drapes and the green floral quilts on the king sized bed. But it was fitting. There were even paintings on the light peach walls to try and liven the place up. [b "Cute, but not as cute as you."] Travis said as he soon was behind her with his arms about her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.
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[b "Teaching was my calling though. I'm so thankful and blessed to be apart of my student's lives... I can make a difference with them."] she explained. She blushed when she felt his lips on her forehead. [b "I'm blessed to have you in my life again.."]

She giggled slightly when he said he hadn't told his Mother about this hotel. [b "Well that's good. We don't have to worry about anyone catching us being all lovey dovey here."] she said. She took the key from him and slung her purse over her shoulder. [b "Honey, I can take my bag. You don't have to carry it."] she said as she looked at the sign, figuring out which way their room was.

[b "Here we are!"] she said as seen their room number on a door. She unlocked the door and headed in. [b "Look how cute and quaint this is!"] she said.
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[b "I remember you once said you had been caught between your two passions.. Teachin' and being a florist. But I'm glad teaching happened to win. I bet you're amazin' at what you do."] He whispered as he kissed her forehead and soon walked into the hotel with her, his hand gently taking hers. He had as he said chosen this one as it gave off a homey feel and was a cute little place.

It has bot taken long to check them in and for him to walk with her down a hallway with flowers in vases and paintings upon the wall of all sorts of natural settings. [b "You know I didn't tell my mama about this place. Figured it would be nice for us to be here by ourselves. But I did tell 'em about another hotel that was close to campus."] He said with a chuckle as he handed her the key to their room
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