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He smiled and then he asked for a glass of mead, or honey liquor
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 357d 17h 3m 56s
"I'm an necromancer love, of course!" She laughed and continued.
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 357d 19h 19m 56s
"You really love bones, don't you?" He asked, stifling a laugh
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 358d 20h 13m 54s
She thanked him and continued until the bone broke. She ate the marrow inside.
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 358d 20h 14m 46s
He laughed a little bit and let her have the bones from his
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 358d 20h 17m 33s
Skeleta jumped off and finished her food happily. She began to chew on the bone like a possessive dog.
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 358d 20h 18m 30s
He started to eat, and he had half the food and let the sable off his shoulder
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 358d 20h 20m 34s
Skeleta was just barely able to grab one, immediately digging in.
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 358d 20h 22m 56s
He paid them for the food and thanked him. "These smell delicious.." he said, and carefully grabbed one in his normal hand
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 358d 23h 22m 57s
Skeleta watched as the beast brought them to drumstick platters. "Thank you!"
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 358d 23h 24m 7s
His ear twitches and he nodded, having a look of hunger on his face
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 359d 18h 49m 18s
Skeleta smiled and kissed the feline's ear. "Smells good, right?"
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 359d 18h 51m 54s
The owner started cooking, and Zachary smelled the wonderful aromas from the kitchen
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 359d 19h 6m 23s
She chuckled as she chatted with him, and waved to the male owner. "The usual, old friend."
  Skeleta / RamaAmor / 359d 19h 12m 14s
He smiled, but walked at a normal pace, telling her about another potion he was trying to work on.
  Zachary Edwards / DoomGuy123 / 359d 22h 14m 23s

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