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The world, now barren and desolate, used to be a beautiful planet, but the one thing that had changed that was the zombie infection, originally a research project that could bring the dead back to life, but instead it turned them into mindless killers. Some even mutated into dangerous creatures, able to track down their prey and then slaughter them. Not many have survived, but those who had grouped up to stockpile weapons and resources to preserve their own race. How will you survive this Zombie apocalypse?

No God modding, no matter what
Sometimes the infected will get someone.
If someone is controlling or killing off your character without permission, let me know
Have fun

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The two nodded, and then they told him that they knew how to make silencers for weapons, mostly from a piece of pipe and the fluffy filling they would put inside old tennis balls. "That way if we need to use our guns, we don't alert the infected so that we are still unnoticed by them" the sergeant told the others
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 344d 12h 46m 49s
[ Grayson Hart]

[+darkblue "Well, damn... I guess we have no choice but to stick together, now,"] Grayson sporked a peach into his mouth, savoring the sweetness of the fruit. [+darkblue "We're going to have to get fairly comfortable with each other if we're going to be spending so much time around one another."]
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 344d 12h 49m 17s
She explained what she told him, and she said that if they need weapons and ammunition, they could do a gun run to get ammunition and weapons if need be, but mostly ammunition. "We also can easily wipe out any infected if we stay close together." Sara explained
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 361d 16h 43m 27s
[ Grayson Hart]

Grayson sat on the edge of the roof that they were on and stared up into the night sky. The girls were talking behind him and their faint voices drifted over to where to where he was perched. He had no clue what they were talking about, but he should probably go over and see. They were a team now and it was important that they make decisions and conversate as a team too.

Pushing himself up from his sitting position, Grayson moved over to his bag and pulled out a can of peach halves. Getting the lid open with his pocket knife and pulling a spork from his pocket, he sat next to Shara, who was eating an apple.

[+darkblue "What's the plan, ladies? You are the ones with war expertise."]
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 361d 16h 47m 13s
They hurried to the rooftops, and set up camp there. "If we stay on the roof of this place, whenever we need food, we can just hurry downstairs, kill any infected we see, and collect what we need." Shara said, and she started to eat an apple she grabbed.
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 364d 12h 36m 4s
[ Grayson Hart]

[+darkblue "Let's just hope we don't end up like them anytime soon. I'm guessing we would all like to live to see at least a few more days..."] He kicked through a pile of bones and picked up a necklace that was laying on the ground.

Through further inspection he noticed that it was a silver chain with a heart locket and a set of dog-tags. He smoothed his finger over the imprinted words on the flat metal and shoved it into his pocket.

After stuffing his backpack to the brim with food and water he turned to Alana, Sara, and Shara, [+darkblue "Lead the way to safety."]
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 364d 12h 43m 58s
The two agreed to the plan, but they had no long range weapons, so they both looked around, collecting rations, and found a couple of rifles and a shotgun among a pile of bones. "I don't like the look of that..." Shara told her companions.
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 1y 17h 56m 17s
[ Grayson Hart]

[+darkblue "That sounds like a pretty solid plan to me. I just hope they won't figure out how to get up on the roofs."] I shiver ran down Graysons spine at the thought.

[+darkblue "Now, this place isn't very big, so it's not going to take us long to get what we need."]
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 1y 18h 1m 13s
[+purple "Here's what we do. We go in, grab everything we need as quickly as possible, and then find a rooftop to camp out on. The zombies haven't figured, for now, how to go up."]

Alan looked as Sara, Shara, and Grayson, waiting for either consensus or a debate.
  Alana / NorthernWolves / 1y 18h 4m 55s
"We know what that's like..." Shara said. "It's a living hell..." finished Sara."the last time we were out past night, we ran into mutated infected, and they were disturbing, even though we've seen some fucked up shit..." Sgt Sara explained
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 1y 18h 8m 34s
[ Grayson Hart]

[+darkblue "We go to the end of the street and turn right to get to the enterance. It's that building behind the alleyway,"] he pointed up ahead to the dumpster and the building it rested against, [+darkblue "That's where we will find what we need. Food, water, maybe even some medical supplies; who knows?"] Elias switched his knives for his brass knuckles, savoring the cold bite of metal on his hands.

[+darkblue "We just have to be careful with it nearing night and all. Don't want to be out too late past dark..."]
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 1y 18h 13m 40s
The soldiers followed the civilian, and kept quiet, taking off the head of any zombie that they could, and the two made sure to keep it quiet. "How much farther?" Shara asked the man, hoping they were getting close to the supermarket.
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 1y 18h 31m 27s
She snapped to attention, and gave a curt salute to the two Delta squad members, who were both higher in rank than she was. She was a
Sergeant in the Rangers, or what used to be the Rangers.

[+purple "I was in the Rangers, before all this happened. As to being silent, we don't have any choice."]
  Alana / NorthernWolves / 1y 18h 35m 38s
Yep two Delta squad members drew their blades, meaning to keep their attacks quiet. "We suggest you both use knives or any silenced guns..." Shara said, and she continued to explain. "We ask this because it will keep the undead from converging on our location..." Sara explained as well.
  Sara and Shara / DoomGuy123 / 1y 19h 47m 41s
[ Grayson Hart]

[+darkblue "Grayson."] It surprised him that all they wanted was food, but Grayson let the feeling pass. It was about time that he got used to the presence of people again, after all, it hadn't been too long.

[+darkblue "Well, the marker is still a few blocks away, so you can follow me there,"] he turned around and started walking down the street, not looking for the 3 women to follow.
  Grayson Hart / colorcraft / 1y 22h 51m 37s

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