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[center [i There’s always a story to tell. From beginning to end which marks the day that they fell. Sweet young girl and silly boy both put under a spell that was unparalleled.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b *Note: This is based upon Tim McGraw’s song “Don’t Take the Girl”]]

[center [#9251c1 Muse A as a child was the type that thought girls were icky and gross. Wanted nothing to do with them. So when his father invited Muse B, a little girl from down the road to go camping he threw a fit. Asked his father if they could take ANYONE but her to which his father told him no. Even said that in time feelings would begin to grow, just to wait and to see.]]

[center [#9251c1 That had been when Muses A and B were about seven or eight. Over the years and many pushes by Muse A’s father the two began to form a bond. One might have even compared them to Bonnie and Clyde. Where one went the other was sure to follow.]]

[center [#9251c1 On one of their dates, Muse B’s eighteenth birthday to exact the two had gone to a show. They had laughed and talked of a future without a care in the world. And the night seemed perfect or did until they left the theatre and were stopped by a couple gunmen who took hold of the girl. The boy begged that they take anything but just not the girl. The gunmen did, leaving the young couple alive but scared.]]

[center [#9251c1 Five years passed and Muses A and B moved away from the quaint little town they had grown up in. They went to college and promised to keep in touch. Promised to keep their relationship. But we all know how things turn out and little by little they began to drift apart. ]]

[center [#9251c1 As Muse A and Muse B seemed to think of their history, Muse A’s father died. And so both were called back to town for the funeral.]]

[center [#9251c1 It’s the first they had seen the other in years. They get to talking and it’s as if all the years melt away. Can they stay this way and rekindle an old flame? Or are they destined to forever be apart?]]

[center [size20 [#e84a70 ~Rules]]]

[b 1. Real Pictures]
[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand]
[b 3. Be Semi-Lit 500 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged]
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[b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome]
[b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts]
[b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well]
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[b 11. Just have fun]

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Mrs Chamberlin and her Mother practically squealed with delight as they realized that their babies were finally going to get married. Of course, they knew all along that one day they would find their way back to one another.

Cori couldn’t wipe the small off her face even if she wanted too. She listened to Mrs Chamberlins comment about how a proposal should’ve happened way sooner. [b “I think we were meant to go through all of our struggles before we found our way back.”] she said softly. She snuggled into Travis as they walked back to the party. [b “This was the best surprise ever... Did you plan it all?”] she questioned.

She watched as Travis held out his hand once they were back. This venue was like a complete dream. It was so beautiful. [b “Of course.”] she said as she took his hand and let him pull her to the dance floor. [b “You know my contract with Bellevue is up in two school years...”] she said [b “Maybe we actually could move back?”]
  BooBear96 / 20h 25m 18s
Since they met again, everything just fell back into place. The broken pieces mended and life felt like it had a meaning again. He may have lost his father, but he had gained back the woman he had loved and lost. And when they had reconnected, they started where they had left off. Even sailed forward and he could not ask for more. Well he could... For her to be his wife. The party had been his excuse to ask but also because he knew they would want to say "goodbye" to everyone too.

[b "I do have to thank you, Cors. You could have told me no.. or you weren't ready to take this step yet. The fact that you are.. That is what has made me so happy. And I was put here to love you too. I love you with everything that I am."]

The flashes that came had him blinking. He had asked for time, but it seemer their mothers thought they had enough of that. [b "I know they do. But could have waited for us to come back on our own."] The man said, giving a faint pout.

As soon as Cori showed them the ring and told them she, well they were getting married, their mothers hugged her. They hugged him too. "We wondered when he would be asking. He should have WAY sooner." Mrs.Chamberlin scolded, lovingly.

Travis' arm was around her waist and he kissed her head. He was happy, but felt the pang of his father missing..Yet he was sure the man was there. [b "It looks like we will be. But didn't we both say we didn't really want to leave either?"] Came soft words as they began back to the party.

It was when they got back, did Travis hild a hand out to her. [b "Dance with me?"] He asked with a smile.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 6d 10h 31m 47s
Cori couldn’t believe that Travis had just asked her to marry him. She knew that they were serious. They had practically started their relationship up again full speed ahead. She knew she had wanted to be Mrs Travis Chamberlin, but she never imagined that he would’ve planned a party just to purpose. He was so good to her.

Her eyes were sprung around his neck as she heard him say that she had just made him the happiest man. [b “You don’t have to thank me Travis... I was put on this earth to love you.”] she said softly. [b “I love you so much.”]

She grinned as she seen odd flashes of light. She knew that could only mean one thing; their mothers had found them. [b “They mean well.”] she whispered as she pulled back from Travis. She couldn’t of wiped the smile from her face even if she had wanted too. [b “I’m gettin” married!”] she squealed as she held up her hand.

Her heart twinged as she realized that all her dreams were coming true, but that one important person would be absent from them all. Mr. Chamberlin, she couldn’t help but feel as if he was right there with them though. [b “I guess we’ll be back to Montana sooner than planned.”] she whispered to Travis as they were walking back toward the party.
  BooBear96 / 14d 21h 30m 22s
So she remembered the place just as well as he did. But what could he have expected? It held some pretty important memories for them. Him asking her to be his girlfriend for one, which she pointed out. God how young they had been back then. Small even.

It had been hard for him to say all of that. Not because he didn't want to, but because he could be..well clueless in how to say what he meant and what he felt. He was hoping and praying with eveything in him that he didn't mess up. That he would be able to express to her just what she meant to him. And by the time he got to the "wife" part, Cori was in tears and was kneeling in front of him with her arms around him. His arms as if on instinct were around her and tears made his eyes sparkle. [b "Just made me the happiest man in this world. I love you and want nothing more than to have you as my wife. Thank you...for loving me.."] He whispered as he kissed her.

He didn't realise their mothers had come to check on them. Or didn't until the flashes od lights. [b "Looks like they don't know the meaning of 'private'..."] The man said with a chuckle and stood, helping her up and keeping his arm around her waist.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 27d 5h 40m 29s
She and Travis has made so many memories together during their teenage years. These pictures proved it, Cori wanted to remember everything, as she had been a scrapbooker in her early years. It sometimes annoyed Travis, she knew that. But he shoved that aside because he knew how much she loved it.

[b “Look how little we were.”] she said, pointing to the picture of them that was taken at their first Highschool dance, they were freshman. [b “That was the night you asked me to officially be your girlfriend, remember?”] she asked with a grin.

She couldn’t help but blush as she listened to Travis express his feelings for her. He made her the happiest girl in the world, and she never wanted to do life with anyone but him. [b “Oh my goodness.”] she mumbled as she watched him sink to one knee. [b “Travis...”] she couldn’t believe this. He’d done all this for her.. She couldn’t hold the tears back as the ran down her face. She quickly nodded right after he said ‘wife’. [b “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.”] she said [b “A million times yes.”] She all but fell to the ground with him as she wrapped her arms around him. [b “I love you. I want nothing more than to be your wife.”]
  BooBear96 / 35d 19h 10m 2s
It was easy for him to scare Cori and he knew that. He hadn't been this secretive with her in a long time. And the last time, Trav knew that it had not had the best outcome. Hell, it had been when he had applied to go away for his law degree and had more or less expected that she would come with him. Their last major argument and the night everything had ended between them.

He had to quickly push those thoughts out of his head. That was NOT what tonight was about. It was about him asking the woman that he loved, had always loved to marry him.

A smile slipped to his lips and his fingers laced with hers. [b "Everythin's fine, darlin'. Just wanted to have you walk with me."] Came his quiet words as the two of them began down the dirt path. It had been a while..actually YEARS since they had been down this path. The man wasn't sure if she would remember it or not. But from the look upon her face, Travis could see that she did. And he did happen to wonder what was going through her mind.

[b "A surprise for you and somethin' that I wanted to be special. Momma helped me find all of these..and so did your momma. Cori, you know that you mean the world to me. Make me happier than I have ever been. And well, this was me wanting to ask you to take the next step with me... I don't want you to just be my girlfriend, but I want you to be my wife..Will you do me the honour of marrying me?"] Travis asked as a small and black velvet box was pulled from his pocket and he was down on one knee, dark eyes meeting her gaze. He had asked her and now he was nervous as all hell. She could still say no...still decide this wasn't what she really wanted.
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She couldn’t help but grin when her eyes landed on Travis as she stepped out of her daddy’s truck. He looked so handsome. [b “Hi”] she said said softly. After their hug and his kiss on the cheek were exchanged she listened to him as she watched their parents walk inside the barn. [b “Okay... Is everything alright?”] she questioned as she lopped her hand into his.

She was completely clueless as they walked down the dirt path. She recognized this place, She’d only been here once though, their senior prom was hosted in the event barn. She and Travis had snuck out for a little while, just so they could be alone. [b “We haven’t been down here in a long time.”] she muttered as she seen string lights hanging up with... pictures? [b “Travis. What is this?”] she questioned as she looked around. [b “These are our pictures from middle school and high school.. Where on earth did you find these? What’s going on? What is this?”]
  BooBear96 / 56d 8h 52m 0s
He didn't know why but in its way, this time was harder. Like he knew that he and Cori would be leaving together. Would have the other. But it was like some part of him didn't want to be going. Sure all their stuff was packed and in his jeep. But it was still like they didn't want to be going. Yeah, he had seen the faces that Cori had made and would make as they had packed. As they talked about going back to Seattle. Though he knew it was where she needed to be. And like he said, this time he intended to follow her anywhere. That she was stuck with him.

The whole day, both he and his momma had been vague. Told her the basics and the need to know but not WHAT the "get together" was really about. How big or whether it was formal or informal. Mostly informal or rather casual because of it being family and friends and people they had grown up with. But this time was different because there was a special area for just the two of them set up to. One with pictures, flowers, and even what they had deemed their song would be playing. Travis wanted it to be perfect because it was the night he was FINALLY going to ask Cori to marry him. He had already asked her daddy and momma about it.

When Cori got there with her parents, both Travis and his momma gretted them. And he did hug her and kiss her cheek. [b "Everyone else is already here. But before we join them.. want you to take a walk with me. Momma and your momma and daddy already know where and said they would keep everyone busy."] He said with a smile, his hand moving into hers.

[ Outfit]
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 56d 11h 18m 1s
It was the night before they were set to leave for Seattle. Their “going away party” was tonight, and she had been an emotional mess all day. She knew tomorrow was going to be so difficult, saying goodbye to her parents and Mrs. Chamberlin. But Travis would be with her this time, so she knew she would be ok. They had taken her rental car back last week, as they were just driving back in Travis’ Jeep. All their bags were packed and ready to go, but her heart wasn’t.

Travis and Mrs. Chamberlin has been very vague whenever she asked about the get together. From what she understood, the entire town was practically coming. She had no idea where it was though. The plan was she was just going to ride with her Parents, which was confusing to her. Usually Travis picked her up so the could arrive to things like this together.

[ outfit]
  BooBear96 / 56d 16h 16m 57s
She was still the Cori that he fell in love with. Sweet and so easily excitable. But had she changed TOO much he would feel awkward. Both of them had been small country kids and both had made names for themselves and gone for what they wanted to be doing. And the moment she opened the door, a bright smile came to his lips and he nodded when she asked about the daisies. [b "Thought you would like them. Though they ain't as pretty as you. Nearly everything isn't."] Came his soft words as he stepped inside.

As she admitted to her nerves, a soft chuckle did slip from him. [b "Yes I'm hungry.. And no, I don't think it's bad, Cor. Jus' means you're still the you I fell in love with. And we haven' had a day like this since we came back and told everyone we're back together."] Travis said with a smile.

Soon, his hand found her free one and gently laced their fingers. And he let her lead him into the dining room. After he was hoping for one of their stary nights and a movie being cuddled up on the couch. But it was her night and whatever she had planned he was good with.

[b "So what are the plans for tonight, darlin'?"] He asked her with a smile
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 56d 16h 55m 30s
Cori couldn’t help but squeal as she heard the knock on her front door. [b “Coming!”] she called. The food was finished, and the dining table was set,l. She had ran upstairs to do a touch up to her lipstick. She all but flew down the stairs, she was plum giddy. She had seen him less than seven hours ago, but they hadn’t had a night like this in a long time.

[b “Hi.”] she said as she opened the door. The sight of Travis just about took her breathe away. He was a small town country boy, but he had made a name for himself at the school, but he didn’t let it go to his head, and she was so thankful. He was still the Travis she fell in love with back when they were in high school. [b “Those for me?”] she questioned as she eyed the daisies Travis had in his hand, they were her favorite.

[b “Come in, Come in.”] she said as she stepped back. [b “Dinner is ready... I hope you’re hungry.”] she watched him walk inside and she shut the door behind him. [b “I’m nervous.. is that weird? Bad?”]
  BooBear96 / 56d 17h 19m 22s
John was leaned against his shovel, smirking as he watched Travis and Cori. The older man smirked and made kissy faces and noses. But he did shut up at the glare that was tossed his way by Travis. [#81e66b "You know I was jus' teasin' y'all. And don' worry Cori I'll make sure he's good and drinks the water. He doesn't need to be missing a night with you."]

Travis rolled his eyes at John and shook his head. But then his attention was back on Cori. [b "Looks like he can't and won't change."] Came his soft words as he kissed her cheeks and then kissed her. And another smile crossed his lips. [b "You know wouldn't miss coming over to see you for the world."] He whispered and watched her go back to her horse.

Later that night, Travis wore dark jeans, his boots and a white button-up. It was simple but something semi nice too. And when he got to the house, he had flowers for her and knocked on the door and waited for her. He was thankful they would have the house and night to themselves. It felt like forever since they had had that.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 56d 17h 2m 23s
[b “I think getting everyone together before we leave is a great idea. I know we want to visit... But who knows when we’ll have time to come back. Have you heard back from any of those positions you put in for yet?”] she questioned.

Cori simply beamed when Travis told her not to worry, he would be there. She was just so happy that they didn’t have to sneak around anymore. It was like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, she was sure that Travis felt the same way though. [b “Alright, I really got to go. I’ll see you tonight babe.”] she said, she leaned up and planted kisses on his cheek before she turned around and walked back toward her horse. [b “Yall boys make sure you drink that water. I don’t want to hear that you’re dehydrated.”] she called.

Later that night, she was working on cooking dinner. Travis loved fried chicken, but she also knew that he loved steak. She could never perfecte her Mother’s Famous Chicken, so she had went with a steak recipe. They were going to have steak, baked potatoes, some shrimp and asparagus. She had the radio playing on the local country channel.

[ Dinner]
[ dress]
  BooBear96 / 60d 19h 9m 20s
He had asked if she was up to one last event before they left. When he asked her, he hadn't exactly thought it out. Just was wanting something special since he knew it would be a while before they came back home again. And this time..well he was planning to ask Cori to be his wife. So asking his momma for help in planning was probably his best bet because he was SO terrible with planning.

[b "Somethin' like that, darlin'. Just was wantin' to have everyone together in one place one last time."] He said, chuckling when she kissed his cheek multiple times. And he did kiss her forehead and then her lips, getting a gag sound to come from his cousin and the comment of "getting a room".

Travis did grudgingly let Cori go and smiled to her. [b "Don' worry, baby girl. I'll be there. And then we have all night."] He said with a wink, earning yet another round of gags from his cousin.
  ~S.A.M.E~ / SheDevil / 76d 11h 29m 14s
In truth, part of Cori was actually sad that their summer in their little home town was almost over... But with her job, she always had breaks, and surely Lawyers could make their own schudule, so they would deffinitly be coming back more often than not, if she had anything to say about it. She was sure that Travis wouldn't disagree though.

She grinned when Travis was soon walking over to her with his arms open, she had no sooner dismounted Shadow before she was in his arms. [b "Well. I won't stay long. I just wanted to make sure y'all stopped and ate, instead of skipping lunch like y'all have before."] she said.

She cocked her head just slightly when Travis asked her if she felt up for one more town event before they left. She quickly nodded, it would be a good opporunity for them to say their goodbyes. [b "I think thats a great idea. What kind of event? Just like some going away party?"]

She leaned forward and places a few kisses on his cheek. [b "I've got to get back. Don't make plans for tonight, Momma and Daddy are going to his brothers for that big horse auction for a few days, so I'm cooking dinner for you tonight. Seven o'clock."]
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