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_________________and __________________ are the daughters of the Marauders Moony and Padfoot. Both girls had known the other since the time they had been born since their fathers had been good friends and had remained such even after their school years.

On the night the Potters and hermother were killed and her father had been arrested, ________________ went to live with Remus and his daughter as she really had no one else, and it was only logical as the man was a good friend of her father's. So the girls grew up as "cousins" more like "sisters" and had been very good friends.

When the two girls started at Hogwarts, they had been sorted into different houses and were separated. They couldn't spend much time together and were forced to make new friends.

Because of that, the two girls began to grow distant and forgot what the other meant to the other. They had their own group of friends and the friends had even turned the girls against the other.

So gone were the days when the two were close. The days when they had trusted the other and had almost been like sisters. And gone were the days when they thought they would always be by the others side.

What will happen when something happens and the only one that can help is the former best friend? Will they help the other out and realize that they were always meant to be more than friends? And what will happen when their fathers realize that the girls are actually meant for the other?

You will never know unless you join: Daughters of the Marauders

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6-Romance, Drama, Swearing, Plot Twists are more than welcome
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10-It would be nice if posts be in both past tense and third person
11-Have fun

[b This will be a slow moving RP..]

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Green eyes locked on Lyra and she gave a soft puppyish pout to the other girl. It was not meant at all to be mocking, but one that said if they could bow to Buckbeak then petting him should be easy. Even Hagrid seemed to voice that idea once more, offering them the chance to pet the hippogriff.

With a small smile, Arabella watched Lyra. If something happened, the girl would also step in. More like pull the other girl away if need be. But she just stood there and clapped when Buckbeak seemed to have no issues in being pet and even seemed to nudge Lyra for more before the other girl stepped back and gave her the encouraging grin.

[b "See, knew you could do it!"] Arie said as she then took her turn and slowly approached Buckbeak. Her eyes were met with the honey gold of Buckbeak's and for a moment she did freeze, her hand still reached out to let him come the rest of the way if he wanted. From the flicker in the hippogriff's eyes she felt like he was looking within her. She felt like he had seen the wolf that was wanting to slowly begin to make itself known. But she shook her head and smiled to Buckbeak. [b "It's alright beautiful boy."] She whispered and finally he came forward and let her too stroke his beak and a couple of his feathers.

[i "Well done girls! I reckon he may let yer ride him!"] And without giving the girls much of a choice to back out, Hagrid moved to both and had them both on Buckbeak's back. After he had, Hagrid gave a slap across the creature's rear and they were off.
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Lyra was excited that they had successfully approached the hippogriff and he had decided to accept their proximity, but when offered to pet him she grew nervous again. Hagrid assured them they would be fine since Buckbeak had very obviously bowed back. A small part of her wondered what would have happened if he hadn't, but she tried to ignore that part. It only made her more nervous.

[b "I don't know if I can, Arie..."] she whispered shakily. Another part of her laughed at her own silliness. [i You think you can tackle a Dementor, but can't pet a hippogriff?] it mocked her. Lyra rolled her eyes at herself and gently stretched a hand out toward Buckbeak.

Amazingly, Buckbeak stepped toward her and pressed the top of his beak into her outstretched palm. She hardly dared to breath. He really was an incredible beast. She could see how soft his feathers were, how smooth his hide was. His beak felt somehow cool in her hand, and she stroked him lightly a few times before laughing breathlessly and taking a step backwards.

[b "Wow..."] was all she was able to mutter. She grinned at Arabella encouragingly now.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 249d 20h 51m 18s
Arie smiled when Lyra had agreed to step forward with her. And when they did, Hagrid's own smile brightened. He then went on to explain how easy it was. That they needed to take a bow and if Buckbeak decided it suited him then he would bow back. But the girl did not that Hagrid neglected to tell them what could or possibly would happen if the hippogriff did not bow in return.

Green eyes locked onto Lyra and she gave a small nod as she too inched closer to Buckbeak. And after a second, the girl gave a deep bow to the creature. On the inside she was all jittery, but she kept composed as her eyes slowly raised just enough to take in their new friend's own actions. And he sniffed bow girls a few times before dropping into a bow of his own, which for being a magical creature was amazingly graceful.

Slowly Arie raised from her bow, grinning back at her friend. [b "We did! I was almost afraid he wouldn't like us."] The girl admitted as Hagrid praised both them and Buckbeak, throwing a dead animal to him. When asked if they wanted to pet Buckbeak, the girl nodded slowly and Hagrid instructed them that since the bow had been returned they would be able to pet Buckbeak.
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 249d 20h 42m 11s
Lyra eyed the beast again. He didn't look dangerous, but he did look powerful. She trusted Hagrid not to let anything happen to them, but she couldn't help feel intimidated. With a sigh, she agreed to take a step forward with Arabella.

Hagrid's face immediately broke out into a smile as he beckoned the girls just a bit closer. [i "It's easy,"] he told them encouragingly. [i "Jus' step up and take a bow, nice an' low. He'll come right to ya,"] he added, backing up a few steps to give them room.

Lyra gazed at Arabella for a long moment, before taking a deep breath. She took a careful step towards Buckbeak before bending at the waist. She had to force herself to keep her eyes open, she wanted to clamp them shut.

A few moments later and she could feel something towering over her. He sniffed at her hair a few times before she was able to see him dipping into his own graceful bow. Her clenched stomach muscles relaxed themselves a bit.

Slowly she straightened and turned to grin at Arie. [b "We did it,"] she chuckled softly.

[i "Well done girls!"] Hagrid's great voice boomed, and he threw Buckbeak some kind of dead animal as a treat. [i "Would you like to pet 'im now?"] he asked them then, as a few of the students behind them cheered.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 249d 21h 16m 40s
Arabella didn't even realize her hand was still gently gripping Lyra's arm. And when she had realized it she let her hand fall back to her side. Her eyes were once more on the front of the class and on Hagrid. She had barely been tuned in but had an idea what he was speaking about. It appeared that the lesson would definitely be something interesting for the first class.

It didn't take long for the man to disappear and come back with a creature with the back half of its body being that of a horse and the front an eagle. Arie couldn't help gasping softly as she couldn't help finding it beautiful. And so very different from other magical creatures they had read about.

[b "Think we should volunteer?"] The girl asked as she turned to Lyra with a small smile. Obviously she was curious if what she had read about hippogriffs was true. But she didn't want to face the creature alone either.

Hagrid was looking at Lyra, Arabella and the trio as if begging one of them to take the chance. None the others seemed willing. They all seemed awed but scared to get close to Buckbeak. [i "He's gentle. Just not when startled."] The man tried again, eyes still upon the five.
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 249d 21h 30m 44s
Lyra took a deep breath, and smiled at Arabella. [b "Sorry about that,"] she told the Gryffindors as she turned her attention back to Hagrid.

[i "Now, you lot, jus' remember to stay as calm as possible when I bring 'im out,"] Hagrid was saying. Lyra had missed the whole introduction to the lesson, but was sure she would catch on pretty quick. Excited whispers broke out among the students as Hagrid disappeared into the nearby trees.

Only Neville, who was just rejoining the class and looking as though he'd thrown his cloak through a wood chipper, seemed as clueless about what was about to happen as she was. She noticed he kept his book firmly clasped shut and had to keep herself from giggling. Poor Neville.

Finally Hagrid returned, leading a large creature behind him. The back half of the creature was predominantly horse-like, while the front - namely the head, chest, humongous wings, and front legs - resembled an eagle. Lyra heard the word "hippogriff" passed around the students.

[i "This 'ere's Buckbeak,"] Hagrid announced, bringing the hippogriff to stand in the center of the clearing just ahead of the students. [i "Who wants to come greet 'im first?"]
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 249d 22h 29m 6s
To have Lyra back for the most part was nice. And at least Harry and Hermione had been okay with it and supportive. Harry didn't push it, but the bushy haired brunette knew how fond Arie had been of the girl and had also seen the closeness. Often she had asked Arabella why she had never tried to talk to Lyra before and try to rebuild their friendship. And each time, Arabella had told her things were different. So there was that, but it seemed they were able to finally breech the gap.

Her mind was trying to think on what class(es) she had next. She was trying to distract herself and her temper from Malfoy and his trying to get under their skin. His presence she could deal with, but the snide comments and making sure EVERYONE bloody well heard made her look back at the annoyance and Lyra as she quietly snapped off. A part of her enjoyed the bite and the look on Malfoy's face but the other part knew that the other girl may do something she would regret as well.

Her hand gently gripped the girl's arm. [b "Lyra...it's okay. We can always get him back later."] She whispered with a faint smirk, her own temper flared. Purposely did she look at Draco and let him see the gold in her eyes before she looked away again.

[i "What are the pair of you playing at?"] Malfoy now nearly whined. The words from Lyra and the gold in Arabella's eyes had scared him.
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 249d 21h 56m 50s
The train ride to school all but faded from Lyra's mind in the first few days of the term. She was back on good terms with Arabella...for the most part. It still felt just slightly awkward from time to time. Her annoyance with Malfoy this year was higher than it had ever been yet. Tracey tried to tell her to ignore the Slytherins who called her a "turncoat", a term she was positive Malfoy had decided to start calling her behind her back specifically to get the rest of the house in on it. Tracey had been nothing but supportive, both in her trying to rebuild her friendship with Arabella and with all the classes she suddenly found herself taking, with the help of the time turner of course.

She, Arabella, and Hermione had all been taken aside and taught how to use them, as well as a lecture on not abusing them or exposing them to the other students. Tracey never asked [u how] she was taking all the classes, thankfully. But she did help Lyra study and finish her homework when possible.

Now she was standing around with Arabella and Gryffindor's golden trio, waiting for her first Care of Magical Creatures course to begin. Taught by none other than the lovable Hagrid. She had been looking forward to this class since the start of the week. Lyra saw out of the corner of her eye, the flash of platinum blond hair that signaled Malfoy's presence but tried to ignore him. That was until his snarky question about fainting.

She whirled around to face him, her eyes burning with her anger. His cocky expression faltered, just for a moment, but she knew she had scared him. [b "You listen here, you little shit,"] she hissed under her breath. Only those students closest to the little group would be able to hear her. [b "I am so tired of you, your face, your squirrely little voice, and your pompous attitude. Surely you could think of something better with your time to do than stalk me and my friends as openly as you do,"] she spat. She could feel the temperature in her face rising as her anger did. She was almost shaking.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 249d 22h 57m 49s
As was expected, the start of term was different than the last couple and had been filled with more warnings. Warnings on the dementors for one thing and also that they be asked not to roam and to go looking for trouble, which Arie found funny because she knew exactly who that meant. But still, Dumbledore seemed as if he were looking at her and Lyra for a moment as well. Why was that? In any case, the girls had been pulled out after the feast along with Hermione and had time turners explained since the three had been determined to take everything they could.

The next couple of days were used to get used to being back in classes and now they were making their way to the grounds with Hagrid because it was their first Care of Magical Creatures class and the man seemed excited for it. Arie had fallen behind as she was starting to become a little tired. Not just from all the extra courses but also the phases of the moon and the way they changed were starting to hit her and her senses. Quickly she shook it off and regained herself and caught up with the others, stopping to stand beside Harry, Ron, Hermione and Lyra. Her eyes looked up at Hagrid, but she could also hear whispers over their shoulders.

[i "I heard that the three of you actually fainted. Is it true that you can't handle a little dementor?"] Malfoy said with a smirk as he moved closer to them. He clearly knew Hagrid was not paying attention as the man was going on about the lesson with excitement. And he had yet the chance to start poking fun at the Gryffindors and his least favourite Slytherin.

Arie had to bite back any retorts. She had promised her father that she would try and especially watch her temper this year. But the girl could not help her faint growl at the boy, quickly looking away.
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 249d 22h 56m 27s
Lyra gasped. [b "Tracey!"] she said, horror gripping her voice. She hadn't thought of the girl, her friend, since this whole Dementor fiasco had started. Was that really less than a half hour ago? It seemed like weeks.

She stood and was just about to dash away to her compartment, but stopped and turned to look at Arabella. She bit her bottom lip while she contemplated her thoughts. [b "I [u am] sorry, for everything the past few years..."] she told her, not bothering to hide the emotion in her voice. [b "And, I'm sorry, Lupin, that you were kind of in the middle of it too."] She stopped, taking a deep breath to gather herself again. [b I'll find you, after the feast,"] she told Arabella. [b "We'll talk more, okay?"]

There was so much she needed to think about, so much she needed to process. A lot of things had just come to light for her. Dumbledore had probably requested Lupin join the staff this year as DADA teacher [u because] of the Dementors for one thing. She also had to wonder how many students would now make the connection that her "father" was Sirius Black? She'd never had her last name changed...but not that he'd escaped prison and his name and face were everywhere...it was bound to happen. Sooner rather than later she guessed. Too many things to do and learn, life was about to get a lot less fun.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 250d 17m 24s
Bella was mentally kicking herself for having even spoken in the first place. Remus was used to her reading and usually okay with it, but there were somethings he had rathered she not read about. And in knowing what she did about Dementors, the girl knew a lecture was coming and she would have to tell the man EVERYTHING she had been reading. But all of that quickly went out the window as her father explained why it so happened the Dementors took such an interest in them. And when it sunk it, Arie's eyes went to her lap. Not many knew that she and Lyra had also been at the Potters' the night Voldemort attacked and Harry had lost everything. Even in her mind, the Potter boy suffered far worse than she and Lyra ever had. At least they had the privacy of nearly none knowing and also had a guardian who truly loved and cared for them.

Her train of thought was broken as Lyra's soft voice and words caught her ears. It took her a moment to fully register what had been said. Once she had, green eyes slowly came up and she looked to the other girl who had her eyes locked on her. [b "O...I'll do it with you. We both have to learn...and..."] But she had a hard time forming the rest of her thoughts as she did not know how to tell the other just how much she had missed her. She did not know how to tell her since everything she had felt like and outsider and as if she could not be around her.

Remus looked between the two girls as their words passed between them. He more than any knew how close they had been. And he also knew more than any how their drifting had hurt them. It honestly made him hurt for them as well. But it was not something he could fix for them. It had to be something they settled on their own.

[i "Then it's settled. I will be teaching the two of you how to defend yourselves. We'll be starting lessons this weekend because I want for you to get used to being back in class first."] The man said as he gave both girls a faint smile and stood. [i "Come on, best be getting back to the compartments. Don't want to be in the trolley's way."]
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 250d 1h 13m 5s
Lyra stared wide-eyed, first at Lupin, then at Arabella. It took her a few minutes to compose her thoughts. He could teach them how to ward off the Dementors. It would be difficult, of course. But it could be done. There were very few who knew that the girls, just babies then, had been at the Potter's home that night. It was pure luck that Voldemort had looked over them that night. Harry Potter had lost everything. His family, his connection to the wizarding world. Everyone knew he had been raised by his muggle aunt and uncle and that they hated him for what he was. He had ended up far worse off than either of the two girls. She sighed heavily.

[b "I want to learn,"] she said then. It would be difficult she was sure, but there wasn't much that could be done about that. She had Arie both kept high marks in their classes, they were talented witches. [b "If,"] she added softly, turning to Arabella again, [b "If you'll do it with me,"] she whispered, holding out her hand to the other girl. They had drifted so far apart, and Lyra was ashamed to admit to herself that she'd even gone out of her way to think of her former-best friend as someone she wasn't 'allowed' to be friends with anymore. But she was done with that now. As long as Arabella forgave her.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 250d 7h 57m 15s
[b "Dementors make their victims relive their worst memories or show them their darkest fears... Anything they can do to make a person lose any sense of happiness...they thrive on happiness as a food source and continue to try and devour it..."] Arie whispered as she remembered that from something she had read. And as she spoke, the girl cringed. Her father had not known what kind of reading she did and she as good as told him.

It was at the mention of Sirius did she gasp and her own eyes fill with tears. Like everyone in their world, both she and Lyra knew what the man had done. And she almost hated the man for having chosen that path and throwing away his life. For throwing away the one person who should have meant the most to him. But she also hated him for betraying his friends. None of her words did she speak though and merely nodded, agreeing to everything else the other girl had asked as she too wondered those things.

Talking about his once best friend as he was now tore something in him. It had always hurt him to think that a man he had trusted so fully could have done such a thing. And he had come to hate him for the betrayal of their best friends and for leaving his daughter behind. But never would he or had he turned that hate towards Lyra. It was obvious who her true father had been, but he loved her every bit as much as he did Arabella.

[i "There are horrors in your past that seem to attract them. Because of what Arabella pointed out it calls to them. I can teach the both of you a charm..But it is very advanced for your age. You have to be sure you are willing to learn. And to follow my instructions."] Remus said as he gave both girls a pointed look and sighed. [i "It is unknown how he managed...but they think he is after Harry and wants to finish what he started twelve years ago."]
  ~DM~ / SheDevil / 250d 1h 7m 21s
Ice shot through Lyra's veins. Sirius Black...had escaped Azkaban? Her vision began to swim behind the tears she wouldn't let fall. Of course she and Arabella knew who Sirius Black was.Of course they knew what he had done to land himself there.

She cleared her throat, trying to ignore the obvious. [b "Why would we be affected more than normal?"] she asked, finally turning her eyes to Lupin again. [b "How can we protect ourselves if those things are going to be all over the school this year?"]

She knew Lupin would take care of them, he always had. However, she also knew that he couldn't be with them 24 hours a day. They had classes to attend, he had classes to teach. Not to mention the fact that the two girls didn't even sleep in remotely the same part of the castle.

Lyra tried, tried to stop her questions there. But the words she spoke next leaped from her throat without her permission. [b "How did he break out, and why do they think he would come to Hogwarts?"] She knew she wouldn't have to clarify who she was asking about. Part of her couldn't understand how Lupin had even looked at her all these years. She had the same thick, dark hair. The same sad grey eyes. There was no denying who her real father was.
  Lyra Black / SlytherinDreamer / 250d 18h 9m 36s
The girl kept silent after her question had been asked and just nibbled on the piece of chocolate. They had been told all their lives that chocolate could make them feel better and it had always been something she and Lyra turned to. And for a moment, Arie found herself spacing and picturing both her and Lyra as five year olds and stealing chocolate from her father's stash. The man back then had tried to scold them but he had clearly been laughing as well and only made them promise to ask before they took his chocolate. And quickly, the girl reached up and brushed a stray tear from her cheek. She did not want either Lyra or her father to know she was on the verge of tears.

Her own eyes quickly darted over to her one time best friend to make sure the other was truly okay. From what she could tell the other was not hurt. Or seriously hurt and had just happened to black out as she had. And once more, green eyes darted to Remus who still had yet to speak and was checking them both over.

[i "You both it appears are heavily affected by the dementors. Most lose sense of happiness and become filled with coldness or sadness..Which I can assume happened before you fainted."] The man was answering Arabella's question first as because Lyra's he was still pondering himself.

It took him a moment before his eyes went to his other "daughter". [i "They were searching the train for Sirius Black. Some of them have been allowed to roam from Azkaban to try and find him. So many will be it appears around both Hogsmeade and Hogwarts where others were left to guard the prison."] He was telling both girls what Dumbledore had disclosed to him when he had agreed to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
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