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[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/Gameon.jpg]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" The Leonidos and Nyx family had always been mixed. As the daughter of Melanthe Nyx, Kalonice seemed to always find herself wandering back to the blue house with the white picket fence. As the son of Issac Matthew Leonidos, it was no surprise that Daemien's heart would be stolen by the youngest of the Nyx family. Falling down the path of their parents, which neither party really wanted, Daemien and Kalonice would go through many trials and levels in order for this 'GAME' of back and forth to be OVER.]]]

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/KalAndDaemChildren_zpsede1147d.png]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Forced together as children, thanks to the love of their parents; his father and her mother, Kalonice and Daemien met at the young ages of three and eight months. Unlike Daemien, Kalonice never liked him during their first encounter thanks to him pulling her hair. Though as the years went on, she slowly became fond of the little blonde baby boy.]]]

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/ToBestFriends.jpg]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Years later, after being separated due to the unfortunate deaths of two important people in Kalonice's life, Kalonice returned to the city where she once lived, finding herself meeting the same people; her closest friends Kenneth, Xavier, and Zachary. Thanks to Kenneth and Xavier, Kalonice meets the not so baby boy anymore, Daemien Leonidos at Comic-con.

Dressed as the Dark Phoenix aka Jean Grey, Kalonice catches Daemien's attention. The boy is instantly smitten in his blonde Clark Kent cosplay, to his surprise she understood.

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/DK.jpg]]
[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" As the two began to grow closer, Daemien's true feelings for his redheaded friend began to show. Having her feel awkward in many situations that the two found themselves tangled in. But one thing was certain, something that she wanted to hide, and never wanted to feel... Confused by her own desire to him, Kalonice found herself falling more and more for the dorky blonde. Something she did not want to do... A destiny that she did not want to succumb to...

[center [size17 [font "Palatino Linotype" Is it love? Or a simply infatuation? Deamien, certain about his deep love for Kalonice, only wishing to be able to be hers for the rest of their lives.... And Kalonice.... No... She couldn't ever be his... right?

[center [pic http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac2/Gamer-666/Game%20On/TNTM.jpg]]


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The blonde fourteen year old boy stood next to his younger sister. Their eyes stared at an older blonde male with blue eyes and circular glasses. “This is a big place with a lot of people. Keep a close eye on Jenny, we don’t want her getting lost.”

“I’m thirteen, practically an adult!” The little blonde girl placed her hands on her hips.

Daemien understood what his father was getting at. Jenny may have been just a year younger, but she was short. A tiny little girl, that although could possibly defend herself could still easily been taken away. And so the boy nodded, agreeing to his father’s words.

Daemien sighed slightly as his father had turned and left the two. This was supposed to be a vacation, but his father was always pulled in other directions. He was always on the go, always saying yes to those who asked for his help. Couldn’t they just have a normal family vacation?

The boy shook his head. “No one is going to know what you are. You’re just a blonde in a tux.” Jenny smiled, teasing her brother.

“Wasn’t it you who wanted to match with your older brother?” Daemien pointed out.

“Partially, I thought people may recognize you more with supergirl around.”

Daemien chuckled. He kept close to Jenny, grabbing her hand when they had to pass a few crowds. They were there for a while; looking around, pointing out costumes and looking at comic booths.

“I have to pee... can you just put it down?”

Daemien kept the book in his hands, his eyes scanning around for the nearest bathroom. He pointed over towards the one behind the booth. “Just go quick and come back here. Do not go with anyone and if someone tries to grab you, scream.” He just really didn’t want to loose the chance to purchase such an amazing comic. It was the Phoenix after all.

A few minutes had passed and Daemien noticed someone approaching the area he was in. His attention was still glued to the comic. Yes, he already read the comic, but it was the only one really available that caught his eye and it was the one issue of The Phoenix he was missing for his collection. He shifted to the side, more than certain the person just wanted him to get out of their way. He was kind of in the way.

[i “I like the whole blonde Clark Kent.”]

The young male blinked twice upon hearing a female's voice. His eyes shifted from the comic to the… he stared in awe for a moment, a split moment before smiling softly and looking back to the comic then back to her. She.. Her attention was diverted to the other books. His eyes soon noticed her… cosplay.

She.. she was into comics. Wow… but was she really talking to him? Daemien glanced around the area, no... she was talking to him... he was the only Blonde Clark Kent around. His eyes fell on her once more. That.. that fiery hair. And the Dark Phoenix outfit. She almost looked like the real thing.

Daemien was about to speak up until she spoke first. He shook his head. “Well, I figured a lot of people would be dressed as one or the other, Superman or Clark Kent. I thought about it… that in a public area, He’d be Clark.” Damien shrugged soon glancing over to the comics she had in her hand. “You should be the one to join the contest. You look exactly like Dark Phoenix.” He gave a smile to her.

His eyes soon glancing around. He noticed eyes staring over towards him.. or well to her. Daemien shook his head as his eyes continued to look around. Searching for the little blonde dressed in a super girl costume.

“My sister said no one would get who I was dressing up as.” He shrugged. “But you did. Unfortunately, there aren’t any phone booths or secluded ally ways to show you the rest of my costume.” He glanced back down at the comic in his hand.

“Here, you can have it. I already read this one.” He smiled handing it over to her. “It’s really good, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… I should probably look for Jenny, my sister. It’s been a while and she could have gotten lost in the crowd somewhere.” Daemien was about to turn, but stopped, and smiled at her. “Ah, I’m Daemien by the way… it was nice to meet you.” He paused waiting for her to say her name.
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Why had she agreed to this? To come down with these two idiots... It was a simple answer, she didn't want to come back to her hometown alone. And who else would she go with than her two of her best friends; Kenneth E. Nixon and Xavier A. Vendetta. Zach, who would of been her other option, had been too busy in his own world to even agree to come with her, leaving her no other options but to take the other two.

"So what the hell are you supposed to be?" Xavier questioned the redheaded girl in a tight latex suit. Kalonice turned her head, smirking at the dumb question he only asked to get in her nerves. " You know very well who I am asshole. Now shouldn't you go and put on your mustache? Mario ain't Mario without the mustache."

The male chuckled and as soon as he had opened his mouth, Kenneth had placed his hand over, covering it before he gave his cheeky reply. It would only make things worse. " Now, now, settle down children. Let's all play nice and get long." Kenneth said with a grin before Kalonice sighed. She knew it was a bad idea to have brought Xavier with them... "I will. I promise." She said softly before looking over at Xavier who simply had his gaze on a young blonde behind her in a blue suit. "If you two don't mind, I am going to head over to the comic book area. Maybe I can finally find the X-Men number 135."

"Such a geek." Xavier mumbled under Kenneth hand, making Kenneth smirked and then smile at his cousin. "Nothing wrong with being a geek, Xavier. It's better than being a dumbass." Ken joked before looking over at Kal and smiling. "Go on, we'll be looking around."

Kalonice nodded and simply began to walk away, soon disappearing between the ocean of people.

"Why'd you let her wander off?" Xavier questioned as he finally pulled the giants hand off his mouth. "You know the guys are going to drool over her... I mean Latex dude... latex... I can see her--"

"Yes, Xavier, I know. But let her be. She will be fine. Besides...She knows what she is doing... And we are here. Right?" Kenneth said with a wink, making Xavier chuckle. "Death be upon us if she is harmed!" Kenneth grimaced at his friend dramatic words. "Chill dude, she's our princess peach, now let's go."

Meanwhile, Kalonice roamed the crowds, her eyes staring at the costumes. Not one taking her attention away from the little booth by the restrooms. "Nice costume!" A male said as he approached her, his eyes well... Kalonice smirked, soon nodding. "Thank you..." She said in an undertone before noticing a blonde male by the booth. His nose buried in the comic book she had been looking for.

Approaching him, Kalonice was going tosay something about the comic he had been reading, but instead she had watched him simply take a step side ways as if to let her pass, while his eyes not even once glanced up. Kalonice smiled softly, he really was a nerd... "Nice...cosplay... I like the whole blonde Clark Kent... like if he was from another universe, which made him well...blonde." Awkward. She had simply made an awkward joked, but it was a way to start off a conversation, right? The girl skimmed through the boxes of comics, and to her disappointment, had not found the one she had been looking for. Because... he probably had the only one... Kalonice pointed up at the comic book. "I actually wanted that exact one... You're lucky you got to it first." Again, she was awkward. To think that she talked to men on a nearly daily basis and still couldn't make a non awkward conversation with a stranger from the opposite sex.

Skimming through the rest of the books, Kalonice looked up at the blonde and smiled at him. He was... rather quiet. "You should enter the cosplay contest. I'm sure you will get a prize for the unique work...putting heart into the cosplay is what they like... Even the glasses are perfect for the costume. You did a good job with it. Now... I just hope you weren't simply just lazy...and put whatever on just to get here...." She teased.
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