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"Salem, how do you know Mother Teresa?"

  Crow37 / 3d 3h 48m 23s
Hm? o.o?
[i Is confused by what you mean a bit and thought you were referencing his fangs as he does actually have some via genetics.]
  Crow37 / 3d 4h 10m 12s
omg@!!!!! say it agian ull find these fangs on ur neack !!!!-_- pfft just started
  Asuna / HarleyVampire / 3d 3h 59m 21s
I only started a few days ago.
o wo

So I'm starting with a blank slate.
  Crow37 / 3d 4h 13m 33s
i finished so im starting all over but samlem is rly cute as a human
  Asuna / HarleyVampire / 3d 4h 14m 3s
Cool. ^w^

I'm on season 2, episode 2 currently. o wo

And Sabrina is a fairly common name, and a rather cool one. Just wish I could have named my cat Salem. = w=
Or Sabrina.
  Crow37 / 3d 4h 14m 57s
no.....i watch sabrina to!! i have a friend in rl named sabrina xD
  Asuna / HarleyVampire / 3d 4h 15m 39s
Just using the quicktime chat for the most part.

And having to get ready to go to a party.
  Crow37 / 3d 4h 15m 55s
*giggles and leans agianst a tree* wut ya bois up to,just curiuos,

  Asuna / HarleyVampire / 3d 4h 17m 20s

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