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[left [pic]][right [pic]] [center The sun dips into the ocean, painting the sky in shades of orange and blood red. Lining the forest's edge on the island of Rosea, the Islanders watch, coiled and tense in fear. A child, heedless of his parent's warning, runs for the sand, only to be snatched up before he can set foot upon it. Only the champions stand on the beach; two from each of the island nations. Clutching weapons or magic rods, they stare out to sea, watching, waiting. The ocean laps the shore, the waves barely a hand's width tall, unusually small. As far as the champions can see, the ocean lies flat, still. ]
[center ☀]
[center ☼]
[center ☀]
[center All at once, the water rushes up, something monstrous charging from its depths. The champions raise their weapons and charge into the setting sun--]

[center ☼ ☀ ☼]

Nearly three hundred years have passed since that day. Every year, the nations send their champions to the island of Rosea, but their purpose has been forgotten. The monster has not appeared for three centuries; not even the elders remember it as anything but a fairy tale. The champions are now political figures, singers, artists--no longer the best warriors and magicians, but people who showcase the best their island has to offer. They celebrate with parties and feasts, showcases and reenactments of the fight of the ancient heroes, years ago. Nowadays, the festival has become a political event, with the countries showing off and competing against one another.

Over the years, the countries have split into two factions. One faction, led by the largest island country, Celoa, wants to expand and unite the islands together under one banner. The other faction, led loosely by the country of Barcani, wants to preserve the sovereignty of each island. All eyes turn to the traditional meeting as tensions rise to a heat, fearful that what was meant to be a festival of peace may devolve to war.

A soul is said to cycle back to earth every three hundred years. As the festival draws near, dark powers stir, uncaring of the mortal politics that swirl above and threaten to rend the champions apart...

[center [b World]]

[center [pic]]

This story takes place on an archipelago made up of many distinct island nations. Each island's dwellers worship a different god in the pantheon, and each island receives a blessing from the god they worship. The blessings are meant to help them battle the monster their champions chased off a hundred years ago. These blessings leave a physical marking on the islanders, as well as giving them a unique ability; these two should overlap, if possible. For example, if your islanders worship the goddess of the sea, she may give them the ability to breathe underwater through gills. Breathing underwater is the blessing; the gills are the marking. It may not be possible, however, such as if they worship the god of magic, in which case they might be better at casting magic, and have a distinctive mark on their bodies like a red handprint on their stomach. These are both examples and do not have to be used.

These blessings should assist them in combating a powerful monster. It might be in a small way , but it should help somehow, as they were gifted with the purpose of helping them to overcome the monster.

Your character should be famous in the nation they come from, and may be famous over the whole archipelago. Most should be rich, successful, or both. No starving orphans, please. Some may have been invited to the feasts during previous years. They can be nobility or royalty, but cannot be crown royalty or reigning royalty. The third princess in succession is a playable character; the Queen is not.

There is magic in this world. Any magic comes from the god or goddess your character worships, and should be based around their domain. Almost all islanders have some amount of magic, though not all are skilled in it or have chosen to develop their magic. Think of it like playing a musical instrument. Nearly everyone is capable, but not everyone has bothered to learn how.

[center [b Countries]]

[center [pic]]

[b Rosea:] An idyllic island, Rosea is neutral ground and belongs to no country. It is a holy land and is considered to be the home of the gods. Aside from a small town that exists to maintain the shrines to the gods and host the festival, Rosea is uninhabited. Only the town's few residents live there permanently, but the other islanders often travel to Rosea and its shrines on pilgrimage.

[b Celoa:] Militaristic, Celoa is not only the largest island, but the most warlike. Its civilians are required to enlist in the military, and its navy is the best armed of all the countries' navies. The island is one of the most developed islands, and its natural resources have been largely depleted. [+red [b Worship Maaro.]]

[b Barcani:] A small but lush island, Barcani is rich in natural resources. It is a popular tourist destination, and is renowned for its ivory beaches. A relatively undeveloped country, it nonetheless is a center for trade, and has the largest fleet, though its ships are mostly for trading and fishing. [+blue [b Worship Acua.]]

[b Shikin:] Relatively barren, this volcanic island is known for the resourcefulness of its inhabitants in making do with very little and inventing to take the place of raw resources. A rich island despite its lack of resources, its black, volcanic beaches help bring in tourists. [b Worship Ibin.]

[b Ouana:] The smallest of the island nations, this island prospers from its pearl-diving and fishing. Ouana is windswept, and has very little in the way of vegetation, but is made up of strong bedrock. Reefs prevent easy entry, but any good Ouanan knows the secret way through. Said to possess the most skilled sailors. [+purple [b Worship Aeter.]]

[b Gruhan:] Hottest of the islands, the interior of Gruhan is made up of tangled jungle. Diverse wildlife can make life difficult, with fearsome predators lurking in the depths of the jungle and poisons and medicines galore growing in its forests. [+green [b Worship Hokon.]]

[b Kuesia:] The social center of the islands, Kuesia is home to the largest city in the archipelago. It produces most of the clothes and luxury goods for the islands, and is considered a trendy place to live. [+brown [b Worship Tura. ]]

[center [b Gods]]

[center [b [+blue Acua, Goddess of Sea] • [+red Maaro, Goddess of War]

[+brown Tura, God of Land] • [+purple Aeter, Goddess of Wind]

Ibin, God of Volcanoes • [+green Hokon, God of Harvest and Jungle]]]

[b [center Rules]]
-Standard ES rules
-Literacy: Be at least able to post 1500 characters/post. Correct grammar and syntax strongly requested.
-No Mary Sues or edgelords
-No cybering. Romance is allowed, but don't make the group about only your two characters. However, splitting off and writing 1x1s is encouraged!
-No godmodding

[b [center Plot]]
-The basic idea of the story is that a bunch of rich and famous people, who are not at all fighters, find themselves suddenly foisted into the middle of an adventure and have to scramble to make do as champions.
-I have several episodes planned, but am flexible. If you have an idea or want to take the story in a new direction, do so. You do not need my approval to add plot to the story. Caveat: if you think the idea might derail the whole rp, please ask me first.

[b [center Characters]]
-Please create a character who can connect to other characters. We want to make a story together, not write six lonely narratives.
-Your character should know the other characters, at least by name and reputation, if not more. Remember, you're all famous. You've probably shmoozed at the big events around the islands before.
-No OP powers/abilities. Magic exists, but is not all-powerful. I've left magic vague on purpose. Do with it as you please, but I reserve the right to decide whether an ability is OP or not.
-Create a vivid nation around your character. Feel free to expand and explore the possibilities of the world. Your god and country are up to you. Ask before you deviate extremely from the skeleton description, but aside from that you're free to do as you wish. Note: the gods DO NOT interact with the mortals at all. They were last seen hundreds of years ago. Even their blessings were handed down by proxy.
-Each island has one representative. If you want to double, consider becoming a member of your or another character's entourage or a villager. There are as many entourage slots as there are people who want to use them.
-If overwhelming interest is shown, I will consider opening up additional islands and gods.
-Character deaths must be explicitly allowed by myself and the other player, or take place when a player is leaving the RP. I do not expect us to be killing one another, so please do not create a character that would do so.
-Images should be anime/illustrated and tasteful. I'm going to be a little picky about pictures, especially if they're overused. If it's on the first row of Google results, it's probably overused. If you need help, feel free to ask.

[b [center Submissions]]
-Send me your skeleton via PM. I'd appreciate it if you used the title "islands"
-There is no reserving characters. Please send a completed skeleton. If your desired country fills up, PM me and I'll see if I can't alter one of the other countries to help accommodate your character. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE. Some countries are more inflexible than others and I WILL NOT change Barcani or Celoa.
-Skeletons can be found under the Characters link.
-Submissions are not first come, first serve. I will notify you upon receipt and notify you upon acceptance. It should take no longer than a week to make the decision, though extenuating circumstances may lengthen the process. If I do not notify you of receipt of PM within three days, PM me again. The system sometimes loses PMs.

[b [center Posting]]
-Post in a timely manner. Each player will have two weeks to post, after which they will be reminded. At three weeks, the character will be kicked. If you want to leave at any time, please let me know. Extenuating circumstances may alter these rules.
-Posting order will be determined at a later date and posted in the OOC. Please follow it.

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