The Fox's Wedding

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[Center [+red Fox's Wedding]]

[+red [i Storyline soon to come... ]]

[b [i In the mean time I am looking for someone to play human male

I'm okay with being Seme or Uke I really don't mind that. Or they can be equals, I'm pretty open...

I was thinking this could be a sweet-romance but don't worry pure romance is boring so there will be twists and turn thrown in and most likely violence...

Also I would really like post to 1000-2000 characters...if you have writers block I understand. It happens.

Just a heads up I wont be on every single day... I have a life out side of this site... So that being said I understand if you can't post everyday.

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[center Aya stretched his arms as he walked around his Family’s garden his light blue eyes looking upon the Sakura tree that was in full bloom when his father had called for him one of the family’s maidens had come to his side to tell him her face and eyes towards the ground. The male nodded gracefully making his way to his parents where he was told he was betrothed to a beautiful woman named Yuuki in which he had never met in his life.

Aya really didn’t want to marry someone he had not met but as his parents had said that his and her fate was seal since they were born. The taller male had to go through with it because his parent, no his father in a sturn voice and he just nodded.

After a few days his birthday had come and his parents surprised him by arranging the two to meet for his birthday for a dinner, which he was nervous for. The male dressed in a blue and white kimono decorated with a gold obi and his shoulders covered in gold to please the family. And mixed into his dark midnight blue hair is a golden rope. As soon as Aya was finished he followed his family to the home where they were invited in his mother explaining who everyone was and he held out his hands and a golden box that held a Jade hair comb which was a gift to Yuuki’s mother and a long black and golden box was pushed forward holding a Katana made from one of the most famous Sword smiths around. [#008888 “For you My lord and my Lady, Made from from the best materials known to man. I also have a trinket for my betrothed once she gets here. She may be nervous about meeting me which is understandable sir.”] he spoke bowing his head in respect.

Assoon as he had finished speaking as if on que the woman arrived. Aya stood up as the figure came in walking closer to him a slight blush hit his cheeks his parents were not lying to him the woman was beautiful. That all ended when he realized something was off but he just couldn’t pin point it. Aya pulled a box in it contained a beautiful necklace he also had a much larger box which held a red and gold Kimono. [#008888 “Lady yuuki, A pleasure to finally meet my soon to be wife, I bring you gifts.”] he spoke bowing his head. Aya couldn’t pinpoint just yet was wrong he just knew there was something.]
  Aya Yukitsune / KasaiShadowFox / 4d 4h 52m 40s
[Font "century gothic" It was a warm spring day, when you were born. The sun was shining yet rain seem to be falling from the stars. Such a beautiful day it was according to your parents. As time past you grew from a small child to strong young man. Life wasn't exactly easy there was lots of work to be done. Your luck seemed to have turn around at least according to your parents it had. You parents smiled sweetly as as they told you that you are betrothed to a beautiful young maiden named Yuuki.

Yuuki is from a very power and wealthy family and soon you are going to be part of that family. Your parents had another surprise for you. You would be having a dinner with Yuuki and her family on your birthday. Your mind filled with thoughts. You didn't want to get married to some stranger. Who would? You had so many questions you want to ask but you held you tongue since it was the first time in a while you had seen your mother smile.

Your father took you aside and smiled at you kindly. [i "I know this is a lot to take in son but you will thank us for this someday...."] he said with soft but stern voice. Your birthday was only a few days. Soon you would be meeting your bride to be.

Your heart was racing and you mind polluted with endless questions. Feeling that you never felt before seem to uprise until you felt a warm gentle hand on your shoulder. You mother smiled at you with that warm smiled you felt that things were going to be okay. You smiled and just nodded.

You and your family arrived at the large mansion. The house was surrounded by sakura tree it was simply breath taking. As you enter the house you were great by servants. They took you to a large dining room. The scent of cooking food filled your nose. The sound of laughter could be heard as you sat down across from strangers. Your mother whisper to you and explain to you who each person was. Your thoughts were disrupted by a unfamiliar voice. Then a tall figure moving toward you. [i "Sorry my daughter is not yet here... She will be joining us shortly. I'm Haradach but you may just call me Hara"] he said with a soft smile. [i "Please enjoy some refreshments....while we wait." He added before sitting back down]

Sometime past you and your family were rejoicing with these strangers. There was just something about them that just seemed off but maybe you were just being paranoid. A slender and pale figure enter the room. Dressed in and red and black kimono. "Ah Yuuki" Hara said with a smile.
[+red "Hello...Sorry I am late "] he said with a sweet smile. Pale figure approached closer. You simply couldn't take your eyes off her. She was beautiful. Hair white as snow,even her skin was pale and white. She was beautiful when she got close you smiled faded. There was something off with this strange girl they called Yuuki.
  -Fox / -Fade / 6d 16h 39m 13s

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