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Maybe he should have warned Cori first in what he was going to do and not just stood and cleared the throat. But he had learned the more time she had to think about something, the more nervous she was. And the news had been weighing on him all afternoon because he was the one who actually had to tell them. So he had figured that he might as well just go for it and get it over with.

Cori added her words after he had spoken his. And it was silent for a few moments as their parents stared at them and happened to be taking it in. Hell was he nervous, but at least it was out there. It wasn't like they coulen't be told NOT to be together because they were adults and could make their own decisions. The silence was just a killer because they had been SO worried all thie time what would be said. Worried how the news would be taken.

A smile soon came to both their mommas' lips and they squealed, getting up to hug both Cori and Travis. "That's great y'all. We had been HOPING the two of you would realise it." Of course it had been his momma to speak. But hey, at least they weren't mad.
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Cori just grinned as she listened to Travis comment back about how guys were always watching her. [b “Well. Once we announce that we’re back together, I highly doubt anything will look at me when I’m holding hands with you. Or at least I hope not.”] she said with a small laugh.

[b “I miss just being us in public.”] she said. She heard Travis sign when his mother called them over to help do something. [b “It’s okay. Just think here in a little bit, we won’t have time hide, no more sneaking off. We can just be us.”]

Cori was taking a bite of her hot dog when she realized Travis was standing up and then he cleared his throat. Her eyes went wide as she realized very quickly, what he was about to do. And boy was she so nervous now. She looked around at their parents faces when it finally set with what he had just said. [b “We realized very quickly that maybe Our story wasn’t over just yet.”]
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He chuckled when she mentioned the girls that always seemed to give their googley eyes when they were in public. [b "You know the guys are no better when it comes to you, darlin'. But god it'll be nice to actually be a couple and to not have to hide it. I miss being able to be public."] The man muttered before he kissed her.

His arms stayed around her and he couldn't help the chuckle that slipped from him when she had pulled away from their kiss. [b "Me either, baby girl. Me either."] He said and sighed when he heard his momma. She wanted their help with something and his hand had moved into hers.

[b "Yeah, I'll be the one to tell them. But gonna at least need you to be there with me. You know how they can 'bite..'] Travis teased as they went to help his momma.

A few hours later, everyone had their food and he, Cori, her parents and his momma were sitting around one of the multiple fire pits. [b "So, Cori and I wanted to tell y'all something.. We're back together and decided we wanted to give us another shot."] Quick and HOPEFULLY painless. Now all they had to do was see what happened next.
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Cori just grinned when Travis stopped what he was doing as soon as he seen her. Her anxiety had been acting up all day long, as she knew tonight their parents, and the entire town, would find out that they were back together again. She didn’t think their parents would be upset or anything, they would be excited, but then again, they might have something to say if they found out just exactly how long she and Travis had been sneaking around.

[b “I can’t wait to just be able to be us in public. You know, especially when we go out and I see all those little girls giving you the googly eyes.”] she said with a grin. Her arms were wrapped tightly around him. [b “They’re going to take it well, right?”]

She could’ve swooned when Travis kissed her. He still gave her butterflies every time they were together. [b “I can’t wait to be able to do that without worrying if anyone seen.”] She quickly pulled away when she heard Travis’ mother call for the two of them. [b “You’re going to be the one that actually tells them, right? Please?”]
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A week and a half since grduation and having been "caught" by Crri's father. The man had FINALLY let them off the hook. But only because he got the full story and their promise to tell their mommas when his family's annual summer get together. Both he and Corri said they would tell everyone at once.

Now here the big day was. Half the town had showed up, but not the one face he had been wanting to see. All morning he and his cousin had been helping his momma get things set and Cori's parents had gotten there by noon. Only when he heard the jeep did he stop what he had been doing and look to his girl with a smile.

Without thinking, Travis hugged her when she jogged up to him. [b "Yeah, ready if you are. Think it's 'bout time that we came clean. I'm tired of not being able to hold you in public."] He whispered and kissed her since it was only the two of them for that moment. But soon, his momma was calling him and Cori in to help get things put out back for the guests to start eating.
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It had been a week and a half weeks since they had gotten back from Travis’ graduation trip. They still hadn’t told their mothers that they were officially back together as a couple, which her Father had asked them both about, a few days after they’d gotten back. But they had plans to do it at the Chamberlin’s Summer Get Together! The summers were usually pretty chilly in their little hometown in Montana, so they always had a big bonfire and everyone in their little town came out.

She just grinned as she drove down the Chamberlin’s long driveway. It seemed like half the town was already here, including her parents. She looked toward the front porch, seeing Travis, who was waiting for her. She parked the Jeep and jogged up to Travis. [b “You ready?”]

[ outfit]
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Travis had told the man what had been in their heads when they had kept it from everyone. He even was more than willing to take the blame for them keeping it a secret. The man knew why her father had been upset with them. Hell, he might have even been himself. But it had to be known that the last thing on their minds had been to hurt anyone. They had just needed to know they would last before they let it out. If they didn't there was no need to have both their mommas and them hurt. This had been the safest option that they had had.

And again, Travis had moved back to Cori's side when she had decided to speak and to explain it had been both their choice. [b "We were only thinking of all of you, sir. Wanted to make sure it anyone was hurt it would only be us.."] He added quietly.

For a moment, the older man stayed silent as he took in the words that the two had spoken. Deep down, he knew that neither Travis or Cori would try and hurt them. But he was still hurt and upset that they had not told them either. And when he was able to find his words, Cor's father spoke. "I get it.. Just still wish the two of you would have said. To make up for this, y'all are telling your mommas." He muttered.
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Cori smiled weakly when she felt Travis’ give her hand a soft squeeze. They would be okay, in some way or form, they would be okay. She nodded after she had heard Travis’ words. [b “I know.”]

She kind of hung back as Travis was speaking to her father. Surely he had to know that they never wanted to hurt anyone with their being back together. Heck. Everyone had always wanted them to get back together, she could see why her Father was upset, but then again, things were okay with the two?

[b “We wanted to tell everyone, we just wanted to make sure that we were going to last, Daddy. Travis and I both came to the decision that our relationship needed to stay between us for a little while. We didn’t want our mommas to get their hopes up.. Please. Don’t be mad.”]
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His hand gave hers a squeeze. He knew Cori well enough to know she was freaking out and scared what her father might say. Hell, even he was afraid because this was the first they had both been on the man's shit list. [b "No matter what we're in this together.. Meant what I said about never letting you go again."] The man said quietly as he led her out to the parking lot and towards John Taylor's truck.

The look given to them was nearly the same as it had been in the diner. And his words almost wanted to become locked in his throat. But he said he would do this and he would.

[b "Sir... Cori and I never meant to hurt you or to make you find out this way. It had been my idea to not tell any of you. See we were just starting to get back together and testing the waters. We didn't want to have our mommas all excited and for this to end the same way as before. We had actually been meaning to tell y'all when we got home. So I am sorry.. Wanna be mad at mad at me."] The man said, his handing staying in Cori's and his eyes stayed locked on her father.
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Cori smiled softly and shook her head. [b "This isn't your fault. We're happy, we're happy together. That isn't something we're ever going to apologize for."] she said. Truth be told, she had no idea what her Father would say to Travis, or even if he would speak at all.

[b "Travis."] she mumbled. [b "No matter what he says.. We stay together."] She took his hand and stood up. Following Travis outside, she looked over at her Father. [b "Can we please talk?"] she asked.

She was freaking out on the inside, so she was going to let Travis take the lead on this converstation.. It was his idea anyway.

John sighed as he looked at Cori and Travis. [b "Say what you think needs said then."]
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Seeing that look in the man's eyes had hit something in him. It was the same his own father would give him when he really messed up himself. And knowing that he had gotten Cori in trouble with her father made him feel like shit. They had been meaning to tell their parents soon..but had wanted to see if things continued and they would be okay.

[b "Let me see if I can talk to him first. If I can't sort it out.. Then go with him and I'll see you tomorrow. I'm sorry baby girl that I got you into this."] He said quietly when he was able to unfreeze himself and give her the attention that she deserved.

Slowly he stood and had her hand in his. He wanted her with him so that way she knew exactly what happened.
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[b "Daddy.. I can explain."] she said softly. The feeling of her magical moment with Travis had been pushed to the back now. [b "We can explain."] She didn't even know where to begin, but she could see the hurt look in her Father's eyes.

John Taylor just shook his head as he looked at his only child. [i "I just want to know when you started keeping secrets from your Ma and I, young lady."] he muttered. He was hurt. Cori and him had a better relationship than this. He was always the first person that she shared anything with. [i "I think it's best that you get your things and go get in my truck. Travis can wait here for his vehcicle."] he said. He turned around and walked out of the diner.

The young women was frozen. She didn't know what to say. She had only seen that disapointed look in her Fathers eyes one, in her years. That was when the sheriff brought her home after her breakup with Travis. [b "He's so mad at me..."] she muttered as she turned to Travis. [b "Do I go with him? I don't know what to do..."]
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Well it was good to know that they had been on the same page. [b "Truth be told.. I wanted to get back in touch too. Just pride stopped and the fact it had been so long. Thought by now you would have moved on. "] He muttered quietly. This was the first time he could or would admit it.

Hell, even he struggled with the memories of that night. She had known what she wanted and he hadn't. Only knew he wanted to get out of their small town and wanted her to come with him. Cori of course hadn't been stubborn and not wanted to come with him. And they got into it. Said A LOT of stuff they didn't mean. It was like they had never loved at all. And everyday that bit him in the ass. He had been too stupid to realise back then that it would have never mattered. Just them being together was the best thing.

[b "Same here, darlin'. Same here."] And he did slowly deepen their kiss. It being like a light show and magical. But then that clearing of the throat came and ended the moment. Grudgingly, Travis did pull back from her, brown eyes on her father.

"Your momma was getting worried. Said for me to come and get the two of you. Said to have the company drive his truck back. Didn't expect to find the two of you like this." The older man said, gaze locked on them.
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Cori smiled brightly at Travis as she listened to his words. [b "I always found myself wondering what if, or thinking that maybe I should try and get in contact with you... But my pride always got in the way."]

Truth be told, Cori still had nightmares from that night. They had fought and screamed in her front yard like they never had before. Cori wanted to be a teacher, and Travis didn't know what he wanted to do, but he knew where he wanted to go, and Cori was stubborn. She wasn't just going to back down from the arguement. She was young and had been stupid.

[b "You're not getting rid of me even if you wanted too. You're stuck with me baby."] she said softly. She practically melted into the kiss. She swore it was magic.... And like all things magical, they end. Her entire body froze when she heard someone clear their throat. [b "Daddy."] she mumbled as she pulled away from Travis and stared up at him. [b "Wh--What are you doing here?"]
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Up until them finding the other again, if even by accident, Travis had been literally dead on the inside. He had just been trying not to be. But now he knew what it was to truly be alive and to feel it. And that was all thanks to the young woman, his high school sweetheart, and everything. Cori had always in her way been his saving grace, but before, Travis had been too young and dumb to realise that. He also had never really told her just how much she meant to him. A mistake he wasn't thinking to make again if he could help it.

When she was sitting beside him in the booth, the man's arms went around her and he did pull her closer to him. He wasn't always one for words, and as he got older that hadn't changed. She had always been the more expressive but that was one of many things he loved her for. [b "I know what you mean, darlin'. Up until we found the other again.. I didn't know what I'd been missing. Now I know it was you and I don't mean to ever let you go again."] Came his soft words as he returned her kiss.

It was the moment that their lips had met did a clearing of a throat come. One that they would recognize anywhere. "So, when were y'all planning to tell us?" Came the voice of Cori's father from beside their booth.
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