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The amount of time they had spent together that evening seemed to go unnoticed by the two and after a while Elizabeth noticed that people were starting to look at them and whisper about how the bride-to-be hadn’t been socialising much with her guests. However, it was her prerogative and hers alone. Elizabeth allowed her hand to rest on Helen’s arm and she smiled towards her.

“I do believe you should be talking with some of your other guests.” There was no judgement in her voice but as she spoke Helen took a look around the room and saw that some of her guests were looking in her direction and whispering to each other. Neither of them had noticed that they have become the attraction of several guests that night, not even the man who had claimed her friend as his wife. She loved the way that they looked at each other. The love was so obvious that even a stranger would be able to see it.

Elizabeth took a sip of her drink and realised that the glass had become empty long before now and that her conversations with Helen had clearly occupied them for a lot longer than she had thought. It didn’t matter all too much as champagne wasn’t really to her taste and she remember taking to drink as a way of demonstrating her manners to the hosts. She was surprised she had even been able to finish the drink that she found such distain for but then, the drink had probably been in her hand for well over an hour. She smiled towards her fiancé. “Two more days are you excited?” She asked with a smile. Two more days and she would be a bridesmaid for her best friend.
[center --------]
As she stood and checked her reflection on the mirror the nerves that she felt about walking down the aisle with her friend had taken over her mind and body. The dress that Helen had selected was perfect and complemented her figure and brought out her eyes more than she had expected. She smiled at her appearance and placed her necklace around her neck before she made her way into the room where Helen was preparing for her day.

When she saw her, her breath caught in her throat and tears threatened the corner of her eyes as her happiness overwhelmed her. “Oh Helen, you look beautiful.” The tears could not be stopped and her friend joined her instantly. “I cannot believe you are getting married today.” Elizabeth moved towards her friend and threw her arms around her. “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I hope your future husband knows how lucky he is.” She said with a smile while her arms will still around her but pulled back so she could look upon her face. The happiness was not something that she could contain but she had managed to control the tears for now. The two gushed for a moment until they eventually began to laugh and started to compose themselves once more.

Soon enough the moment they had shared had come to an end as the vicar entered the room to let them know that they were ready for their ceremony and they exchanged a lot of excitement and nerves. The music found its way to their ears and they could hear the vicar asking everyone to stand for the entrance of the bride. All the while the butterflies flying around, making sure that Elizabeth felt no comfort as she walked down the isle with her best friend. Her smile was fixed to her face and as they walked down the isle they made eye contact with several of her guests.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and she couldn’t stop herself from crying tears of happiness throughout as the bride and groom said their vows to one and other. It was a relatively short ceremony in her experience but it was beautiful all the same and she found herself completely focused on it the entire time.

When it was over, it was time for the wedding party to exit and lead out the rest of the guests and that was when she caught the eye of someone she had not met before, a man who seemed to make her heart quicken.
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 5d 11h 22m 57s
[left [pic]] [center [size14 [i [u Flashback]]]]
[size11 [i Sounds of bombs could be heard from overhead as Sebastian was crouching behind a bunker.]]
[size11 [I "Man down!" Someone had shouted in the distance.]]
[i Sebastian grew more anxious as e could hear more bomb's in the distance.]]
[size11 [i "What do we do?" He asked the general, who was standing next to him. The reason why he was standing next to him was because he was the second in command.]]
[size11 [i "We take out the enemy bunker."]]
[size11 [i "But how?"]]
[size11 [i All of a sudden, a man got shot next to him, Sebastian gasped.]
[size11 [i "Wait 'till night time."]]
[size11 [i "Wait 'till night time?"]]
[size11 [i "Yes, then we take out the enemy bunker.]]
[size11 [i "But sir, they might not be asleep.]]
[size11 [i "They will be asleep!]]
[size11 Sebastian frowned. Then went back to ducking.]]
[size11 --]
[size11 [i Several hours later, it was night time. And half of Sebastian's men were down. He had never seen so much death in his life.]]
[size11 [i Shortly afterwards, they were making there way into the enemy bunker. Which was at the back of no man's land.]]
[size11 [i He could hear several people speaking Japanese.]
[size11 [i He looked back at the general, who was preparing a smoke bomb.]]
[size11 [i When the smoke bomb went into the bunker, all the Japanese people screamed.]]
[size11 [i He then threw the actual bomb. However, it was thrown back at him.]]
[size11 [i Sebastian moved as soon as he heard the bomb. Then he heard the explosion.]]
[size11 [i He didn't want to look back. He couldn't. Not after watching several of his men die.]]
[size11 [i He decided to wait for several hours, to make them think that the Japanese had won.]]
[size11 [i In the meantime, he decided to find a bomb. As he didn't have one on him. But how would he do that?]]
[size11 [i "Sebastian."]]
[size11 [i He could vaguely hear a voice in the distance. As he was standing in his living room.]]
[size11 [i "Sebastian!"]]
[size11 [i He jumped.]]
[size11 [i "So, best man?"]]
[size11 [i "Er... sure."]]
[size11 [i "The other guy smiled "Thank you!"]]
[size11 [i "No problem. So what do I have to do"?]]
[size11 [i "Well, you have to say this speech," He was suddenly handed over a piece of paper, "and this speech."]]
[size11 [i "How am I going to remember two speeches?"]]
[size11 [i "I don't know, by reading them."]]
[size11 When he was at the wedding, he greeted several friends that he knew and sat with his best friend.They talked for several hours until it was time for the wedding.]]
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Elizabeth couldn’t remember laughing so much in her life. Even at home with her family where they held many joyful evenings. Perhaps it was merely down to the fact that this was the first time that she had been to such a gathering or whether it was in fact an amazing night, she would remember it forever.

For Elizabeth, the simpler things in life were what pleased her the most and being amongst friends was the best way to spend her time and tonight was a celebration for her best friend Helen who had just got engaged to the man who had been courting her for the last twelve months. Her parents were so delighted with the news that they had insisted on throwing her an engagement party to share the news with the whole town. Their family were well liked and that much was clear from the turnout but Helen was only really concerned with one person being in attendance and that was Elizabeth. She shared every little detail of her life with her best friend and she wouldn’t want her to miss this moment either. They had spent years building memories together and tonight they were found in beautiful cocktail dresses, champagne in hand reminiscing about their childhood as the other guests mingled with one another.

Helen’s fiancé came up behind her and placed her arms around her stomach as well as rested his chin upon her shoulder. “You look like you are having a good time.” He said, placing a kiss upon her cheek and looked up towards Elizabeth. She liked him a lot and he was perfect for Helen. He cared about her more than anything else and his love was more than apparent and that’s all that she could ask for when concerning her friend. Elizabeth nodded in reply to his statement and Helen looked up towards him and placed a kiss upon his lips. “We were talking about our childhood. It turns out we were quite renowned for finding mischief.” She said with a laugh. “We will tell you about it one day.”

There was silence a moment before her fiancé broke the silence again. “Have you asked her yet?” He said, quite obviously referring to Elizabeth and for a moment she became worried.

“Have you asked me what?” She asked, looking concerned but when Helen laughed at her expression she knew that she clearly had nothing to worry about. “Come on, you simply cannot say something like that and expect me to not be curious.”

“I wanted to ask you if you would do us the honour of being our bridesmaid.” She said quite simply, as though what she were asking was not of importance but it was clear that she didn’t know how much such a responsibility would mean to her and Elizabeth fought to hold back the happy tears as her hand went to where her heart was to signify that she was touched by the notion.

“I would love to!” She said, throwing her arms around Helen and her fiancé in the process. “Thank you so much for the honour!” For a moment, the three of them stood in the embrace before someone shouted the male of the group and he excused himself, leaving the two alone together. “I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding.” Elizabeth exclaimed with the apart excited that she felt that came with the duty. Their wedding wouldn’t take long to plan and people in this town didn’t usually wait too long until they made marriage official and the thought of walking down the aisle with her best friend filled her with happiness.

“You do realise that in little over a month I am going to be someone’s wife?!” Helen seemed to take it in for the first time and Elizabeth nodded. “You are going to need to bring company you know?” She said almost as a way to distract from the nerves that had set in with her. Elizabeth shook her head, trying her hardest to make it seem like she didn’t care about that but truth be told, it would be a lonely day for her in reality if she did not have someone in attendance with her.

“I don’t need a man by my side Helen. Besides, I haven’t yet met a man who has shown any interest in courting with me. I have other things to focus on anyway. I have nearly finished my medical training. I only have a week until my final exam and I don’t need anything to distract me from that.”

Helen obviously didn’t like the response she was given and made it obvious that she was going to do everything within her power to act as cupid from that moment onward.
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 16d 18h 43m 13s

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