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"How'd I get so lucky?" Kane wondered out loud and brought her hand to his lips allowing himself to kiss the back of it. "I love you... I love you so much... and I will always love you...and if someone leaks our wedding.. its leaked but that doesn't change how much I love you or our marriage."

Kane kissed her again and put their room key into their door and smiled, "Your room my lady." He said holding the door open for her to reveal the non alcoholic champagne and the rose petals. "I love you baby and this.. this is the wedding night you deserve."

The next morning Kane woke up tangled in the sheets with Katherine's head laying on his chest... they hadn't gotten much sleep last night, not that Kane would ever argue that. "Do we have to get up and get out of bed darlin'?" He asked her kissing her forehead. He knew they needed to get some breakfast but he didn't want to get up and get out of bed. He was too comfortable sleeping there with his wife. "I love you baby... Good morning." he muttered holding her.
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Katherine nodded. She loved the fact of having their reception party next year, so their new baby would be there to celebrate with them. She couldn’t wait till her little family was complete.

[b “Baby Momma just wants wings.”] she said with a huge grin. Pregnancy cravings were in full swing now. She glanced over st Kane after she had thought for a moment. [b “I know I’m worrying for no reason... But what happens if someone from the restart leaks our wedding...”] she muttered softly. This was the only thing she disliked about being with a famous musician.

Here eyes were wide when their waitress bought them a red velvet cake that was the perfect size for their group. [b “Thank you so much.”] she said simply. She would have to remind Kane to leave a bigger tip. They had been so nice and catering to their every need and want. She laughed as she took a bite of this cake. [b “Can I skip the wings and just order another cake for tonight baby?”] she said with a smirk.

Soon enough, Amy, Chris, Layla, Nash, and the twins went to Chris’ suite, and she and Kane were walking off the elevator to enter theirs.
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Kane nodded, 'I like that... that way Baby Brown can be there." He said as he looked at the menu of the restuarant they had came to with Chris and Amy the night before. "I'm getting those nachos again and I think I want to try a couple of the appetizers like the boneless bbq wings and the spinach dip... I'm just hungry." he admitted still holding her hand. The waitress brought the drinks they had ordered when they sat down and asked, 'Is everyone ready to order?" Everyone was mostly ready to order so it went quickly and they were talking amongst themselves when the waitress came to them with a small cake that read, Congradulations and had sparklers on top.

Kane smirked and helped Katherine blow out the sparklers. Amy had managed to get a picture of it before the sparklers went out... it was the perfect picture and she sent it to both of their phones. The cake was red velvet and Kane wasn't above eating dessert first... actually he was looking forward to it. Cutting pieces for everyone and then digging in, "Thats such good cake."
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She looked at the wedding planner and smiled softly. [b “Thanknyou so much for getting all of this set up for us in such a short time. I couldn’t tell you how much all this meant to me..”]

Katherine was completely on cloud nine right now. The photographer was going to email and mail their wedding pictures to them... Amy had snuck and gotten a couple of her phone, so they could have them now. She looked up at Kane when he said one year ago. She just grinned and looked at his phone. [b “I'm so thankful that I snuck onto that bus.”] she said [b “Even more thankful that you didn’t send me to jail!”] she grinned and leaned up and kissed his cheek.

She took a seat at the table beside Kane and just grinned. [b “Now all I want to do is get my name legally changed. I can’t wait till we get back to Nashville so I can.”] she said. She was officially Mrs. Katherine Brown, and she couldn’t have been more estatic. [b “Now all we have to do is plan the huge reception when we get back to Nashville. I’m thinking a year from today?”]
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After the pictures the wedding planner from the resort came up to them smiling. "We have reserved a private room in the restaurant for you and your guests... all inclusive... thank you for choosing Aulani to get married at... it was a beautiful ceremony."

It was true, the ceremony had been absolutley perfect. Kane kissed Katherine as they walked to the restaurant... wearing their wedding rings. He loved her so much... they had done something crazy and gotten married. Kane looked at the date and time on his phone and looked to Katherine..."One year ago... you got on my bus... and we never looked back." He muttered with a smile and showed her the date and the time. "I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world.

It was insane what they had been through in a year but they always say the first year is the hardest and that was surely true with them. "I love you." He said looking to her and kissed her again as the woman led them to the private room of the restaurant and said, "There is a gift waiting for you in your room as well and we took care of what you requested Mr. Brown." Kane nodded and thanked the woman. He had requested rose petals in their room as well as roses and non alcoholic champagne.
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Katherine beamed up at him. She had never been more happier than she was in this moment, on the beach, with her soulmate, their family and their best friends. She couldn’t help but grin and giggle when she realized that Kane was completely oblivious when the Paster asked him the question. She couldn’t help but shed a tear or two.

[b “I do.”] she simply said when the Paster asked her the question that he had just asked Kane. Her body was shaking when she felt Kane slip the ring on her left hand. [b “With this ring.. I thee wed... Forever.”] she whispered.

She grinned when she heard the Pastor tell Kane that he may now kiss his bride. [b “I’ll love you forever..”.] she said as she watched him lean closer to her. She just grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck. She melted into him as she felt his lips on hers. She just grinned and hid her face in his chest when she heard everyone whistling.

After the ceremony, She and Kane took pictures on the beach. They had timed it just right. They were able to get a bunch in the daylight, as well with the sunset.
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Kane smiled taking her hand when she got to him, "You look so beautiful." he muttered with tears filling his eyes. The pastor smiled at them and began, "Dearly Beloved we are gathered here today..." Kane was so enamored with how beautiful Katherine looked that he didn't hear the pastor ask him if he would take Katherine to be his lawfully wedded wife. "Oh yeah yes I do... " He said smiling and half laughing at himself for zoning out.

"Do you Katherine take Kane, to be your lawfully wedded husband... in sickness and in health until death do you part?" The pastor asked and Kane's breathing hitched... what if she said no? He visibly relaxed when he heard the words I do come out of her mouth and the pastor spoke, "The rings?" Kane nodded handing her his ring that had been in his pocket and he held hers. "With this ring... I thee wed." He muttered sliding it onto her finger as she did the same with his. The pastor smiled and said, 'I now pronounce you husband and wife, Kane... you may kiss your bride." Kane smiled wide and pulled her in for a kiss, resting his hands on her waist... it was a passionate kiss... Alex was even whisteling. Kane smirked pulling away and the pastor announced, "I'd like to present, Mr. and Mrs. Kane and Katherine Brown."
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To say that Katherine was nervous, was a complete understatement. She had never been more nervous in her life. She was so thankful that the resort had been able to pull this all together, in such a short amount of time. But having Kane Brown as your fiancé and future husband definitely had its perks. She, Sammy, Layla and Amy had the spa day that was for for a princess, they all got their nails, hair and makeup done for her wedding. Amy told her that the twins were going to stay in she and Chris’ suite with them, so that she and Kane could have their first night as a married couple, together and alone.

She walked out of the room and headed for the beach, Amy was carrying her train until they got to the sand. She hugged the woman as a tear slipped down her face. [b “Thank you for being here.”] was all she said before the woman went to her seat, beside Chris.

She heard the song start playing. She had specifically requested A Thousand Years to play as she walked down the makeshift isle. She seen him and she lost it. Seeing how he was reacting to seeing her, it made her heart flutter. Soon enough she was standing in front of him.

[ Hair&Makeup]
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Later that afternoon after getting his hair trimmed up and finding rings he was getting ready in their room before walking down to the beach in his black slide sandals. He was marrying the girl of his dreams today and nothing could bring him down. Kane knew social media would lose their minds when they found out that he had married Katherine. She was his world though and they were expecting a baby in a few months and he understood that she didn't want to be getting married and look like she had a basketball under her dress. Everyone he cared about was here and Kane took his place at the altar underneath a arch of red roses.... it was absolutley beautiful.

Seeing Layla, Alex, and Sammy walk down the beach and sit down, Kane's excitement was growing and then he saw her... Katherine. She looked so beautiful and that white lace dress... she looked like something out of a dream and he was starting to tear up as she walked up the aisle to him. He put his hand over his mouth and tried to wipe his tears away... she was beautiful.
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Katherine quickly nodded. [b “I want to marry you... Tomorrow.”] She said. [b “Baby. I don’t need a ring, okay honey. I just need you.”] She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b “I love you so much. I cannot wait to become your wife.”] she said. She grinned when they walked into their hotel suite. She looked up at the twins and smiled. [b “We're getting married tomorrow, and then we’re going to have a huge reception back in Nashville.”]

The next day, she woke up next to Kane and smiled brightly. [b “I’m gonna go to the boutique too. I have to find some kind of dress baby.”] she said. She heard a knock on the door and just grinned. [b “I need to go change.”] she said. She walked into the closet and pulled on a pair of blue jean shorts and a blue button up. She didn’t want to mess her hair up when she changed later. [b “The next time I see you, I’ll be walking down the isle..”] she said. [b “I love you so much, Kane.”] She couldn’t wait to become his wife.

[ Dress]
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"You'd want to marry me in Hawaii... I think thats a great idea... I mean I don't have your wedding ring yet but there is a jewelry store in the hotel... we can arrange it for tomorrow if thats what you want." Kane said and he couldn't wipe the smile off of his face. Opening the door to their room he let her inside and said, "I know you deserve the wedding you want... not to not enjoy your day because of the baby." He kissed her gently and Sammy spoke, "Whats going on?"

Kane smiled, "We're getting married tomorrow... you girls can go get your nails and hair done tomorrow, and Alex, Chris, and I will go and handle the rings..."

Kane called down to the consierge to arrange everything... they would be married on the beach the next day... and he couldn't wait.

Waking up the next day he kissed Katherine and smiled, "Amy is on her way to take you and Sammy to the spa with her and Layla...and Baby Nash." Kane was more excited to marry Katherine than he had ever been for anything in his whole life.
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Katherine simply nodded when Kane suggested them brining the twins to the restaurant for lunch. [b “Of course Layla should come! I’m trying to talk Kane into going hiking! We can bring them with us.”] she said.

Soon enough, Katherine and Kane were headed back to their room. The twins were supposed to already be back, but who knew? [b “I really wanna go hiking tomorrow babe. I’ve read that there is a beautiful waterfall about two miles from the starting point of the trail.”] she said. She held his hand as they walked back. [b “I’m so excited to see how our future plays out..”] she said.

She knew that Kane would be an amazing Father, but she couldn’t help but be nervous and semi frightened all the time; with everything bad that has happened with their family. [b “I’m gonna be so pregnant on our wedding now..] she muttered. She thought for a moment. [b “Kane.. What if we got married now? Just our family and Chris’ family... then have our big reception back in Nashville? I don’t want to be huge in my dress.”]
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"Nachos, covered in chili cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, more cheese, and lots of pieces of steak cut up... I should have just ordered two of these because this is amazing... I am for sure ordering the chili cheese tater tots to the room later... and more of these." he muttered taking another big bite. Kane loved to eat and something like that was something he could and would eat every day of their trip. "We should bring the twins here for lunch tomorrow." he suggested to Katherine, "Layla too.' Chris suggested, "Amy, Nash, and I are going to stay in tomorrow I think, enjoy our view from the balcony and just relax in the hotel room.. we went out and looked at the resort while you were relaxing."

Kane nodded, 'Of course Layla too. Shes always welcome." Layla was part of their family too.. Chris was like a dad that Kane had never had before and he was also a mentor and a friend. "We're ordering the lava cheesecake for dessert baby... I wasn't going to but I have to now that the food is so good."
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Katheirne grinned when she seen everyone’s reactions. She was sip excited and happy that they had such great friends. [b “I’m so excited.”] she said. Part of her felt bad, because she had an entirely different feeling with this pregnancy, that her first. She couldn’t explain it though. She knew that everything happened for a reason. The lord needed her first baby more than she did.

She let the guys have their guy talk as she heard Amy speak. [b “I’m like Right or nine weeks I think. I have to go back to my OB doctor once we get back to Nashville. So I can find out for sure.”] she said. [b “But I went to the walk in clinic and told them I wanted a test, well I was obviously pregnant. But then I went and bought a couple of clear blue and took those.. I wrapped them up in a box and he opened it. You should’ve seen his face when he finally realized what was inside!”]

She looked up when their food was brought out. Her mouth was starting to water. She glanced over when she heard Kane. Whatever he had, looked amazing. She leaned over and took a bite. It was heaven.
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Kane chuckled and Chris smiled, "your going to be a dad too... its a hell of a lot of fun... plus you get a tiny human that kinda looks like you." Kane chuckled again and leaned over to kiss Katherine. "Hopefully our tiny human looks like his or her mother because God knows I wouldn't wish this hair on anyone." He said taking his hat off to reveal his brown blackish hair with tight curls.

Chris laughed, "Your baby is biracial like you... theres nothing wrong with that... makes them different and special... Nash is just cursed with my good looks." Amy laughed at that and turned to Katherine, "So how many weeks are you now?" She wanted to know everything about her pregnancy and the baby and how Kane reacted when she told him.... and how she told him.

30 minutes later their food was brought to the table and Kane dug into the steak nachos first, they looked so good and the warm cheese just drew him in. He took one bite and said, "Babe try these... we will have to come back here before we leave darlin'."
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