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[center [h4 [b [u Background]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" When the Great War broke out there was a surge of patriotism and a rush of men signing up to fight for their country, thinking that the war would be over by Christmas. Four harsh years were taken from those that signed up to fight and for some of the soldiers their time in this world was over; their lives claimed by the horrors of war.]]
[center [font "Calibri" As the war was being fought on the Western Front there were real battles being fought every day back in England. Many women were fighting against the loss of their husbands, fathers and sons and loved ones. It was not uncommon and many banded together to deal with such loss. Still, life had to go on and soon enough the war would be over and those who had lost could work on rebuilding their lives whilst always remember those who had given up theirs.]]
[center [font "Calibri" Elizabeth lost a man whom she loved; a man who had once asked her to marry him but sadly it was the war that broke them apart and one day that dreaded telegram was delivered to her home letting her know that her soul mate had passed early on during the war. She had promised to wait for him until the war was over, but now she knew he would never return to her.]]
[center [font "Calibri" In 1918 a miracle happened and the war came to an end and with the end, came the return of the brave soldiers who had remained to fight for them. Elizabeth hadn’t expected that the man she had once loved would return to her after being pronounced dead but sure enough one day he showed up at her door, ready to give his entire world to her. Yet she seemed sad. It has been a year since she had been told he had died and with not one letter from him how could she had possibly hoped that he was still alive? For when he had returned she had been engaged to another to help with the debt that had been brought upon her family when her father passed.]]
[center [h4 [b [u The Idea]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" I am wanting to start at the very beginning of this story. It will begin in 1914 just before the war breaks out. At some point along the line Elizabeth will meet your character, whether that be before the war breaks out or during one of his relief visits home. We can decide that together. I want to follow the story all the way through from them meeting to him returning to her after she had been told that he was dead. Again we can discuss the finer details if you decide to join me. I think after that point we can allow the roleplay to flow however it may.]]
[center [h4 [b [u What I need from you]]]]
[center [font "Calibri" I would like someone who would be willing to play Elizabeth's love interest. Please PM me to let me know that you are interested and we can discuss the details further. I generally post anything from 300 - 1500 words depending on the level of depth required although I do not require or produce this for every post, especially if there is a conversation taking place. When the time comes, I figured that both of us could have control of Elizabeth's fiance so that we can move the plot along.]]
[center [h4 [b [u The Characters]]]]
[center [b [font "Calibri" Elizabeth Drayke]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vPpehVc.jpg]]

[center [b [font "Calibri" Sebastian Gray - The Fiance]]]
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[I "And that concludes the reading. I hope everything is nice and clear. There is a formal process for any contests but I can imagine all parties are fairly happy with the outcome.'] Happy wasn't exactly the right word. Elizabeth wasn't [I happy] at all but she wouldn't contest the will. It would lead to a lot of money spent on lawyers and while technically she had the money to do that now, she didn't want it to go to waste on such a thing.

[B "Thank you for your time this morning. I appreciate it.'] She thanked him and glanced towards Andrew who looked so proud of himself and she rolled her eyes and she walked past him, keeping Matthew's hand in her own. Once they were outside she felt like she could breathe a little better. [B "I won't work with him. I'm going to have to look at the business properly and see if it's worth selling my share to Andrew. I don't care about the money but I won't share this with him. My father wanted this..."] She sighed heavily and leaned into Matthew as they started back towards him place.

[B "Let's more think about that now. We...we have a lot to decide. Like, where we want to live and what we are doing with the inheritance." She smiled a little.
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 34d 3h 15m 38s
Matthew stayed by Elizabeth, trying to comfort and steady her all in one. This was already tense. Andrew stuck around like a leech, draining the Stone family from all they had. Hadn’t he done enough? Matthew found Elizabeth grounding him too in the sense he didn’t want her to see him beating the life out of the pathetic boy. Matthew hadn’t liked him since the time he first met Elizabeth, and she seemed to want to get away from him. Matthew hadn’t wanted to punch a man more than he wanted to Andrew, and he fought in a war for Pete’s sake. That was saying a lot. Instead, he was a good boy, and he sat hesitantly, unsure what the will would read. Mr. Stone wasn’t exactly a man of honor either, literally gambling and drinking himself to death while his wife and daughter needed him more than ever.

It started out nicely. Most of the assets were left to her, his one daughter. That was good. The house was hers, and his finances. It honestly surprised Matthew. The carpenter and former soldier would have betted money against it if he had to pick a side. But the man surprised him pleasantly. Reaching over to grab Elizabeth’s hand gently, Matthew waited for more good news. He hadn’t ever thought about the amount of money offered. Matthew always barely scraped by. If this continued, Matthew would never have to work again, not that he would give it up. It was a crazy turn of events.

Then the catch came. Andrew was left the family business as CEO. Blinking, Matthew ran a hand over his face. Looking to Elizabeth in disappointment, he clenched his jaw. There it was. Of course her father left something to the lowlife. He always seemed to care for Andrew more than Elizabeth. What a way to go out... Matthew could hardly sit through it, watching Andrew’s smug grin at him as if he wasn’t over yet. But then, Mr. Stone surprised him again. Elizabeth would retain the profits, but she just wouldn’t run the business. Matthew still hated it. He wouldn’t sit by as Elizabeth was forced to work with Andrew. Something would be done. They had their own businesses, soon to join them, and that would be enough. Still, Matthew wanted nothing to do with the man who nearly ruined his whole life. Andrew would come away with nothing.
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The will reading was to take place in her father's old study and when they walked in she stopped at the sight of Andrew. What on earth was he doing here? Her stomach turned at the idea of her father leaving anything to him, especially since he had been the one to take everything from him in a came of cards. She looked to Matthew as if to question his presence here even though he wouldn't know the answer either. She could almost see his anger so she kept her arm linked with his. There couldn't be any outbreak of violence here. It was a will reading and she didn't want Matthew to end up getting arrested for assaulting someone, especially when there were witnesses around. Besides, Andrew looked cautious and wouldn't even make eye contact with him. [b "I hope you are right."]

Elizabeth took a seat with Matthew and soon enough the will reading began which started with the announcement that there was no personal letter he had been asked to read to family. She didn't expect there to be one really since he wasn't exactly a sentimental person. After that it became clear that most of the assets were left to her. The home now belonged to her and all the contents inside and the hefty sum that was sitting in the bank was now hers. She almost choked when she heard how much there was. She was surprised since he had been a serial gambler. She expected there to be nothing less but apparently he lucked out the week he died and scored big, leaving her enough to keep her comfortable for the rest of her life.

Then came the bombshell. The business was not hers. It was left to Andrew. She looked to Matthew, hardly surprised by the matter since her father did not believe woman could run a business but then the will reader clarified that Elizabeth still owned the profit rights, Andrew would just become CEO. She was baffled by that. She didn't care about the money but the idea that she was expected to work with Andrew was not something she wanted. Could she sell the business to him and rid herself of that so she never had to see him again? After all, she had started her own business and Matthew had his. If they worked together they could be successful enough to not need a business in stocks and shares.
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They got to her former home quickly, him relishing the restorative qualities of a walk. Helen and Elaine were expected to be there just for the magnitude of the moment potentially. They both knew about the engagement now, and they were both heads over heels for the planning and preparation for the two that they matched so perfectly. For now though, the will reading was a serious matter. Matthew nodded towards her, her arm still linked in his as he escorted her to the proceeding. [b “And I promise we will as soon as the last line is read and all his assets are given rightfully to you.”]

Matthew didn’t think it could get any worse, but he was wrong. Andrew was waiting there like a vulture, perched beside the man reading the will to hear what scraps he would get out of it. Matthew was already tensing. Andrew was the reason for almost all of his grief and breaking he and Elizabeth apart. Matthew had beaten him up once maybe it was about time he did it again. Snarling are the man, Andrew was lucky Elizabeth was holding onto his arm. Otherwise, Matthew wouldn’t hold back. He’d told the man to stay out of her life forever. What about that didn’t he get? The concept wasn’t that hard, especially being driven by a fist.

Leaning into Elizabeth, he spoke, [b “Don’t worry. There’s no way that jack ass of a man will get anything from you and your family. I know it.”] He worded, sure that even if her prick of a father left something to Andrew that Matthew wouldn’t let it slide. Elizabeth had been through too much not to deserve it all.
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Elizabeth hadn't even considered his behaviour abnormal earlier. She knew he needed his space and she would also give that to him should he decide that he needed it and it was obvious that in that moment he did. She shook her head and kissed his cheek. [b "You have nothing to apologise for my love. I don't think you are weak or unstable. I think you are strong and brave and that you have some scars that will take some time to heal and I promise you I will be here for you every step of the way."] With that the two enjoyed their breakfast, Matthew occasionally feeding her bites and she couldn't help but chuckle when syrup accidentally got on the covers. They could deal with that later though.

When the time came the two if them got ready and made their way around the house that used to be her former home. Maybe it would be again now that it belonged to her. It would make a good home for her and Matthew to start off their married life together and they could really build something here. Once they arrived she nodded towards Matthew. [b "More than ready. I just want to get theis over with so we can really start our lives together."]
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When he saw her again, she was holding a tray of pancakes and coffee all carefully placed for him. Eric was shocked. He was so used to taking care of everyone else. Now, someone else was taking care of him. As the tray was placed on his lap, Mathew approvingly looked to her. He felt bad for his snappy attitude earlier. Sighing, he opened his arm for her to join him as he took a long sip of coffee. [b “I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have snapped or gone off alone. I just don’t want you seeing me like this all weak and unstable. This is incredibly loving, Elizabeth. Thank you.”] He placed a kiss on her head then went to eating the pancakes and calming down in their syrupy goodness. He would feed some bites to her as the episode fully passed.

Soon enough, it was time to get ready for the will reading which he had no clue how it would go. Removing the tray from his lap, he stood and moved to his closet. [b “We should get ready, my love. Time to hear what your father put in his will.”] Matthew pulled on a pair of trousers and a nice button up with a coat for the reading, wanting to look professional and be there for his fiancé. Hooking his arm around hers, they would head off to the reading. Matthew had no idea what to expect, but he would be there with Elizabeth. [b “Are you ready for this?”] He asked, squeezing her hand comfortingly as he took up the caring for role from her that morning.
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The pancakes didn't take too long and it was a food thing too, especially since she could hear movement from upstairs which indicated that Matthew was out of the shower now. She hoped that he was feeling a little better after that and she also hoped that he knew she would be hear for him. Elizabeth couldn't imagine what he was going through but she loved him and she would do anything for him and if he needed someone to talk to or someone to help him through some dark times then she would be there. After all, she had agreed to become his wife and that was all part of the deal.

She played up the food and then made her way upstairs, carefully balancing the plates and the freshly brewed coffee on a tray and when she made her way back into the bedroom she found Matthew sitting up in bed and she couldn't help but smile at the sight of him, realising that she would wake up to him every day from this point on since they had decided to spend their lives together. Elizabeth could see that Matthew was a little weary from his dreams and the shower hah only partially helped but she hoped that some food would perk him up a little more.

[b "I thought I would do us some breakfast in bed since we have a few hours until we need to leave for the will reading. I would quite like to just enjoy being with you and talk about...anything really! It's been a crazy few months and even more crazy this last 24 hours and I just want to be with you."] Elizabeth perched on the edge of the bed, placing the tray in his lap and loomed towards him lovingly. [b "How are you feeling?"]
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 47d 23h 55m 36s
Matthew was a mess. Standing in that shower, waiting for the nightmares and pain to be washed away, he could only wonder when or if it would ever stop. He couldn’t keep going through this hell every time he closed his eyes. Back in the armed forces, Matthew had been told about special counselors or services to help with the burden of war. He never really listened. Now, it was coming back to bite him in the ass. He wasn’t the same with PTSD, and he didn’t necessarily want Elizabeth to see him the way he was. He just wished life was easier. Matthew went through all the smoke and grenades and gunshots. Why couldn’t it end at that?

With one last sigh, Matthew shut off the water and pulled on something to cover himself before returning to bed. Elizabeth had gone off to do something around the house, so he just sat there, back against the pillows and headboard. Running a hand through his hair, Matthew didn’t know what he should do. Then, he thought about the person he woke up next to. He thought about the feel of her kiss and the soft touch of her hand. Then, a light bulb went off. He needed to lean into her. Matthew needed someone to share his problems with rather than carrying them all himself. Little did he know, she was just downstairs cooking a surprise up for him to feel better as he was recuperating himself.
  Matthew Moore / bubbles12 / 48d 45m 7s
Elizabeth was an intelligent woman. She was not ignorant to the harshness of war and the effects that it could have on the soundest of minds but simply knowing that things could be hard for those returning from war didn’t necessarily mean that she understood how he felt. How could she? She had no been to war, not that she would be allowed in any other capacity besides a nurse and her father certainly wouldn’t have let that happen regardless of her desire to try and help in some way. He wouldn’t even let her contribute to the war effort at home, claiming that it was not a woman’s place to help a man but a man’s place to protect the women of the country and they would have to do that with one less helping hand in the factories or in the fields.

She couldn’t read the expression upon his face but it was clear that he was struggling and she doubted that his proud would allow him to admit such a thing. He pulled his hand from hers and he removed himself from the room to shower off the nightmares of war and she let him go without another word, not wanting to seem overbearing or like she knew how to help him because she didn’t. The only thing she could do in that moment was climb out of bed and make breakfast, with only his shirt covering her. She hoped that Elaine wouldn’t come down to the kitchen while she cooked.

She busied herself with whatever she could find, finding enough ingredients to make pancakes which she enjoyed making and it had been so long that she decided that was the best option. If they cooked in time she planned on taking them upstairs for breakfast in bed but it all depended on how long Matthew would stay in the shower.
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His chest was heaving, and he couldn’t shake the banging sound from his mind. It was all too real. He’d been thrown back into the atmosphere of war as soon as he drifted to sleep. This had happened before... Elizabeth laying next to him did make him feel safer, but the nightmares didn’t care. Matthew breathed it out, running his hands through his hair and trying to wake up. Elizabeth’s presence was made known to him when she placed a flaming hand on his cheek and assured him that it was okay because he wasn’t in war. As she pulled him to her and kissed him, Matthew started to relax some. She was right. He wasn’t in danger. Matthew looked at her as she spoke sweetly to him. She was trying to help, but she didn’t know what he was going through truly. He’d have to let it subside by itself.

Bringing his hand from hers, Matthew slowly stood from the bed. [b “I just need a shower.”] Stepping off towards the bathroom, Matthew stripped his clothes and stepped into a hot shower. Leaning his hands against the wall, he let the water fall over every trace of his muscle and scars. Matthew closes his eyes, leaning his head against the cool tile of the wall. Breathing in and out, he tried to expel the memory from his mind. He finally had what he always wanted... He had Elizabeth, and they would be married soon enough. But that was where he worried. In the time without her, he read about what nightmares after war meant. Maybe he needed help. What if he hurt her as a result of all this? He wouldn’t stand for it.

So, he stood there in the middle of the shower, contemplating what he could do about it all. He saw the look on her face. She was trying to calm him, but it couldn’t have been easy. Elizabeth has no idea how bad it could get sometimes, and he didn’t want her to know. He would stay there in the same place in the shower for longer than normal, processing and thinking.
  Matthew Moore / bubbles12 / 54d 4h 10m 1s
Elizabeth had found it so easy to fall asleep in Matthew’s arms. This is what she wanted for the rest of her life and she truly believed that she would have him in her life for the rest of it. Soon they would be married and maybe one day they would start a family of their own. It was incredible to think that fate had brought them together and if she hadn’t had been here today, everything would be so different. She would be there for him every single day no matter what and that included through the nightmares that he seemed to be having.

Elizabeth woke instantly, feeling him bolt upright in the bed. She pushed back on her hands so that she could sit up and she glanced over him, noticing the thick layer of sweat that seemed to have formed over his head and his chest. It sounded as though he was having a panic attack of some sort. She knew that this was likely to do with the war, knowing that many soldiers suffered with images of war after they returned. It couldn’t have been easy and she could hardly imagine that things that he had seen while he was away from her.

She reached out to flick on the lamp on the bedside table as placed a hand on his cheek. [b “Hey…Matthew it’s alright. I’m right here. You’re right here.”] Elizabeth took his hand with her free hand and leaned forward to kiss him gently, not wanting to spook him further. [b “It was a dream my love. It’s over...”] She spoke softly and soothed him as best she could, not knowing if she would be able to help him at all.
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 69d 23h 31m 20s
Matthew breathed a sigh of relief as she admitted he hadn’t hurt her. He didn’t know what he’d do if he had. Certainly, he would’ve been much more careful. Matthew had always been afraid he would break her in bed due to their sheer size difference, and he cared for her too much to risk that. The heat of the passion took him over before he realized he may have been too rough although he did enjoy exploring new things with his now fiancé and a frisky fiancé at that. Matthew reveled in the sight of his woman wrapped in his clothes, the shirt hanging just over her bottom. She looked really damn good in his clothes as she did in anything... [i Or without anything.] It filled Matthew with a pride, seeing her walking around in his shirt as a mark of their intimacy.

[b “Always tell me if you are ever uncomfortable.”] He spoke as she took his hand. They found something to cook dinner together with, but Matthew was distracted most times trying to kiss her or touch her. They were in that wonderful honeymoon phase where all he wanted was to lounge in bed full days with her and never leave except for food or water. All he wanted was to touch her and kiss her all over and back again until he knew every curve and crevice and hidden pleasure point. They had time for that very soon.

They are and talked as they enjoyed each other on the living room floor, concerned about nothing in particular. Life was finally looking up again. There was no war and no Mr. Stone and no Andrew. It was just the two of them as it always should have been. Matthew kissed Elizabeth before they slept, his hand intertwined in hers over his heart as she cuddled into him, providing a warmth that he’d never quite felt before. No longer did he feel alone. He’d murmured sweet nothings and I love you’s to the top of her head before drifting to sleep.

Before long, he was launched into the same setting of the accident. Adam was there as well as the eerie calm as trucks drove by with supplies. As soon as the German soldier erupted from the corner of the wall, Matthew wanted to scream at Adam to get down, but it was like sound was muted. Until the gun was fired and a bullet hit Adam then hit him. Jolting up, Matthew was sweating profusely and breathing heavily. He couldn’t control the occurrence of such nightmares, even if Elizabeth was with him it seemed.
  Matthew Moore / bubbles12 / 70d 15h 43m 52s
Elizabeth has never been so happy in her life. Everything felt right now that she was reunited with Matthew and in some ways she had Elaine to thank for this because she never would have come back to take things from the house if she hadn’t have written and told her than the house seemed to be empty all time. She would have been in her workshop crafting her next project, completely ignorant to the fact that her father had died because they wouldn’t have been able to locate her if they came looking for her before then.

She looked up then, when he has about whether he hurt her. Of course he had no used such force before it even taken her from such a position so he was concerned that he had hurt her. At first it hurt a little but the pleasure far outweighed the pain and she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that because he would worry and be more cautious next time and she didn’t want that. Elizabeth kissed him and shook her head. [b “Of course you didn’t my love.”]

She accepted his shirt and put it on, rather liking the feel of the material against her skin and the smell of him wrapped up in it. She would glad to know that Elaine wasn’t home and she was quick to move forward and take his hand. When they were in the kitchen they danced around each other cooking something for their dinner and eating it on the floor of the living room before going to bed one more, this time to sleep since tomorrow was likely to be a tough day. When they were cuddled up in bed she kissed him one last time. This would be the first time she had fallen asleep in his arms and it was strange how quickly sleep seemed to be taking effect. Elizabeth yawned and shuffled into him and fell asleep quicker than she had ever fallen asleep.
  Elizabeth / d1gn17y / 71d 22h 58m 35s
Matthew had always been so gentle with Elizabeth, fearing her fragility and naïveté. This time, something came over him that demanded more. Maybe it was the way she took him so confidently... It made him want to reassert his dominance, taking control of her in a way that showed he was hers as she was his. They both had their turns gyrating with each other, releasing all kinds of love and sexual frustrations. Matthew lost himself in the moment, knowing they’d never tried the position he flipped her into. As soon as the moment subsided, their bodies locked together in pure love and lust, Matthew fell, spent on the bed next to her. They’d been loud... He just hoped Elaine wasn’t home. He would be eternally embarrassed if she’d heard.

They’d essentially gone to town on each other, and it wasn’t a quiet affair. Matthew came off the high of their love, smiling to himself at just how many times she experienced it. It was just what he wanted... Laughing, Matthew places a hand on her back, kissing her as passionately and lovingly as possible. [b “I’m nothing compared to you... you know what you do to me.”] Matthew was still catching his breath as he placed a gentle kiss on her nose. [b “About the whole... you know. Did I hurt you at all? I know we haven’t...”] Matthew trailed off, slowly sitting up and handing her his shirt to cover up as he pulled up his trousers.

[b “Wait here until the coast is clear.”] Matthew slowly crept to his door, shirtless as he peeked out through the house. Elaine wasn’t home, thankfully... Waving Elizabeth over, he headed to the kitchen to find something to make. [b “Let’s cook something... I may need your guidance.”]
  Matthew Moore / bubbles12 / 72d 1h 21m 36s
Elizabeth had never experienced such passion before with Matthew. He had always bee so careful, almost as though she might break but there was something about this time that seemed to be closer to the edge of him wanting to dominate her completely, claiming her entirely as his own. It surprised her when he flipped her over and took her from a new position that they hadn’t tried before and while she was initially nervous and embarrassed by it, it wasn’t long before she was moaning and ready to reach another orgasm.

The two stayed locked together in love and desire until Elizabeth finally collapsed onto the bed, almost unable to catch her breath. She didn’t even want to think about whether Elaine had been in or came home during their session because she would be completely mortified and unable to face her if she had heard that, although there was pretty much a guarantee that she would have heard if she had been in the house.

The two had even skipped dinner, not wanted to let the other go but now that she was catching her breath and coming back down from the high he had given her several times that night she couldn’t help but realise it. [b “I’m starving!”] She said after a minute, giggling as she rolled over to kiss him gently. [b “You certainly know how to work up an appetite.”]
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