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“Helen would have my neck if I ruin this dress and if it gets stained then the two of us will have some serious explaining to do.” Elizabeth seemed to be trying to make an excuse to deny the man of her company, but he didn't say anything. He just kept his smirk on her, examining as she was a bit flustered. Sure, it wasn't typical behavior. The common woman of the time would almost never agree to walk off with a man she hardly knew if not her brother or father. Kyler was thankful Elizabeth didn't seem to consider that. He had been a bit overwhelmed, but he wasn't put off. Kyler pondered her words, letting his mind head off to dirtier thoughts as evoked by her own. He imagined rolling around in the grass with her in the heat of passion, risking being caught as they were wrapped up in nothing more than each other... It was simply a passing fantasy, but it still crossed his mind rather vividly. Kyler was simply asking the woman to join him for a gaze at the stars, but he wouldn't force her hand if she wanted to hurry back inside. Plus, Kyler couldn't care less what the others thought if they had matching grass stains on their clothes.

Kyler didn't take his light blue eyes off of Elizabeth as if daring her to do something that wasn't normal, especially for the woman he gathered her to be. She had a reputation to uphold, and he assumed she had a father to prove that. When Elizabeth sighed in defeat, Kyler let out a laugh of victory. He knew she'd come around... Kyler busied himself watching Elizabeth as she tried her best to not sit on her dress, leaving his hands up behind his head to support it. It was quite a sight, watching her adjusting her dress to keep modest yet preserve her dress and reputation at the same time. Kyler would only move his attention to the stars when she pointed up towards them.

Kyler followed her outstretched finger to what definitely looked like a hook. He let his imagination run wild in a much needed break from wondering about why he was doing what he did. He would turn his head to watch Elizabeth as she spoke with vast knowledge on each of the stars. The scorpion-shaped constellation she pointed at was indeed shining brighter in the middle, and the interest in them flowed out of Elizabeth's lips like a tranquil waterfall. It was admiring... sexy almost... to see her speaking so freely. It was like she had liberated herself with him, and she was just speaking her beautiful mind. He was watching her lips as she spoke more than the constellations, sitting up from his leaning back position to look at her. [b "You know... you should start telling people things like that more often."] Kyler spoke, looking to the woman more intently. He was speaking from the heart as he examined her.

[b "I know you're probably a part of the big social circle that is ever so present in that room, but you look happier telling me what you did just now than you did with those people. So you know what? In my mind at least, I think you should screw what those people think and do whatever the hell your heart tells you to. They're all boring anyway."] He didn't quite know where it came from, but Kyler had to say it. Elizabeth needed to hear it, and he needed to say it. It might have been a death wish for him, but it was out there in the open for her to react to.
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Elizabeth glanced towards Kyler and noticed an anxious look pass over his face. Perhaps he had realised that he didn’t want to be a part of this facade anymore. She couldn’t blame him really. She had not exactly been completely honest with him about how well known she was around town but she was glad that she finally had someone to talk to who saw her and not her father and his money. For the first time ever, she felt like someone actually wanted to know her and she had not felt that since a child when she had met Helen. Even the women of the town only tried to socialise with her because their husbands either worked with or for her father and it was a huge amount of pressure for her to have to contend with such a public pressure all her life. With Kyler, she could be herself without judgement and she figured that he enjoyed her company as much as she enjoyed his. Even if he did look slightly overwhelmed.

She smiled towards him as he seemed to agree with her opinion about the gardens. Even when it was dark out here she found it to be completely mesmerising and now lthe sun was going down quickly. She did not even stop to think about how improper their solitude was. For the two of them to have escaped the public arena of the dance floor to enjoy a walk alone outside would be the cause of much gossip. Perhaps that is why she looked so stunned when Kyler suggested that they should use their time alone to spend time looking up at the stars. She watched as he lowered himself to ground and she laughed gently as he invited her to sit with him.

“Helen would have my neck if I ruin this dress and if it gets stained then the two of us will have some serious explaining to do.” She said with a raised eyebrow as she considered her options. The last thing she wanted to do was decline him and head back into the party. They had escaped from it so they could enjoy some peace and quiet and to avoid men and women both staring at them. Elizabeth sighed as if she had been defeated and moved towards him so that she could lower herself next to him carefully, trying not to sit on her dress in an awkward manner. Once she was settled she glanced up at the darkening sky and started to search for constellations. Not even the light drifting from the house could pollute the sky as she observed it.

“Alright, so you see that group of stars there?” She pointed up towards a strip of stars that almost looked like a hook and a broom joined together. She didn’t say that’s what it reminded her off but Helen and Elizabeth had always referred to it as the ‘broom-hook’ constellation. “On the left there is a long line of stars that curve into an upside-down question mark.” She glanced sideways towards Kyler and when she was satisfied he was looking at the right stars she continued to talk. “That is Scorpius. Can you see how it’s sort of shaped like a scorpion? The brightest star right there... is said to be the heart of the scorpion. It’s called Antares although some astronomers dispute that, suggesting that it is in fact Mars. It isn’t of course because the red colour of Mars is much more significant than that.” With every word she remained looking up at the sky. It was nice to relax and not have to worry about everyone else although she was suddenly conscious that here Kyler could examine her more closely and she was worried he might not like what he found. It wasn’t uncommon for a woman to be intelligent but it was not their place to demonstrate that in some cases. “It’s always been a favourite of mine because of how bright the stars are.”
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Kyler took a look around the garden, hearing Elizabeth speak about the eyes and opinions driving you mad. [i I'll say...] Kyler wanted to speak, smoothing his longer hair back. It was a bit much... How was Elizabeth so well known... why did people care so much about her life and what she did? It was like she was some kind of celebrity. Kyler had no idea what he was falling into with this one. Elizabeth spoke the same about her father possibly spying on her, and it all culminated to make Kyler's head spin. How had he never known this woman if everyone else seemed so caught up in her life?

Kyler kept up pace with the woman next to him. There didn't seem to be another person in sight. Well, there was the occasional garden staff, but he was grateful to not have any other eyes on them. Kyler was not made for this... to be the center of attention. He just wanted to live his private life with his private self. Elizabeth even greeted the people in the garden staff with kindness rather than looking down on them. Was she perfect? She damn well seemed close to it. Kyler finally heard Elizabeth's words about it being beautiful, and he took a break from his own mind to respond.

[b "That it is..."] He would look down to the smaller woman as she pointed to an area of grass that seemed just perfect enough to be watching the stars. They both needed the break... [b "Why don't we try to do so again? No one is out here, and it would be relaxing to take our minds off things. Show me what you know."] He spoke, lowering himself down and laying to look up at the stars as they appeared. [b "Why don't you join me?"]
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The gentleman he had been referring to had been quite well known for enjoying a lady’s company and he usually smirched the reputation of those who might associate with him. He would often charm a woman and steal their hearts and then their virtue yet still he was able to conquer another. Elizabeth shook her head as she glanced back at the way he danced so carelessly with another fool who would regret ever meeting him. Apparently he had recovered from her rejection quite quickly. “I’m sure he would be thrilled but I can assure you, no such event should ever take place between him and I.” Her voice was laced with the disgust she felt and she realised it too late. “I apologise. He is not the kind of man I should like to associate myself with.”

Although it probably wasn’t seen as proper for her to leave a party to roam the gardens with anyone other than her chaperone or a husband were she to have one, she couldn’t stand to be watched by the greedy eyes of gossip much longer and she knew that Helen and Elaine would not be disappointed that Elizabeth was spending her time with a gentleman, even if it was because agreed to play along with this trick. Perhaps it was not a good idea to have asked him as he himself might consider such a proposition to be improper but she hoped that the promise of her company would be enough to sway him into agreeing to go with her. Helen had always teased her about her attitude towards men but she remained to be strong willed in the fact that [i if] she were to ever marry, it would be a man she loved rather than for the sake of marrying and until now she had never met a single one who remotely peaked her interest. His response to their walk went unspoken and together they began to walk at a comfortable pace. She liked the fact that neither of them felt the need to rush.

“I understand. It can be a bit much at times. All those eyes and opinions are enough to drive one mad. I do hope that it has not put you off staying in my company for while longer. I still do not understand why people seem so interested in me. Sometimes I wonder if my father asked people to spy on me when I’m not in his company. It would certainly explain why people are so interested in what I do.” Elizabeth allowed a moment to compose herself as she walked. She wondered how nice it must have been to have parents with something more on their mind than image. As they walked, she found it a great effort to not look upon his face. Instead she focused on the pathway before them.

There was not a single sole roaming the gardens other than the two but they saw an occasional staff member attending to the roses as they walked. Elizabeth greeted them politely and they did so back with their beloved attitude towards her. Most people considered themselves to be above such people but Elizabeth believed that every person deserved to be treated with kindness, no matter what their background and it was clear that they knew and appreciated that about her. She was surprised that there were not more people taking advantage of the gardens but she also knew that most people who came to a party were more interested in the conversation and alcohol and the occasional card game where some usually bet far too much away.

“It’s very beautiful out here don’t you think Mr Moore?” She said with a smile as they ventured further into the gardens. “It’s especially beautiful when the sun goes down. Mostly because it had one of the best spots to watch the night sky.” She pointed to an area of grass and laughed. “Helen and I spent my evening lying in the ground there, trying to map the stars. I do find them fascinating and peaceful. It had been quite some time since I have taken a minute to look at a night sky with so much intention.”
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Kyler looked to Elizabeth as she spoke up to the charming suitor that followed her into the dance floor. How popular was this woman? She had men coming at her left and right, and Helen and Elaine still set her up with him? Elizabeth didn't need set ups with puppy dogs like Andrew or whatever the hell his name was running after her like she was a bone. Kyler was happy that Elizabeth didn't take a liking to this man for more reasons than he wanted to admit. He was acting a bit possessive... Elizabeth was his dance partner, and she was his only way to throw off Helen and Elaine from ever setting him up with a potential suitor again. Elizabeth was the woman he was falsely courting, but she was also becoming someone he truly cared about if only for companionship. Her presence gave such a grace to the rest of the room as if she were a giant butterfly daintily flitting its wings across the rest of the ballroom. She needed to be protected, and there was some urge inside of Kyler to do so.

Kyler wouldn't have minded punching the lights out of Andrew if he had said anything to stop them or attempt to get at Elizabeth again. He didn't even care what the other people in the room thought of him or if they'd suddenly deem him unworthy of the hand of Elizabeth, and their plan to fool Helen and Elaine had ended. No one deserved to be hounded by some fool if they didn't want to be, and Andrew was some fool indeed. Kyler would have balled up his fist until Elizabeth took his hand in hers. In a split second, Kyler rethought his actions for possibly the first time in years if not ever. Kyler was not one to come up with plans... he acted impulsively, and it wasn't his best trait. But watching Elizabeth in that moment, Kyler knew he couldn't disgrace her in such a way by starting up a fight in the middle of the dance floor. It would be ungentlemanly, and Kyler was supposed to come off as the best suitor for the lovely Elizabeth. He needed to clear his head.

Kyler took a moment to look around at his surroundings, seeing his outburst had sent many more pairs of daggers for eyes at his back. Elizabeth was pulling him away before he could react. That was probably a good idea... because Kyler was about to say some choice words to a few of those gaping mouth rich asses. He ran his other hand through his long hair, smoothing it back and taking a few breaths to regain his composure. He was sure he'd hear about that one from at least Elaine... if not gossipers. As soon as they reached the conservatory, Kyler felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and the pressure to be perfect was removed as well. It was just him and Elizabeth. Everything felt even sweeter when Elizabeth admitted she had distaste for the man and that he wasn't some childhood friend that Kyler had just insulted to no repair.

"I was afraid you'd tell me that man was your brother or some relative, and I made myself more of a fool than I initially thought. But hearing you say he was someone you can't stand makes it all worth it. I apologize for that outburst Elizabeth, but there is no way I was going to let that man pester you." Kyler spoke, walking in step with her through the picturesque gardens, "I'm more than happy to get out of there with all of those eyes on me... I needed a break. This is quite nice."
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Elizabeth wasn’t quite sure what this dance was doing to her emotions. It wasn’t the first time she had danced with him, nor was it the first time she had danced with a man but there was something about their closeness and the way his hand rested upon her waist that made her feel [I something]. For now, she told herself that it was simply the elation that came from the mix of champagne and the excitement of trying to pull one over on Helen and Elaine. In reality, Kyler was awakening something within her that she didn’t know was there or if she did, it was something she had pushed down deep within her so that it was completely out of reach. Maybe she had only been so stubborn with her father’s suitors and with Helen’s attempts at setting her up because she had felt no connection to the men they tried to pair her with. Although she didn’t want to admit it, Helen and Elaine might have been right about their compatibility. Elizabeth would never say such a thing out loud but now that she was gliding along the dance floor with him, she was beginning to see why they had tried to set them up in the first place and she found herself slightly disappointed that all of this was for show; that she wasn’t going to end up with him. She couldn’t let that show, nor would she voice that to him.

His smile certainly did something to her. It forced her to mirror it and she took a brief moment to drink in his eyes. His eyes had become softer towards her from the moment they first met. She had remembered how they had appeared hard at first, perhaps from the frustration of having a drink being spilt everywhere but now they seemed to echo the kindness that she knew was within him and she could honestly spend the rest of their evening getting lost in his eyes, but she wouldn’t let herself. The last thing she wanted or needed was to feel the disappointment of rejection. He had suggested that they pretend and that was exactly what she would continue to do, even if she didn’t know how this might end. She imagined that they might tell Helen and Elaine together that they had been pretending all along and that they would stop setting them up out of fear that they might attempt to do this every time they tried. The thought might have made her laugh if she hadn’t been so caught up in the moment with Kyler.

Elizabeth couldn’t help but wonder what Kyler really thought of her. They had agreed that they would essentially use each other to get their cupids off their backs but somewhere in the back of her mind, she was anxious about his opinion of her. While she had always tried to ensure she never looked down on anyone, the background of her parents usually meant that people prejudged her and an upper-class snob who would not look twice at anyone considered inferior to her and she would hate the thought of Kyler thinking that of her. Perhaps he would not have agreed to this is that was what he thought so she pushed that out of her mind. All she knew was that she thought very highly of Kyler already and they hadn’t known each other for very long but his work ethic and dedication to his sister had already earnt a lot of respect from her.

The music started to quicken now and so did their dancing and she couldn’t help but laugh as he spun her around slightly, seemingly enjoying their time together on the dancefloor more now that they were not stuck to a slow rhythm. Now she was positive people were looking at them, but she didn’t pay them any attention. She focused on the feel of his arms around her and the smile that plagued his lips. That rush of emotion came over her again and she was sure that she felt something tugging at her heart and she was beginning to think that it would have been safer for the two of them to call of this deal. Her lips parted to speak but there was an unwarranted interruption that had her turning her head instead. A man had tapped her on the shoulder and she took a moment to look him over. He was just like every other man her father had tried to marry her off to. Self-important and a little too entitled. If she had not been brought up to be polite she might have scoffed at him, but she simply smiled and turned back towards Kyler who had slowed the pace of their dance. She was almost sure that she could see a flicker of something cross the man’s face. Jealousy? But then that did not seem right considering none of this was real.

The last thing Elizabeth wanted to do was dance with this man and she would have politely declined if Kyler did not seem to find the need to interject himself. He stood between them now, showing a possessive or protective nature. She wasn’t quite sure which one it was. After a minute Elizabeth took it upon herself to talk to Andrew, stopping her dance with Kyler completely now.

“I have a dancing partner, thank you. Now if you wouldn’t mind I think we are going to excuse ourselves for a walk around the grounds.” She said as she took hold of Kyler’s hand. It was a bold move and it caused a lot of people around them to whisper. Elizabeth had no doubt that word of this would get back to her father and she had no idea how he might react upon hearing she had spent her evening dancing with a man who did not come from a business background or one of wealth it seemed. She started towards the conservatory that would lead them to the gardens and when they were out of sight she let out a sigh. “I hope you do not mind that I made an excuse for us to get out of there but I simply cannot stand that man.”
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Kyler let his body movements guide Elizabeth's as he swayed with her, letting slight pressures of his hands on her waist get her moving. He was free with his dancing, not adhering to any strict rules on how to dance. There was no way that he'd ever be caught in a dancing class, so Elaine had been the one to teach him how to dance with a woman as soon as she wanted to learn how to dance with a man. Kyler didn't care if he didn't do things the traditional way, just letting the flow of their bodies blend with the music. It was nice feeling Elizabeth's curves just under his fingertips, and he knew he couldn't deny that. Her arms around his neck that allowed him to lead her in the dance gave some kind of warm feeling in the pit of his stomach that he tried to attest to alcohol, but it came purely from her presence. Kyler relaxed into the dance even more than he had before when her sophisticated vocabulary and tone told him she was not uncomfortable and appreciated he had asked. [i Good job Kyler... you're not scaring her off yet.] He thought in his mind, simply showing it with a small smirk that crossed his face.

Kyler knew there were eyes, burning into the back of his body and hers as they spun around the dance floor. People were certainly wondering who the hell he was and why Elizabeth had taken a liking to him, no matter how false it was supposed to be. There were most likely a few of his customers in the room, as he often worked for the wealthy making side tables and dressers with intricate carvings. There were whispers as always, leading Kyler to believe that Elizabeth still came from a wealthy family herself, no matter how much she didn't act like it. Everyone seemed to care about this woman, and he could tell why. They were all protective of her it seemed, even Elaine spoke so highly of her to him, and Kyler respected her opinion the most of anyone in the world. He felt a bit of pressure in his heart, tugging at it. Why was that even there? This was supposed to be a setup... nothing more nothing less. Elizabeth was his end to all ends. He was never going to be set up again, yet the guests around them didn't know that. What would they think of him? He was sure it wasn't all that good.

Kyler snapped back to reality when Elizabeth spoke that he was a natural himself. He would smile a bit more, mostly at the smile that was now plastered on her face. Kyler wasn't even worried about looking like he wasn't in the slightest bit attracted to her because it wasn't true. There was something about this girl that was different, and he couldn't place it. Kyler normally didn't love being the center of attention, but she made him a bit calmer... a bit more levelheaded. Kyler got more confidence, beginning to swing his dance partner around the floor faster, similar to the first time they danced. He let out a laugh, making sure to keep his arms around the woman, [b "I was waiting for that music to speed up."] He joked, hearing a more upbeat sound coming from the speakers. He kept his eyes on Elizabeth's, not daring to betray their plan to the wandering eyes of Helen and Elaine. Kyler's mind wandered for a split second, thinking about Elizabeth's origins and who her parents were. He found himself curious about how she grew up and if she had any siblings. He also found himself wondering how the hell he'd impress or even look decent to the parents who raised such a woman. Kyler might have gotten in over his head on this one, and he got into trouble quite a bit.

Before he could think, a man came up behind Elizabeth and tapped her shoulder. He was dressed in a prim suit, his dark hair slicked back and a smile that seemed all too perfect for Kyler's liking. Kyler slowed their dance in reaction, not fully letting go of Elizabeth's waist as his attention went towards the mystery man. [#c1060c "I don't believe we've met sir, but I must steal Elizabeth away for a final dance. I don't have much time left as the sun is falling rather quickly and the stars are popping into the night sky just as bright as your smile my dear..."] The man's sickly sweet tone sent rage through Kyler, and he wasn't really sure where it came from. However, there was no denying just how hot he was getting, feeling his blood basically boiling under the skin. Kyler had never sported a good temper, and he had no patience for this man in the few seconds of meeting him.

Kyler clenched and unclenched his fists, stepping forward before Elizabeth before thinking once about what he was doing. His eyes held a clouded over frustrated gaze as he looked down at the slightly smaller man, [b "Wait your turn in line then... sir. We were busy dancing if you couldn't see."] Kyler huffed a bit, speaking with sarcasm dripping like honey off his voice. He turned back to Elizabeth, making his body a bit of a buffer as he ignored the man by the name of Andrew that couldn't stop charming Elizabeth, [b "We can move if you'd like.."] Kyler spoke, his voice becoming gentle again.
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Elizabeth was not a stranger to the effects of alcohol. In her father’s line of work it was important for him to keep his business partners and clients happy and the most common way of doing that was to keep them supplied with a constant flow of scotch while they were in his presence. There were many times that she had to help him up to bed because he had drank too much. The drinking did not bother her so much but it was the activities he engaged in while he was intoxicated that worried her more. He was a gambler by nature and when he had alcohol in his blood stream, it was very easy to lose more than intended. Elizabeth was not afraid to admit that she worried that one day a business man might take advantage of his addiction and take the business and everything he had worked for. Kyler did not seem like the type who did not know how to control the amount he drank which is why she did not chastise him for drinking him champagne so quickly. Besides, it was not her business to comment and she was not like the other privileged women who believed men should adjust their behavior when they were in the presence of a lady.

She tried not to take too much notice of the way it felt to have her arms around his neck. It was not an unpleasant sensation and she might have enjoyed the intimacy of it if it had not been for show. Elizabeth allowed her eyes to travel around the dancefloor before they settled on him but she made the effort not to look out for Helen and Elaine. They wanted them to think that their efforts to put them together had gone unnoticed and if they were to keep making eye contact with them. When Kyler placed his hands on her waist, she had expected it to be uncomfortable or awkward but there was a slight awakening force dealt to the butterflies in her stomach. She honestly thought that she would have hated putting on this show because she had always avoided dancing with men, but things felt different with Kyler. He was not forceful as he led their dance and his hands were unassumingly placed so that she was completely comfortable with their closeness. Part of the reason she had avoided dancing recently was because the last man she danced with used the ritual as an excuse to place his hands on her. Elizabeth told herself that she would never let that happen again and she found herself trusting Kyler completely to not take advantage.

Elizabeth looked up into his eyes as he spoke. He really was a gentleman, making sure that she was not uncomfortable with the placement of his hands. “It is fine, you are not making me feel uncomfortable. I do appreciate that you have the qualities of a man who seems it necessary to ask though.” She said with a smile, letting him know that she was happy and content with their closeness. She was not ignorant to the eyes that danced over them as they moved together on the dancefloor. Elizabeth was not a stranger amongst these people but it had not gone unnoticed that she had chosen to dance with a man for the first time in a long time at a social function. She could almost hear the whispers of wonderment as people questioned who Kyler was and whether he was a potential suitor for marriage. She couldn’t help but wonder what her parents would think of Kyler. Would they deem him a suitable suitor?

“As are you Mr Moore.” Elizabeth’s smile at the moment was genuine and even though she did not know it yet, she was enjoying his company far more than she had intended and while she was thinking about the emotions she should be displaying upon her face, they already existed naturally because Kyler roused something within her.
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Kyler gave that half-smirk of his when he saw Elizabeth take another quick sip of her champagne after he downed his, regardless of her proclaiming that she didn't much like it. She wasn't like any woman he'd ever met. There were countless of other women that would have reprimanded him publicly for so much drinking, but Elizabeth just went with it and drank of her own. Kyler was relieved a moment. Elizabeth didn't even bat a disapproving eyelash at him. He knew he wasn't the greatest gentleman, and he never had been. Kyler wasn't the rich, business type that most women's fathers wanted for their daughters. He wasn't a doctor, and he sure as hell wasn't a lawyer. Kyler was a small town man, working day after day to get by for he and his sister. He worked with his hands, and he didn't mind getting dirty. Kyler was most likely seen as a bad influence to most, but he minded his own business and stayed out of the way. Kyler was never even a huge party-goer, but he did enjoy the occasional drink and dance with a beautiful woman. It looked like he was about to enjoy both.

Kyler felt Elizabeth's small hand in his once more, admiring how soft it felt in his larger one. She was a lady, so he should treat her as one. As Kyler pulled the smaller lady out to the dance floor with him, he found himself calming down just a bit. Elizabeth gave him the impression that he'd known her for years. She had the small town charm about her that Kyler found refreshing. Elizabeth obviously didn't seem to mind much about what others thought. She surely could have found a suitor by now that was both handsome and suited her needs, but she hadn't. Kyler hadn't really figured out Elizabeth yet. He tended to observe people, watch their actions and behaviors to write a mental story about them. Elizabeth had been shut into a stuck-up wealthy type until he met her, and he couldn't crack her since. It made her a bit of a mystery that he wasn't really sure why he wanted to solve so badly. "We can learn together then I suppose..." Kyler said with a small laugh as he used his larger body as a shield against the crowd to pull his dance partner behind him. Turning to her in the middle of the floor, Kyler placed his hands modestly on her waist as she wrapped her small arms around his neck.

The song playing was soft and slow, setting the mood almost impeccably. Had Helen and Elaine planned as much? Kyler assumed so, but he couldn't be sure. It could have just been coincidence... Damn good coincidence it seemed. Kyler noticed how much of Elizabeth's tinier body his hands covered, and he was careful not to dip his fingers down enough to meet the curve of her backside. "Is this okay? Let me know if you aren't comfortable..." Kyler found himself speaking softly, unsure where the softness truly came from. Kyler was a rugged man in both looks and personality. He found it hard to think before acting or saying, but he caught his tongue with Elizabeth. The last thing he wanted was for this woman to feel as if he was overstepping a boundary when they were simply supposed to be playing with their respective relatives and friends. Kyler's dark eyes held a kinder glow to them than he was used to, if only for respect of the woman dancing with him. He would begin to lead the way, swaying back and forth in a rhythmic way that left the hints of a smile on his face, "I must say Elizabeth... You are certainly a natural."
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Elizabeth wondered whether her time with Kyler would be as easy as last time. At Helen’s engagement part she found her interaction with him came quite easily. They seemed to be able to lose themselves in conversation and there did not appear to be any awkwardness and she just hoped that would be the case again. It was certainly make it easier to fool Helen and Elaine if they did not have to force their chemistry. Although, he did make it easy for her to feel comfortable in her presence. He was not arrogant and he did not seem to care too much about appearances. She had been in the company of men who had told her how to stand or even what she could drink, yet he seemed perfectly laid back and she was happy about that fact. At least she had not decided to fool their friend and family with a man of a different nature.

His smile was infectious and caused another one to spread across her face. At least his company was genuinely enjoyable and there was nothing forced about it. It did not matter to her that he had been dancing with another woman earlier, at a wedding guests were supposed to mingle and the woman in question was well known for holding men against their will on the dance floor. Elizabeth laughed softly as he mentioned his sister and she finally understood why Helen and Elaine got on so well. They were both completely taken with the idea of romance unlike Elizabeth. Romance to her was something that she never expected to experience and, although she enjoyed seeing couples happy, she was far more interested in business. It was not common for a woman to hold such interests, especially when her father was so against women being allow to advance in any field other than motherhood. He was still trying to pressure her into finding a husband so that she might had a boy he could pass the family business down to. He would never allow a woman to inherit his business, he would much rather sell up than see that happen.

A part of her wondered if that was why she was so apprehensive to allow herself to find a man, because if she were to marry and have children, she would be succumbing to her father’s wishes and a part of her was trying to rebel against that by refusing to fall in love or even meet with any of the suitors her father had lined up for her. However, she knew that it was not something she could put off forever, even if she was going to try and do so. Soon her mother would no longer be here to keep her father off her back and she had no doubt that he would try to marry her off the moment her mother passed from this world into the next.

She was not really one to enjoy the taste of alcohol but it was customary to enjoy a glass of something to celebrate her friend’s wedding and she knew that the couple had spent a lot of money to keep their guests happy and it would have been a shame to let any of it go to waste. She smiled towards Kyler as he finished his drink rather quickly and she found herself taking another sip of her glass before Kyler gave her an excuse to put hers down so she did not have to finish it. She smiled and took hold of his hand and allowed him to lead her towards the dance floor. By this point the music had slowed down, almost as though Elaine and Helen willed it to and she blushed slightly before placing her hands around his neck.

“I must warn you that I am really not much of a dancer. Dancing with children and dancing with men require different skills and I believe I am lacking in the later.”
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Kyler felt Elizabeth's small hand touch his large arm for a moment. The gesture was just enough to prove that they had some kind of connection to any onlookers. Kyler was impressed. Elizabeth was certainly not like any woman he'd ever met. She wasn't as stuck-up or privileged as he'd pinpointed her out to be. She had surprised him. Elizabeth had this independent fire in her heart that Kyler shared. They were seemingly both burning to the same flame of not wanting to be bothered by anyone in love or in life. They wanted to be alone... that was the goal right? Kyler and Elizabeth's master plot to get Helen and Elaine off their backsides was supposed to work forever. He had given a thought about what it would look like and how far they would go. Kyler definitely didn't want to seem like a terrible person in his sister's eyes if he suddenly broke off the false courtship he had started with Elizabeth. He hadn't truly thought about the ramifications of the plan, rather just being caught up in the risky nature of it.

Kyler let his worries melt away, plastering a smile on his face that wasn't always there. He remembered seeing Elizabeth with the twins that belonged to Helen's family and connected the two as she spoke about them. He assumed they'd been dancing, but he hadn't seen them. Kyler had been too much in his own mind and dancing with another woman which at that point sounded rather ridiculous as to why he would ever agree if Helen and Elaine were watching. They couldn't possibly catch scent of their plan of trickery, and Kyler opened them up to questioning by dancing with another woman albeit her insisting. He had been drinking a bit... He was about to say something about the woman he danced with, but Elizabeth kept speaking. He listened. Elizabeth spoke about Helen talking her ear off and Kyler nodded, relating to her quite literally. "As has Elaine. She is absolutely taken with my interest in you... At least we fooled the love queen for a moment." Kyler joked about his sister as she was the most romantic person he'd known. It was quite precious of a trait, no matter how much terrible it got her in.

Kyler lifted his eyes as Elizabeth handed him yet another glass of champagne. He would gladly take it in his large, calloused hands. "I believe you are right miss." It was like she damn well read his mind. Kyler took yet another sip, downing the liquid like he was used to it which he was. Kyler scrunched his face up a bit at the alcohol, but he relished the taste. Kyler let out a sigh from his lips at the taste. Elizabeth laughed and commented on how she wasn't a fan of champagne, and he simply smiled. "And that is where we differ my dear." He spoke, placing one hand in his pocket and downing his. As a server passed, he would set the empty drink on the tray. "Now let's get to that dancing before my sister and the new bride decide to force us together. What do you say?" Kyler asked, holding out a hand.
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Regardless of the fact that Elizabeth and Kyler had planned to trick Helen and Elaine, a part of her wondered if it was the right thing to do. Both of them wanted to be left alone; that was their ultimate aim. They did not want to be set up with anyone and this was supposed to get the two of them off their backs, but she couldn’t help but think what the end goal was now they had decided upon this path. They couldn’t very well keep this going until Helen and Elaine were rushing them down the aisle and then what? On to the next person they deemed suitable for the two. She had no doubt that Helen and Elaine were watching them now expectantly, but she did not take the time to look around.

Why was she feeling so nervous? This was nothing but a trick, yet she found herself growing more and more nervous over the past few days as she thought about seeing him again. It might have been to do with the fact that she thought that she might not be able to pull this off…that’s what she told herself anyway, still in denial about the fact that she might be able to actually feel something for the man before her. Besides, she hardly had anything to offer a man. Her desire for independence was not exactly an attractive quality to many of the men in this town and she was not willing to change that just to satisfy another. Besides, Kyler did not seem like other men and she was sure that she was not his type. They were worlds apart in reality and she was still struggling to see why they had plotted to get the two together.

She allowed the thoughts to fall from her mind when the man turned around and the wonder and concern that had occupied her face was now replaced with a warm smile. Any worries that she had were not gone and she was genuinely happy to see him again. As Kyler spoke, there was something about his look that told her they were being watched. The two had gone weeks without seeing each other and if they were to convince his sister and her best friend that they had truly started to fall for each other, this moment should have been one of happiness and relief. Elizabeth smiled towards Kyler, allowed her hand to rest on his arm for a second before letting it fall back at her side.

“It is certainly quite a reception. I must apologise for not being able to get to before now. It has been rather busy, and Helen’s younger sisters have kept be rather busy on the dance floor. I noticed that you had been kept busy too.”] She said, commenting on the woman who had pulled him to the floor. “I have been well thank you. I do hope that your time has no been as torturous as mine. Helen has not stopped talking about this moment for a week at least.” Elizabeth smiled towards him softly and took two glasses of champagne from a server as he passed. “I believe this might help us get through the day.” Although she did not see it as a task to spend her time with the man. She took a sip from the glass and screwed up her eyes as the taste of it hit the back of her throat and she let out a laugh. “I’ve never really liked champagne.”
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Kyler was surrounded by swinging skirts and laughing couples as the people around him danced to their heart's content after the reception. Kyler just found more ways to get more alcohol in his system as he normally turned to when he wasn't as comfortable with his surroundings... or just in general really. He was going to have to see Elizabeth at some point to fool his sister and the new bride that he and Elizabeth were star-crossed lovers. There was a part of him that wondered why exactly they had decided to do so. He was certainly a bit of a ladies man, but he denounced love as a mere imaginary concept a long time ago. On the other hand, Elizabeth seemed so full of life and happiness and kindness. Kyler wasn't even sure why the two plotters decided he was best for Elizabeth and she for him. He was a mess, and he knew it. He had been for a while now. Nothing ever seemed to go right for Kyler, and he figured that wouldn't change. Why bring someone into his miserable life? Kyler kept drinking to the same thoughts until some woman managed to pull him out to the dance floor.

Kyler kept to observing mostly, as was his normal behavior. He analyzed the people, thinking up stories of their backgrounds and what their interests were to keep him busy. There was a woman with a constantly worried look on her face and tired eyes who he assumed was a governess of some sort. Then there was the man in the prim suit with nothing out of place that he pinned to be some sort of government official. There were some familiar faces in the form of Elaine's friends, but Kyler couldn't quite place their names. Kyler busied himself with politely dancing with the woman who had brought him to the dance floor, entertaining her mostly while enjoying a bit of the woman's presence himself. Kyler had a mountainous frame compared to many of the people in the room, standing over six feet with a stout and muscular body. He was hard to miss. Had Elizabeth not seen him? Did she not want to see him? Had she changed her mind?

When the song was over, Kyler politely bowed to the woman as she went off to find some other company. Kyler strode to the wall a bit more, almost wishing he had a piece of wood to whittle down into some sort of knick knack he could sell to children or hand out to people on the streets. Suddenly, Kyler heard that familiar voice that he had been thinking about how to react to when it would come. Elizabeth. Kyler took a breath and slowly turned to face the smaller woman than he, taking a look at the surroundings to make sure Elaine and Helen were watching. They were. Kyler smiled kindly down to the woman, "It is wonderful to have the pleasure of your grace again. Your friend, the bride, seems to have quite a reception here. How have you been Elizabeth?" Kyler asked, sending her a look that said play it off they're watching.
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As their eyes locked and he waved back towards her she couldn’t help but notice the attire her was wearing. She had no doubt that Elaine made sure that he looked his absolute best and there was no denying that he looked handsome. She was sure that she felt a rush of butterfly wings in her stomach but she told herself it was nothing. This was all just a plan to get back at Helen and Elaine for trying to set them up. The last thing she could do now was actually catch feelings for him.

Her attention was pulled away from him when she felt a tug at her dress and she looked down to see Helen’s younger twin siblings. They were like sisters of her own and she smiled warmly down at them. “No one will dance with us Elizabeth. Will you dance with us?” The Girl we’re almost pouting as they pleaded with her and she found herself unable to say no to such beautiful girls. She nodded and took their hands and they led her to the floor that had been cleared to allow people to dance. The young girls stole her attention for quite some time, all the while dancing along to the changing music and acting in ways that young women shouldn’t usually act but she was entertaining the children and it was highly unlikely that anyone would chastise her for that. It was her intention to enjoy the wedding as much as she could and being here with the twins allowed her some enjoyment until she was able to spend some more time with Kyler. And so, they danced for what felt like hours until the twins eventually grew tired and went to find their parents to that they could calm down for a little while.

Elizabeth found herself alone now but she remained with a smile upon her face while she went to find a glass of water to hydrate after expending so much energy. She hadn’t seen Kyler in some time but she hoped that he might come to find her soon. Helen and her fiancé were welcoming and thanking their guests for their attendance so she perhaps wouldn’t see them for some time. Later they would most likely share a dance but for now, her best friend had a responsibility to the rest of the guests and Elizabeth could take some time to enjoy her own company.

It didn’t last for long though as she felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She turned with a smile on her face, hoping that she would be greeted by Kyler but her hopes were not fulfilled yet. The man before her was someone who had endeavoured to get her attention for some time but she always been lucky enough to have the presence of another so that she was not left alone with him. However, Elizabeth hadn’t forgot her manners and she greeted him kindly with a smile and subconsciously scanned the room in hope that someone might jump in and save her from having to converse with the man. He was not unpleasant but he was certainly persistent and it was something that had become tiresome.

She entertained him with her charms for around ten minutes, all the while ensuring that she did not make it seem as though she was interested in him for anything more than a conversation and she was thankful to see that Helen was making her way towards her. Her eyes must have been looking for help because as she walked towards them she laughed and shook her head, knowing that the man in question had been trying to get her attention for quite some time.

“Andrew! Thank you so much for your attendance today. I’ve been meaning to introduce you to someone. Elizabeth would you mind if I stole him for a little while?” She asked, knowing what her answer would be already. Her eyes thanked her without words and nodded instantly.

“Of course, you are the bride so your authority is the only authority today. It was nice conversing with you Andrew, I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.” With that Helen started to lead him away and she let out a sigh of relief and finally got herself the water that she craved. Elizabeth closed her eyes as the liquid hydrated her and allowed herself a moment to enjoy the sensation of her running down her throat. She hadn’t realised just how much energy that twins had taken out of her until now but she wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world. When Helen returned she did all she could to thank her from saving her. “Elizabeth, come with me. I’ve not seen you with Kyler once tonight and you were looking so forward to seeing him. You simply [I must] dance with him tonight.” Helen smiled and nodded as she took hold of her hand, taking her to a destination where she was sure they would find Kyler. Elizabeth laughed as the woman strode through the crowds of guests with purpose until they came to a stop. She could tell that the man they had stopped in front of was Kyler because she recognised the suit but he had his back to her and apparently Helen was not sticking around. She widened her eyes as she watched the woman retreat and she shook her head.

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Breathtaking. It was simply the only way to describe the woman that had graced him with her presence. The dress she wore was rather form-fitting and flattering, which Kyler couldn't help but take a notice to. Her necklace hung off her slim shoulders in such a way that accentuated her soft features yet strong and graceful presence. But the thing that got him was that smile. She had no idea that he was looking at her from across the room as Elaine was speaking with her friends close to him, so the woman was completely and utterly herself. Her smile was as radiant as the sunlight outside, and it brightened the room exponentially. And the woman in question was none other than Elizabeth. Now there was no denying that he had felt some connection to this woman more than just kinship. Kyler kept his eyes on the woman as if there was a spotlight shining directly on her until he was pulled out of his daze by Elaine as she dragged him towards the starting reception. Maybe this was just a moment of infatuation... Kyler certainly had a lot of those, and he acted on a lot of those. He wasn't the most perfect man by any means, but Elizabeth was different than the girls who usually caught his eye. She was so naturally beautiful that she need nothing more than her smile to catch his attention. What was going on with him?

Before heading into the reception, Kyler made his way to grab a drink of champagne from the bar that had been set up. He surely needed something to get him back to his normal self. Kyler sat next to Elaine, watching the reception halfheartedly. He'd never believed in love because his life had never involved much of it. His parents died young, and he gave everything, including much of his youth, to make sure his little sister grew up the way she deserved. Kyler wanted to give her the clothes and the toys and the food and anything that she'd want because he knew his parents would do the same. Plus, any woman he'd ever been with ended rather abruptly. He was always off chasing his sister in her over enthusiastic endeavors or working himself to the bone to make ends meet that he'd never tell Elaine about. Kyler had convinced himself that he really didn't deserve love, so he'd all but denied courting rather than the random physical encounter or two. It was part of the reason Elaine and Helen had gotten together to set him and Elizabeth up. Kyler thought about it all, downing his champagne as the two happy people exchanged vows and lives as they kissed and sealed the deal.

Kyler clapped when Elaine nudged him, finally filing out of the reception as Elaine was eager to meet with one of her best friends. Kyler followed her as she ran and wrapped her arms around Helen. "You are the absolute prettiest woman in this room! The ceremony was gorgeous. It went by so perfectly, and you are so so very lucky to be going home with him tonight! I know how crazy you are about each other. I'm so happy for you." Elaine went off like she normally did bouncing off the walls as she and Helen exchanged laughs and smiles. Kyler smiled a bit at his sister's enthusiasm then his eyes caught Elizabeth's once more. This time he knew that she saw him. Kyler noticed her hold up her small hand that looked so soft... so pure. When did he notice things like that? Kyler lifted his hand her way in a simple gesture before placing it back in his pockets. If their plan of deception was going to work, Kyler would definitely have to find a way to see her in some form. The look in Elizabeth's eyes told him without words that she agreed. Kyler took a moment, leaning his large form against the wall and getting lost in thought until he could find a way to steal Elizabeth's attention or for her to come up to him.
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