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As she stood and checked her reflection on the mirror the nerves that she felt about seeing Kyler had taken over her mind and body, not quite sure of how she might react when she saw him again. While they were forming part of a plan to deceive their friends and family, she had felt something while she had been in his presence. The dress that Helen had selected was perfect and complemented her figure and brought out her eyes more than she had expected. She smiled at her appearance and placed her necklace around her neck before she made her way into the room where Helen was preparing for her day.

When she saw her, her breath caught in her throat and tears threatened the corner of her eyes as her happiness overwhelmed her. “Oh Helen, you look beautiful.” The tears could not be stopped and her friend joined her instantly. “I cannot believe you are getting married today.” Elizabeth moved towards her friend and threw her arms around her. “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I hope your future husband knows how lucky he is.” She said with a smile while her arms will still around her but pulled back so she could look upon her face. The happiness was not something that she could contain but she had managed to control the tears for now. The two gushed for a moment until they eventually began to laugh and started to compose themselves once more.

“How do you feel about seeing Kyler again?” She asked. Helen assumed that any woman who had taken to another man would make her feel anxious and Elizabeth had to play the part so she did not alert them to their deceit.

“I do not know how to describe how I feel. What if I had imagined whatever connection I thought we had?”

“Now you see being silly. Anyone fool with eyes could have seen the spark between the two of you.” She smiled and squeezed her hand in hopes that it would console her. Soon enough the moment they had shared had come to an end as the vicar entered the room to let them know that they were ready for their ceremony and they exchanged a lot of excitement and nerves. The music found its way to their ears and they could hear the vicar asking everyone to stand for the entrance of the bride. All the while the butterflies flying around, making sure that Elizabeth felt no comfort as she walked down the isle with her best friend. Her smile was fixed to her face and as they walked down the isle they made eye contact with several of her guests but she noted that she had not yet set her eyes upon Kyler. Perhaps he had decided not to attend after all. Maybe he had decided their plan was too much.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and she couldn’t stop herself from crying tears of happiness throughout as the bride and groom said their vows to one and other. It was a relatively short ceremony in her experience but it was beautiful all the same and she found herself completely focused on it the entire time.

When it was over, it was time for the wedding party to exit and lead out the rest of the guests and that was when she caught the eye of him. He had come after all. She still had a duty to her friend though so she had to work really hard to pull her attention away from him and focus it on her friend who was relishing in the fact that she had just married her soulmate. She couldn’t allow anything to deter from her best friends moment but as soon as she was wrapped up in her guest she would take the opportunity to find Kyler so they could continue to deceive her friend and his sister. However, she did hold her hand up and waved at him.
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"Come on Kyler you have to hurry!" The voice of a panicked Elaine came ringing from the hallway just outside the bathroom and into the shower as Kyler was finishing washing off in the steaming hot water. "Elaine we have hours before the wedding! You don't have to worry so much. We will get there I promise you." Kyler yelled back as he finished scrubbing the shampoo out of his hair and stepped out of the shower while tying a towel around his waist. "NO Kyler you don't get it! You have to look good for the wedding and that means that I have to make you ready and that means that I have to get ready too and that means that we need more time so get your butt out here!"

Kyler sighed, smiling slightly at his sister's eagerness. He knew why she wanted him to look so handsome under her careful plucking and prodding. Elaine wanted him to catch the eye of Elizabeth, his chosen beloved from the masterminds of his sister and the bride to be best friend of Elizabeth herself. Kyler had never loved getting all dressed up and attending some stuck up formal ceremony, but there was a part of him that knew that he wanted to see Elizabeth again if only to see the look on his sister's face when they broke the news that it was fake... Or was that really the only reason?

Kyler finally pulled on his suit pants that Elaine had pressed for him the day before, stepping out after buttoning up his shirt. Elaine met him almost instantly, quickly tying up his tie and then helping straighten his jacket. She took a step back, examining him with a hand on her chin as if there was something out of place on the picture she was painting of the most suitable future husband of one of her closest friends. "What is it Elaine?" Kyler said, slightly annoyed, but he was certainly enjoying this. "There's something off..." She would trail off moving up to her much taller brother to lean up on her tip toes and fix his slightly longer hair then move it one way or the other until it was styled to frame his face just right. She unbuttoned and then rebuttoned the top button of his shirt about twelve times before deciding he looked classier with it buttoned then rolled up his cuffs. "There we go... you look GOOD big brother! Now get out of my way I have to get ready." She would push past him and Kyler would just laugh.

It was finally the day of the wedding. Elaine had talked his ear off about it since the party, and she always seemed to mention Elizabeth in each of her small speeches. Kyler's mind trailed to the planned meeting of Elizabeth, the woman in question. He was going to see her again for the first time since the party. They were planning this big reveal to stick it to their relatives, but Kyler was truly just thinking about seeing the woman again. He waited, making idle work of a small piece of wood as the carpenter he was until Elaine came out in her dress and makeup with her hair done up. "Well wow I'm going to look like a street beggar next to you." Kyler joked and Elaine smiled, making sure to push off some wood shavings from his jacket. "Oh shut up. Let's go." She would pull Kyler off, and he'd stumble to the car as it took them to the venue.

When the car pulled into the drive, Kyler helped Elaine out as she hurried to talk to her girlfriends. Kyler followed behind slowly, keeping his eyes stoic until he caught sight of Elizabeth... and the whole thing got just a little bit better.
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Elizabeth bit her lip as she disappeared around the corner and wondered what it was that had caused her heart to beat slightly faster than usual. She was too naive to think that her pretence with Kyler could become anything more than just that but her heart was secretly betraying her. He was different to all the men she had been forced to keep company with and that alone was enough to make her think about him in his absence. She was sure that he would occupy her thoughts more than once before the wedding arrived in a couple of weeks time. Although, she would tell herself it was simply so she could remember the details of his face and the trivia he had told her about his family so that she could ensure that she could combat Helen’s questions which were sure to come.

“There you are!” Elizabeth turned around to the sound of the woman’s voice, slightly startled by it even though she knew exactly who it belonged to. She placed her hand over her chest where she felt her heart thumping violently against her chest and she tried to laugh it off.

“Helen, you gave me quite a fright.”

“Did you think that you were going to be able to sneak off with a gentleman of this party and go unnoticed? Who was that?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. It took all of her power not to break down the woman’s facade and tell her that she knew all about her plan and that she knew that Helen knew exactly who he was but they had a plan and she wasn’t about to ruin it now.

“His name is Kyler Moore. He is certainly something Helen. He’s not a wealthy, arrogant man. He is quite centred and down to earth. I’m embarrassed to admit that I would not mind seeing him again.” That was something she did not have to fake. She [i did] want to see him again and she intended to.

“Well I will make sure that he gets and invite to the wedding. Come now, we have other guests to entertain and while I love my fiancé dearly, I have been quite bored without my best friend.” Helen took hold of her hand and pulled her back into the chaos of the party, speaking to those who addressed her and dancing with her friend whenever she desired her company. While the night flew by quickly with Helen by her side, she did not want to admit that she was having more fun with Kyler and she was sure that she would still be enjoying his company if he were still here. By the time the party came to an end her car had pulled up and she was saying her farewells to her friend and her fiancé and ran out to the car so that she could get home.

It was difficult to stop her thoughts from thinking of Kyler and she found herself smiling at the pride she felt about the fact they had seemed to do a good job of making their Cupids think that they had been successful within their plan and she started to think about how things might go at the wedding. A part of her was worried about the way she might look for the first time. Elizabeth has never been interested in that but knowing that Kyler would be there, a part of her wanted to look her best. She might even let Helen do her hair and make-up and that was a step she had never been willing to take before. Not only would it mean that she would look her best for Kyler, but it would help her to trick Helen into thinking that she really cared for him.
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Kyler only laughed to himself at the prospect of uttering such blunt words to the wealthy man that Elizabeth made her father out to be. He would probably be able to buy out all the things Kyler had... Yeah, there was no way he would ever say such a thing to the man's face, or, at least, he thought that for now. Kyler wasn't really scared of what a man could do. He developed that after the years of growing up without parents for the most part. He couldn't be weak and keep one of the only people he cared about alive. Kyler wouldn't know it at the time, but Elizabeth wasn't quite the same woman that he made out every woman to be... She wasn't the typical woman of the age. It was part of the reason that it was so easy to open up to her. She had a natural grace and intelligence about her that he couldn't place a resemblance on with anyone else. Her words seemed to be filled with true compassion rather than distaste or lack of care for the not as well off. Elizabeth was one of a kind, and it would just take him a bit to realize that.

Kyler would step in place with Elizabeth as they got closer to the large, wooden doors that opened to the main ballroom where the processions were taking place. The processions that they had managed to escape from for a few silent but precious moments. Kyler hated parties sure... but this was one that he was certainly glad he went to. Kyler nodded in understanding at hearing her arrangements to leave, turning towards the petite-sized woman, still towering over her as always. "Well I suppose you should start planting the seeds of doubt then Miss Elizabeth." Kyler would say in a much more gentle and polite tone than he usually used with woman he was forced together with. It came naturally when speaking with her. At the thought of seeing her again, Kyler couldn't honestly say that he wasn't looking forward to it. He had some kind of strong urge to know more about this woman in particular, and he had no idea what it was. "I will be seeing you around. I'm sure of it, knowing Elaine and all... Wedding it is then, just more opportunities for you to spill water all over me and all that." He joked about their initial encounter with that natural smirk of his that often seemed atrocious to many of the wealthy women.

Kyler opened the door for Elizabeth himself, letting his eyes look into her captivating ones once more, "And it was lovely meeting you, Elizabeth." Kyler spoke, feeling that same soft and gentle touch of her hand on top of his. Damn, this woman was something else... Kyler would watch the small woman walk away, observing her figure and the way she walked. He normally never let his eyes linger so long, but he couldn't seem to pull them away. Finally snapping out of the daze he was in, Kyler ran a hand through his hair and went to find Elaine who was off talking to some suitor. "We need to go.." He'd say, sending an intimidating look to the man he'd come to hear was only looking for a trophy wife at the bar where he was drinking before Elizabeth spilled the water on him. Kyler would grab the alcohol from the man's hands, sipping it all the way down, and he would set it down hard on the table next to him as a reminder to never try his hand on his sister again. Kyler made enemies quickly, but he didn't care. His sister didn't deserve a loveless marriage... no one did.

Pulling Elaine from the man, he could hear some protesting, but he hurried out to the car with her, explaining once they got out to the cold air. "He just wants a trophy wife Elaine... you can do better just trust me." He would say with a comforting look. He'd come to find out just how much you can tell from someone when they're drunk. Hell, he was drunk just as much as the next guy. Elaine would be mad for a few more moments before bouncing back to her normal cheerful self that seemed impossible for the life she'd been through. "So... Elizabeth? I saw you talking to her... isn't she just lovely? She's a friend of Helen's, and she's quite suitable." Elaine would egg him on, and Kyler would only smile. "She is quite lovely... from a wealthy family but very kind. I assume we're going to the wedding now aren't..." He couldn't even finish his sentence before Elaine was bouncing around on the heels of her feet, excited out of her mind. "Yes! The wedding... we'll have to start making you look so handsome... Remind me, and I will start tomorrow and then we can..." She would continue rambling, and Kyler would only smirk to himself as they got back home. The plan was working... for now.
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This whole situation felt a little alien to the young woman. Usually, upon meeting someone for the first time the conversation was kept fairly neutral and they discussed things like their likes and dislikes and perhaps even topics that kept the mood quite lighthearted but the two of them had started to discuss deeper topics straight away. They had both figured that they would need to know each other really well if they were going to convince Elaine and Helen that the two of them were genuinely courting. Perhaps the deeper conversation would act as evidence that the two seemed to geo so well together that they felt comfortable talking about such topics. They thought they might be able to fool them quite easily but in actuality they were fooling themselves.

Without really understanding it, or noticing it, Elizabeth was feeling extremely comfortable with Kyler and where she thought she might struggle to open up to anyone, she did not seem to mind discussing her family with him. Although, she put it down to the fact that he had been so open with her about his family so it was only polite to reciprocate with something just a personal. What she did not want was for the man to pity her in any way. She was happy with her life and it did not matter to her that she did not talk to her father as much as others would talk to their own. She had a good relationship with her mother and for now, that was enough for her. For the last few months she was beginning to deteriorate but she still held out hope that the woman would be able to make it through her illness and make some kind of recovery. That way, she would have someone on her side when she turned down several marriage proposals that came from her father’s associates.

The last thing she wanted was to be trapped in a loveless marriage that had been put in place for the gain of her father rather than for her happiness. In honesty, she had not envisaged a time that she would ever be prepared to get married but she also knew that sometimes people could surprise you. Maybe one day she would change her mind. Kyler was already beginning to wriggle is way into her heart, whether she knew that or not it did not matter. She would be taken by surprise when it crept up on her. She sighed softly as she looked towards the man before her and listened to his words and observed his smirk and she could not help but laugh when he commented on her father. “Now wouldn’t that be something to say to him. Perhaps if you ever meet him you should perhaps keep those words to yourself. He would not take kindly to them. I, however, do not mind the sentiment.” She said with a smile before turning her head towards the voice that called for them.

“That is quite alright. I would not be permitted to leave yet. Helen will want to steal me away to discuss our encounter and I believe that her fiancé has arranged for a car to pick me up in another hour or so.” She knew that the two would have to part at some point and she didn’t know why the prospect of him leaving was so disappointing to her. “I suppose that Elaine and Helen will find a way for us to see each other again. No doubt that she will be inviting you to her wedding now that they think we have hit if off.” Elizabeth smiled and looked back towards the door. “I had better go and find Helen. It was...it was genuinely really lovely to meet you.” She placed her hand on top of his for a moment, whilst offering him a sweet smile and then she pulled herself away from him to rejoin the party. It took every bit of energy she could muster to make sure that she didn’t look back at him.
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Kyler took a moment after revealing the fate of his parents to lean one shoulder against the wall to support his physical and emotional weight. He took a deep breath as he ran his large hand over his face and then through his hair. He would never admit it, but it was truly refreshing to have someone to talk to after all this time... even if she wasn't someone he knew... if at all. Kyler had always had to be strong. Elaine counted on him from the moment his parents had died, and Kyler knew how important it was for a woman to essentially marry into money if their family had none. Their case was exactly the same as any other family barely making it, especially in the midst of the start of a war and constant rumors. He only had the money he made doing odd jobs, mainly carpentry that he learned from his father at a young age. He was good at it, but it didn't bring as much money as many of the young men that inherited fortunes from their rich fathers that worked in oil or industry. Kyler's parents hadn't ever gotten that far...

In an instant, Kyler's attention was back undividedly on Elizabeth's. He felt the soft, smooth skin of her palm come into contact with his rough skin, taking his eyes to look down towards it. She was trying to comfort him... a beast of man... and she was such a damn beauty. Kyler felt some kind of involuntary fluttering in his own heart, just the slightest bit that showed he was human, and he did need someone no matter how much he denied it. Kyler met her gaze with his own for a moment, softening his usual frustrated and intimidating glare for a moment at the kind gesture. As soon as Elizabeth moved her hand, Kyler stood up straight again and straightened his coat jacket. He had to snap out of it. Kyler felt a bit awkward for a moment, averting his gaze until she spoke again. She wasn't running off screaming at least... Maybe he was wrong about her being a wealthy woman with prudish tastes... His mind tended to be rather closed off, at least according to Elaine.

Kyler brought his gaze back into her eyes, suddenly not looking away. He couldn't stop admiring that a woman like her would be talking to a man like him. As she spoke, Kyler was silent, studying her soft voice and face at the same time. When Elizabeth confirmed her father worked with stocks and was wealthy, the whole picture came into play for Kyler. She was supposed to be absolutely horrendous to be around... complaining about the poor and begging for more and more. However, Elizabeth was the exact opposite of his normal encounters with the rich and wealthy. She was kind, compassionate, genuine... He normally wouldn't have even given her the time of day, but their incidental meeting changed all that. She really shouldn't have gotten anywhere close to him, and he knew it. He had a tendency of breaking hearts. Kyler heard of her distaste of her father, knowing how important it was for a wealthy family to continue their line of business with alliances, mainly found in marriage. Kyler was definitely not a wealthy man to continue that line, but it wasn't like it would go that far...

Elizabeth changed the subject to her mother, revealed to have a chronic illness of some sort. He felt for her... Kyler knew how close Elaine was to his mother when she was alive. Mothers knew what it was like to be married for alliance... or convenience. He detested it which was one of the main reasons he was so protective of who Elaine wanted to court her. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt his sister or use her and make her live an unhappy life. Kyler spoke in a deep but somewhat comforting, as much as he could make it, voice, "I hope your mother suddenly feels better and well... Screw your father." He offered a slight smirk then turned quickly as someone entered the hallway and called them inside. Kyler looked back to Elizabeth as the person left, "I suppose Helen and Elaine are looking for you... I could walk you to your car? I should get Elaine home before she elopes or something crazy."
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Even now as she stood face-to-face with a man she had entered into a scheme with, she found herself wondering if there would ever be a possibility that she might [I actually] feel for someone one day. Without realising it, Kyler would have been the perfect candidate really, especially considering the fact that he didn’t seem to think too highly of himself or the fact that he hadn’t tried to court her the moment he laid eyes her. It was rather refreshing that he was seemingly enjoying her company rather than playing a game of cat and mouse with her.

Elizabeth couldn’t even remember the last time she smiled as much as she had on this evening. Of course, she smiled at the guests to be polite and she humoured her father by smiling at the men he tried to push her way but with Kyler, her smile was genuine but she would not realise that just yet. Instead she would simply get to know him and find out anything she would need to know to fool Helen in to believing that they had made a real connection. Really, they might have been fooling themselves into thinking that they had not.

She nodded as he told her what his job was and she looked down at his hands as he showed her the wear of his work. At least the roughness of his skin made sense now as he confirmed that he laboured for a living. Perhaps that was something else that she found attractive, simply because the men she had grown used to were born into money and therefore ended up working their way up in their own family businesses, never really knowing what it was like to have to [I really] work for a living. Elizabeth moved her gaze from his hands, back to his eyes. When he smiled they really lit up and it made her heart flutter involuntarily.

It was not until he started to tell her of his family that she found her smile begin to fade. It did not feel right smirking at him while he was telling her that his parents had passed away and without even realising it she reached out to take his hand as a show of compassion. While she did not say anything she felt it necessary to show him that she felt for him. Once she was satisfied that he would understand her motivations she took her hand back and it resided to playing with the other so that she did not have to feel awkward about taking his hand. She had avoided looking at him for a moment but when she looked up again he was looking right at her and she could barely pull her eyes away from his.

“My father works with stocks and shares. He’s quite a wealthy business man and he spends a lot of his time showing everyone else that; something which I despise about him. I do not get along with him too well, mostly because I do not like arrogant men and not only is he an arrogant man but he is constantly trying to set me up with them.” She laughed to herself for a moment. “Luckily I only have to endure him at social events and business parties as he is rarely home. My mother, on the other hand, is one of the kindest people I have yet to meet. She is not here tonight as she had a long-term illness and is bed-ridden most of the time. I spend a lot of my time looking after her.”
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Leaning against the frame of the door still, Kyler let one hand rest on the top, running a hand through his longer than normal blonde hair. What the hell was he doing? He was playing a game with this woman that he was thrown together with against his will so that maybe they'd make some connection that would last the trials of time and all that nonsense... Was he really that frustrated with Elaine throwing woman after pretty and senseless woman after him that he would get to know this one just to get revenge? Kyler knew it was not normal for him, but it probably wasn't normal for her either. They were both taking chances, and he almost felt like he couldn't be as cold or rude as he normally seemed to be. This woman was obviously not senseless or one to follow the guidelines of society. Shouldn't he at least try to be her friend? Kyler would hear her asking about what he did for a living, and Kyler would nod towards her, letting his arms relax.

"Good question... I'm a carpenter. It allows me to work at home, and it pays pretty well." Kyler was rather vague as always, but he at least told someone else something about himself instead of simply holding everything inside. Kyler would open his hands, showing her. "If they ask you can tell them you noticed from these callouses... or sometimes I'll get those little wood shavings everywhere." He offered, not really helping with the tiny details that she could obviously come up with... He actually really loved the fact that she picked up on his banter and called him by his own last name. This girl was smart. Kyler would let an involuntary smirk rest on his lips once more before adding more to the story when she asked. "You're right... well you should know that my parents are dead. Mother died of illness, and my father died shortly after from alcohol-related driving. That should be personal enough for them to know that you actually talked to me." Kyler took a breath, trying to act unfazed by it when he really wasn't over it. He'd had to be so strong for Elaine all this time when she was too young to understand. He had to pick up everything his parents left for him way too early, and he'd almost hardened himself because of it.

He had started to think that he couldn't get involved to take care of Elaine. If he was off dating and being irresponsible, he would leave her all alone wouldn't he? He would never tell anyone that, but it was the truth. After a small moment of silence, Kyler spoke up again and looked Elizabeth right in the eyes. "Elaine is going to interrogate me like no tomorrow, so I suppose I should know more about you too if you don't mind me asking." Kyler offered a small comforting glance to her, but it wasn't like he was good at that. He only ever did it with Elaine. "Don't feel like you have to share anything with me that you don't want to." Kyler made sure to add that last bit to make sure that she didn't feel like she had to offer up some secret or huge part of her life to balance what happened to him. Kyler didn't want to do that to her... It wouldn't have been right. He didn't expect her to even care about him with all the problems that surrounded him, so he didn't want her to think she had to confide something huge in him. He was just fine with anything to throw Elaine out of the scent of their fake game. In the meantime, he would keep leaning against that doorway and try his best to hide that one part of himself that realized how beautiful this woman was to him in the yellow light of the hallway.
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If Elizabeth had taken the time to notice she might have realised that closeness between them had led to Kyler’s scent intoxicating her senses and that her pulse had quickened as a result of that but she had been so concerned with getting off the dance floor that such things were undetected. It was either that or she had perhaps mistook her sudden change as excitement from the dancing or the general need to simply get away from prying eyes, specifically Helen’s and Elaine’s. It wasn’t until she pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes that she started to realise that the butterflies in her stomach had awakened and burst to life. She swallowed hard and looked down at the hands, now joined by the fact that he had closed his around hers. Perhaps it was not a good idea for the two of them to disappear from the party in such away. To them, they simply wanted to get away from the crowds and get to know each other but she knew that people had been watching the way they danced and if they had put on a good enough show, people might talk about where the couple had disappeared off to. To an outsider it would look as though the two were escaping together for some intimacy and since Elizabeth was not currently being courted, such behaviour was not usually accepted within her society. If she had not been so caught up in the moment she might have taken some time to think about that.

Instead, she found herself scanning the room for Helen only to find that the crowds on the dancefloor had now concealed them from sight and the two would no longer be seen unless someone came looking for her. While that was a certainty, they might have had some time to exchange information first. When they finally arrived at their private destination Elizabeth let out a sigh and let go of his hand, observing her stood in the door frame, leaning carefully against it. How could it be that someone could look so perfectly simply stood in a doorway? Elizabeth made the conscious effort now to ensure that there was a little bit of distance between them, especially because she knew that her absence would not go unmissed for long and if they were caught too close and her father had found out about it, she would be in a world of trouble. Courting without his permission was not allowed and while they were not exactly courting, nor would they ever truly [I be] courting, their closeness was already being called into question.

Elizabeth’s lips curled up into a smile at the way her name rolled off his tongue and she felt the heat rising to her cheeks although she did all she could to hide it she was hoped that her cheeks were already a little flushed from their movement on the dancefloor so he might not notice the effect that his voice saying her name had on her. “I’m not sure that I know what two people should know about each other to prove an interest but I do believe that it would be useful to know what it is that you do for a living Mr Moore.” Her smile widened slightly as she echoed the decorum he had shown her by using her formal name. “Perhaps it might also be useful to know a little bit about your family if that does not intrude too much on your privacy. Nothing too intrusive, just enough to get me through an interrogation with Helen. I’m not sure how much Elaine might interrogate you but I can assure that neither of us will be getting away with saying nothing.”
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Kyler actually laughed as the two spun and ran around the dance floor in a quite socially dangerous way. He'd never had this much fun at a party Elaine made him go to, and he certainly never had as much fun with a girl Elaine had tried to set him up with. He managed to steal a glance at the way Elizabeth's face seemed to glow and brighten at the chance to be free for a moment. Her smile seemed to lift her entire face, and he smiled at the infectious sight. He'd seen her smile out of being polite, but this one was genuine. Kyler continued to shield the smaller woman in front of him with his own large body to conceal the prying eyes of Elaine and Helen from their target. He, too, was surprised that he'd never noticed her before. Kyler was certainly an observer of beautiful women... although he didn't care much for the concept of love. He certainly would have noticed a woman as elegant and naturally beautiful as Elizabeth, but he just couldn't remember a time he saw her at a function like this. Elaine had been friends with Helen for a while, and she constantly jabbered about her lady friends, but Kyler hardly ever listened. Maybe he should have...

Kyler was about to speak to Elizabeth, but she took the liberty in her own hands to whisper into his ear about finding another place to talk and learn about each other. Kyler could feel the slightest quickening of his heart... or was it just the dance? He would blame the dance for his sudden change in heart rhythm, but he knew deep down that it was something brought on by Elizabeth. Kyler gently closed his larger hand around Elizabeth's smaller one and guided her out to the back doors of the dining and dancing hall to a quieter hallway. He walked a ways down where no one was looking before turning to her. He mostly towered over the woman as he leaned against a door frame to a dark room. The suit that Elaine had set out for him already dried and ironed was still unblemished except for the tie was out of place after the dance. Kyler ran a hand through his blond, long hair and took a long glance down the hallway to make sure that a certain two women hadn't followed them.

When he was satisfied that Elaine and Helen were not stalking them like they seemed to have been doing the entire night, Kyler let his gaze move back to Elizabeth. Kyler was more of the quiet, observing type. He certainly had his own opinion, and he was not afraid to share it. However, he preferred to keep to himself and think... dwell on certain things. He'd had terrible things happen to him, and he'd never really let anyone in... "So what do you want to know Miss Stone?"
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There was something about the music and the way to two danced together that almost felt rather freeing. As though they were not completely bound by social formalities and norms. Here on this very dance floor they could at least try to forget about those who might have judged them or those who felt it necessary to whisper about Miss Stone finally taking an interest in a man. What made it all the more freeing and hunourous for the young woman was that they did not seem to be fooling Elaine and Helen alone, but also seemed to be fooling the rest of the party-goers. She smiled to herself as she glanced around at those in attendance briefly as they moved around the floor before looking back at Kyler now.

It amazed her that this man seemed to have some kind of tie to Helen through Elaine yet she had never seen him at another function before and judging by the way he looked right now she would surely remember him if she had. His features were striking and she was sure that many women who looked upon his face very rarely forgot about him. As she allowed her eyes to linger upon his for a moment longer than intended she found herself wondering if the two might have ended up conversing with each other. Perhaps if he had no split his drink on her she might have gone to whole night never really knowing who he was. Then a part of her, the romantic side of her that she did not really know too well, figured that if they were meant to meet they would have anyway.

Elizabeth watched as he took the time to look over at the women who believed they had orchestrated this whole moment and when he was satissifed that the two were watching them and falling for their sharade he turned her on the dance floor so that she was concealed from them. Elizabeth couldn’t help but laugh at his words and she nodded to show that she thought he might do well to fool his sister as well, especially since they seemed to be doing such a good job so far.

She was glad to learn that he too had been enjoying himself while they danced together and she found that his smile was rather infectious and caused the butterflies in her stomach to stir ever so slightly. She might have even found herself blushing slightly when he started to quicken the dance and took a few more risks. If people had no been watching before they certainly would be now. A soft giggle escaped her lips as he spun her and by the time she arrived back in his arms she found herself closer to him.

Elizabeth wanted to look at their faces once more but she knew they it would look suspcious if the two kept stealing glances every opportunity they got. Elizabeth placed her hand in his and leaned forward so that her lips were near his ear and she whispered to him. “Shall we excuse ourselves from the dance floor and find somewhere a little quieter to talk? I feel we should spend some time learning about each other before the night’s end. That way when Helen asks me for details, which she will because I have no doubt that she will play the innocent card and pretend she does not know who you are, I need to be able to tell her something more than your name.”
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Kyler met Elizabeth's eyes and only felt the corners of his mouth seem to tug upward just like hers. Kyler was normally rather stoic, but he figured it was mostly due to the fact that he never cared about talking to the women that Elaine threw at him. This was much more interesting. His deep eyes caught Elizabeth's, and they didn't wander. Her smile was definitely genuine, and he couldn't seem to pull his eyes away. She looked so happy... so genuinely happy, and he was never used to anyone looking happy about something he did. It was something about the way she was so free with dancing when she didn't even know how that made it all the more beautiful. Kyler didn't care about finding love nearly as much as Elaine, but he was not immune to a beautiful woman, and he was in the very presence of one.

Kyler continued to confidently lead her around the dancing area, moving at their own pace. He wasn't worried about anyone else or what they might think. Kyler could tell that people were looking and whispering and pointing, so he just gave her another look that seemed to say that he was there for her. He hated that a woman in the society that he lived in wasn't allowed to enjoy herself or step out of her box or really have alcohol without someone judging. A woman was supposed to be proper and always dress proper and marry well, or she was basically outcast. Kyler and Elaine were more middle class to lower... Kyler had been working and helping out around the house since he was little. It only got worse when his parents both died, and he was forced to raise his little sister.

Elaine seemed to think that everything he went through had to be repaid by her finding him an eternal lover, but he didn't sss things the same way. Kyler knew he'd have done the same thing over and over again if he had to. Elaine meant the world to him after what they'd dealt with. He just wanted her to worry about her own love life rather than his own. Kyler heard Elizabeth say something about the two women watching their every move, and he glanced up discreetly to make sure, finding the very women staring at them as they danced. He looked back down to Elizabeth, turning so his back faced them. He was much bigger than Elizabeth, so they couldn't see the two of their faces. "I'll have to brush up on my skills, but I think I can handle myself. Dont worry about me fooling Elaine she's a hopeless romantic if I ever knew what one even was."

Kyler saw that beautiful smile of hers again, so he smiled right on back as if out of necessity. "I never thought I would either, but I seem to have been mistaken in thinking dancing was just for formality." Kyler continued to move with Elizabeth, hearing her comment about enjoying themselves as they pretended to have feelings for each other. Nodding, Kyler took a risk just as he always seemed to do. "I'd have to agree Elizabeth." He spoke as he brought one hand to hers, spinning her and then beginning to dance faster with her although the style was definitely out of the norm at that point. When was Kyler ever supposed to fit into social norms? Sending a smirk to Elizabeth, Kyler kept up the faster pace. "You should see their faces now." He spoke under his breath so that only she could hear, referring to the gossiping people as well as Helen and Elaine.
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Elizabeth suddenly felt very conscious of the eyes that were now on the two. Elizabeth was well known in this town, mostly because of who her father was and that meant that those in attendance suddenly had their interests peaked by the woman who had finally decided to dance at a function such as this. It was widely known that Elizabeth did not usually partake in these formalities so many found themselves intruiged by the man who had finally made Elizabeth change her mind and join in with the rest of them. She glanced around briefly taking note of the judging expressions and the whispering behind hands as they readied themselves to dance but she told herself to focus on something else. Those people did not matter.

Kyler seemed surprised by the fact that she did not dance and he was right to act so. It was common for a woman of her stature to know how to dance and it was elected that they take part in such leisures but Elizabeth had managed to avoid it until now. There was already talk of how she was not like other girls and how she would likely end up a spinster if she did not start acting like other women but she didn’t seem to care. In fact in only fuelled her desire to go against the norm. However, for tonight she would act like a normal woman; a woman who was being courted by a handsome young gentleman.

Elizabeth laughed at his joking. “I suppose if we fall, we fall together.” She said with a smile as he placed his hands on her hips. The sensation of having a man’s hands on her in any way was a new one and for a moment she was she that her breath had caught in her throat. She swallowed hard in hope that it would allow her to swallow the nerves that were now beginning to surface and before she knew it the two had started to move around the dance floor in rhythm with everyone else. It was a lot easier than she expected and neither one of them seemed to fulfil their promises of embarrassing the other. Even though he had been worried about dancing with her, he seemed perfectly capable and he led her confidently around the floor.

After some time finding a rhythm Kyler looked up and she met his eyes with her own. They really were hypnotic eyes and she found her lips curving up into an involuntary smile. It seemed that she felt comfortable in his presence and she was not sure that would have ever been possible in by presence of a man other than her father. She nodded and leaned in towards him carefully so that only he could hear her. “I am sure they will be watching our every move from this point on. I hope you are a good actor Mr Moore.” Elizabeth smiled once more and found herself actually enjoying herself.

“I never though that I would actually enjoying dancing at a function but I think you have managed to break the boundaries here. Although, I think that if we are to play pretend we should be entitled to enjoy ourselves just a little bit don’t you think?”
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 2y 24d 7h 27m 34s
Kyler felt her small, soft hand on his own rugged, large one. In that one simple motion, Elizabeth broke the normal societal ways of basically every woman Elaine had thrown at him. She was different, and it only intrigued him that much more. Kyler offered a smile that was often more of a smirk, and he took the lead towards the dance floor, hoping Elaine and Helen had their eyes on the two of them and were soaking in every fake little minute of it. Kyler closed his large hand around hers ever so slightly, honestly a bit worried about hurting her with how big he was compared to her. He didn't ever dance. Ever. What if he stepped on her foot and broke it? What if he made her fall and she hurt her wrist? Kyler promised himself to be more careful with her. There was just something about this woman... so warm and friendly and innocent. Why was she even talking to him? Kyler wasn't about to just hurt this mysterious woman with his rather ungracious attitude at times. He turned towards her as they got to the dance floor, trying to make a note of how the other couples danced so elegantly and seamlessly, but the truth was that he knew he didn't have a hell of a chance to be that good. Well, he'd just have to try and pull it off, so it seemed that he was somewhat of a decent suitor.

Kyler looked down to the woman in front of him, listening to her as she spoke about not dancing as well. How in the world did he find a woman at a wedding as nice as this one that didn't know how to dance like him? Yep, he was going to have to get to know more about her. Kyler offered a small sigh, letting her hand go. "I guess we'll learn together... or fall together that is, and trust me... I will be the one to embarrass you." He offered with a small, comforting look in his eyes towards her. Well.. as comforting or warm that he was capable of. Kyler wasn't sure how to proceed, but Elizabeth took initiative. He felt her small hands on his shoulders once more, suddenly much more aware of how he was acting. Kyler felt like he had a responsibility to her that he could not break. He let his large hands rest on her sides, making sure they weren't too close to any part of her that would definitely be ungracious to her. Kyler would gently start to attempt to sway with her and turn around the dance floor, careful not to pull her too closely or roughly with him. Kyler was a bit awkward at first, looking towards their feet and then cursing under his breath once more. He did not need to mess this up. Kyler looked to Elizabeth once more, letting the music guide him more than worrying about tripping because since when did Kyler Moore show fear or worry?

As soon as he began to figure out the whole dancing thing, Kyler let his eyes move back to Elizabeth's. "Think they're watching?" He'd ask, continuing to look at her as he swayed and moved around the dance floor... not near as elegant or beautiful as the other couples but smooth enough to be called dancing. Kyler was honestly still so surprised that she was still there much rather dancing with him in his arms... He never really cared enough to try with any other woman, so Elizabeth was a first in a long time for him, no matter if they were faking it to get revenge or not.
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Elizabeth was sure in an instant that the man before her would realise that she was not a [I regular] woman. While most of the woman who looked like her would often be stuck up and perhaps become outraged by the suggestion he made, Elizabeth had humoured him and seemed to think that his idea was a good one. That in itself would have set her apart from everyone else. Although she did not exactly like the idea of Helen trying to set her up with as many different man as possible, it seemed that she was beginning to realise that the normal men of their society would not do and that had pushed her to look outside of the box. She did have to wonder what was so different about him that made her agree to such a pact though. Normally she would have brushed off the company, not wanting to associate with the man that Helen had chosen for her. Perhaps she had simply grown tired of her ways and she wanted to put an end to it but a part of her knew that she would also enjoy this man’s company along the way.

Elizabeth had barely noticed the bartender. While he should have been serving the rest of the guest’s drinks, he didn’t seem to take his eyes off her and he kept asking if they needed anything else. It wasn’t until Kyler waved him away that he finally did. She breathed out a sigh of relief as he set down his drink and started to adjust his stance slightly. Even though she had agreed to do this, she did not exactly know where the night would take them, nor could they know how long they would be able to keep the charade going. Elizabeth was more than willing to act as though she was attracted to Kyler and she was happy for them to suggest there might be more between them but when it came down to it, Helen would be expecting them to share in intimate moments and then proceed to tell her of the details. Of course, she could make them up but the truth was that she had never kissed another before and she worried that she would struggle to describe the feeling and it was not as though she felt as though she could share a kiss with a man in a public setting. That would make things so definite and it wasn’t exactly socially acceptable.

Elizabeth laughed at his comment but nodded all the same. “I’m sure that we can figure something out Mr Moore. Although for now, I do believe the fact that I am still sat here talking to you might already suggest you may have peaked my interest. This is not the first time Helen has attempted to fix me up with a man and I can tell you that they barely last four seconds. In fact, this may be a record.” Elizabeth let out a soft laugh and looked up towards him when he suggested dancing. Her eyes widened slightly at the ease of his curse word but she would not judge him for it. Instead, her eyes moved down to the hand that he now held out of her and she smiled sweetly, taking his hand in her own. She rose from her seat and made her way towards the area of the room that had become the dance floor and she stopped a few feet away from the other couples who were now dancing around them. “I am afraid I might have to warn you that I do not really dance. I never really took the time to learn how to do so. I apologise if I embarrass you.” Elizabeth’s voice was a low whisper so those around could not hear her but she took a step towards him and wrapped placed her hands on his shoulder and waited for him to take the lead since it was the gentleman’s job to do so.
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