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The librarian smiled. "Actually yes, we need another librarian, since I am the only one here, and it pays ten dollars an hour for starting wage." She told the girl, and handed her an application for her to fill out.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 14h 41m 20s
Rosaline watched as Shira went off to the historical section, and then she looked at the librarian who had greeted them. "Well, ma'am...I want to ask a question." She said, smiling gently. "Are there any jobs open here? I've been needing to get one, and I thought being a librarian or something would be really enjoyable." The girl explained happily.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 14h 44m 49s
When they entered the library, the librarian greeted them with a friendly smile and Shira told her she would be checking out a few books, and she headed off towards the historical section and grabbed a few books. "How may I help you, miss?" The librarian asked Rosaline.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 14h 48m 22s
Rosaline looked upon the library with bright eyes of hope. "I dunno." She said jokingly, laughing afterwards. "This place is a bit larger than I expected, although I don't really mind." She chuckled a little more as they walked closer to the front doors.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 14h 51m 38s
"Exactly." She said, and they both left the house, and Shira locked the door, and they both walked for five blocks to the library. "Here it is, the library...although it's a bit bigger than what I thought. Oh hey Rosaline, what's the tallest building in the city?" She said, joking around.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 14h 54m 35s
Rosaline grabbed herself a jacket as well, although it wasn't a leather one. There was a moment of silence as both of them made sure they were completely ready. "That sounds fair enough to me. After all, checking a book out to read is kind of the entire point of going to the library." She laughed a bit.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 15h 6s
"Sounds good to me." She said, and put her leather jacket back on and grabbed her messenger bag she left in case she returned there. "I might check out a book on WWII while I'm there as well." She said, being a history nut when it comes to WWII.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 15h 3m 6s
"That sounds like a fair idea." Rosaline said towards Shira's plan of what she wanted to do with the motorbike. The girl waited for her friend to return, and then smiled when she did. "Yeah, I'd love to go there. Maybe I could get myself a job." She chuckled lightly.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 15h 9m 3s
"I might just repair the motor and give it a new paint job, there's a WWII museum that pays good money for stuff like this..." she told Rosaline, and she went to the bathroom to change into a black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. "If you want, we can go see if the library's open.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 15h 11m 50s
Rosaline quickly came into the room, seeing the old motorbike. "Wow, that is actually pretty neat!" She said, looking it over with a happy expression. "I have a feeling you're going to fix it up and make it your personal vehicle..." She said jokingly, nudging Shira's arm playfully.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 15h 17m 42s
"Yeah., you're right!" She said. Shira looked around in the garage area and saw an old WWII motorcycle. "Whoa...hey Rosaline! Check this out!" She shouted, unburying the old motorcycle. "It's a military motorbike from World War II!" She said excitedly, loving old vehicles.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 15h 19m 37s
Rosaline smiled a bit, realizing something. "So...this could all work out really well! If I become a librarian and you become some kind of mechanic, we can both make decent money and still get back here at a reasonable time each day!" She exclaimed happily.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 15h 25m 30s
"You know, the library is actually quite close to here, you can walk from here to there in a few minutes." Shira told her, and she also told her that her parents used to own an old repair shop for cars and motorbikes, and she planned to reopen it after some renovations were made.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 15h 26m 55s
"Restaurant work sucks, low pay and low enjoyment." Rosaline mumbled, sighing solemnly. "I've always liked the idea of being a librarian, though. Then again, I think you noticed that...if you payed attention to how many books were in the basement of my old cabin..." She explained gently, pulling out her diary as an example.
  Rosaline Ankita (Human) / AskTheStaff / 1y 125d 15h 29m 23s
"I can help you find one. I think I'll be a mechanic, I'm good at fixing vehicles." She told her friend, then she looked at Rosaline. "Maybe a bookkeeper? Like at a restaurant?" She suggested, since she thought the girl was good with numbers.
  Shira (new look) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 125d 15h 32m 37s

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