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As the main group grew to adults and continued with their lives, it is inevitable that some would pair up and have children. Despite them dedicating their lives to upholding the law and piece there is still issues with kishins and witches. Now it is time for their children to attend Death Weapon Meister Academy(DWMA) and create their own legacy. Death The Kid, the new Grim Reaper, is happily welcoming the newest generation that is to protect the world.

1. You can play one character or two if you do not find a partner/or you ask me.
2. Be somewhat on regularly
3.the more you write the more for others to work with.
4. no godmoding or moving other peoples characters without the others permission
5.Be Kind
6. Have fun

Please post your skelly in the thread below for approval

Puppet Master:
Short Bio:

ACCEPTED players

Puppet Master: Princess_Rakka
Name: Rakka Stein
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Class: Meister
Short Bio: Rakka's mom is the death scythe Marie and her father is Franken Stein. she is very sickly and shy. much like her dad she is a scientist and will dissect anything she gets her hands on but like her mother, she is sweet kind and loving
Resonance: Rakka resonates with song shell sing with her partner and their sols will merge together as one making a white dome of light
Soul: Violet with stitches on it everywhere but a smooth swaying movement very calming.
Partner: Zess St. John

Name: Zess St. John
Age: 16
Gender: male
Class: weapon, changes into any weapon rakka is in need of at that time but dominant form is a scythe
Short Bio: Zess was created in steins lab to be the perfect weapon for his daughter rakka but that doesn't mean that he is not human or doesn't have a soul. he was a perfect creation. Rakka has no clue he was created in a lab so his cover story is his parents abandoned him at an orphanage and he doesn't remember them
Soul: Dark navy blue color it has his hair color and his glasses
Partner: Rakka Stein

Puppet Master: QueenCarstairs
Name: Lapris Yumi
Age: 16
Gender: female
Class: demon weapon
Short Bio: Unnamed father. Daughter of Azusa Yumi. Her mother had initially hoped Lapris would be a Meister, which didn't end up happening. Lapris is an easy going, majority of the time clumsy teen who always has snacks on her somehow.
Her weapon form being: A Bow-Gun
Resonance: to whomever, her Meister is or will be, her resonance forms a flutter of arrows that join to become a net of a royal navy shade.
Soul: a sky blue with some indication of arrows being inlaid.
Partner: Gale Tempest

Puppet Master: cursethewhitecat
Name: Gale Tempest
Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Class: Meister
Short Bio:
Gale is the spitting image of his late great grandmother[talia ] with the exception of him being a male. He is the third and youngest son of a family of a florist. Although he originally intended to help with the family business. He ended up attending the DWMA as a meister after shaking hands with a family friend. He was surprised to be left holding a gun type demon weapon instead of a person’s hand.
Resonance: Although it doesn’t possess a tangible form, It does cause his hair and eyes to turn silver while enveloping his weapon partner in a silver lining. His resonance enhancing his physical abilities can jump higher, hit harder, etc-, while amplifying the power of his weapon partner’s whom resonance.
Soul: His soul practically engulfs his body whole and takes the form of a pink cloud-like orb with a silver lining. It gives off a healing effect, thus amplifying those around him into a speedy recovery or filling them with energy.
Partner: Lapris Yumi

Puppet Master: cursethewhitecat
Name: Lux Balsam
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Class: Demon Weapon - Chain Scythe - When transformed, Lux takes the form of a long metal chain with each end of the chain tipped with moss green handles that have small double-edged and pointed scythe blades attached. [so-uh think of Tsubaki in her chain scythe mode] - The chain itself is actually spiked and acts pretty much like barbed wire to anyone and everyone, whom Lux doesn't approve of welding him[example to his mister the chain is like normal, but to everyone else, it's like barbed wire]. It can alter in various lengths, becoming longer or shorter as needed. ]
Short Bio:

Resonance: His resonance summons forth seemingly endless lengths of moss-green energy spiked chain links. When broken the chain links separated into individual pieces that are showered onto the enemy
Soul: Moss green glow, long loose flowing seaweed-like hair with that turtleneck zipper thing hiding his mouth.
Partner: still in the market for one, any takers?

Puppet Master: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.

Name: Hayden.
Age: Fifteen (15) years old.
Gender: Female. Male!?

Class: Classified as a ‘Meister’.

Short Bio: N/A.

Resonance: Hayden’s resonance is reconstruction.

She is able to rebuild or repair anything, that he comes into contact with through touch -rather the object is living or not.

However, when repairing a living thing; the process of pain will be reversed as Hayden reconstruction injuries. Though, the power does not grant her or others invincibility. Hayden’s resonance can solely be used, along as there’s equal matter to rebuild with.

Soul: Appearing glossy and transparent through a liquid golden, Hayden’s soul takes on the form of honey.

Partner: Hayden hates the fact, she is paired with the delinquent Cyanide as their weapon for the following years to come. If Hayden had the chance to redo the partnership, -the young meister would leap at the offer to ditch the demon weapon that he is with now.

Unfortunately, when given the opportunity to exchange places with another; Hayden is shut down by Cyanide. -Often leading to Hayden being dragged or carried away like a damsel in distress by her partner.

Puppet Master: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.

Name: Cyanide.
Age: Seventeen (17) years old.
Gender: Male.

Classified as a ‘demon weapon’, Cyanide is a 'multi-form high-performance weapon'. Meaning: he is capable of changing into a variety of weapons like the character ‘Tsubaki Nakatsukasa’; who is able to transform into a smoke bomb, chain scythe, shuriken, uncanny sword, ninja sword, and demon shadow.

Unlike the Nakatsukasa Clan, Cyanide’s is able to transform into some of the mafia's favorite arm’s, such as the infamous ‘thompson 1928’ firearm and close-quarter blades, that are often concealed as belt’s, shoe’s, or hidden within the sleeve’s of the wrist.

However, that isn’t all the trick’s this demon weapon has up his sleeve. Cyanide is capable of morphing into a flamethrower, that can be interchanged with different warfare chemicals, such as poisonous liquids or gases; as well dual uzis and apache revolvers.

Despite having several forms, he has yet to successfully transform into his final and six weapons.

His six (6) transformation:

● Hidden blades.

○ Dual apache revolvers.

● Dual uzis.

○ The Thompson 1928.

● Flamethrower.

○ Unknown.

Short Bio: N/A.

Resonance: When his resonance is activated, through touch Cyanide is able to inflict severe damage upon any object or living thing. -Causing the item that he has come into contact with to explode, shatter, crumble, or become dust depending on the time frame Cyanide has interacted with the matter or material.

Cyanide's resonance is destruction.

Soul: His soul and wavelength are unpredictable and sporadic like explosions.

Partner: Cyanide found his partner the following year, after failing the academy's standards. Paired with a gifted student in his second year at the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), he was lucky enough to be accompanied through the school year by the brilliant Hayden as his Meister


Puppet Master: _White_
Name: Cybil Anam
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Class: Meister
Short Bio: Black, curly hair clumsily hangs over a long, radiant face. Gentle hazel eyes set rooted in their sockets, watch warmly over the classroom she watches waiting to fill. A scar reaching from the top of the right cheek, and ending beside her right nostril leaves a burning memory of her unfortunate upbringing. A true genius among witches. She stands common among others, despite her athletic frame and though she has the powers of a witch she finds herself among Meisters as one of them. There's something puzzling about her, perhaps it's her painful past or perhaps it's simply her patience. But nonetheless, people tend to welcome her with open arms, while jealousy consumes them.
Resonance: She closes her eyes and fades her imagination into a memory of a meadow, while flowers bloom in pinks all around her.
Soul: A large sphere with pink and purple flowers and wrapped in vines
Partner: Caden Masser

Name: Caden Masser
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Class: Weapon
Short Bio: Red, long hair slightly reveals a strong, frowning face. Glinting black eyes, set lightly within their sockets, watch tiredly over from the desk nearest the window as he tries to nap. Tribal marks resembling a horizontal lightning bolt under his left eye marks his lineage but, more importantly, leaves a stinging burden on defended homes. This is the face of Caden Masser, a true romanticist. He stands short among others, despite his big frame. There's something captivating about him, perhaps it's a feeling of remorse or perhaps it's simply his humility. But nonetheless, people tend to welcome him with open arms, while training with him whenever he's available.
Resonance: His ears focus on the heartbeat of his meister and listen for the hammering of adrenaline through her veins as chains form circles around him and a long sword in front of him connected to the chain.
Soul: A plum purple orb with waving edges all wrapped in chains with a sword hilt sticking out of the top connected to the chain.

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[h3 Cybil and Caden]
[Dancing+Script [size18 The air was stuffy this morning as Cybil rolled out of bed and made her way to the shower. Her dark hair a mess around her face and stuck to her cheek where she had laid heavy on it. She rubbed her steely blue eyes and turned the water on as hot as she could stand it. She let the steam fill the room and waited for the temperature to regulate. She stood at the sink and used the time waiting to brush her teeth. As she set her tooth brush back in it’s holder a voice came from the room [+red “Why are we up so early?”] he asked yawning and walking in as she disappeared behind the steam and the glass door of the shower closed. [+navy “Today is the first day of the year. We need to be there for the entrance ceremony and to set up the classroom”] she said, and her voice echoed lightly, and the soap suds frothed up. She washed quickly and then stepped out. She wrapped a towel around herself and began drying her hair. While she got ready he stepped into the shower behind her. About fifteen minutes later she was dry and her underclothes on. [+navy “What should I wear?”] she called from the closet shifting through the dresses, shirts, and pants all finning the closet in color order. A rainbow but missing certain colors which she refused to wear. Like Yellow. [+blue “Eww yellow”] she thought as the color crossed her mind. [+red “Wear your black and red dress suit. It’s always flattering.”] his suede and thick accented voice called as the water stopped hitting the shower floor and the last steam clouds rolled out of the open shower door. He stepped into view and leaned against the door. [+red “I’ll wear my suit and we’ll match.] he added and winked. [+navy “Oh My-! …. Put the suit on already then!”] she shouted to him throwing the suit at him. She turned away her face and ears red. The two of them finished getting ready shortly there after and then proceeded to walk out the door each with a muffin in hand.
As the entrance ceremony began for this year’s newest students so did the announcing of teachers and their classes. The room was full of potential and anxiety they mixed in the air which was weighed down heavily with a whirlwind of emotions ranging from fear to confidence and making a full circle back to dred. A lot of the students were looking around and Death the Kid, the new headmaster stepped forward to begin his simple yet eloquent speech. [b “Welcome new students, and teachers to The Death Weapon Meister Academy. More commonly known as the DWMA. This year is…”] Cybil’s mind trailed off as he spoke, and she ignored nearly half of the speech before she tuned back in. Nearly all the students were zoned in and then the Headmaster started introducing the students to their teachers. All waving or standing as their names were spoken. “Cybil Laurel our new Witches 101 teacher and her partner Caden Laurel, for Physical Combat Education.” He said and the both gave a nod rather than a wave or standing. The rest of the ceremony blurred out simply because she didn’t care to pay attention. Of course, the speech and theatrics were lovely, but Cybil cared not for such things. As the ceremony finished up Cybil stood and started to walk around the students who filtered themselves through the halls and to their classes. The first day was always the worst. Everyone lost and asking for help. [+blue ‘I hope no one asks me for directions.’] she thought bitterly, and mostly because though she tried to hide it, she was lost too. [+red “You’re thinking to hard”] a voice piped up behind her, it was a smooth as the suit wore and his voice blew through her mind like wind through a tree, interrupting her thoughts. [+navy “Caden,”] she turned to face him and smiled [+navy “do you remember where my classroom is?”] she said quietly and reached her hand around her head trying to make it seem like a simple question. She was comfortable acting a bit spacey with Caden they had been partners for 7 years now. Even if she was a witch. They had an unbelievably strong connection. [+red “You really don’t remember”] he laughed it of before returning to his stern looking façade. She knew it wasn’t real. The students didn’t though so he walked ahead of Cybil and held his hand over his shoulder and curled his finger in to say [I ‘follow me’], without saying the words. She followed and as she turned into the classroom the first bell rang.

Caden went to sit by the window in the corner and Cybil wrote her name on the board as the first few students entered the room. Underneath her name she wrote the symbol for witch and waited. ]]
  Cybil and Caden / _White_ / 1h 23m 38s
Putting it simply. She fell backwards down the stairs. Not forward onto her face but backwards and down the latter part of the infinite stairs that led to the academy. Why did the stairs have to be so slippery? She kept on falling until she bumped right on into a male. She didn't really care to be grateful or look at the person she just got up, dusted herself off, open her satchel, took out a tin of biscuits and began nibbling on one, whilst doing so she started running up the stairs again.

This happened to be the exact same mistake she made the last time whilst ascending leading to her well falling down the stairs.

By the time she had managed to enter the Academy's enterance hall everyone else had arrived and whatever welcoming ceremony was half done. During those frantic moments of well falling down the stairs, nibbling on her snacks and bumping into people she had also managed to keep her appearance at it's best. Her mother would be furious if she knew Lapris has been late to the academy.

Lapris has been told numerous times that she was representing her mother's legacy and that her being late was one of the worst things she could do. So Lapris stayed hidden behind a statue of the previous headmaster and remained silent.

From there she noticed the male whom she had crashed right on into... and she felt as though there as a pull... she tilted her head. Not paying attention to the speech, how intriguing... how hadn't she noticed beforehand? Who was he? Why was there the sudden urge to be by his side and fight for him? She shook her head... must be because she didn't apologize earlier even if it wasn't really a part of her nature.
  Lapris Yumi / QueenCarstairs / 4d 14h 52m 40s
Sun and a light breeze filtered into the room through curtains that were adorned with stitches, big, small, thick, thin, and various shapes and sizes, on the four poster canopy bed. The sound of four, small, squeaky wheels could be heard coming down the hall. Crank crank crank, then a knock. "Rakka it is time to get up or you will be late to your first day at the academy," Stine called out from the other side of the door. Rakka shifted her patchwork stitched sheets rustling with her movement.With a small sigh, she stepped out of bed and softly padded to the door. When she opened the door, it revealed a smerking Stein. Frowning slightly " what is it?" she huffed Stein just pointed to the mirror. Turning her head she could see, now reflected in the mirror, he wild bed head. she puffed her cheeks up good naturally and ushered him out the door so she could get ready.

When she finished she stepped out of her room, down the hall to the staircase. Once she hit the edge of the staircase she could smell the savory deliciousness that is bacon wafting up from the kitchen. Walking downstairs she could hear her dad puttering about in the kitchen. Once there she sat down in her spot and dug into the food that was already plated there and took a drink from the beaker.

Stein observed his daughter from across the table as they ate. He thought about how she had never really been outside since she was born and the only interactions she had were from his former students: Soul, Maka, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, And patty, and here she was 15 years later getting ready to follow in her parent's footsteps. He continued to think on the weapon he had been creating for her since she was born, he was almost completed with it.

With breakfast out of the way and Rakka already cleaned up the dishes the pair made their way to the academy. Rakka had her eyes on everything she could see around her but as they started getting closer and closer the shifted to grabbing on to Stein's lab coat then to trying to hide behind it, as more and more people started up the stairs to the academy.
  Rakka Stein / Princess_Rakka / 4d 19h 18m 31s

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