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She had not expected him to take hold of her hand so when she felt his touched against her she flinched slightly, but not so much that most would even notice. It had been a long time since Darcia has experienced such manners, even if they were hiding an ulterior motive which she suspected to be the case. In her line of work, she had learned to be suspicious of everyone around her, but especially those who seemed to be working to achieve her favour. As his lips pressed against her hand she fought the urge to snatch her hand back. Darica wanted to walk away from him, to continue to enjoy a drink alone as she observed what humanity had to offer but it seemed as though Ruo had no intentions of dismissing himself from her presence. Instead, he pulled up a chair, telling her that he was preparing to stay and talk to her for a while longer.

A quiet sigh escaped her lips as she lowered herself into a chair next to him, simply to echo the manners that the man had tried to extend to her. Even though they might have been genuine she couldn’t help but feel the false pretences radiating from him. It was then that she allowed herself a minute to drink in his appearance for the first time. His striking features were not unhandsome, but he caused some discomfort. A familiar shiver made its way up her spine, alerting her to be careful around him. It felt as though she knew him from somewhere but the fatigue of the day would not allow her to access the memory of where. It might have been that she had crossed his path on the street.

As he spoke, she nodded to indicate that she was listening to his side of the conversation while she lowered her lips to the glass that offered her some sort of hydration. If this was the kind of place he spent his time, he wasn’t necessarily going to be a saint that much was for sure. It was obvious that he was fire the same question at her but she wasn’t about to announce to the world that she was the new detective in town. It was likely that her conversation would dry up quickly if she had. Instead she raised an eyebrow over her glass, taking one last drink before answering him.

“I needed a drink and I’m new to town. I did not realise that I would be walking into a cesspit.” She said, humour lacing the tone of her voice as she spoke. “I simply do not understand how anyone would willing spend their time here, amongst these people. I hope you don’t find me too judgemental.”
  Darcia / d1gn17y / 2y 201d 39m 4s
Ruo smiled at Darcia when she introduced herself after him, his teeth remarkably straight, and a few oddly sharp teeth back by his canines. "It's a pleasure to meet someone with such a strong sense of independence." As he took her hand and gave the top a gentle kiss. Placing her hand down, Ruo then straightened up and pulled a seat over to comfortably talk to her. His ice blue eyes watching her every twitch and flicker as she talked. Emotions were becoming so complex as humanity grew, more personalities were blooming and that added onto Ruos curiosity of them.

With him being around for many years, he has found himself in many other states. Finding himself in Miami for the longest time. Something about it was home, and comfortable for his lifestyle and living. Which has brought up a small reputation in certain areas due to frequent appearances. The man in particular that Ruo 'saved' Darcia from has had many altercations with him, and learned after being brutally beaten. You could say it was Ruos part time job getting into fights with people, he enjoyed the rush of it all. Despite the act he may put on, once people learn who he really is, they avoid his presence.

"Oh, Well you see, Darcia. I've been a regular here for a long time now, so ontop of some discounted booze I get to watch these morons go at it here and there. It can get rather entertaining, and I'm capable of holding my own if I have to deal with annoyances bothering me." He simply put it, placing his elbow on the back of the chair, resting the side of his head on his open palm. "I should be asking you the same question. What brings [i you] into this bar all alone hm?" He raised a brow grinning at the detective mischievously. He wanted to see the front she would put out towards him, if she'd instantly speak up about her work. Or would she play along with his little game?
  Ruo / Quest / 2y 204d 3h 28m 28s
The best way to blend in at a place like this was to ensure that she always had a drink in her hand. When she made that decision, she made her way towards the bar and ordered whatever came to mind. Darcia had no intention of drinking it, all she needed to do was look like she was drinking. Once it was in her hand she brought it up to her nose and inhaled the scent of it. Her nose wrinkled slightly at the smell but she quickly wiped the look from her face. She turned around, resting her back up against the bar and allowed her elbows to prop her up as she scanned the room.

It was the sound of an angry man’s voice found her and she drew her attention towards the man who was shouting at a machine that seemed to steal his money. It was clear that he was drunk enough to have very little care for the fact that it was likely that it would only continue to take his money. There was something about alcohol that lowered the inhibitions of those who allowed themselves to let it overtake them. Darcia sighed as she watched him move from his bar stool to where she was standing. [I This could not be happening.] She thought to herself as she turned back towards the bar in hopes that her stance would show him to leave her alone. Unfortunately, it appeared that luck was not on her side as the man started to call towards her. A sigh escaped her lips as she turned around and just as she was about to say something to him, another man snaked his arm around her shoulders.

In an instant, she looked up towards him with confusion, wanting to demand why he thought he had the right to touch her but it seemed that he was only doing so to ward off the attention of the drunkard. She took in his features and felt a familiar shudder work its way up her spine as she began to recognise him from the park earlier that day. If there was one thing she didn’t believe it, it was coincidences. Before she knew it, he was leading her to another part of the bar, removing his arm from her the moment the two were out of sight. She allowed him to speak for a moment, believing that he had just saved her from some terrible hardship when really, he had only saved her fist from colliding with the man’s face.

Darcia sighed, “I could have handled it but I suppose I should thank you all the same.” She said, looked around at her new surroundings before she looked back towards him when he introduced himself. She nodded, taking note of his name and told herself that he might just be a person of interest in this investigation. There was something about the vibe he gave off that told her he was not being sincere with his want to protect her from those that resided in the bar. Perhaps it would work in her favour to entertain the idea of getting to know him a little better, at least for tonight.

“Darcia.” She said simply, allowing him to know her name and nothing more. “If this bar is so dangerous why is it you willingly spend your evenings in here?” She asked, genuinely interested about what motivated him to attend the bar. He must have been someone of importance around these parts for the very idea of her being here with Ruo seemed to deter the man’s attentions from her instantly.
  Darcia / d1gn17y / 2y 207d 55m 58s
As the night progressed by, Ruo had managed to get a small buzz going himself. He made sure to keep an eye on his very, very drunk partner in business. Who was currently messing with the juke box trying to figure out how to put a dime in the slot. He figured it'd keep the drunkards mind busy for a while to not spook if anything happened that could cost them in the long run.

The white haired demon sat with his back towards the bar, sipping on his last drink of the night keeping watch for newcomers to the bar and who left. Anyone could be watching them, waiting for the smallest slip up. Which made him adjust his posture when he watched the woman he wanted to see walk in. She looked frustrated, it made him chuckle. "Oh dear you have no idea." He mumbled to himself bringing his beer back to his lips. [b "Ahh shit. This damn thing stole my money!!"] Yelled Jose, lifting his arms and shaking his head in frustration. He then clumsily dug in his pockets for another nickle soon falling on his rear end due to lacking balance. Ruo scoffed and blinked his attention back to this dark haired mystery woman. She was alone in a bar full of drunk men, and of course cat calls were made. He sat his drink down, and popped out of the bar stool.

By that time, one of the bar regulars had approached her. [b "Hey! You! 'aven't seen you round here before. What's it to ya pretty lady?"] The man called out, hobbling towards her. That's when Ruo made his move, casually strolling up behind her, placing his forearm around her shoulders and looking at the man. "Leave her be, she's with me and has no wants to deal with you right now." He hissed, and turning her walking direction towards a safer area of the bar soon taking his arm off of her and placing them in his pockets. He kept his vision ahead as they walked as he spoke to her. "I apologize for being so abrupt, but that man isn't someone you'd enjoy to deal with." He said in a solid tone. "There's many new faces around here, so I wouldn't know if you lived here or visiting. But you're brave for entering this bar alone." Ruo added, then looking down to her. "I'm Ruo, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name, ma'am?" He asked with a raised brow to her. [i "It's as easy as that. I may just be in now."] He thought. This would be rather fun, playing with the police. He wasn't sure how far he'd get, but he had no regrets moving forward.
  Ruo / Quest / 2y 208d 9h 17m 52s
It was very clear to Darcia by the end of the day, that the department she was to work with were not necessarily resourceful or remotely intelligent. It seemed that they didn't know how to keep records or even have a single unique thought and it was no surprise to her that they hadn't made any progress with the cases of those who had gone missing in the town. Perhaps they didn't care as much as she did. Perhaps it was something that they were used to but she had been brought here for a reason and she had every intention to find out who was behind them.

She had sat at her desk for the rest of the day, reading whatever information she had been able to gather herself about each of the missing persons cases. As she read through she added questions for her to think about and people for her to question so that when she arrived at work the following day she would have a starting place at least. The way that Darcia worked was very regimented and if she left work that night without a clear plan of action for the next day, she was sure that she might have lost her mind.

As she looked through the last file, a sigh escaped her lips. The last file was the most recent of the disappearances. The girl seemed like the regular struggling teen. Perhaps she had very little family who seemed to care about her. Maybe that was part of the motivation behind the kidnapping of the young woman. Maybe she was never supposed to be missed in the first place, yet someone still cared enough to report her missing. It was peculiar that there was no record of who made the call because that would have been a good place for her to start.

Frustration escaped her as she banged a fist on her desk and breathed in deeply. She couldn't stay here for another minute working on these cases and she had remembered that someone in the department mentioned that their local pub was usually a good place for them to overhear conversations that might offer clues to what was happening on the streets so she decided that for the rest of the night, that is where she would go with the intent to simple act as a wallflower and perhaps learn something a little more about the people of this town.

When she arrived she noticed that it was busy enough that she would blend in and made her way to the bar and ordered a drink. A simple look around and she could tell the place was mostly full of drunkards and that usually meant someone would end up talking about something that might be useful to her. All she had to do was wait.
  Darcia / d1gn17y / 2y 211d 11h 49m 32s
Walking with both hands relaxed in his front pockets, His ice cold eyes made eye contact with every person he could manage. Ruo could see in just one glance what was going through a persons mind at the time. He could feel their emotions and how stable they were. This being one of the reasons he enjoyed playing mind games with his victims. He's seen the world for a long time, and wasn't even the best in his blood line. He was noticed as just a mere child in the eyes of his demon acquaintances; Some living for over a thousand years.

Ruo was becoming irritated, and was beginning to believe that Charles may have heard the wrong information. Running a hand through his hair, he found a comfortable seat and pulled out his novel again. "Seems as if I can't get to properly read today." He muttered to himself as he opened the page where he had left off. As the pages wisped open, a small piece of paper dropped out onto the grass. Ruo lifted a brow, sitting the book next to him on the bench he was on, and reached down for it. It was folded 5 times, and had an address, and a name on it. He was unsure how this paper managed to find a home in his book, or even how long it has been there for. All Ruo knew is that it was another job involved with this person by the name of Scarlet. Phones were too risky, so when another job had come up for anyone affiliated with the black market they would be told in other ways.

He grinned as the paper was stuck in a safe pocket on his jacket. "It's a shame, I wanted to see this woman. How good of a nose she has." He spoke to himself quietly. Ruo then stood himself up, picking up his book and started heading out of the park. Only to make eye contact with this woman he had been looking for. He kept walking as he watched her reaction to his blank stare, which only made a smile tug at his lips. She was quite stunning, and the strength that radiated off of her energies were outstanding. He had to know her, and he was going to make sure she knew who he was as well. She was about to have the time of her life, chasing this demon that will put himself in front of her. He then looked away with one last glimpse of this new face that would become very familiar soon. He knew she would probably keep in the perimeter, so it would be easy to find her again after he's completed this task.

-Hours later

The job was done, and he was back on a personal want. Ruo made his way back home and changed into a more toned down outfit. It involved a nice off white button up with nice slacks. He made his way out to the bar. He knew there would be talk about this womans progress and more about her. Atleast till he got whatever info from her, but it's always good to learn about your target before playing with it. Isn't it? The best part of this bar visit, was one of his buddies was perched up on a bar stool getting pretty wasted. Ruo made his way to sit by him with an asshole grin on his face. "Can't take the heat can you, Jose?" He asked sitting his elbow on the table while looking at his drunken coworker. [b "Go to hell man, you have no idea what I had to deal with today you prick."] Jose snapped back while taking a shot back of bourbon. Ruo leaned in right by his ear, nearly cheek to cheek with the man. "You better watch yourself. You'll fuck things up for a lot of us if you keep acting reckless."

Right then, the jukebox had ended a song, and began playing Elvis Presley. The energy in the bar became much more busy, and Ruo turned straight to the bartender and ordered a simple beer to keep himself busy while he waited.
  Ruo / Quest / 2y 214d 7h 55m 45s
After a few hours talking to people who might have known the girl who had gone missing, she found herself hitting a dead end. A frustrated sigh escaped the woman’s lips as she had yet another door closed in her face. She brought a hand up to her face in annoyance before turning away from the house. The man that lived there claimed to know nothing of the girl even and it seemed that he had some sort of distain for the female detective, simply because she was a female. There was something about this case that told her that there would be very few people who would be willing to cooperate with her at all.

Perhaps that was the point of all of this. Perhaps whoever was behind these disappearances were careful with who they selected; choosing those who might not be missed. Clearly someone had missed this girl to report her missing. It was then that she decided to make her way to the park. The only lead that she had to follow was that she was last seen making her way towards the local park. How was it that no one had seen who she was meeting or where she might have gone after that point?

Another sigh. There was something about this place that didn’t feel right at all. In fact, if she was a gambling woman she would be more than confident betting on the fact that this town was crawling the demons that plagued the world. Darcia took a deep breath as she walked through the threshold that separated the park from the street. It seemed like a perfectly normal park, one where families might have taken long walks.

“How could anyone be taken from here without a single person noticing?” She thought out loud as she walked, taking in every feature as though she was forming a map in her mind. There was some spot that were concealed from the eye that might have worked as a good place to pull up a vehicle. “Hmmm.” As she continued to walk, she made mental notes in her mind until she locked eyes with a man who made a shiver run down her spine. She instantly looked away. While he looked like a perfectly normal business man she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that told her he was much more than that. She had developed quite the instinct for those she hunted and she certainly had a bad feeling about him.
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While in the mix of reading his novel, Ruo had gotten a look at a younger human couple that had made themselves comfortable in the booth infront of him. He made sure to listen and watch as they interacted with each other. They were probably around 17-18 years old, male being the older one. Ruo adjusted his sitting position to more leaning on the window that took up nearly his entire table set, making clear vision of anything and everything around him. Being in the business he was in, you have to be on alert at all times. You never knew when a dog was on your tracks.

He furrowed his white eyebrows together as the couple left hand in hand. They reminded him of when he was younger and he had a love of his. Considering it was 1955, he met this girl around year 1670. Her name was Elizabeth, and she was his entire world. Ruo wasn't always a bad person, but time growing and since he had lost this girl due to illness he had become cold. "She was even brighter than this Miami sun.." He thought to himself with a sigh as he fiddled with his now empty cup.

Ruo had become frustrated, shutting his book with his hand and tucking it under his arm as he left the building. His face stayed stale and emotionless as he walked past tourists and locals jabbering about. Keeping long strides, he adjusted the tie on his neck letting out a small cough. [i "Keep yourself together Ruo. No time to blunder around here."] He thought while looking straight ahead, and about that time he also noticed his partner looking frantic. The panicked look died as soon as the two made eye contact. [b "Oh thank fuck! Ruo!"] Charles was his name, and he was around 30, and was a half breed. He came running up to Ruo, grabbing his arm and pulling him to the empty lot that was next to this newly built book store. "For god sakes, Charles. What's the problem?" He snapped, fixing his sleeve irately. [b "There's a new dog on the block, man. She's from out of country and there's a lot of buzz going on about her. I'm freaking out man, shes investigating the last job we did."]

Ruo lifted his head some, looking at his scared partner. He took a deep breath in, and while exhaling, he laughed. "She's investigating right now? Well, lets find this new recruit and see how good she is." He grinned, did an about face and started walking towards the park. Charles face dropped, and grabbed the sides of his head trying to process everything. "You know, you'll get death row if you're caught. Try and calm down. That's how they get you." He smirked while crossing the street. Charles refused to follow and ran off into hiding.

Finally making it to the park where he had just met young Lilly just a few days ago. He scanned the park for any unfamiliar faces, while strolling on one of the trails as if he was a business man on a lunch break getting away from the darkness of a cubical. [i "Oh where, Oh where are you my dear."]
  Ruo / Quest / 2y 215d 10h 43m 50s
The streets.

Full of those not fully understanding the danger that surrounded them every day and those who pretended not to see things to keep themselves safe, or what they believed to be safe. The truth was, in a world where the black market thrived, there will always be violence and decay on the streets. Bustles of busy humans going about their everyday lives never really understanding how much of a blur their life had become filled the streets. At this particular moment they were instinctively getting their coffees and making their place of work, going about their everyday routine that many would never break out of.

The streets: the place where not many felt safe but a place where Darcia felt at home. These streets were busier than what she was used too. London, England, where she had lived previously was what she considered to be a busy place, had nothing on where she was now. Noise pollution filled the air even during early hours but on such a wider scale than she had ever witnessed. This was her new home.


Darcia was good at her job and that was probably the reason she had been asked to transfer here to do her work. The level of disappearances seemed to be constantly rising and it was a growing concern for the city. She had not been given a lot of information to go on when she was still in London but she knew that she would get a clearer idea of the level of severity when she saw the reports for herself.

The sun was not as strong as she had expected on this particular day which she was pleased about as she had not been here long enough yet to straighten out her body clock and the extra strain of heat may have hindered her judgement and performance on her first day in her new department. The taste of rich coffee brushed her lips and danced along her tongue as she entered into the building where she hoped she would bring justice and help solve the problems that the police were currently having so many issues with. As the coffee slid slowly down her neck she allowed herself to close her hazel eyes for a moment and enjoy the taste of the amazing blend she had never tasted before. A smile threatened the corner of her lips as she walked to the desk and she composed herself as she threw the empty cup into the nearest deposit and headed for reception.

It there was one thing Darcia prided herself on it was her professional persona. Her hair fell just below her shoulders in lose curls with some of it tied back with a small clip which complimented her delicate yet strong face which was barely tarnished with any form of make-up. She wore a grey suit that was tightly fit to the contours of her slender body and her sensible flat shoes allowed her to be comfortable and a height she felt safe with. Nerves were another thing Dacia was not used to, but being in a completely new city and not knowing how things were done here were proving to be enough to make her slightly nervous although she passed the thought aside as she announced herself at the reception.


Four hours. That had been that amount of time she had been inducted before they received their first call of another disappearance. [I Let the games begin.] She thought to herself as she made her way onto the streets to start canvassing about the girl who had been the most recent one to disappear.
  Darcia / d1gn17y / 2y 216d 1h 39m 37s
"Miss. Lilly, I presume?"
There stood a rather tall individual, he was wearing a very nice suit and had quite the innocent smile across his features. His teeth straight and pearly, along with his shaggy nicely groomed white locks. He was standing over this young teenage girl who had inquired about a counselling session to assist her mental health. These two had discussed over the phone a proper meeting place, and how to find one another when time came to meet. This girl merely the age of 16, troubled life with family which was sadly common in the city they lived in. Her bangs covered her face as she nodded to his approach.

"Very well dear, I've found the perfect spot where we can get to know each other a little more." Ruo extended his long arm to take her hand as proper etiquette as they walked from the public park where they had met, and brought her on this trail where a park bench sat lonely away from public.

Ruo kept the reassuring smile on his face as the girl became wary of the situation, but seemed desperate to fix her life. As they approached the bench, a van came driving through coming to a dead halt once they had reached the man and young girl. "I'm sorry this has to happen this way, Miss. Lilly." Ruo spoke dancingly as the door flew open and another man jumped out with a rag to her face. She was picked up and tied up in the back of this vehicle as it sped off.

[b "Holy shit man!! How do you manage to pull this off? We're gonna make hundreds off this girl. Do you know how in demand teen girls are in the black market? You could sell her lungs for nearly a grand I guarantee it."] Hyped up the man in the back of the van with Ruo. He clapped his hands together, sitting back as they were tossed around from the bumpy roads. "What can I say, It's my bloodline Tex. We're natural persuaders." Ruo shrugged and laughed. "Maybe just watch what I do and the boss will like you more." He added, holding the girls tied wrists making sure she stays asleep while they transport her.

Ruo was a full demon, heard that he shares his bloodline with Beelzebub himself. His physical form retained the look of a 22 year old man, but he was nearly 800 years of age. He's found himself working with a gang that runs through the black market, they pick and transport whoever they're told. After the fact, however this person is sold they receive a rather large cut from it. He's found this extremely entertaining due to the fact that they hunt down humans strictly, and the species fascinates him much so. "They're so weak, naive beings. No wonder they haven't gone extinct yet." He mumbled to himself as he watched this girls face move to each turn and bump in complete unconsciousness. All he could do was grin as they pulled up to the drop off.

-Fast forward a few days-

It could be played like a waiting game, Ruo waits for someone to approach him about certain ads he's spread around about certain things. He takes whoever he can to rise higher in the ranks of this gang, and he's gotten a lot of power by doing this. He sat comfortably at a small coffee shop in a corner booth reading a novel. While he sipped contently on his coffee while he kept an eye on his surroundings or possible victims of his that could wander in. "Such a drag of a day." He sighed, as he took another drink.
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