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[center [i There’s always a story to tell. From beginning to end which marks the day that they fell. Sweet young girl and silly boy both put under a spell that was unparalleled.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b *Note: This is based upon Tim McGraw’s song “Don’t Take the Girl”]]

[center [#9251c1 Muse A as a child was the type that thought girls were icky and gross. Wanted nothing to do with them. So when his father invited Muse B, a little girl from down the road to go camping he threw a fit. Asked his father if they could take ANYONE but her to which his father told him no. Even said that in time feelings would begin to grow, just to wait and to see.]]

[center [#9251c1 That had been when Muses A and B were about seven or eight. Over the years and many pushes by Muse A’s father the two began to form a bond. One might have even compared them to Bonnie and Clyde. Where one went the other was sure to follow.]]

[center [#9251c1 On one of their dates, Muse B’s eighteenth birthday to exact the two had gone to a show. They had laughed and talked of a future without a care in the world. And the night seemed perfect or did until they left the theatre and were stopped by a couple gunmen who took hold of the girl. The boy begged that they take anything but just not the girl. The gunmen did, leaving the young couple alive but scared.]]

[center [#9251c1 Five years passed and Muses A and B moved away from the quaint little town they had grown up in. They went to college and promised to keep in touch. Promised to keep their relationship. But we all know how things turn out and little by little they began to drift apart. ]]

[center [#9251c1 As Muse A and Muse B seemed to think of their history, Muse A’s father died. And so both were called back to town for the funeral.]]

[center [#9251c1 It’s the first they had seen the other in years. They get to talking and it’s as if all the years melt away. Can they stay this way and rekindle an old flame? Or are they destined to forever be apart?]]

[center [size20 [#e84a70 ~Rules]]]

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[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand]
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Travis had always thought teaching would be the better career for her. She had always been quite the charmer with children and they looked up to her. A magic she had about her. And he had told her so many times back in high school. But he doubted she remembered it.

[b "Nah I've got it. Besides you're the better navigater and will be able to find the room better."] He teased with a chuckle, but did not relinquish her bag. And when she began down the hall and found their door, a smile was on his lips. It was ALMOST like old times.

Slowly he followed her into the room and kicked the door shut behind him as he set both their bags on the floor by the dresser. It really was a cute room. Simple with the red drapes and the green floral quilts on the king sized bed. But it was fitting. There were even paintings on the light peach walls to try and liven the place up. [b "Cute, but not as cute as you."] Travis said as he soon was behind her with his arms about her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 6d 6h 20m 49s
[b "Teaching was my calling though. I'm so thankful and blessed to be apart of my student's lives... I can make a difference with them."] she explained. She blushed when she felt his lips on her forehead. [b "I'm blessed to have you in my life again.."]

She giggled slightly when he said he hadn't told his Mother about this hotel. [b "Well that's good. We don't have to worry about anyone catching us being all lovey dovey here."] she said. She took the key from him and slung her purse over her shoulder. [b "Honey, I can take my bag. You don't have to carry it."] she said as she looked at the sign, figuring out which way their room was.

[b "Here we are!"] she said as seen their room number on a door. She unlocked the door and headed in. [b "Look how cute and quaint this is!"] she said.
  Cori / BooBear96 / 16d 11h 33m 44s
[b "I remember you once said you had been caught between your two passions.. Teachin' and being a florist. But I'm glad teaching happened to win. I bet you're amazin' at what you do."] He whispered as he kissed her forehead and soon walked into the hotel with her, his hand gently taking hers. He had as he said chosen this one as it gave off a homey feel and was a cute little place.

It has bot taken long to check them in and for him to walk with her down a hallway with flowers in vases and paintings upon the wall of all sorts of natural settings. [b "You know I didn't tell my mama about this place. Figured it would be nice for us to be here by ourselves. But I did tell 'em about another hotel that was close to campus."] He said with a chuckle as he handed her the key to their room
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 116d 6h 27m 45s
Cori couldn't help but grin as she listened to Travis. She truly believed that fate and luck might just be on their side this time. [b "I would love for you to go back with me in the fall..."] she said soflty. She couldn't help herself, she leaned over and softly kissed his cheek. [b "You're the best."]

She nodded as she got out of his Jeep and looked around. [b "You know, If I hadn't been a good student teacher, and loved kids as much as I do, I would've totally became a florist."] She loved Flowers! Her apartment in Seattle was full of them.

She followed him inside and looked around as they walked over to the check in counter. This was definitely a homey hotel, but it was so cute at the same time. They had a rustic chic thing going on, and it worked. [b "Is you Mother and all of them staying at this one as well?"]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 119d 17h 19m 19s
He wasn't sure if she would get the meaning behind his words. But as soon as she spoke and had peeked up at him, Travis knew that Cori understood what he was thinking. [b "Of course I would make the move. I told you this time I don't intend on letting go and I want to work to keep us..."] He said as his hand on her knee gave a squeeze.

It was maybe another hour or two before they finally were pulling up to the hotel. It was close to the campus and had a homey feel to it. The front was decorated almost like a garden would be and there were a multitude of flowers. [b "I chose this one because it is a smaller and more homey hotel. Also like you pointed out all the flowers. Actually the flowers were the draw because I know you love them."] He said before he got out and went around to open her door for her and then grab both their bags.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 120d 6h 27m 13s
Cori glanced over at Travis when she felt him squeeze her hand once again. [b "I'm sure that it's a very big decision."] she said. She had glanced down to her phone, her Mother had already texted her, wondering if they were close yet. She just chuckled.

Her head popped up when he mentioned Seattle. [b "Seattle?"] she said [b "You would move to Seattle for me? For us.."] She could feel the silent tears fall down her face. She quickly wiped them away.

A while later, they were finally pulling up to what seemed like their hotel. It was close to Campus. [b "This is pretty. Look at all the flowers."]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 134d 20h 49m 40s
Maybe he should have thought more about the words that Cori had just spoken. The truth of the matter was their mommas were mighty clever and had a way of finding things out. Hell they tried to keep the fact that they sneaked out on school nights a secret and yet their mothers would be there to scold them saying how they were lucky they were good students. It had always annoyed him to some extent but on the other hand had always amused him too. So thinking back to their highschool days, Travis figured that Cori was right. But he still didn't want to be telling them just yet.

His hand had again squeezed the young woman's and he shook his head slowly. [b "Nah, haven't much thought about the where. I was more focused on the present and tryin' to finish my degree. You know see where life took me. But now I'm thinkin' maybe for Seattle."] And his reason for the change in heart or thpught was of course because of her. If they were going to be trying this all again, Travis wanted a way they could be close and not have to keep everything distance.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 135d 9h 47m 47s
[b "I'm sure he remembers his last beating. But I'm older now, maybe evena tiny bit stronger. Plus, I'm sure he remembers how mad you were at him for upsetting me."] she explained. [b "We're worried about everyone finding out and telling them, but honestly. They might already know, Travis. They are probably just waiting for us to tell them, so then they cann all tell us its about time."] she said. [b "Have you thought about the looks that our Momma's are gonna give us?"]

She grinned when Travis agreed with their date date. [b "I'm so excited! We're finally going to get some alone time."] she said. She blushed when she felt Travis softly kiss her forehead. [b "Mhm."]

She nodded when he answered her question about sneakng off to Seattle. [b "Have you thought about where you want to practice?"]
  Cori / boobear96 / 158d 22h 9m 57s
[b "He's not said to mama or anyone because we outright told him 'no'. Besides he still remembers his last beating and knows you can throw a good punch."] He said, chuckling. [b "But being serious he knows this isn't his to tell. ONCE in awhile he can reapect boundaries."] And his hand squeezed hers again.

When she spoke, answering his question Travis couldn't help grinning. It seemed she was still very much the same as she had been and still loved food. Which was good for him because he still loved food and he also knew of a good little restaraunt that had become a favourite of his. [b "A date date with the dressing up sounds good to me. We haven't had the time and I want this to be special."] He said as he leaned over and kissed her head.

He was a little taken offguard when she asked him to "come to her neck of the woods". But when he thought of it it made sense. She was coming to his and if they wanted to try and make this work he should see hers as well. [b "After we tell everyone I would love to sneak off with you. See how your life has been."]
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 162d 10h 38m 15s
Cori looked over at Travis and smiled softly. [b "Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that we get to stay in our own little bubble, and that we get to sneak around like we did when we were teenagers, but gosh. We're gonna have to tell them all eventually. I guess I forgot how nosey country women were."] she said. [b "I"m very surprised that John hasn't spilled our beans yet."] she explained. She looked down when he took her hand and she couldn't help but blush.

[b "A dinner date sounds absolutely amazing. We can get all dressed up."] she said. [b "We haven't had a date date in a long time... Anywhere sounds amazing, as long as I can get steak."] she said. Cori always had a hearty appetite, but you could never tell it. [b "I was thinking. Maybe in a few weeks, maybe before we tell everyone, what would you think about sneaking off to Seattle? I can show you my neck of the woods?"]
  Cori / BooBear96 / 168d 14h 58m 5s
Had she actually finished calling him sweetheart, he and Cori would have been held back. They would have been dragged into the house and say on the couch. Then there would be a million questions. Now of which he was sure they would want to be answering. It was those thoughts as he had her suitcase in back with his and him opening her door that had him silently chuckling. And also made him think about how much he was falling for her all over again.

Soon, Travis was in the driver's seat and buckled as well. There was a final wave and soon they were on their way. [b "Nope. Seems neither our mamas seem to get it. Mine was trying to admit to us being together and trying again. But I didn't. I rather wait until we are all together and you're ready for them to be knowin'."] He said as his hand had found hers as he drove. They would have a long drive ahead but it also meant that during the drive they would be alone.

[b "When we get to town..what do you say to goin' out to dinner just the two of us? And it can be anywhere you choose."] He said as he did take a quick glance over at Cori. It was the times like these he wondered why he had been so hardheaded..wondered why he had given her up.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 171d 10h 59m 22s
Cori looked at Travis and shrugged slightly. [b "Bye Momma, Bye Daddy! We'll see y'all in a few days."] she said as she handed her suitcase to Travis. [b "Thank ya sweet--"] She caught herself before she called him sweatheart in front of her parents. They'd never make it to Idaho if her parents had heard her say that, specifally her Mother. She walked up to the front of the Jeep and hopped into the passenger seat. Travis had opened the door for her. It was the little things, it really was. She caught herself falling for him even deeper all the time.

She buckled up and smiled once Travis was in the driver seat. [b "It's okay honey. I'm sure your Momma asked just as many questions as mine. It was THAT bad, but Momma just didn't understand why I thought it was so important that I attended your graduation."] she explained.
  Cori / BooBear96 / 174d 13h 37m 15s
[b [i 'I missed you too..']] He mouthed but made sure she happened to be in the view of her parenrs so they would not see his own mouthed response. He hated them being like that and hiding it, but what could they do? For the time being they wanted and needed for no one to know. They were still exploring the dynamics of their newly restored relationship and didn't want anyone else hurt along the way.

The man took the suitcase from her and put it in the back with his own. He once more gave her parents a wave and opened Cori's door for her. There was nothing odd about that. Besides he had always been polite as it was. His mama would have beat him black and blue of not.

[b "I'm sorry for being late. My mama decided today was a good day for the third degree and questions. Please tell me you didn't have to endure many yourself?"] He asked when he was finally in the driver's seat and pulling away from her house and starting them on their way.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 183d 13h 5m 5s
She sat on the front porch as her Momma continuesly asked questions. She loved that woman more than anything in this word, but boy was she a nosey woman. It was a small town, she was simply used to knowing everything. [b "Momma, Travis was at my high school graduation, and I was at his.. We weren't even speaking when I graduated College.. I just feel like I shouldn't miss his. I mean, I have my best friend back, Momma.. I'm proud of him."] she explained.

Her head snapped up as she heard someone driving toward their little house on the gravel drive way. [b "I love you, Momma."] she said as she stood up to hug the woman. [b "Daddy, I'll see you in a few days. Love you."] she grabbed her suitcase and purse before heading down the steps of the front porch. [b "Good Mornin'"] she said when Travis was out of the Jeep. She grinned as her back was facing him, so her parents couldn't see. [I "I missed you"] she mouthed. [b "We're late.. We better get on the road."]
  Cori / boobear96 / 188d 11h 36m 14s
"You're aure that you have everything there, Travis? And you never did tell me how or why you wanted Cori coming so bad. Though it does my heart good to see the two of you back to being good friends." Mrs.Chamberlin had been saying. Though quite honestly the words almost lost on Travis. The most he had caught was him and Cori being back to being good friends. Oh if only his mama knew. [b "She's a good friend and like family ma.. So I figured things would be right without her there. Besides didn't you just last week say that I should ask her to join us for this?"] He was completely trying to dodge the trap his mother was trying to lock him in. She had been TRYING to make him tell her the truth. But for now he couldn't. This had to stay between him and Cori for now.

The night his cousin had found out about them, Travis had gone late that night with Misty and she sneaked out to join him just like they had become accustomed to doing again. The ride to the pond had been mostly silent and just enjoying the alone time they had since they didn't get much. And it was nice to have her riding in front of him and leaned back as his arms were around her. Most his thoughts had been focused on where this could be going, when telling their families would be a good idea and just the likes. The whole secrecy thing had been Cori's idea but he knew they both hated it. They just didn't want anyone hurt.

[b "I'll see you there ma."] The man said as he had his suitcase and kissed the woman's cheek. After, Travis exited the house and drove to Cori's to get her as they had planned. And when he pulled up he was quick to get out and help her with her own suitcase, only offering a quick greeting to her mother and father as they were running a little later than was planned.
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