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Shadow hunters are victorious, the constant fight with the underworlders, demons, and countless others are in check. The one thing however they did not expect was for one of their own to return. Valentine Morgenstern, only this time he has brought with him recruits of his own conclave of shadow hunters, children of his own with Mundane women.

Now a civil war has broken out among the conclave and the Morgenstern army. Only difference is that the conclave have the Mortal Cup and have been using it to make more of their own. What is it that Valentine was after? Two very specific shadow Hunters that bore the mark of an Angel. The Mark of that Angel however was not that of Raziel, but that of the Angel Itherael. It was her mark that allowed for these two Shadow hunters to draw upon themselves runes no one else has seen. To know how to use a weapon even if its the first time they have picked it up. The blood that courses through their veins is that of the Angel of Fate and Knowledge.

On the hunt now for the three mortal Items Valintine is trying to capture these two shadow hunters as it seems they know where the Mirror actually is.


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Hearing at first everyone's distant for leaving the instate they had been placed for their entire life Alec just called out [#8a17d9 "Hush. Now as Zelle and I are next in commend for the institute until idris sends a replacement for Mich you will follow our orders."] it was a few more grumbles from the group, however they had departed. William and Alishia had stayed however hearing what had zelle had said about going back inside.

Alec looked to his sister. Placing his hand on her check and a smile played on his lips. [#8a17d9 "That is exactly what makes up prime people to go back into the place."] replacing his hand at his side, Alic drew out a single blade; he traced a new rune on it for sunlight and the same on his sister's arrows. He also placed on the arrows and his blade the liquid silver rune. [b "It might not kill the demons easily, but the downworlders will be easier to deal with if we don't have to worry about stabbing them in the head."]

Looking to Alishia and William Alec stood there looked at them. before speaking. [#8a17d9 "Both of you remain here. No more downworlders are to get into the institute and none are to leave. When the shadow hunters from the others arrive be sure to inform them my sister and I are inside."] William was about to protest, however Alishia had grabbed him and nodded a quick yes.

Alexander turned back to his sister Zelle and the same sly smile as earlier had appeared on his lips. [#8a17d9 "Valentine might have some tricks up his sleeve, but you and I both know he won't kill us if he can, not both of us at least."] Raising his blade to the middle of his face he spoke to words. [#8a17d9 "May the hunt be everlasting sister."] taking the few strides to the door Alec threw opened the door and let the sunlight into the institute and stepped in himself once the dust cleared out.
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Zella tucked her weapons back into their rightful places in her gear before looking up at her brother, [#1E90FF "Glad to see that you handled them then."] she teased before glancing up at William when he handed Alec a new shirt.

She sighed as he agreed that they needed to get word out to the others and turned to look at her home that was currently under attack by all sorts of enemies, [#1E90FF "I want to know when Valentine became buddy buddy with downworlders. I thought he hated them all."] she grumbled as she renewed some of the runes that were beginning to fade and the ones she knew she'd need for the fight ahead.

Zella grinned at Alec and glanced at the dead werewolves, [#1E90FF "Who else do you think could do that?"] she teased. Zel knew she had powerful eyesight so aiming was easy for her, not to mention some of the precision runes she had. She never missed her target, Alec was the same way though.

Her attention turned back to the institute as he announced that they would be heading back inside. [#1E90FF "Are you sure that's a good idea? It might be better if we wait for back up. Valentine's lackey said he was after us, right? Besides, it's Valentine, he's always got shady tricks, right? What if there's a greater demon just waiting for us?"] Of course she knew that Valentine wanted them alive and wouldn't kill them so at the very least they wouldn't be killed by whatever they came across in the institute but Zella was not very fond of the idea of Valentine getting his hands on her again. She'd already been captured by one of his minions once.
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Hearing his sister say that the sick and children had been sent to Idris. Nodding his approval he gave a wicked smile as he wiped away the blood from his body. [#8a17d9 "Sorry I had some mutts to take care of and a shadow hunter that follows Valentine."] Covering his ribcage with a new shirt which was offered to him from the real William Alec's smile grew even bigger. [#8a17d9 "You are right though we need to get the other Institutions on alert here in New Orleans. So Valentine doesn't take them as well like he did with ours."]

Looking to the door of the Institute he smiled at the dead werewolf bodies on the ground and steps. [#8a17d9 "You've got a good shot."] Of Course alec knew that his sister didn't like working well with others and either did he, that is what made them such a good pair. They worked together quite well, but they made a team that was deadlier then any other force. [#8a17d9 "I was delayed because a middle class Demon came up. I was about to use a teleportation rune to come out here to you, but you used a recall one instead, Which is now carved into our ribcage I might add. Useful I might add."]

Smiling Alec looked to the other shadow hunters that were in the group that was on the lawn with the two of them. [#8a17d9 "I want all of you to stay in groups, but we need to go and warn the other three claves that Valentine is here in New Orleans. My sister and I will go back into the institute and hopefully get rid of most of the things that are in there, and potentially Valentine as well."]
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Zella waited outside the Institute for her brother. She paced a bit in front of the others and rested her hands on her hips. Suddenly something caught her sight though. There was something coming toward them fast.

She drew her bow and released an arrow into the assailants. Two went down with a howl. Werewolves trying to capture or kill the group. She knew that Valentine wanted them alive so it was a given that they were after them. As long as the twins were separated, things were more difficult for the two of them. Zella didn't work as well with others as she did with her brother.

She took down two more attackers while more went after the other shadowhunters still around her. Alec was taking too long to catch up with them and she was beginning to worry. She took out her stelee and drew on the recall rune, forcing him back to them.

Zella looked up at him when he appeared in front of her and crossed her arms with a frown, [#1E90FF "What took you so long?"] she chastized, mostly playfully, [#1E90FF "You know we need to get out of here before Valentine gets what he wants and we end up some crazy zombie shadowhunters bent on doing his bidding."] she said.

She glanced around at the others around them, [#1E90FF "I went ahead and sent the kids and the injured to Idris. They're supposed to let the conclave know what's going on back up should be coming here to help us out soon."] she told him.
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Alec had put his blade in the way when the red head tried to run after his sister as she dropped down and ran into the institute. [b "Brat move. Your not my target."] Alec just laughed in her face as he stepped closer. [#8a17d9 "Your fight is with me, even if you don't want it to be."] Throwing fire at her again this time she dove down the railing and towards the door leading inside, however Alec had stepped in the way again this time right inside the doorway. [b "Move brat."] Alec took his blade and stabbed it behind him into a vampire without knowing.

As the vampire died it turned into ash and the women charged at Alec drawing her own blade out and passing her hand over an illusion rune. As she came closer more of her appeared. Alec pressed his hand however against his hand against his Sharp rune and closed his eyes as his ears focused on the real person because her foots were heavier hitting the dirt. she had drawn a sword it seemed as she was still charging.

[b "I said move brat."] Alec stepped sideways, but as the women went and ran past him he dug deep into her ribcage. While his large blade had been in his left hand which was still there he had drew out his stelee and dug it deep into her chest. He had draw an explosion rune on her heart and he let her go.

She had ran several feet before her heart finally exploded in her chest. Blood came out from her noise, ears, and mouth which drew the attention of the vampires away from where they were. Jumping at the chance for fresh blood. Alec had however went through them all using the same fire he burned the girl's illusion. Alec had stepped through the burning bodies and took a big wiff of a sickly sweet smell from the burning vampires, but he came face to face with the werewolves who during the screaming had been drawn to. Looking up to his new enemies his eyes went from their natural brown to a deep crimson red.

[#8a17d9 "You will move, or you will burn."] drawing his hand once again across his fire rune Alec had started throwing it everywhere at the werewolves as they charged him. One went above another below him, but he twisted his body as he jumped and cut off both of their heads. Their limp bodies now adding fuel to the fire that was the burning vampire corpses. Three charged him this time, only he swung his blade and cut of their fingers, and their mussels as they spun through and got closer. Five down, but a lot more to go. That was until a mid class sleeper demon came into the hallway and all the werewolves scattered trying to move out of the things way.

Alec drew up his stelee from the fire below, as he did so a burning sensation hit his hand and he ended up teleporting to his sister, but this feeling was different, it wasn't the same burning sensation as the Teleportation had done. [#8a17d9 "Great timing."] he said as his vision cleared up to see his sister standing in front of him, stelee in hand and a recall rune now burnt into both of their left ribcage.
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Zella ducked out of the way when he brother sent the fire flying at the imposter William. She turned to look at Alec, surprised to see him already finished tracking the others. She was glad she hadn't let her guard down for the imposter though, she couldn't place what was different but she knew that wasn't him.

She nodded, [#1E90FF "Right, you be careful then!"] she activated her invisibility rune and took off out of the greenhouse and toward the cellar. Once she made it close to the vampires and other enemies inside the institute on her way there, she paused long enough to draw a silence rune into her forearm with her steele.

She slowly crept around a vampire and werewolf bickering in the hall and only made an effort to attack demons or other underworlders when it was absolutely necessary. The last thing she needed was to be noticed, despite being invisible, she couldn't be sure her scent was covered up by the rune completely.

After a while, she made it to the cellar. She quickly dispatched the vampires and werewolves guarding and trying to force their way and in then she dealt with the mid-level demon that blocked her way. It was an ugly thing bent on following orders. Killing every Shadowhunter that got in his way. She shot it with arrows until it was weakened enough that she could approach it relatively safely. She sliced it in half with her crystal blade before working on getting past the barricades and blocks on the cellar door. She shouted through the door to the others [#1E90FF "It's Zella, let me in and I'll get us outside the institute!"] she called to them.

Eventually, she got in and they closed the door behind them again. There were too many people to move back through the institute and most of them were young and pretty early in their training. She scanned the faces. The children were either scared or defiant, ready for a fight. The adults were injured or tending to the injured. She frowned as she turned to one of the men, [#1E90FF "My brother is in the greenhouse taking care of one of the rogue shadowhunters, we need to get outside of here and get the children and injured to safety."] she explained. He nodded in agreement, [b "But that's easier said than done. we need to get to another institute or Idris but both portals have been taken or lost."] he said.

Zella thought through what she could possibly do. She walked up to one of the walls, a rune hovered in her mind and she drew it on the wall, in its place a portal appeared. She blinked as she watched it. It wasn't the same as the ones the institute had, it was colored differently, a violet rather than blue. She frowned at it for a moment but then quickly had it connect to Idris to send the young and injured to get help. Then when they were safe, she took the adults with her outside the institute where she and her brother had ended up before they went back inside.
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Alec had left his body, but his ears could still pick up sounds and make slight twitching motions in the directions of the noise so his sister would notice. If she did was not in his attention at the moment, He was flying through the air on a hunt for other shadow members of their enclave, and to make matters harder he also had to be sure not to attached any attention of the demons that were now running ramped in the damn place. [I Damn Valentine summoned demons, and for what this time? He can't get to the mortal cup to make more of us.]

Still wizzing through the air he counted heads as he passed. Vampire, vampire, werewolf, demon, shadow hunter, werewolf, vampire, Valentine. Stopping for a moment Alec peered over Valentine's shoulder at the book he was appearing down at. It was the Mirror he was after. The thing looked oddly familiar like he had seen it in a dream before. Could that be what he was after this time around? Could this mirror make more shadow hunters also like the Mortal cup? Perhaps that is what the mirror was for was to find the cup.

Taking off again as Valentine shut the book with force Alec returned to his body after several more minutes. Stretching a little bit on the floor his ears twitched as his eyes fell to Zel bow at the ready on her side and William across the bridge, Or what looked like William, but that couldn't be him. Putting his arm on his fire rune Alec blasted in the air at William a wall of fire, only to be met with a scream and a splash of rain water coming from the sprinklers.

[b "How did you know, you little brat?"] William's face dropped to the floor and was replaced with that of another shadow hunter covered in the runes William's body had been before. [#8a17d9 "William's burn is on the left side of his neck, not the right. I should know I am the reason he has it."] [b "Smart brat, Valentine wants the two of you alive. The rest not so much."] Nodding Alec pulled a blade out from the set of four he carried on his back.[#8a17d9 "The rest of the group Zel is in the cellar, they blocked the door and barricaded it and fortified it with holy runes, so the only people who can get in are other shadow hunters, but they also trapped themselves in there. You go get them. I will deal with this bitch who thinks she can impersonate one of us."]
  The Shadow / Colorful_insanity / 103d 18h 42m 26s
Zel thought over what he said and had to say she agreed. She followed him to the greenhouse and winced when the rune was dawn on her arm again and they were teleported into the greenhouse. She nodded and grinned a bit at him, [#1E90FF "Don't worry, I'll make sure no one gets in here."] she said. She watched as he sat down and began tracking the rooms and people inside.

She glanced around, her eyes scanning the greenhouse for anyone or anything that might show up, her bow was in hand and ready in case something did show up. Zel crouched down behind a bush so she could see the entrance.

After a bit she saw a movement at the door above them and saw someone sprinting down the stairwell that led into the greenhouse. She quickly got to her feet aimed her bow, glaring. With how many of the enemy scattered around the inside of the institution, she couldn't be too careful.

As she pulled back on her bowstring, just barely keeping the arrow from flying, she realized that the person who'd entered the greenhouse with them was William Blind, Alec's roommate. Zel only slightly lowered her bow as she raised an eyebrow at him, [#1E90FF "How did you get down here?"] she asked hesitantly. Despite that he looked like the William she knew, she couldn't help but keep her distance. With how things had gone, she wasn't sure she could trust everyone in the enclave just yet. He definitely looked like he'd been fighting, just like Zel had. Covered in blood and gore and bruised in places not to mention the fresh runes on his exposed skin.
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Alic had taken in several deep breaths of the sun lite air, while it wouldn't matter much to humans air outside, however to a shadow hunter the sunlight was their most precious resources. they used it as a weapon, they could use it as a purification, and most of all they could use it to destroy downworlders. They even manufactured it into weapons now a days and made sunlight blades. Of course Alic knew his sister had an invisibility rune on her, however to send her in alone was out of the question.

While alic trusted his sister he would end up running in after her to make sure she didn't get captured again by Valentine. The even worse feeling came when she said something about using their transportation rune in each and every room. He remembered the pain burning sensation he got on his arm when he used it and the second time was worse. So to use it each and every time for the rooms they would eventually pass out from the pain and be out for god knows how long. To make matters worse in a place full of things trying to hunt them.

Hearing his sister say he could track them brought to mind his ears, but more over his tracker rune he had caved into his arm, and every other person's body behind their ears, the one problem was if he was going to track people in a building it required him to have an open trai to run across, it meant he couldn't go into any unopened room unless he had an air current from where he was to it, which is also why the institution had it so all the rooms had an open bottom piece to them, but to get from the outside in posed the problem.

[#8a17d9 "We need to find the Green house door from out here. The institute has an open door into the green house."] Jogging around the institute he did a dead stop in front of a glass door and pulled his sister close drawing up the teleportation rune on their arm again and ported them onto the railing at the top of the green house where all the caretakers would make rain come from in the place. [#8a17d9 "Stay silent, but keep an eye on me will ya. I'm going sniffing."]

Sitting down and crossing his legs Alic took in a deep breath, closed his eyes and slumped over. His conscious left to travel across the institute with the air.
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Zella helped her brother move through the Institute on the ceiling. It was frustrating, especially since she wanted nothing more than to just take out those frustrations on the enemy what currently had them surrounded.

Once they were finally outside the institute and in the daylight, Zell stood up straight and looked at her brother, she frowned in thought, [#1E90FF "How do we do that though? We cant get in there and look around without being spotted."] she said. It was possible that she could [i maybe] manage to sneak through the halls with her invisibility rune but she'd only be able to do that alone. SHe was smaller than her brother and the two of them together would have more trouble creeping between enemies.

[#1E90FF "I could sneak around the halls and search the rooms. Or we could use a portal rune to switch from room to room."] she said and then thought of something else, [#1E90FF "Of you could track them!"] she suggested. Her brother was the best tracker in the enclave. If they could find a way to know for sure who was still inside and alive, they'd be able to find a way to save the others. They'd also need to get a fire message through to Idiris and leaders.

They'd also have to get any survivors out without being captured-again in Zel's case-- by Valentine and becoming pawns in his plans. Whatever he was up to, Zella wanted to stop him, not be forced to help him.
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Their journey across the ceiling of the Institution was slow; agonizingly slow. First they needed to avoid the sunroofs they had put into place to let natural light fall into the institute. Next was the stairs that lead into the next landings, especially those close by as likely they were being watched and covered by vampires and werewolves both. Alec could feel the urge of a fight coming not only from himself but his sister as well. They both wanted Valentine to pay for what he had done to Mich, but not knowing how many of their own clave's shadow hunters lived made it a problem.

To make matters worse Valentine had an army of werewolves and vampires and demons in the clave itself. so getting to him was much a matter all on its own, not even that but fighting him itself was a problem. Pushing open the door and jumping down into the sunlight Alic looked to his sister glancing several times to the door. [#8a17d9 "We need to go back in. We need to figure out how many of us are left."]
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Zella ran until her brother pulled her to a stop with him. She glanced around through all the smoke, she could make out faint shapes around it but when her brother gestured to the ceiling she frowned but agreed, he had a point.

When he pulled her up to the ceiling with him she held on to him and looked down at the floor beneath them. She watched the vampires and werewolves with a scowl. Just to be more certain that they wouldn't be caught, she used her invisibility rune to hide them both. As long as she was touching her brother, he would be hidden as well. And they could still see each other.

She looked up at nodded to him, to continue that way. The two of them made their way through the hall above the downworlders below. While they moved and were forced to keep silent, Zel tried to think of a place they could go to hide out. They didn't know how many of their own were still alive inside the institute but she knew they couldn't very easily go looking for them. THey'd have to get outside the institute and find another way to send a message to the others, in hopes that they wouldn't be held prisoner Valentine or dead. She chewed her lip as she thought.

More than anything, Zel wanted to fight but she knew that was impossible under the current conditions. SHe didn't stand a chance, even with her new runes or her brother by her side.
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Running down the hallway Alec had thrown several more bombs into hallways off to the sides and even down the hallway they were running now to throw off anyone trying to track them. While their eyesight might be the best feature a shadow hunter had his sister's eye sight was heightened beyond even that of a natural one. just like his hearing was.

Stopping from a dead run alec turned on his sister and put his finger to his lips and pointed up to the ceiling. Throwing up knives with ropes attached to them. Grabbing his sister before she could reject he pulled the two of them up.

Just as the pair latched onto the ceiling several vampires and werewolves both came running down the hallway just below them. Looking to his sister he kept his finger to his lips and pointed to the daggers themselves. Of course Alec knew that zel would know that meant they would have to use the ceiling to get around now instead of the floor at this point, but it would be a lot safer for them in the least as werewolves couldn't jump that high and vampire's couldn't reach and would have to take a while to climb the wall to get to them if they even could.
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After she had hit the jerk who'd grabbed her, another surprised her by staying in her blind spot where she couldn't spot him. Zel didn't have her brother's hearing so she couldn't have known that there was another behind her.

He quickly hit her across the face and tied her hands together behind her back. Zella glared up at him as he dragged her toward the direction she was already headed anyway. That was proof enough to her that Valentine was there.

The shadowhunter tied her up,l without much regard for her and left her alone with Valentine and the portal. She struggled, trying to get herself free but nothing happened.

After a few minutes though, she felt that her brother was close. She glanced up just in time to see the blade fall from the ceiling and slice through the ropes binding her.

She quickly wiggled herself free and took to her brother's hand, [#1E90FF "But what about--"] she began and turned to Valentine but then suddenly realized that staying back to fight, would be a death wish for the two of them. No matter how tough they were,t hey didn't stand much of a chance against werewolves, vampires, shadowhunters, and Valentine. She turned back to her brother and quickly made for the exit with him. [#1E90FF "Lets get out of here. We need to let the conclave know."] she said as she ran along side her brother.
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Alrec had followed suit when his sister had left the Office. At first they went the same direction as it was but a hallway that lead to Mich's office. Then they split up, but of course to find Valentine and any sign of any other Shadow hunters that were suppose to be here. They were after all nearly two hundred strong yet not a single one seemed to be on the grounds? This was an odd thing to come into even if the grounds itself was large enough to house well over a thousand shadow hunters you would think they would have ran into at least one or two others.

Opening several doors and finding a few locked He dug out his stele, but instead put it away to dig out a small knife and destroyed the door by having it swing the way it wasn't suppose to, By having it swing from its hangings to the handle not from the handle to the hinges. Several hunters seemed to be trapped in these rooms and were forced in there by demons or other shadow hunters, even some werewolves and vampires were running around the grounds.

Digging his fingernails into the palm of his hand Alec heard the tale of how Valentine had brought vampires, werewolves, and shadow hunters to the institute and started summoning demons thinking he could control them, however they grew out of control and so he destroyed his summoning circle along with the demons that had entered the grounds. Nodding Alec stepped over a few bodies as he walked down the hallway as he listened to the Story. Stopping first at the Armory which seemed to still be intact minus a few blades here and there.

Alec grabbed several small throwing stars and even more blades. when a sense of pain gripped his hand. Grabbing a hold of it he knew something must have been happening with his sister when the pain hit as while their knowledge symbol connected the two of them in mind, they seemed to have a bound no one else had. He had grabbed a few more blades and went running in the direction of the Portal. While theirs had two he knew which one she had headed towards.

Stopping as his vision spotted her sitting tied up with Valentine pacing in front of her and the portal doorway. It meant Mich didn't give him the code to open up the doorway and Zel was to much of a problem to leave unbound in the room. As he crouched down where he was Alrec grabbed one of the pillars and climbed up into the rafters. Bending down he climbed the rafter to be sitting right above his sister.

As Valentine looked away from the girl that sat in front of him to the door as vampires came into the room Alec threw a knife to his sister which landed right between her legs and cut the ropes that kept them tied to the chair. Jumping from the rafters to the floor next to his sister Alec smiled with a slight nod to his sister. [#8a17d9 "Time to go sis."] Reaching into his bag of goodies Alec threw several smoke bombs off into the room right between the pair and Valentine, then several more between them and the doorway to block the vampire's view of them as well.
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