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Elizabeth didn’t want to feel sad anymore. She had spent so long feeling heartbroken and lost that she didn’t want to keep feeling like that, especially now that she had returned to find that Matthew was still in love with her and had asked her to be his wife once more. She wanted to celebrate that and while she would mourn her father, because he was family, she would focus on her own happiness for the first time in a long time.

Growing up Elizabeth has always followed the rules and done as she was asked to please her father but in the end she realised just why kind of person he was and she started to break away from his demands of her and it stayed that way until the very end. She just wished that he hadn’t killed him self with booze. In honesty, she wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t get much of an inheritance since he was also an addict in the arena of gambling. She was prepared for that though.

Elizabeth looked up at Matthew and offered him a smile, the shadow of exhaustion playing along her lips and echoed in her eyes. It had been such a long day in the end. [b “I don’t think I will ever get used to calling you that, although I hope soon it will be husband rather than fiancé. After the will reading tomorrow we should start planning. Maybe we should tell your sister too. I don’t want her to think I’m stealing you away.”] She chuckled and then sighed, wiping at her eyes a little. [b “I’m feeling alright. You really don’t mind if I stay? People might talk.”] Elizabeth smirked a bit then, knowing neither of them really cared about that.
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Matthew took the seat next to her as she sipped on her tea. He’d been taking care of his sister or trying to since their parents died. He somewhat learned how to cook and make tea, but he was never good at it. Most of the time, he tried to convince neighbors to bring food or worked as an apprentice to put food on the table. It wasn’t always easy by any means, but they survived. It was a main reason why he and Elaine were so close. Elizabeth declared that she wouldn’t let anyone take him from her again, and a sense of peace washed over him. [b “I’m not going anywhere. I promised you.”] One hand went to hers before he recognized what she said next.

[b “Maybe not... but sometimes people surprise us. I’m not holding out anything for him, but it is certainly worth something to check. He couldn’t possibly hold no feelings whatsoever towards you, could he? He fathered you after all.”] Matthew paused then, wondering if it was true. Elizabeth and told her father about them, especially when Andrew proposed to her after the whole gambling and losing the house thing. Matthew never met Mr. Stone, but he had a feeling the man didn’t like him. He was a traditionalist while Matthew was different. Her father did not believe in women owning business or creating a life. He only wanted Elizabeth to marry someone rich like Andrew that he could control to fund his own satisfactions. It made Matthew sick. The lame man hadn’t appreciated his life, so it was potentially good he wasn’t causing any more harm.

[b “Of course I will. As your fiancé it would be my pleasure.”] Matthew laughed gently and then put his hand on her back. [b “Are you feeling better? I don’t mind if you stay here for the night...”]
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Elizabeth felt strange, almost numb in a way. While her father had not exactly been the best father in the world, he was still family and he was the only family she had left. Now he was gone. Although, she knew that she would be starting her own family with Matthew and she would not be alone. Him and Elaine were her family now and she was more than happy to accept them into her life as that. She also had Helen and her beautiful daughter too.

More than anything Elizabeth felt numb having looked upon his body in such a state. He was almost unrecognisable. Now Elizabeth will forever remember the image of finding both her mother when she died and having to identify her father's body on a slab. Neither death had seemed dignified to her.

As soon as Matthew saw her, he took her into his arms she rested her head against his chest and sighed. She had not been able to shed any tears and she was not sure that she would. It was a strange feeling because she was angry and disappointed that her father had managed to get himself into that much trouble that he literally drank himself to death. She just had to hope for better if she ever to have her own children. She [I knew] that her children would have better.

Elizabeth pulled back from him slightly but remained within his arms, just lifting her head so that she could look at him. [b “It's alright, you wouldn't have been allowed in there anyway. It was just hard to see him like that, but I feel disappointed in him.”] A look of confusion passed over her face for a moment as if she was trying to place why she felt disappointed, but Elizabeth was intelligent enough to know that she was disappointed because he was an alcoholic who had being subjected to death by his addiction. She nodded when he offered to take her inside and she followed him easily and she sat on the sofa waiting for some tea. She always found the action quite calming even if it was something as simple as a cup of tea.

[b “I'm okay. At least I know where he is now and at least I know he can't cause any more heartache.”] She looked towards Matthew then when he spoke of their marriage and the possibility of an inheritance. [b “He could have tried. He had no power over me in the end. I made something for myself in Kent and he didn't have a single part of that nor could he ever take that away from me. I wouldn’t have let him take you away from me again.”] She stopped for a moment and shook her head then and sipped her tea. [b “I have to go to his solicitor’s office tomorrow to read through the will although I can't imagine there will be too much dispute as I am his only daughter. However, I do have a feeling that it might not be as simple as inheriting everything he had. He did not respect women and I can't imagine that he would willingly leave me his business when he did not believe that women had any place in business. Will you come with me tomorrow?”]
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It was hours that passed by, but they felt like days. Matthew read the paper over and over again. He worried for Elizabeth, and he worried what it might mean. She’d been so distraught over her mother’s death, but she wasn’t near as close with her father. The woman would still be sad surely. If the man was identified as her guardian, he still raised her as his own for years. He was a jerk and an alcoholic with a side addiction for gambling, but he still held the title of father. When a sleek, black car pulled up to his driveway, Matthew put the paper to the side.

Elizabeth steppes outside and then went straight to him. Wrapping his arms tightly around her as well, still seated on the porch steps, Matthew spoke softly. [b “I’m so sorry.. maybe I should’ve gone with you so you didn’t have to go this alone. Do you want to come inside? Let’s get some tea and sit downstairs.”] Matthew stood tall, wrapping a comforting arm around her waist and pulling her into his strong figure as he gently got her to sit on the sofa. Next, he got to work on filling a cup with tea Elaine always loved to drink. Carrying it over, Matthew sat next to her and rubbed her thigh gently.

[b “Are you alright? I know he wasn’t the best man...”] Matthew sat back then, considering what just happened. [b “I don’t know. Maybe he’d ban our marriage, but what does this mean for us? Did he leave his inheritance to you? You could use that money to start your own business here or move homes if you must.”]
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It was as though the words were echoing in her mind over and over again. She hadn’t heard from her father in months and judging by the state of the house, he hadn’t been in there for several weeks at least but she assumed that he was away on business, not that anyone apart from Helen had known where she was for anyone to contact her to ask her if she had seen her father. She was by no means close to her father but she wasn’t exactly wishing that he was dead so to hear that she might have to look upon her father’s face on a slab made her feel a little bit nauseous. She glanced back at Matthew who was encouraging her to go and regardless of the face that she wanted him to go with her, they both knew that wouldn’t be allowed.

Elizabeth nodded and swallowed hard as she started to follow the men who escorted her to the morgue in the car. A thousand thoughts buzzed around her mind as she was driven there and upon arrival she didn’t know what to think or feel. They led her into a room where there was a still body, obviously a corpse under a cloth and she was walked over to them.

[I “I’m really sorry to have to show you think but he didn’t have any formal identification on him, just a business card and we know lots of people work for your father so we needed to be sure.”]

Elizabeth nodded and braved herself as the man removed the cloth. It took all but a second before she was looking away. [b “That’s him.”] Everything was a blur from that moment on. She had to fill in some paperwork was told that there would be a will reading at his solicitors office the next day as soon as they informed them of his death. A few hours later she was back in the car, the gentlemen kind enough to drive her home although she directed them towards Matthew’s home.

When she climbed out of the car she was pale and exhausted but no where near the same level of emotion she had shown when he mother had passed. She went to Matthew the moment she saw him and wrapped her arms around him. [b “It was him. Alcohol poisoning.”]
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Two men arrived in black coats. Matthew didn’t like the way they looked, so he placed his body slightly in front of Elizabeth’s in a protective stance if they were up to no good. The soldier only calmed down when the men delivered a shock to the system. [i “I need you to come to the morgue to identify a body. We think... we think it might be your father.”] Matthew blinked a few times, finally looking towards Elizabeth at his side. The man that had been talking gestured to her, and the weight of such a thing was certainly heavy and important. If Elizabeth’s father passed, it was surely of reckless gambling or drinking, but he would soon relinquish his wealth to his daughter through his will surely. Of course, they were speaking of the death of her father, but Elizabeth’s father hadn’t ever been close to her. He made his choices to the grave.

Matthew placed one hand on Elizabeth’s back, the pressure enough to guide her forward. [b “Go with them... I’ll be waiting at my home.”] Matthew squeezed her hand once to give her strength. He wouldn’t be allowed back with her to identify the body. This was something only she could do. As soon as she was driven off, Matthew strolled back to his home, mind racing. They just made love, confirmed their marriage anticipations, and, now, her father might be dead. Life was strange how it threw turns and twists like that.

He waited outside, seated on the steps as he browsed storefront openings and land to buy with homes. If they were to be married, he’d have to move the business they’d grow, and she wouldn’t want to stay with Elaine. Matthew didn’t want to worry about Elaine being around when they found themselves in the throes of passion either, especially if they began adding to a family. It wasn’t until he met Elizabeth and fell in love with her that he even considered having his own mini me’s running around.

The news was just something to pass the time before Elizabeth came back with good or bad news. Something in Matthew was relieved. Surely, Mr. Stone would have made it damn near impossible for anyone to marry his daughter, being the lame and pathetic man he was. But, he felt for Elizabeth too. There was a huge chunk of his heart that was shaped for her after all.
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They had made love before, but it had never been so desperate or demanding. It was only more evidence that the two had spent far too long apart from each other. She held on to him as his pace increased and she only grew louder as she too reached her end. The one thing that was different about their love making in this occasion was that he finished inside when he had always been so careful to pull out before hand. Yet, that thought didn’t even cross her mind as she reached her orgasm with him. All she cared about what that she was with him and they loved each other. They were soon to be married and would deal with the consequences of their love making together if there was any.

When they both caught their breath, he pulled away from her, enough to give her some space to breathe but she still remained close to him. He promised her they would continue with this at a later date and then he helped her gather her clothes and get dressed.

Time passed quickly with Matthew helping her and soon enough they were packed up and she had all the things she had wanted, although she still was slightly unsure about where she was going with it all. She looked towards Matthew and smiled. [b “I...”]

[i “Elizabeth Stone?”]

[b “Hold that thought? Yes...”] She turned to face the man who had walked up them as they were stood outside of the house.

[i “I’m terribly sorry. I...I need you to come to the morgue to identify a body. We think...we think it might be your father.”]
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Matthew felt her nails dragging down his back, spurring him forward. He held her hands above her head tighter as his body moved in and out of hers in a curiously passionate pace. Her moans and gasps only made him move harder into her, pounding into her passionately. Matthew let out grunts and soft moans as she grew louder, finding his pleasure building inside. [b “I love you too...”] He whispered before slamming into her one last time, pleasure exploding inside of her as the orgasm took over. [b “Damn Elizabeth... you’re so sexy...”] Matthew fell onto his back then, sweating and breathing heavily. If it was up to him, he’d continue and never let her leave, but he knew she needed to get everything and get out.

Matthew took hold of her and pulled her into his body, kissing her extremely passionately once. [b “We need to get everything out of here. I promise we have more time for this later.”] Smiling against her, Matthew pulled on his clothes and helped her with her own, placing kisses down her back and neck as he buttoned her clothes over her body. He loved that she was his completely and fully his. She had never been with another man, and he only loved her more for it.

They spent the rest of the day finishing taking everything she wanted out of the house. Matthew and Elizabeth were both weary at the end of it, and she still had to go back to Kent to retrieve her things. As he pulled the last box out of the house, Matthew turned his attention to his girl. [b “I will leave a note for Elaine then we can head for Kent. Unless you’d like to go this alone?”]
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Elizabeth’s breath hitched in her throat as he left her lips to trail kisses over every inch of her that he could reach. It was more than enough to show her just how much he had missed her and she was sure that he would be able to tell by the reaction of her rising hips, arching back and moans of pleasure that she had missed him just as much. Nothinf has been the same without him here and she needed to show him that.

Her promise was returned then. The two of them vowing to ensure that they loved each other this way every single day for the rest of their lives. They would do the same again in their vows on their wedding day and that thought alone brought a smile to her face. Elizabeth has never thought about her wedding day before meeting Matthew. There had been so many times she had been asked when she was getting married for her to laugh in someone’s face and tell them that she would never get married if it was up to her and yet here she was with a fiancé who she couldn’t get enough of.

As he entered her, an elated gasp escaped her lips. He was everything she remembered and more. It was much like it had been the first time they made live to begin with. He seemed to be so gentle and caring, as if easing her into it, which only showed how much he loved and respected her but after a few moans and the dragging of her nails down his back in the heat of passion, things had started to pick up pace. Her hands were no longer on his back but pushed back above her head as he thrusted deeper inside her, causing her moans to become louder as he did. [b “Matthew...”] She was already so close, yet they also could have been doing this for hours and she wouldn’t know how much time had passed. [b “God I love you.”]
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Eighteen months was far too long to wait to make love with Elizabeth again. Matthew hit himself mentally for that as soon as he removed all of her clothing and his own. Her body was so beautifully untouched before him. He’d been her first and was still her only as far as he knew. Matthew didn’t think there was any way Elizabeth allowed Andrew anything even close to this. Matthew gently pulled off Elizabeth’s top and worked down her skirt, aided by her in every way. Matthew undid his trousers and slid them off. Nothing stood between them.

Elizabeth reaches up and pulled him down over her, his skin pressing against hers. It was a feeling he couldn’t describe. Euphoria filled him as his heart beat in rhythm with her own. Matthew kissed her passionately and lovingly once with a bit of heat. His large hands ran over every curve as he trailed hot kisses down her jaw, neck, chest, stomach, legs, and back up. He wanted to kiss every inch of her skin and watch how she reacted. Matthew whispered against her lips then, [b “I promise you just the same”]

With his body framing hers, Matthew finally entered her. A groan erupted from his lips as he pushed inside her, solidifying their intimate love. He rocked his hips slowly and intimately at first, feeling her tightening around him. Passion took over as he began thrusting into her deeper and harder, hands taking hers and pulling them above her head. Grunts followed his thrusts as he continued to take her the way he’d wanted to for months. She felt so good... Matthew was officially intoxicated, and his drug of choice was Elizabeth Stone, soon to be Moore.
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When it came to Matthew, Elizabeth wasn’t shy about asking for what she wanted and the fact that it had been eighteen months since she felt his skin against hers in the passion of making love was enough to fuel her desire for him now. She wanted to seal their promise of marriage by making love in the way that they had before. He had been her first and the few times that they had slept together after that point had been minimal. They had struggled to get time alone together and he had been so busy showing her how to make things with her own hands that they had perhaps only made love two or three times after he had claimed her virginity. She couldn’t accept another day going by without consolidating their love in a physical way.

No more words were exchanged between the two as his response came in the form of a kiss that quite literally stole her breath away and he was picking her up di that her legs had to go around his waist. She guided him to her room, knowing he had not been there before and before long they were inside and her back was pressed up against the door as his kisses became more desperate, more promising. She sighed softly against him before he started to move her towards the bed where they would reconnect.

Elizabeth watched as he started to shed his clothes, a smile dancing upon her lips as she took in his impressive physique. The war had only made him even more defined and the scars were something she paid no mind to. They were a part of him and they told of survival and strength and if anything, that made her live him even more. She was far too distracted by him to have bothered to use the time to remove her own clothes but when he started to crawl over her she felt pure excitement and lust. If anything, she rather enjoyed the prospect of him having to undress her.

Elizabeth continued to kiss him as he got to work, lifting her arms or her hips when necessary to help him slide off the material until there was nothing left to shed. When they were both completely naked, she pulled him down towards her so she could feel his body against her own. [b “I will love you every day from this one to the next. I promise you this much.”] She said against his lips before kissing him once more.
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[i “Take me to bed.”] She worded, and Matthew didn’t have to be told twice. Eyes met hers as she asked him to finally delve into their intimacy. Matthew took one last look over her gorgeous face then couldn’t hold himself back any longer. His lips claimed hers in a feverishly passionate kiss. His hands went to her face as he kissed her like he never would again. Finally, Matthew lifted her up by her hips, pulling her legs around his waist. Matthew was strong from the war and work, so her weight was not much of a problem at all. Continuing to kiss her lips and down her jawline and neck, Matthew quickly carried her to her bedroom, nearly knocking into a wall as he did. Kicking the door shut, Matthew presses her back up against it and began making out with her in a heat that he’d been holding in for months.

She was officially his fiancé, and she never made him more hot than when she asked him to make love to her. As they kissed, Matthew felt the friction of their bodies, their clothes forming a pesky barrier to be removed. Matthew moves the woman from the door and then hurried to the bed, quickly setting her on it as he pushed his jacket off and threw off his shirt, revealing a sculpted yet scarred chest.

Matthew looked at her then, slowly crawling over her, his much larger body framing hers as he kissed her again, working her clothes to pull them off of her. He wanted to see his future wife in all her glory and love her the way she deserved.
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Elizabeth knew that Matthew wouldn’t assume that she was trying to control the situation or act too demanding and it was shown that he saw the humour in her words when he let out that laugh that captured her heart every single time. She could pick out his laugh anywhere and she was sure that she would recognise it in a room full of people. Her mind flashed back to the moment their first met and a smile met her lips. He had been so different back then, closed off and not at all welcoming but still they schemed with each other to try to trick her best friend and his sister. She imagined that the two of them would be feeling very satisfied with themselves if they had been witness to this moment.

Elizabeth read the look of surprise on her face when she produced the ring. Clearly he had been expecting that ring to be long gone by now but she never took it off, not even when she had been engaged to marry another man. She would never take it off either. She held out her hand to him as she smiled, watching him place the ring on her finger and she nodded, her smile spreading wider. [b “Of course! Of course I will marry you. I will marry you anywhere any day.”] She meant it too. She didn’t care how big or small he wanted the ceremony.

It was sealed with a kiss when he rose to his feet and she happily melted into it until she heard him change her last name. It really did sound amazing having his last name added to hers and she couldn’t wait to be called Elizabeth Moore. Before she would say anything else he was kissing her again and she couldn’t help but feel weak at the knees as she wrapped her arms around his neck, only pulling back to whisper something to him. [b “Take me to bed.”]
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Matthew laughed, his heart warming to no end. Elizabeth never got rid of his ring. She wore it always around her neck and just above her heart. Elizabeth carried him with her wherever she went. Smiling, Matthew just shook his head at the thought. That was his girl. She was always so kind and caring. Elizabeth never really let go of him. Matthew was only more solidified in his decision, even if he was admittedly slightly nervous. What person wouldn’t be? Matthew knew he’d probably mess up again. But he wanted Elizabeth by his side to keep him going.

Closing his large hand over the small ring, he then looked up at her, placing the ring between his thumb and forefinger. [b “Elizabeth Stone. Will you marry me?”] He smiled, slipping the band on her left ring finger. It looked radiant sitting there, a visible statement to everyone that she was his and he was hers. Standing, Matthew pulled Elizabeth in for a passionate and loving kiss. As he pulled back, Matthew leaned his forehead against her own. [b “Elizabeth Moore sounds pretty damn good to me.”] He smoked again and then claimed her lips like they were his oxygen.
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It was so like Matthew to think about solutions for them. They both wanted to be together and he had been the one to give her the tools to open her own business in the first place so of course he would be more than willing to welcome her into his, knowing that he had likely guilt it back up again and that people would have been more than willing to give him business since he was a soldier returning from the war with an injury that no one allowed him to fight. She smiled towards him, enjoying the image of working with him every day.

Then he took a step closer to her, heart beating a little faster that before since his look was so serious and the topic of conversation was of their potential marriage. Perhaps he had changed his mind about what he wanted but she really hoped that he didn’t want anyone else. He was down in his knee in the same way he had eighteen months ago when he first asked her to be his wife. A smile danced upon her lips as she nodded her head and brought her hands up to her neck where she released the clasp of her necklace, placing the ring that sat upon it in his hand.

[b “You should do it properly.”] Elizabeth chuckled slightly.
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