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[center [quicksand ~One, two, their coming for you. Three, four, Better lock your door. Five, six, grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, Never sleep again....~]]
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[center [quicksand [size15 [b He] is a famous demon hunter, bound by fate to hunt the very thing that killed his brother. [b Hes] dangerous and mysterious all at once. [i You] have admired him from afar, watching his work night after night. You desire nothing more than to be like the man you've idolized since childhood. When a demon strolls through town [i You] decide it's your chance to slay it and prove yourself to [b him], but things go wrong. [i You] are nearly killed until [b he] swoops in to save you.]]]

[center [quicksand [size15 [i You] are embarrassed and beg [b him] to teach you everything he knows. [b He] agrees to it and [i you] could not be happier. Things aren't what they seem though and [b he] is harboring a dark secret that haunts [b him.] [i You] have no idea what you are getting yourself into but [i you] don't want to give up. Instead [i you] insist on sticking by him even in the darkness. What will become of you two as shadows and darkness come out to play? As secrets reveal themselves slowly over time?]]]

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[center [quicksand [size15 This is just a rough outline of a story, the rest is ours to build. Basically my character is a demon hunter with a dark past that's catching up with him. Yours has idolized him all their lives for whatever reason we decide on. Where the story goes is completely up to us though. This can be either a mxm or fxm role-play or no romance at all. I'm looking for someone creative and willing to work with me on the storyline. Someone whose not afraid to befriend me or at least get to know me as we plot along. Someone who is willing to listen to mine and communicate with me about the plot. If you are interested please pm me with a bit of info on your character and what ideas you might have.]]]

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[center [size15 [quicksand [b Literacy:] I'm asking for 1200 characters please.]
[quicksand [b Grammar:] Please no text talk, try to use proper punctuation, capitalization, and so on and so forth.]
[quicksand [b Cybering:] It's against the rules on here. It will be either time skipped or taken off site.]
[quicksand [b Romance:] Can or can not happen. Totally up to us and where we want this to go.]
[quicksand [b Pictures:] Artistic, Illustrated or Real depending on what you choose.]
[quicksand [b Homosexuality:] It will may present in the role-play. So may transgender and more.]
[quicksand [b Posting:] I try to post once or twice a week. Please understand however I have a life. I will do the same for you.]
[quicksand [b Joining:] Send me a pm with a bit of info on your character and any ideas you have for the story. Title it "Winchester".]]]


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[right [b Joseph D'Cruse]]

Laying there covered in blood, the wet grass itched against his back, it wasn't until the plan was in motion did he realized it sucked. It was a horrible plan. He was okay with "borrowing" blood and inside pieces from a dead body, he was okay with being bait. He could handle the smell, and he could handle a ghoul with no problem. But laying still as death was what he couldn't do.

Ghouls were scavengers, a whiff of insides and blood would trigger something in them to ignore the sound of a beating heart, or air moving rhythmically through lungs. Either that or they might just be elated there was something fresh to eat for once. He didn't know, he didn't care all he think of was how all he wanted to do was get off the wet grass, maybe get something to eat. He closed his eyes to try to listen better.

[center [I -Earlier that day-]]

[+maroon “I don't get it, a hunter turns up dead and your first guess is a ghoul? I don't know Lys it doesn't seem like a Ghoul's MO. I mean don't they go after dead things not make things dead?"]

Joey looked up at his partner who was jotting notes in a journal. As held the cooler of blood and gut in his lap.

[+indigo "Yes Joey, it is very likely a ghoul did this. Although it is uncommon for a ghoul to actually kill its food, it has happened before. Just stick to the plan and I promise I won't be far behind if you need me. You got this."]

It wasn't a matter of confidence, it was a matter of logic. In all the cases involving a ghoul, it always pointed to the solid fact that they are scavengers, eating up the mess made by something else.

He could hear movement in the distance, drawing in a quick deep breath he waited and held his breath. Trying to keep his chest from moving. Covered in rotting insides and blood he would definitely smell like a tasty meal for the lurking monster, very thing was going according to this very tedious plan.

[right [b Grace Olmstead]]
Grace lead him to the field, she could have sworn this was the way she took that night to cool off, but it didn't seem right. It looked different than what she remembered.

Caught up in the thought that it seemed wrong she still tried to remember what exactly the monster looked like. Though it was dark she knew she would know it when she saw it.

[+olivedrab "I am not sure what I saw. It was big, and it was strong. Strong enough to rip my brother in half and tear him like he was nothing more than paper. "] she stopped and took a deep breath trying to remember that he anger and frustration would not help the situation.
[+olivedrab "It smelled like copper. Uh, blood, like a giant bucket of blood."] after she said that she thought back trying to remember if she was referring to the scene after. She wasn't sure anymore. She was tired but her adrenaline still pumped through her from the attack. She just wanted her brother back.

She looked up at Randal realizing she wasn't helping at all. [+olivedrab "I'll know it when I see it."] she said hoping she wasn't pissing him off too much.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Spectral] [center [spectral [size15 Randal stared at the woman once more, blinking at her response to him. She would take him there? Damn she was going to be stubborn which was going to make his life far more difficult. This girl knew nothing of hunting, that much was obvious by how she got pinned down under the monster. She was not good at what she was doing, hell did she have training? It seemed that she did not know this world and that wasn't entirely surprising.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Luke likely kept his sister out of this life. Hell Randal knew that his family thought he was in college. Even though he wasn't and his white lie about the best friend wouldn't hurt anything. It was another protection against the fact Luke was definitely gay. And while he could track it on his own, Randal would rather not risk finding the wrong creature in the process. If this was Luke's sister, she most definitely had a right to avenge her brother. She just needed to know how to do it right.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Another comment caught him off guard as he looked up at the woman. Boyfriend? So she knew he was gay, well that made life a little easier. Randal wasn't sure he could hide his grief any longer. Right now he wanted to throw up and it felt as though he had been shot with a silver bullet. Silver poisoning would be far simpler than what he was feeling right now. Luke..the love of his life..was gone. Gods how could this have happened?]]]

[center [spectral [size15 [+SaddleBrown "I know he was. I just.."] Randal swallowed walking up to the woman. Stretching himself into full standing position he looked down at the woman. His eyes glistening with what looked to be tears. The wet heat pricked at them and he knew it wasn't going to stop at this point. Was he crying? The wolf hadn't cried in a long time. [+SaddleBrown "I just didn't want to shock you with the fact he was gay on top of him being dead if you didn't know."]]]]

[center _]

[center [spectral [size15 After what felt like an hour of walking Randal found himself standing in the middle of what seemed to be a field. The female beside him had been certain this was where they had found the monster but nothing seemed to be around. Nothing but dead silence and a coat of night so black it was like velvet. The smell was dull other than something that vaguely smelled like dirt. It was likely a ghoul had been here previously and could potentially be lurking around still.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 [+SaddleBrown "So what exactly did you see?"] Randal's voice was soft as he stepped forward, foot pressing against the grass bending the blades down. A soft scent given but the ghoul was hitting his nose causing it to smell like rotting flesh. If it wasn't for his years of hunting Randal likely would want to puke, but luckily he had steeled himself to the rotting flesh scent. Turning his head his eyes landed on the woman, waiting for her answer. While he was certain it was a ghoul he wanted her description first.]]]
  rαndαl / -YouAreLoved / 277d 23h 57m 11s
Grace was not good at many things, and apparently, hunting was just another thing to add to the never-ending list of things she could not pride herself. However, she was fairly keen on body language and facial expressions. Although he tried to cover it with professionalism there was something on Randal’s face that was different than she expected. There was grief as was expected especially after he revealed their partner, but there was something more.

Though in his story something confused her. Lucas’ best friend was Natalie, she was still alive, she knew of his boyfriend who was killed shortly after he started college. She was told it was through some crazy hazing for a fraternity that went too far.

Her thin fingers rubbed against the cool concrete beside her before pushing off to stand. He asked about that attacked them. There she was conflicted. If she told him [i he] would go off and get the vengeance [i she] so desperately craved to carry out herself. On the other hand, if she told him [i he] would actually probably succeed

Drawing in a deep breath she composed herself. [+olivedrab “No, but I will take you to where it happened. Maybe it’s still lurking there.”] she decided she would be stubborn about this. She would make him take her with him. That way he still needed her. That way she could at least be involved.

Slinging the backpack over her shoulder she walked past him. At that moment Randal’s status didn’t matter to her. She wanted her revenge, and her hero wasn’t going to be the one to take it from her.

Clearing her throat she looked over her shoulder at the much taller male. [+olivedrab “I guess I wasn’t the only one Luke hid things from Jeremy was his boyfriend, not his best friend. I’m sorry he lied to you.”]

Grace took a few more steps toward the exit until she reached where she put her backpack down. Picking it up and swinging it on top of her brothers she stared outside. [+olivedrab “Are you coming or am I going after this thing alone?”] she asked trying her very best to be just as cool and composed as he was.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Spectral] [center [spectral [size15 Randal couldn't help but stare at the woman in front of him like some alien. She seemed awestruck by him, not uncommon, but she also seemed very conflicted with herself and confused. Lucas really hadn't said anything about being a hunter to his family? It was shocking but at the same time not. He had told his family he was off at college but in truth he'd joined Randal halfway through his freshman year.]]

[center [spectral [size15 It was obvious with how the young woman was reacting to everything. Her anger and confusion mounting in a display before him. Still the hunter said nothing at her outbursts, screaming into the air at her brother as though he could hear her. Her anger was abundant but she seemed to be filled with grief. The scent of it radiated off of him in waves. The wolf knew all to well what it mean though, the way she was acting, the lack of his presence. Lucas was dead.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Despite figuring it out it felt as though Randal had been shot with a bullet when the woman informed him that her brother was indeed deceased. His heart felt like a lion had ripped into his chest and chewed it up spitting the remains back into the hallow cavities of his chest. He was dead. He was dead. Lucas was dead and Randal hadn't been here to protect him. Why? Why hadn't he come looking for Lucas sooner. Maybe he could of been here to save his life from some unseen monster.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Swallowing, the hunter took a deep breath and shook his head. No. He couldn't let on that Lucas was his lover, it was quiet obvious by his sisters reaction she knew nothing of the two of them. He couldn't possibly bare to be the one to break the news to his already grieving family. It would be like being punched in the face after being drop kicked onto the floor. That information Randal would be most definitely keeping to himself for the time being. Right now he needed to focus on what was going on.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Turning his eyes onto the young woman, Randal cleared his throat trying not to seem to suspicious. She was obviously baffled and confused that her brother knew him. Which honestly was understandable. Randal was a legend among legends, he was powerful smart and intelligent. He had become famous for what he did and how he did it. Children everywhere admired him and adults wanted to be him. So to find out that your own flesh and blood knew a legend would be shocking.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Swallowing again the hunter looked the female over. As shaken and small as she was she deserved to at least know part of the truth. [+SaddleBrown "There is no escaping it now I suppose. You've seen me, you know I was calling your brother. I might as well tell you that we hunted together. I trained him in the art of hunting after his best friend was murdered by a demon in college. I found him on the floor next to a bloody body in tears. He begged me to teach him, pleaded with me, so I did. I taught him everything I know."]]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Yet it wasn't enough, everything he knew didn't save Lucas against whatever monster had murdered him. Randal wanted to know what it was that had taken his lover from him, that had ended his life. [+SaddleBrown "Do you know what killed him? Can you at least give me a description so I can bring this thing down?"] Randal knew of the vampire here but this thing couldn't of been what killed Lucas. In all of his training vampires were the easiest thing for Lucas to take down.]]]
  rαndαl / -YouAreLoved / 303d 11h 27m 53s
Eye shut tightly, squeezing so tight it hurt. She tried to conjure a memory far from where she was at the moment. She and Lucas, running through their large backyard, pretending to be hunters slaying imaginary demons.

The sound of a gun firing and the bright flash that followed sent a panic through her. Opening her eyes she watched as the vampire arched back compensating for the pain in it's back. Letting out a terrifying screech it burst into a flame so quick only someone as close as she was or someone who knew to look for it would notice and went up to smoke.

She was saved, again. For a second her instincts told her to look for Lucas, but once the initial shock was gone she scampered back and adjusted herself to where she was sitting on her knees.

It took a second for her eyes to adjust back to some form of light, but once she got a good look at who was standing in front of her, she was struck with awe.

[+olivedrab "You're...you are Randal Litin."] she said forgetting to answer his question. [+olivedrab "I mean, of course, you know who you are. You are you. Uh...I mean..."] she was trying her hardest not to ramble on like some pathetic starstruck teenager.

She took a moment, bringing the bag to her chest, clutching it protectively. [+olivedrab "But uh, to answer your question. My name is Grace. And you asking why I have my brother's stuff probably means you know him, and you were calling his phone so you were probably looking for him."] she paused for a moment realizing this was just another thing she didn't know about Lucas.

Call it a small mental breakdown, call it grief, call it whatever but she began to yell at her brother hoping his ghost could hear her. She stood up and began pacing.

[+olivedrab "You know Lucas! You are a major ass! You didn't tell me you were a hunter. You didn't tell me you knew Randal Freaking Litin enough for him to come looking for you...You hid things and you lied to me. Me! Your flesh and blood. The person you were supposed to tell everything to. I swear to God Lucas Alexander I could kill-"] she stopped herself from completing that sentence realizing what she was about to say.

She cleared her throat [+olivedrab "I-I'm sorry about that. Lucas isn't here I am just amazed at how little I really know him."] she wanted to put off answering the question that Randal probably wanted to be answered. She knew that it had to be answered. She doubted that anyone would leave Randal Litin unanswered.

She sat back down and set the bag down beside her, her arm still looped in the strap. She averted her gaze down to the floor focusing on the pile of ashes that was once the being that was about to reunite her with her brother. [+olivedrab "But uh to answer your question. I am Grace Olmstead, and my brother Lucas. Well..."] she paused still hesitating. She didn't know why she couldn't say it out loud. Those words were seared into her mind.

[+olivedrab "He...He's..I.."] she was stammering struggling to say it out loud. She hadn't said it out loud since that night. Covered in blood and dirt. She barely remembered telling her parents, but she knows she did. They wouldn't look at her, barely spoke to her. They blamed her, she knew they did. She did too.

Her face grew hot, and the closer she got to actually saying it the more her voice betrayed her. There he stood, her hero right in front of her and she couldn't even look at him. He came looking for her brother and instead he found her.

She pressed her lips together still focused on the ground. [+olivedrab "Please don't make me say it. I can't say it. Saying it out loud makes it real. And it can't be real, he was my best friend. So please, don't make me say it."]

She drew in a deep breath finding the courage to look at the man before her. [+olivedrab "I'm sorry."] she paused. [+olivedrab He was saving someone from something. I don't even know what it was. It was late, late enough where it was common sense not to be outside alone and it attacked. Lucas was there trying to convince her to go home because she had a fight with her family. The thing came out of nowhere and attacked. They were caught off guard. Luke..he fought, hard. He just couldn't. He couldn't do it all. Kill the thing, save the girl and save himself. The thing got away, but..."] she was shaking her head slightly refusing to relive that night by saying any more.
[+olivedrab "I'm sorry."]

It was then that she realized why she truly needed to be a hunter. If she knew how to defend herself against that thing Lucas wouldn't have needed to. He would be here and not buried waiting for a headstone because the engraving company misspelled his name. If she could do this, she could save so many people. She could prevent this feeling for so many families. She owed this to him and now was more determined than ever to do so.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Spectral] [center [spectral [size20 -Many Years Prior-]]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Spectral] [center [spectral [size15 Ice cold wing stung at the wolf's skin as he moved through the woods silently as nerves raced through him. At any given moment he could be caught and drug back home. It was a game to him, trying to see how far he could get before his father would catch on and find him. A test to show that he truly was the alpha-heir of the pack and could do great things. A test and a game that both he and his father seemed to enjoy.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Darkness was setting and his thick fur wasn't enough to keep out the cold that was on coming. Just a few more miles and he would be out of the woods heading into what he hoped would be a large valley. Those where the easiest to hide from his father in, and made it the hardest to find him. His sleek body pressing forward in silence praying his father wasn't terribly far behind him.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 When silence basked over him, Randal stopped and turned. His father wasn't following him? Or was this just a trick to catch him? The young wolf felt his heart beat quicken as he turned and started to strut towards his home again. The smell of sulfer filling the air as he approached and a sickening feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. Something wasn't right but what on earth could it be? Randal was almost afraid to find out. Nothing should be able to find them, at least Randal didn't think they should.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 After all his pack lay hidden in the woods. A feat his father had accomplished in hopes of bringing safety to his own sons so that they could grow up like real wolves. It was his dream that they grow out here, away from the every watchful and mostly hateful eye of humans. Free to be who they were rather have to watch their every waking move. It was the safest thing, or at least his father had thought so.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Randal felt his breath hitch as he turned around the corner towards where the valley his pack lived in sat. The smell of blood hitting him like a thousand tons and dead body's littered the ground in the moonlight. A strange dark creature stood towering over what Randal only assumed was the large body of his father. Gut wrenching pain hit him as he sucked in a breath, arms shaking as he backed away from the monster. His mind flashing back to when he was just a boy.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[center [spectral [size15 [i A young wolf stood in front of his father, tiny arms crossed over his chest. A pout came about his lips as he stared at both father and elder brother fighting in the grass. Sweat glistened on their skin and the young male let out a whine. [+SaddleBrown "When will it be my turn papa?"] The soft voice was laced with the sound of a pout in there, enough to make the larger man chuckle. Black hair was tied into a ponytail and a large chest covered with dark hair. Muscles that rippled like water under taunt skin moved as he turned to face his younger son.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 [i [+ForestGreen "Not yet little wolf, when you are older I will wrestle with you too. For now you will have to settle for your brother. I do not wish to hurt you."] The child grunted in annoyance as the deep baratone played out around him. He wanted so badly to fight but there was no chance that his father would let him. Instead he was met with the taunting voice of his brother. [+purple "Yeah because you are to little."] [+SaddleBrown "Am not"] [+Purple "Are too."] The sound of children's arguments filled the air before a almost laughing voice cut them off. [+ForestGreen "BOYS! Enough already."]]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[center [spectral [size20 -Current Day-]]]
[center [spectral [size15 Shooting up in bed, Randal pressed his hand to his forehead as he calmed himself from the nightmare. It felt like ages ago that Randal had witnessed the death of his pack at the hands of a demon, and just as long since he picked up his first gun. It was that night that he had promised his deceased pack he would get revenge on the monster who did this and it only grew from there. Slowly Randal became famous for what he did, people across the world gaining interest when a demon slaying went on live television and seemed to draw in the crowds.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 To many people had decided to attempt to become demon hunters, to many attempted and died. With a shaky breath the hunter pushed his blankets off of him and turned to stand. Bare feet hitting the gritty carpet of the cheap motel room that he was staying in. It's flashing sign glowing brightly through the curtains that covered the window into the room. Randal was here for one purpose and one purpose only, to find Lucas. His lover had returned home under the pretenses that his house was getting evicted but in reality it was a case of a vampire gone haywire.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 That had been several months ago however and Randal hadn't heard anything from him. It wasn't uncommon for the two to loose touch for a short while during a dangerous hunt, but never this long. So Randal decided he would come out here to see what was going on and when he called and didn't receive an answer he turned on the gps tracking to Lucas's phone. For the longest time it remained sitting in one spot, his childhood home and Randal was trying to gather the courage to approach it.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Randal had no clue if Lucas's family knew he was gay and walking up to their house like 'hey I'm your sons lover' was not the way he wanted to out him. Inhaling sharply, the hunter turned his eyes onto the phone in his hand and clicked the tracker on. Eyes widening, the male lept up without thinking. Lucas was about to face the vampire alone. If this thing was as powerful as Randal heard, that was not going to be a good thing. Stuffing his gear into his bag, Randal took off in a dead sprint out the door ignoring the weird looks that he was getting.]]]

[center [spectral [size15 The darkness clung to him like a cloak and the wind pressed out of his lungs quicker than a deflating tire but he pressed on. Heavy boots clacked as he approached the old warehouse, swinging the door open just in time. Without thinking the hunter drew his pistol, aimed and fired. A wood dart hitting the vampire with enough power to send it up in smoke. His eyes darting down onto the figure below only to be taken back. That was definitely not Lucas, so why did she have his bag?]]]

[center [spectral [size15 Pulling his phone from his pocket the hunter dialed a familiar number only to hear the blasting of the ringtone for him on Lucas's phone echo out of the bag she was wearing. That was Lucas's bag, so why did she have it? [+Steelblue "Who are you? And why do you have Lucas's stuff?"] Randal's voice was harsh and he could feel his adrenaline pumping.]]]
  rαndαl / -YouAreLoved / 333d 9h 6m 16s
[i I don't know what he experienced in those moments between life and death. I don't know if his life flashed before him like a string of memories, or if a dead relative descended from the heavens to escort him to the afterlife. I wish I knew if there was a big bright white light. But I don't. All I do know is he went down fighting. ]

Grace slammed the notebook shut with disgust, cursing its existence, it's purpose. Near the verge of tear she flung the notebook at the wall, it's hardcover hitting hard against the wall with a solid [i thwack] before landing on a mound of dirty laundry that had been piling up for the past six days.

It was her mother's idea for the family to go to counseling. It was the counselor's idea for Grace to write in a journal. She hated it, it felt fake. She didn't want to write about her feelings or what happened. She didn't want to write about it, she didn't want to think about it and she sure as hell didn't want to talk about it

It was getting close to the time where her mother would call the family to sit down for dinner, but ever since the loss of her brother that idea seemed to have disappeared from existence for her family. Her mother stayed in bed, leaving her room just enough to stay alive. Her Father buried himself at work only staying at home to sleep, even that was minimal.

Instead, she found herself in his room. He had just moved back home while he looked for a new place after the house he was renting went into foreclosure. Boxes of unpacked stuff still crowded the navy blue room. Most of the time it was just comforting to be in his room surrounded by his stuff. It was little pieces of him that was left behind. This time, however, just sitting on his bed wasn't enough. She wanted more. To her, this was to go through his boxes. Though as she glanced at those against the wall none of them seemed to stand out. Yes, they were his but it didn't seem like enough. She began to look around more, unsure of what she was actually looking for. It wasn't until she found the shoeboxes and folders shoved under his bed she knew which ones she wanted to look through.

There were three boxes, all filled with post-it notes. Words scribbled on about monsters and demons. Thoughts jotted down quickly so they won't be forgotten. The folders filled with clippings from new papers and printed out articles from various sources.

"He was a hunter?" she whispered to herself sifting through more of the notes.

That night while her father was at work, and her mother slowly fading into the mattress Grace shoved what she could in a backpack. the three shoe boxes based at the bottom, a few changed of clothes, her wallet, Lucas wallet, and her notebook. She was going to continue her brothers work. It only seemed right.

The most recent thing he was tracking seemed to be a vampire. Before leaving, she tried to shuffle through the post-its trying to find something to give her a leg up, but the sun was beginning to set and there were just too many too look through and try to decipher.

She searched through his room one more time, finding a backpack full of more things she could only assume was used for hunting. There were a few bottles, of stuff she wasn't exactly sure what it was. There was also a few knife looking objects and some other books, once again still clueless about their use but still, she assumed there could be useful things in there. So she slung the backpack over her shoulder, now feeling a little over cumbered with two bags she continued on her way out the door to the section her brother thought the vampire may have been hiding out.

It used to be a meatball factory, but the company and sold it to a larger one and moved into a more industrialized city across the country. It made perfect sense for something that lived off blood to stay in a place that had seen so much of it.

Her hometown was a sleepy little town, one where it was abnormal for homes to have anything less than 2 acres of land with it. The walk was long but nothing she couldn't handle, she had spent her entire life there and walking along long country-like roads. It was a blessing when Luke left for college and gave her his car, but when he came back she had to relinquish the car back to him. Now, it felt wrong the idea of driving it.

It was well into the night. Normally a few cars would pass by, but ever since the attack people seemed to be terrified to leave their homes the moment the sunset.

As she stood outside that old factory her adrenaline began to rush through her system, the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood stiffly. She wondered if this was how Randal Litin felt for his first hunt, he was a true hero, even more so in her eyes. He brought justice for families like hers. Just like she will do.

Ever since she was young her brother would tell her stories about Randal Litin. After the first story of his heroic feat Grace heard, she was hooked. She knew all the theories surrounding him, she followed all the message boards and news about him, she had always fantasized being a hunter just like him, she just never thought she would actually do it.

Swinging her brother's backpack in front of her she reached in grabbing the first cold metal object to brush her fingertips. It was a common hunting knife with a serrated edge. She shrugged it should be good enough right? Her brother wouldn't have packed a bag for a hunt with useless stuff right?

A deep breath in and she was ready. She noticed chains and a broken padlock on the dirt beside the door. There was definitely something in there, or at least there was at some point. Pushing open the door, she entered the building, her adrenaline too hyped up for her to realize once the door shut behind her, the light from the street that illuminated her view would be gone.She set both bags near the entrance so she could have better movement in a fight. The thought about the light never crossed her mind as she ventured in further.

She was already across the main room when the echo from the door slamming shut prompted her to turn around. The darkness was so heavy, and nothing was visible. Her heart pounding with trepidation, her hands shaking as her grip on the knife tighten. She could hear something running by. It wasn't like a normal run, no this sounded different the steps were lighter and quicker than she assumed was normal.

"It's okay.." she whispered to herself. "Just like Randal..." her breathy voice shook trying to convince herself that she was not going to die.

It was quick and came from behind. She could feel the hot rancid breath on the back of her neck. She closed her eyes, knowing she was finished, and knowing she wasn't going to go down without a fight. She spun around quickly the knife slashing across for what she hoped was its face.

It let out a growl hand its hands clasping on her shoulders. It was swift and harsh. Her body flying across the room, and the collision with the old linoleum tile knocked the wind from her.

She gasped searching for her breath, she could feel the vampire now on top of her body smelling her, savoring this moment. She shuddered as she tried reaching for the knife. It must have noticed and pinned her forcefully against the hard floor.

She closed her eyes, trying to think happy thoughts as she prepared for those to be her last.
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