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Mrs.Chamberlin and Cori's mother were both looking at the yoing woman as she spoke. She seemed a little nervous and like she was emphasizing that she and Travis were just friends and things had gone back to how they used to be. Why would she be so adament there?

"Cori is there something that you want to tell is?" Her own momma asked. She figired she might as well ask as it was her daughter. And both women's curiosity only got worse when the young woman seemed to fall silent and "bite her tongue". It was known she was only ever like that when she was trying to keep something.

Soon the Dean of Law was on stage. He was saying how proud they all were of these "young men and women" they all were. How they had all worked hard for where they were now. And soon, the graduates were stood and name by name they were called to walk.
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Cori smiled softly as she heard Mrs. Chamberlins voice. [b “He’s watching down on both of you.”] she said soflty. [b “This week has been fun. It was kind of like high school, hanging out and all that. As friends! Like we were before we started dating, before everything go so complicated.”] she sad truthfully. [b “I think I forgot how much j enjoyed his company. As friends.”] she repeated. She didn’t want them to get the wrong idea just yet. She couldn’t face them on her own.

She held her tongue after that, she didn’t want to say anything else. There was no way she was going to blurt out that she and Travis were in a relationship again. Not by herself.

She looked up when the Dean Of Law walked on the stage and started speaking. She was so excited.
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Travis was in his mind reliving the bad times of the year. All the hard times, but particularly his dad's passing. His father had been his best friend besides Cori and his momma. And he missed the laughs and the advice given to him. Only was it Cors voice to call him from those thoughts. To call him back to reality and to the present. [b "I know they have for years. So they definitely will be in higher spirits."] He said with a small smile.

Her next words hit hard. Harder than she knew but they helped. [b "I know you are darlin'. Just I'm still not ready. When I am you'll be the first to know... And I know he is..always wanted me to get here..and now I am."] He whispered as he gave her a quick hug before she left him.

Mrs.Chamberlin's hand gave Cori's a small squeeze. "I..could be better. But I am so, so proud of Travis. I just wish his daddy could have been here and to see this. I know he is smiling down and watching though." The woman said, eyes sparkling with tears. Her free had came up to wipe the stray few away. "What about you sweetie? How have you been doing?" She was changing it to Cori on purpose
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Cori’s heart hurt as she could see that Travis was remembering all the bass times of this year, possibly even reliving. [b “It will make her and everyone happy. You know our Mommas have been trying to get us back together for years”] she said softly [b “You know I’m here for whenever you want to talk, Travis... You really haven’t spoken about him since the funeral... I know he’s looking down at you smiling.. He would be so proud proud of you... And yes. Anything YOU want.”]

She was so excited to see Travis walk across the stage, but she was so nervous about being nestled in between her momma and Mrs Chamberlin. [b “I think Travis is upset that his Dad isn’t here... I really didn’t know what to tell him, Momma.”] she whispered. She reached over and took Mrs. Chamberlins hand in her own. [b “How are you?”]
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Cori was right. Their families would be pretty hurt and upset if they found out from someone other than them or on their own. They were already slipping up at it was. [b "We'll tell them when we get back. You're right we've tried to keep them in the dark long enough. Especially my momma.."] He said quietly, almost sadly.

[b "I love you too. And any desserts we want?"] He asked her with a smile as her arms were around him in a hug and she had kissed his cheek. The man really did with that he could hold her longer but he did have to get going. Cori was more aware than he was and had given him the gentle push. [b "I love you...and good luck with our mommas."] Travis muttered before she left him and he went into the line.

Mrs.Chamberlin had purposely saved the spot between her and Cori's mother. She wanted to see if she could get more out of the girl. Just their words of the matching and how close they seemed didn't add up.
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Cori looked at Travis when they walked to everyone in line, or everyone that was lining up. [b “When we go home... We have to tell them. It’s getting too tied up, and their going to find out from someone other than us, or they will find out on their own, and that’s just gonna hurt them, Travis... Especially your momma.”]

She smiled softly as she noticed Travis was leaning his face closer to hers. [b “I love you so much.”] she said softly [b “I’m so proud of you.] She wrapped her arms around the man and pulled him into a hug. [b “After dinner tonight... I’m taking you out for dessert. My treat, to celebrate you.”] She planted a kiss on his cheek before gently pushing him back. [b “Go get in line honey. I’m gonna go find our families.”]

She turned around and made her way back to find their families. It didn’t take long, and they had indeed saved her a seat, right between her mother, and Mrs. Chamberlin. [b “Oh boy.”] she muttered.
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The two of them were pushed together for quite a few pictures and each seemed closer and closer to making them look like a couple. And the man almost wondered if his momma was doing it on purpose. [b "No we really won't be. I think they're getting more and more suspicious of us. And don't worry darlin'. I like that you have us matching like this. Keeps things interesting."] He whispered with a smile.

They were taking one final picture and his momma was pouting because she wanted more. But it was getting closer and closer to the ceremony and he had to be lined up. His arm was in Cori's and he smiled to her as they slipped into the crowd of graduates. And before getting to the line, Travis stopped and pulled her into a gentle kiss. [b "I love you, Cors. And after this I am all yours."] He whispered, his forehead against hers.
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Cori just chuckled as Travis explained why the were supposedly matching today. [b “I honestly didn’t notice until you pointed it out, Momma.”] she said again.

Of course, she and Travis were pushed together by his mother for pictures, though Cori wasn’t complaining. [b “You know we aren’t going to be able to pull this off for much longer. I wasn’t even thinking about them asking why we were matching... I’m sorry.”] she whispered. [b “I wasn’t thinking, Travis.”]

His mother was still wanting pictures, but Travis had to get lined up, and they needs to find seats so they could all sit together. [b “I’m going to walk Travis up to the line up. Save me a seat, Momma! I’ll be right back.”] she tucked her arm through Travis’ and pulled him away before their parents could say anything.
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Having to act as friends was hell. They had been free the last few days to be the couple that they were.. But now they had to hide that because their families didn't know. Well scratch that..everyone but his nosey cousin didn't know. And he smiled to their parents when they walked up.

[b "Mornin'."] The man said but froze at their mothers began over the matching. Seemed he and Cors didn't think that part of it out at all. [b "It's an easy colour and can be found easy. I mean you found us intstantly. The matching just kinda happened."] He lied with a shrug.

His mother and hers both gave them a look. But the time was running short and his momma WANTED the pictures. So she was herding them and posing them. Trav knew this wasn't over and he and Cori would be getting an earful later.
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[b “It’s definitely safe to say that I have gotten out of my routine of early morning since I’ve been back in Montana.”] she groaned as the alarm clock went off. [b “Why oh why do they schedule Graduations at Noon instead of at night like high school.”]

After Travis helped her down from the Jeep, she almost reached for his hand, but caught herself as she remembered that they were about to meet both of their parents. [b “Whoops.”] she muttered. [b “And now we act as friends.”] She waved when she seen their families.

[b “Hi Momma!”] she said [b “Mrs. Chamberlin.”] She looked up to Travis when their mothers immediately asked why they were matching.. She definitely did not think this through at all. [b “Mere coincidence.... I didn’t even notice! Did you, Travis?”]

Mrs. Chamberlin wasted no time in herding everyone together and posing them for pictures.
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The night before graduation, he and Cori opted for a night in. Pizza, movies, and cuddling. Perhaps many would call that "child's stuff"..but to him it was amazing. It made him feel right at home and everything was finally working out. They were where they were meant to be and he couldn't have been happier

In the morning, the man groaned when the alarm went off. It was godawful early but with his momma that was to be expected. She was a country girl through and through. Because he had been away for awhile, Trav forgot what it was to be up early. But then, he couldn't blame his momma either. At least not today. She wanted lots and lots of pictures, so she would get them. Besides, he wanted them for him and Cors too.

Soon, Travis was being helped with his tie and smiled. [b "I like hearing it Cors. From you it means the world. And thanks..but you are always beautiful."] He whispered as he kissed her.

It wasn't long before they were driving to the campus and he was helping her from the jeep and to find their families. When they did, both their mommas were looking at the way they were dressed with raised brows. "Matching?" They asked, clearly wanting to hear this one
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That night they really didn’t do anything, they ordered pizza, watched movies, and cuddled a lot. Everything seemed like it was finally falling into place with their relationship and lives, and she couldn’t have been more content.

The next day, they were up early getting ready for Travis’ Graduation ceremony. They were meeting his family on campus early, because of course his Momma wanted to take a bunch of pictures, but the girl wasn’t complaining. She was happy about it in fact, this was something to celebrate and she wanted pictures for memories!

[b “I know I’ve told you so much that you probably get tired of hearing it, but I’m so proud of you, Travis.”] she said as she helped fix his tie. [b “And you look so handsome if I have to say so myself.”]
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He was going to miss the alone time and their mini vacation too. The only up side to it was the ceremony was almost over and he was almost graduated. And when she had said something about them needing an excuse to leave again for another mini vacation, a small smirk came to his lips. [b "You know my cousin has that little cabin still. We could always say he needed our help in cleaning it up and fixing it up. Wouldn't be a full out lie because he is horrible with maintaining his property. But we'd also be able to stay there. Walk the trail or whatever we wanted."] His mind seemed to be racing through the idea and he hoped that maybe it would be okay with her.

Brown eyes went to the button up she held up. For being pink it didn't look THAT bad. So slowly he nodded. [b "But only cause I love you, darlin' and want to see that beautiful smile of yours."] He said and pulled her into a gentle kiss. What could he say? He was crazy about this woman and she had him pretty much putty in her hands.
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Cori smiled softly as she listened to him. [b “Well. Tomorrow is your ceremony, and then we’re going out to eat with everyone, and then we have two whole days, just me and you.”] she said [b “I’m kind of sad that our mini vacation is almost over.. I’ve really enjoyed it just being us.”] she told him. [b “Maybe we can take another mini trip before summer is over.. We just have to figure out an excuse to tell our parents.”]

[b “So will you wear the button up?”] she asked as she held it up and showed it to him once they were back in their hotel room. [b “Babe. You will look so handsome in this, with your khakis and those brown boots.”] she said.
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[b "Not long at all, darlin'. I pretty much just had five minutes and was talking to a couple of the guys before I happened to get your text."] He said with a chuckle when she nodded immediately to his offer of the switch. The man knew he was more used to it as he had come to school here and lived since after high school. It had been hell at first but he got used to it.

The two of them switched seats he listened to her tell him about her day. So much more fun and interesting than his and he envied that. [b "Wish I could have come with. I hate these ceremony practices and everything. Takes too much time away from you."] Travis muttered.

When they got back to their hotel room, Travis had her bags and she was pulling a dress out. [b "Looks beautiful."] He said with a smile and again made a face at the pink. Oh she would get him into it. But ONLY because he loved her
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