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It was just a normal day in the hidden little town. Micah (eeveelover) was on his way to...


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He smiled as a pretty girl walks up. The girl looks at Sekai strangely. "Whoa. A dragon-girl...with my BROTHER?!?"
  Micah / eeveelover / 168d 14h 33m 38s
Sekai nodded in understanding and fluttered her wings, gently lifting off of the ground for a brief second before landing again. "See? I can fly. And it's okay..." She said gently.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 168d 14h 35m 59s
"No!! I wasn't trying to be weird at all!!! I'm not trying to be offensive."
  Micah / eeveelover / 168d 14h 37m 9s
"Y-yeah, I can fly. But...the way you s-said it sounded weird..." Sekai admitted.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 168d 14h 39m 0s
"Like, can you fly? A-am I offending you?"Micah asks, worried.
  Micah / eeveelover / 168d 14h 48m 20s
"S-special abilities? W-what do you mean?" The dragon girl asked him.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 170d 14h 31m 53s
Micah smiled brightly. "Y-yeah...thanks...b-by the way...do you have any special abilities?"
  Micah / eeveelover / 170d 14h 32m 50s
"T-thanks, Micah. And to be honest...I'd say you're pretty handsome, yourself. I think that's the word for it." Sekai smiled.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 170d 14h 35m 18s
"Well, I think you're hot. In fact, I think you're hotter than the sun. B-but...you probably don't like me in return..."
  Micah / eeveelover / 170d 14h 36m 8s
"U-uhm...not really..." Sekai said gently as she continued to blush, and she looked down at her own body.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 170d 14h 37m 44s
He saw her blush deepen and smiled sheepishly. "B-bet you haven't had anyone call you hot before, ha-have you?"
  Micah / eeveelover / 170d 14h 38m 50s
Sekai knew that the boy's statement was directed towards her, and her blush deepened a lot.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 170d 14h 39m 49s
"Really, now? My personal favorite is Princess Zelda. She's hot. But not as hot as...someone I know..."
  Micah / eeveelover / 170d 14h 41m 13s
"Kirby has always been one of my favorites." Sekai said with a smile, as her wings fluttered again.
  Sekai Kamila / AskTheStaff / 170d 14h 44m 43s
"Kirby? Are you serious? Wow, you chose a good character."
  Micah / eeveelover / 170d 14h 45m 20s

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