Spyro: A New Chapter

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Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, The Sorceress, all bashed, toasted, and KO'd. But this isn't the end of Spyro's adventures... for a new challenge will come soon...but one thing is for sure, Bianca has gone missing, and a new Sorceress is causing havoc on the Dragon World.

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"Inner Gnasty Gnorc has something to do with this!" Spyro told him
  Cynder the dragon / DoomGuy123 / 216d 3h 16m 41s
Arcaeus nodded. "Figured as much...we need to check these accidents out!!!"
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 216d 7h 38m 40s
Cynder jumped, startled by the sudden collapse. "That's not normal!"
  Cynder the dragon / DoomGuy123 / 217d 1h 2m 31s
Arcaeus smirked grimly. He sensed that something strange was afoot...
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 218d 7h 37m 15s
Meanwhile in Twilight Harbor, the Bunny Commandos were busy setting up their plan to stop Spyro and friends with explosive barrels and nets.
  Bunny Commando / DoomGuy123 / 219d 4h 7m 19s
They nodded and told him they could protect him if he were meant to be hunted, then they heard something, causing some of the tunnels around the temple to collapse.
  Elemental Guardians / DoomGuy123 / 219d 6h 16m 52s
He nodded. "I would very much appreciate that, my friend. But...after we defeat Gnasty, I continue on my journey...see, I am a merchant."He held up his tail. "These cloths mark me as a doomed dragon..."
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 219d 6h 20m 31s
Volteer approached him. "If you will help Spyro, then we will aid you when you need it most
  Elemental Guardians / DoomGuy123 / 219d 6h 23m 5s
Arcaeus smirked. "Perhaps...I could be of help, young Spyro? I am a warrior in my homeland, after all."
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 219d 6h 24m 41s
Volteer, Infernus, Cyril, and Terradon greeted him in turn, and explained that Gnasty had returned. "But that's impossible, he burnt up after I dealt with him!" Spyro told them, but he was very wrong.
  Elemental Guardians / DoomGuy123 / 219d 6h 26m 23s
Arcaeus nodded to the Guardians. "Greetings. My name is Arcaeus Blackcrown."
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 219d 6h 28m 59s
"No, she helped us get rid of the sorceress years ago and has been with Hunter ever since..." the two dragons told him, and they looked for the dragons, and found four crystal dragon statues. "Great...this again..." he said, and spewed flames, causing the crystal to shatter, and releasing the guardians.
  Cynder the dragon / DoomGuy123 / 219d 6h 30m 52s
"What do you mean, Spyro?" he asked. "Would this...Bianca...betray you?"
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 219d 6h 33m 7s
She started to attack, making them run in fear, and Spyro torched a few as well. Soon the temple was cleared of them. "This may have something to do with Bianca's disappearance..." Spyro said.
  Cynder the dragon / DoomGuy123 / 219d 6h 34m 8s
  Arcaeus Blackcrown / eeveelover / 219d 6h 35m 32s

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