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A time-travel mishap.

It all started in the midst of Hogsmeade. Everyone knew magic was supposed to be forbidden until one got to the school; that didn't matter to Draco Malfoy. The Dark Lord had given him a task. 'Bring the girl to him,' it was what his mother said. That he better not screw it up came from his 'Auntie Bella'. All he had to do was make her touch a little ball and she would be in his grasp. He had trained all year for it. All year to practice the spell under the nose of Albus bloody Dumbledore. And why shouldn't he do as The Dark Lord commands? After all, it was because of that no good Dahlia Potter that his father was in Azkaban in the first place. Filthy half-blood.

Her godfather was dead, or as good as anyhow. A fall through the veil wasn't like a stroll through the park. Everyone told her it wasn't her fault, but she knew it they were wrong. All she had now was the mirror he gave her and an amulet left to her in his will.

When Draco came, storming through the street to get to her, she was almost happy for a moment. Perhaps she'd get to see Sirius again. Meet her mother and father after all this time. Draco said some words and threw a little object in the direction of her chest. The spell was cast and struck her, right against the gift her good old dogfather left her in his will.

When the Ministry found the girl, chest half blown open, they thought she was dead. It took two aurors with a little background knowledge in healing to get it through their heads she was dead, but she wasn't as well. When Dumbledore arrived on the scene, having been called to help investigate the stranger, he was sure dark magic had been used. Was it because of Tom? Was it because of Gellert? No one was sure, and the girl wasn't even alive enough, let alone awake enough, to tell them anything. So, when she finally did come around, all she sparked in the Department of Mysteries was more confusion.

Dumbledore picked her, one of the Prefects of Gryffindor, to show around the exchange student who would be starting September first. Apparently she had been tutored at home by a fairly paranoid old coot. The new comer tested right into the sixth year curriculum, right into her year. Another girl didn't seem so bad, not at all. Perhaps they'd hit it off; although the other girls were nice enough, her split from Sev did leave a dent in her life. And James' persistence seemed to have calmed down somewhat since the incident. She wouldn't ask why; she was lucky that he finally got the hint to leave her the hell alone. So why did she miss his ever constant flirtations?

A Few Things About The RP

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Specifics concerning characters
Characters played by ShortbreadSandwich
§ Dahlia Peverell: Born Dahlia James Potter. A mishap happened on the Hogwarts Express, sending her spiraling through time. She was found by the Potter house-elves in the family manor's greenhouse. This was just after students returned to Hogwarts during James' fifth year Christmas break. Dahlia joins the Marauders at the beginning of her sixth year. [#15a310]

Characters played by Corpse_Asylum
Sirius Black: Born Sirius Orion Black III. [#0000ff]

Specifics concerning Timeline
Prior to Time-Travel
§ Draco struck her with the magical artifact during a Hogsmeade trip after Christmas break, close to Dumbledore's death.
Specifics concerning Timeline
Post Time-Travel
¶ Dahlia arrived at mid January in Marauders' time.

Specifics concerning RP

Ð Hogsmeade trips probably happened much more frequently than after the Second Wizarding War. Second Saturday of the month.
Ð There were much more students prior to the Second Wizarding War. Half of the wizarding population died during the war.
Ð There were more electives/ extra curricular classes prior to the Second Wizarding War.
Ð This is the year Sirius runs away from home.
Ð Dumbledore had come to Lily's home during Summer break to ask her to show around the 'new student'. He had done this in hopes that Lily's sense of good would help steer Dahlia in the 'right direction'. Dahlia even met Lily during the break a couple of times. Dumbledore did not know Dahlia is Lily's future daughter.


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Roleplay Responses

Sirius grinned and raised a brow, his dark eyes flicking to Lily and then to James to see his friend blushing, whether from embarrassment or anger he wasn't sure.

[+blue [b "Black. Sirius Black and I happen to come from one of those inbred Dark Families. James aren't you descended from one of the Peverell brothers? There's a grave for one of them in your family cemetery, you showed me last summer, maybe you two are distant cousins or something."]] He said the first part in a slightly joking tone, though he flinched slightly, his family tree was terribly unforked in some places.

Remus looked between Sirius and Dahlia, frowning slightly, having still not gotten an answer from the Black Heir. He leaned across the table and poked him almost roughly in the ribs, gaining a dark look and a very dog-like yelp from him [+blue [b "Bloody hell Remus! That hurt!"]]

[+red [b "Maybe you'll answer me next time I ask if you're alright. You need to go see Madam Pomfrey, and get the hell out of that house."]] Sirius glared at

[+blue [b "Shut up Moony. I'm doing what I can. If I'm there they don't take anything out on Reg."]] He hissed, so low that only Remus could hear him from where they had leaned towards each other
  Sirius Orion Black / Corpse_Asylum / 1y 6d 18h 50m 9s
Dahlia turned to face her [i (soon-to-be)] godfather. It hurt more than she thought it would. The pain of seeing the man that was so happy to take her in, to take her away from her aunt and uncle, more than she anticipated. She had prepared for it for months, and it hadn't been enough.

It was distressing to see any of them really. To sit next to the werewolf that taught her the first truly powerful spell she would have in her arsenal. To be able to speak with her mother for those visits during the summer. To finally meet her father, the man she resembled greatly. To see the traitorous Peter before he would sell her family to their deaths.

She chose this, to attend school under the supervision of Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. Well, it was either this or to be sent through even more testing and experiments from the Unspeakable. Choosing to meet her family long before they died seemed like the much more reasonable option at the time. She wasn't so sure now, not when she was so close to them. Close enough to touch them.

And Moony, poor Remus. Although she hadn't willingly come to this time, she had left him behind, all on his own. She knew he would blame himself. They were quite alike in that regard. If she could have stayed, she would have for him, so that they both could have a little bit of her parents left in one another. It was unfair that she got to see them when he was stuck in a world without his friends. So, she sucked it up. It would be a wasted opportunity to get to know the Marauders before they joined the war efforts.

[b [#15a310 "So I've been told,"]] she stated with a shrug. [b [#15a310 "but no one's ever really sure with all that pure-blooded inbreeding that most dark families seem to suffer from."]] Dahlia gave him a playful wink and tossed him the same knowing smile she reserved for the prankster Weasley twins. [b [#15a310 "Let me guess... dark hair and aristocratic features, trouble written all over you too... You're either the annoying Potter boy Lily's told me [i so much] about, or the even more aggravating Black."]] She ignored the not so discreet elbow in the ribs her mother gave her when she mentioned James.
  Dahlia Potter / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 6d 22h 17m 32s
Sirius winced as he sat down, his ribs still hurt from the last beating he had taken from his insane mother

[+red [b "Padfoot, are you alright?"]] Sirius grimanced as he turned to look at one of his best friends, only for his eyes to be caught by a flash of red as Lily sat down towards the end of the table. A grin spread across his face as he forgot the pain briefly in favor for teasing James lightly,

[+blue [b "Are you going to make your move this year Prongs?"]] The Potter heir flushed and glared at Sirius, muttering shut up as they turned to watch the sorting. Sirius' eyes were drawn to a young woman who looked to be closer to their age, way too old to be a first year. The hay shouted Gryffindor and the rest of her new house applauded wildly in true Gryffidor fashion before she sat down next to Lily, ending up between the red-head and Moony, who was still looking at Sirius expectantly, a brow raised, his eyes shining with worry every time winced. Padfoot waved him off and leaned forward slightly [+blue [b "Dahlia Peverell? Like the brothers from the Deathly Hallows?"]] He asked curiously
  Sirius Orion Black / Corpse_Asylum / 1y 7d 2h 35m 11s
The clock said it was a minute to the midnight of the seventeenth of January, 1976. It was only the sweet sounds of nature that Lady Potter heard as she sat outside under the full moon light. She loved nights like these, nights that were almost silent as the winter breeze caressed her skin. Nights where she would be outside until the sunrise peaked over the horizon, beams of light barely glimmering over the trees that surrounded the Potter Manor.

As the hands struck and the clock chimed its twelve bells, a loud crack came from the dittany greenhouses. It was like a lightning bolt struck, strange how it was a sickening green. And ever so odd that the branches reached for the sky, as if it were reversed.

She jumped to her feet, wand at the ready, as another hit. Then three more in rapid succession. Immediately, she apparated outside of the nursery. Her husband's house-elves refused her entry, disallowing her safety to be at risk. Repeatedly, she tried whatever method she could think of to get around Nipsy, but Lord Potter's orders held stronger than her plea to save her plants. No matter her struggle to get by or inside, she was forced to watch as the magical lightning continued to wreak havoc for nearly an hour as the sky appeared to be ripped apart.

Although quite late to the event, the DMLE did appear to save the day. She heard them speak of a girl in the midst of the mess, one with her body almost torn to shreds. She didn't understand why it took them so long to get past the wards though, seeing as they had already been ripped through. Both Lady and Lord, when he arrived after an emergency Patronus and allowed the aurors inside the property, were baffled when they were told that the reason they were so delayed in getting through to help was because the wards hadn't been touched.

[center [b [#15a310 _]]][center [b [#15a310 _]]][center [b [#15a310 _]]]

To Dahlia, it felt odd not to join her peers in heading to the carriages to await the [i 'ickle firsties'] in the Grand Hall. No, she would once again head to the boats with Hagrid . None of the staff knew what to do with such a particular situation, and to follow tradition seemed to be the best course of action. Perhaps they were right, without arriving with her dearest friends, what was the point in greeting the thestrals other than to say hello?

So, she went with the mass of eleven year olds, helping usher them along in their daze of wonder. The Entrance Hall was marvelous the first time one got to view it. She knew what was beyond those doors would thrill them even more.

Even still, she wished she could have come at an earlier time to be sorted separately. Everyone's eyes staring at her, as she was clearly far too old to be a first year, never stopped being annoying. At least no one was calling her 'The Chosen One'. [b [#15a310 "Rowena Ravenclaw bewitched it to mirror the night sky, so you don't have to worry about it. It still has the ceiling, and you'll be able to see it in the morning,"]] she said, calming one child's fear of thunderstorms while some threatening rain clouds began brewing.

As she passed her new friend, [i her mother], she waved and they smiled at one another. Hopefully, she'd be able to get back in her old house. It was all she ever wanted to be able to know her parents; this time she could. The Deputy Headmistress sounded out name after name, having the Hat assign each child their most corresponding home. Each kid being sent to what the woman once called 'their new family'. As long as she didn't have to be put with that slimy git, she'd be happy.

[b "Lady Dahlia Peverell,"] McGonnagall called.

Releasing a sigh, she stepped forwards. It had been so long, she forgot about how her stomach had once tied in knots thinking of her future destiny. [i [b "Well, what do we have here?"]] asked an old friend. Her face almost erupted in a grin when she felt that familiar mental probing. [i [b "I can't say I've met you Miss Potter, but it seems you've met me. I'm glad to have once made your acquaintance."]]

[b [i [#15a310 "You once said that I'd do well in Slytherin."]]]

[b [i "I once told you that you didn't have a bad mind either, but it seems you've made it up already. Nothing left but to send you to] Gryffindor!"] With his shout, she was the last to be sent to their table. Immediately, she went to Lily's side, being shoved right next to the self-labeled 'Marauders'.

[b [i [#c15501 ]]]
  Dahlia Potter / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 9d 17h 45m 22s
As we think up ideas, headcanons, and whatnot, I can add them to the description to make sure we remember them.

My only peeve about pictures is when they're not sized down. Like, HUGE pictures that are so large there next to no text beside them is really aggravating unless it's a SUPER short pic . Other than that, I really don't care.

I will say I do headcanon James as being black. I don't know if you have issues with that or not.

Are we using Dorea and Charlus as James' parents? Or the new canon parents?

[b Edit]: I am going to assume you do not want to play Lily as you stated you preferred to play male roles. If you do I will edit my post, and I apologize as well.
  Dahlia Potter / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 9d 17h 44m 54s

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