The Gift of Time

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[right [pic]][center [#32404e [font "Bookman Old Style" In a world where electricity doesn't exist. In it's place, is magic. Magic can only be used in items, tools, and devices. People search for these magical items in a place called Oakheart, the city of lost magic. It's a very dreary place, but is rich with magical potential. It is city were the most magic tools are produced and sold. It is also where these items are stolen and sold on the black market. Oakheart may be the city of lost magic, but the thieves thrive in the underbelly.]]]

[center [#32404e [font "Bookman Old Style" The people of Oakheart whisper a tale of one item that has withstood centuries, the Time Pendent. This odd piece of jewelry has the ability to reverse, move forward, and warp time itself. A noblewoman of Oakheart, Darcia, had the pendent in her family for generations. Nathaniel Caden , is paid to steal it. After knowing the true power behind this simplistic looking necklace and that the person that hired him wishes to use the pendent for devious purposes, Blitzkrieg is faced with a difficult choice in morals.]]]
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Legend told of a magic item, far out of reach to those who sought it. Such an item was rumoured to give its owner the power to manipulate time in any way they want. They might turn back time, slow it down or even make it pass by as quickly as they needed it to. Throughout time, many had tried to find such an item but what made it difficult was that no one really knew was form the item appeared in. Most thought that such an item might have been found in Oakheart. After all, most items that people sought could have been found here. No one really knew that that had been hidden in plain sight over the years.

As the years passed by, the rumours turned into stories of a pendant that seemed to have the same properties that the legend described. Many had tried and failed to find such an item but there was one who had been honoured with guarding such a magic treasure. Passed down through time, only those pure of heart were permitted to look after the pendant. There was a dangerous side to using the power of this pendant. If one used the power for selfish reasons, they could alter history and allow the world to descend into chaos.

Darcia was the most recent guardian to be bestowed with the honour of protecting that pendant. She was to be the only one who should harness its power and it was her duty to ensure that it remained safe until it was time for her to pass it on when she aged. It was perhaps ironic that she found herself in Oakheart: the place that had become commonly known as the City of Lost Magic. The magic she protected was not lost, but well hidden.

The city itself may have appeared gloomy to those who were unfamiliar with it, but there were hidden beauties within the walls that ran around the outside of the city. There were many ornate features that travellers did not seem to appreciate but this was Darica’s home and she would always see the exquisiteness of it, even when others thought it absent and she would continue to do so.

It seemed like a normal day upon the streets of Oakheart. Bustles of people moving about the mazes the streets had to offer, exploring the markets and the delicacies for sale. She had not expected that something might happen that would lead to her use of the pendant. Least of all, she would not have been able to predict that someone might witness her use of it. It was common that when the pendent was used it would manipulate time around them so that no one would even know it had been adjusted in the first place but on the very rare occasion that someone was out of range, they might not be affected by the power of it.

Darcia allowed her feet to carry her through the markets, politely greeting those who offered her a smile or tried to tempt her into purchasing whatever it was that they were trying to sell. She had no intention of buying anything today. She could hear the sound of horses in the distance before she was able to see them. There might have been about a dozen of them, racing towards the busy streets of the market place and their riders were no long visibly in control of them. Her heart began to hammer against her chest as she slowly started to realise that the people in their path would have no time to move out of the way before they would even realise they were upon them. They had no time, but she did.

Darica enclosed her hands around the pendant and muttered words in a language long lost to the human race as she allowed her eyes to close. Once they were open again everything around her had slowed down yet she remained able to maintain her normal pace. It was a beautiful yet terrifying state. Instead of taking a moment to admire the way the horses looked in all their glory she took the time she had gained to push a few people out of the path of the horses so that they had a completely clear trail. It was likely that the people affected might have been confused about the reason their now lay upon the floor but she would be long gone before they even had the chance to wonder. She now positioned herself behind the horses and closed her eyes once more, taking the pendant in her hand and muttered words that would allow time to catch up to itself and before she even had the chance to observe her deed, she had disappeared into an alley that offered her a secluded path home.

Out of sight and out of reach stood a hooded figure, lips parted and excitement in their eyes as he watched the girl disappear. A smirk danced upon his lips and started to lower the hood and a laugh began to escape into the air around him. Secluded in the distance, the man couldn’t help but allow himself this moment of pleasure for he had long last found what he had been looking for all these years.

“I found you.” He said in his cruel whisper before turning from the scene. He would now form a plan; one that would involve a highly skilled thief. This was not a job for an amateur, for that he was certain.
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