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Cori grinned as pulled up and seen Travis waiting on her. [b “Hi babe! I hope you haven’t been waiting on me long!”] she said. She grinned when he kissed her cheek and she simply nodded. [b “Yes please. You’re way more familiar with this place than I am.”] she admitted.

She traded places with him and then went on to explain how her day was. [b “It was fun! I went to the mall, found a few new outfits for us both and then I went and got my nails done.”] she said [b “I had a few hours to waste.”]

Once they got back to the hotel, she pulled out her dress from the bags. [b “I think this is what I’m going to wear to your ceremony, and then I found a soft pink button up that matches... I think it would look so good with your khakis and boots.”]

[ dress]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 247d 14h 32m 12s
When he saw the repsonse back to hia pink comment, Travis chuckled and shook his head. He knew her and he knew she was thinking pink. But he would humour her with it. After all, the last time he worse something she wanted waa high school. This couldn't really be THAT bad, right?

He was standing with a couple of the other guys when Cori's next text came. And he smiled, telling them 'good-bye' and then went to meet Cori. [b "Hey darlin'. Did you have a good day?"] He asked as got into the Jeep.

The man kissed her cheek. [b "Want to switch out? I know you hate the driving around here."]
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 247d 15h 30m 36s
Cori grinned as she looked down at her phone. Of course he wouldn’t want to wear pink, but it would match her dress so perfectly! [i “Okay. Well. Just keep an open mind when I show you what I bought today!”] she quickly replied before she got out of the parking lot [i “I love you babe.”]

It wasn’t a long drive back to Travis’ campus, but there was a bunch of one way streets, which just made her nervous. And if she was being honest, she hadn’t really drove a lot since she had been back in Montana, because Travis was always coming to get her, or riding over on his horse like in high school. If someone could be out of practice with driving, she was it.

[i “I’m outside where I dropped you off!”] she texted Travis when she was on Canpus.
  BooBear96 / 247d 16h 46m 35s
The man was more than happy for the next few days. They mwant being on the move and making it more possible to forget Veronica and her antics. He was glad Cors didn't ask anything either. He was hers and she had nothing to worry about. Though he would admit he also hated the few days as well. Practice for the ceremony was long and often kept him away from Cori. But at least she seemed to be having fun

[b [i 'You know pink isn't for me. But if you have something in mind, then I'm all ears for it baby girl. Besides I don't have a clue what I am even going to wear. So want to save me?']] He texted. And he meant it too. He had NO idea and she was the more fashionable of the pair.

[b [i 'I love you and see you soon.']] Travis added after.

As excited as he was for the next day, Trav was still nervous as hell
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 247d 18h 55m 45s
The next for days were quite a wirlwind. Travis had graduation ceremony practice, a few times actually. Law School Graduations turned out to be a lot different than her own University ceremony. Two different schools though, is what she told herself.

They hadn't really spoke about that night anymore. She was still curious just as to why Verionica would think that she still had some hold on Travis, but she tried her to best to shake it out of her head. Travis was her's now, and nothing was going to change that.

While he was off with practice, she had the keys to the Jeep, so she went exploring. Well, shopping. She found a few outfits for her, and some for Travis. She had hoped that he had no clue what he would be wearing to his graduation ceremony yet. She had found a shirt that would match her dress! [i "You're not against wearing pink are you?"] she texted him as she was walking back out to the jeep. [i "Oh. And I'm on my way!"]

His Graduation ceremony was the next day, and she was so excited for him!
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He didn't know what he was expecting. But truth be told, Cori as always happened to surprise him. She was calm about it and even understood. [b "Wasn't silly darkin'.. I led you into that. Should have told you about her before this happened. So for that.. I'm sorry."] Travos said quietly. And he really was.

The moment her head was on his shoulder, the man visibly relaxed. Only she could calm him down in such a way. And gently, Travis' heas rested on hers. [b "I love you too, Cori."] He whispered, his hand moving into hers.

Not long after they sat, a waitress had come over with menus and asked what she could get them to drink
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 249d 23h 45m 41s
Cori smiled softly as Travis slide into the booth beside her. [b "You okay?"] she asked. She could sense that he was a little over the edge right now. [b "Whatever that was... Don't worry about it. She's obviously just pissed because you brought me here, instead of coming here to meet up with her."]

She nodded as she listened to Travis finally speak about the redhead. [b "Travis, it's really okay. It was stupid of me to think that there hadn't been anyone else since me. Travis."] she told him [b "It's really okay.."]

She smiled weakly and scooted closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder. [b "I love you."]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 250d 47m 43s
Usually he was so much better about his mouth and the cursing. But he had not taken lightly to Veronica and her going for Cori like that. When it came to Cori, Travis wasn't also the most controlled in temper. But that was only because he cared about her. He had not lied when he said she was his home and the only an he had ever really wanted and would want.

When they got to the booth and she pat the seat beside her, the man sighed and took it. It took him a moment to calm enough to get his thoughts together. A moment to figure out what exactly to tell Cori. God did he hope to hell she wouldn't be hating him.

[b "That was Veronica. A girl I dated when I moved here. She..for lack of better words was my rebound when we broke up. And to make this clear I never slept with her. She was just saying that to get to you. And the cursing like that.. I'm sorry, darlin'...but she came at you and when it comes to you I get protective. Always have."]
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 250d 44m 48s
Cori just glared at the red head as she spat out all this stuff about statistics and movies. [b “Oh so you live in a world where you base your life on movies? Sounds like you need to get out and get your own, and stay the hell out of ours.”] she said.

She bit her lip once more as the woman started going on and on about god sex. [b “Oh so that’s why you can’t keep a man? You aren’t good in bed! Maybe you should try a little harder darlin.”] She straightened up when’s a Travis started talking, when he defended her. She mostly definitely wasn’t that type of her, and if anyone knew that, it was Travis. [b “Bye, V!”] she said when Travis tugged her away. She looked up at Travis. She had no idea what just happened, but boy. Was she curious as hell. [b “I’ve never heard you curse like before..”]

She slid into the booth and patted the spot beside her, glancing up st Travis. [b “Come here.”] she muttered softly. [b “Travis.. what was that?”]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 250d 10h 42m 14s
Veronica was in shock as Cori said that she and Travis had dated in high school. She didn't even know anything really about his past. Just that he came here for college. "So he and you dated before and now are going to be moving in together. Good luck with that. Statistics say things like that don't always work and so does movies." The readhead said.

"For the record honey, I'm not easy. Only when I want the man do I let them have it. Keeps them wanting and keeps them with you. If you didn't put out, no wonder he didn't stay. Men usually want two things, one of which is good sex. Maybe you can learn something." Veronica said with a smirk and then looked up at Travis. She wanted the man to have her back.

[b "First off I'm not the man you think I am. And Cori sure as hell isn't the girl you think she is. She was and is my first love. This time I mean to keep her. So fuck the movies and the statistics. Second I respect her a hell of a lot for not putting it out there. That was one problem you and I had. So I thank god we didn't work."] He muttered, his arm tightening in Cori.

His look to her was one that was so broken. He needed her to know that this was NOT him. That she was who and what she wanted. He then looked to Veronica and gave a bow of his head. [b "Thanks, but I came to enjoy a night with my girl. So goin' to have to pass."] And with that, Travis gently tugged Cori with him and to an empty booth. He had a hell of a lot to explain. After that he owed it to her.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 250d 14h 20m 39s
Cori smiled at the woman. She could kill her with the country charm and she probably wouldn’t even know what hit her. She looked at Travis, a hint of pain in her green eyes. [b “Yes Ma’am. That’s right.”] she simply said.

Her body stiffened when the woman said she must be a good piece of ass. She smirked slightly. [b “Well maybe he just likes that he was to work for it. You know, we all can’t be easy like you.”] She glanced up at Travis once more as she bit her lip. [b “I’m think I’m something special. After all. Travis is moving in with me after Graduation, I guess our story isn’t going to end in High School.”] she could see the surprise wash upon the redheads face. [b “Like yours ended in College.”]

[b “Travis and I dated all through high school.”] she said once and for all. She heard the one say the old booth was open, and she simply laughed. [b “Darlin, If you think you’re going to be sitting with us, you have another thing coming.”] Her body shivered slightly when she felt Travis”’ arm tighten around her body.

She glanced to up at Travis, silently praying that he would have her back.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 250d 14h 29m 19s
Travis cursed under his breath. This was EXACTLY what he had been afraid of. But before he could even speak, Cori had wrappes her arm around his waist and her hand was on his chest. He could tell this wouldn't be good.

Piercing blue gaze went over the blonde and she smirked faintly. "Oh girlfriend, is that right? Well I'll let you in on a little secret. He's not dated anyone since me. So for him to date you, must be something special. Or give good sex." Veronica said, flipping her hair over her shoulder.

The woman KNEW that Travis wasn't the type to go for a piece of ass. But she was trying to keep this Cori girl away from HER man. They may not have been dating anymore but she still called claim to him.

"The booth with our old friends is still open. Why not come aot and bring your little toy with you? I'm sure the guys would just love her."

Travis there unfroze and his arm was around Cori. [b "Veronica enough."] He muttered and glanced nervously to Cori. God he hoped to hell she didn't take Veronica's words to heart. Cori was the ONLY girl for him. Everything he said back in the hotel he had absolutely meant. Now she would just have to trust him
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[b “Well I hope I get to meet them before we leave after the ceremony!”] she said. [b “I understand. My sorority was crazy with ages.”] She looked around trying to find an open table, or even a booth. A booth would give them more privacy.

Her curiosity struck when Travis said he was hoping they didn’t run into someone, because he didn’t want her to meet said person. Why wouldn’t he want her to meet a friend? Maybe it was a weird not so good friend.

She stepped back after almost being knocked down by a redhead that had on too much eyeshadow, trying to get to Travis. [b “Wait. What... Trav??”] she muttered. She glanced at Travis and then back to the redhead. She stepped closer to Travis and rested one arm around his waist, and the other on his chest. [b “I’m Cori. His girlfriend.”]
  Madison / BooBear96 / 250d 17h 15m 17s
[b "A couple of us are graduating in the same ceremony but some have a couple more semesters to go. The group ranges a bit in our ages but it's kind of fun when not all being children. And no..I never got up to sing. You were my partner or always there. So without you I kinda gave up on it."] He admitted being called out of his thoughts.

[b "Yeah, darlin'. I'm good but a little worried we'll be runnin' into someone here rhat I don't want you to meet."] Travis muttered as he had.opened the door for her and smiled when she thanked him and walked in.

It was when he entered behind her did Trav stiffen. For a redhead with bright blue eyes came running over and hugged him. "Trav!" She squealed and then pulled back to look at Cori. "Oh who's this?" The young woman, Veronica asked as her arms crossed. She and Travis weren't a thing but she still liked to act like she has claim on him.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 250d 17h 59m 19s
The woman couldnt help but smile as she felt Travis pull her closer to him. They didn't have to hide here, they could be however they wanted to be... They could be in love.

[b "That's kind of exciting. Back in High School, we had the same friend group.. I'm interested to see what kind of friends you have now. Are they all graduating in a few days too?"] she asked. [b "Did you ever get up and sing?"] She had flashbacks of them singing when they were just driving around. She noticed her had gone quiet after that. [b "Sweetie, are you alright?"] she asked.

She looked up when he held the door open. [b "Thank you."] she said as she walked inside. This was definielty a happening place.
  Madison / BooBear96 / 252d 22h 24m 49s

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