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As the two talked, she felt Rene playing with her hand, and she blushed brightly, and thought that it would be a good way to get closer to her new friend. “That sounds like fun! I also could use some new clothes for a change.” She said with a shy smile, and held Rene’s hand as she kissed her cheek suddenly. When she drew back from kissing her, she blushed bright red, and then looked away for a moment, rather embarrassed she did it without warning. “Is there a mall by chance...?” She asked shyly. Then she turned back towards Rene, whose tail was intertwined with her own
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 134d 7h 36m 39s
After giving the fox a light kiss, Rene stood up, helping her friend up as well. She still had a blush on her face. "That was really fun," she said, her blush deepening once again. Her eyes moved along Krystal's body, following the curves of her body. Resisting the urge to kiss her again, Rene focused of putting her clothes back on, and watching Krystal do the same. Once the girls were fully clothed again, they sat on the bed, Rene sitting a little too close to her friend. "So, what do you want to do?" Rene asked with a smile, the blush finally starting to fade. "Don't know," responded the fox girl. "I'm not too familiar with the area." Rene pondered a moment, a paw playing with one of Krystal's hands. "Why don't we just walk around town? That could be fun, right?" Outside, the sun had almost fully risen. A light wind traveled through the trees, making the branches move gently. Perhaps the pair could go shopping, or get something to eat. Rene didn't care, she just wanted to be close to Krystal.
  rene / rocksanne / 1y 134d 17h 18m 38s
She moaned as she had Rene rub her chest more, and she shook her head when she was asked if she ever had been touched like that. "You have no idea how much this makes me feel..." she said, and continued to let her rub her breasts, and Rene knew she was getting turned on by the breast rub. "I am so happy right now..." she said with a pleasure induced smile, moaning and looking at her with a little lust in her eyes. "You are a very good looking girl...maybe we could have some fun, just the two of us...?" She asked, smiling like she had just finished sleeping
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 137d 18h 7m 11s
Rene could not help but smile. She listened to her friend enjoying the contact. "You've never had someone touch you?" she asked Krystal in response to her comment. Blushing deeply, Rene put her head over her friendsh shoulder so she could whisper in her ear. "You're the first person i've ever been able to do something like this with." She continued to feel her friend's chest, even rubbed her other breast every now and then. Kissing her friend's neck, Rene shifted her weight a little so her body was right up against Krystal's. Paw drifting from Krystal's chest to her hip, she stroked Krystal's shapely form. "You're really cute," Rene commented to her friend. "I'm glad we are friends." Krystal blushed at Rene's comment over her body. "I'm glad we are friends, too." Taking her paw in her hand, Krystal put Rene's paw back on her chest. The cat girl could feel her hard nipple through the thin fabric of her shirt, causing Rene to blush more. Rene played with her friend's chest, teasing the fox with light touches.
  Furen Dorīna / rocksanne / 1y 137d 18h 25m 56s
Krystal had pleasant dreams once she felt her friend drape the blanket over her and hug her from behind and when she was waking up she felt something squeezing her left breast gently, and it felt good, and it made her moan a little when she felt it. And when she felt it stop, she told Rene that she didn't want her to stop at all, and soon she was awake and enjoying the chest rub her friend was providing. "I never thought this would feel so good..." she said with a smile, her cropped tank top on. Every time she felt a squeeze, she moaned and sighed with satisfaction.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 138d 12h 59m 58s
As Rene changed into her night clothes, not bothering to move into the bathroom. Even if Krystal woke up, for whatever reason, she wouldn't be embarrassed. They were both good looking girls, both furries, what was there to be shy about? Throwing the blanket on her bed aside, Rene got into bed and covered herself. Her gaze fell onto her new friend, who was fast asleep by this point. Krystal's body twitched every now and then, the expression on her face showing she was having a nightmare. Feeling bad for her, Rene got out of bed, carrying her rather large blanket with her. Pulling the coat off of the fox girl, Rene got behind her and covered them with the blanket. Using one arm as a pillow, she wrapped the other one around Krystal's body, pulling her into a hug. Soon, Rene was fast asleep as well. The next morning, Rene started to stir as she woke up. There was something soft under her paw, and it felt nice. She rubbed it, liking the feel. Krystal started to stir as well. Rene gave her a hug. It was then that she realized what she had been feeling, it was Krystal's chest. Rene started to pull her arm away, a deep blush coloring her cheeks. In a sleepy voice, Rene heard Krystal speak. "What's going on.." She felt Rene's body behind her, felt the neko pulling her arm away. Krystal blushed deeply. "I didn't say stop." Slowly, Rene put her paw back where it was, and felt Krystal put her normal hand over her paw.
  Furen Dorīna / rocksanne / 1y 138d 13h 14m 19s
"That sounds like something I used to do as a child." She said with a rather happy smile, and then she yawned. "I may go to bed early tonight..." she said, telling Rene so she would know that if she needed something that she would have to wake her up. "If you need anything, and I mean anything at all, just wake me up..." she told Rene, and soon had passed out on the floor, using her trench coat as a pillow. When Rene looked at her, Krystal seemed calm and at peace, but her dreams were very violent and unsettling to the young fox. The dream she was having made her relive seeing her won parents killed before her own eyes. As a result, she was tossing and turning for a while.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 138d 15h 22s
Rene lead the other girl to her room. It was a typical teen's room, messy, yet still slightly organized. The bed was made. She practically pushed Krystal onto the bed. Once she was seated, Rene set herself on the chair by the desk. "What should we do first?" She had some homework to do, but right now all she wanted was to be with her new friend. Her tail swished. Her eyes darted across the room, looking for an idea of something they could do together. Then my gaze fell onto Krystal. With a little jump, i get up from my chair and go to Krystal, suddent wraping her in a hug. A purr escaped my throat, i couldn't help it, i was so happy. After a few moments, i move back from the hug, a blush coloring my cheeks. "" Rene says, clearly embarased. "What do you like to do for fun?" she asks, trying to change the subject. "I usually just chase a toy around the room." It sounded so normal, after all, its something Rene did like to do, but voicing that thought aloud...Rene feared she had said something stupid already, he fear clear on her face. Tail swishing on the bed, she looked to her friend, to see what her responce would be.
  Furen Dorīna / rocksanne / 1y 177d 19h 14m 7s
"Thanks for letting me stay I told Rene, my parents died in an unfortunate 'incident' a few months ago, and I have no family whatsoever..." she told the girl's parents. And after dinner, she hesitated about taking her trench coat off, and looked around the house, but obligingly took her high heels off. "I'm not used to even having any friends..." she told Rene, being completely honest, and she finally took off her trench coat, but kept her gloves on. "I've been on the move ever since I've been alone that I haven't had the chance o make friends..." she said, looking at Rene with a smile.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 192d 16h 42m 13s
Rene listened as Krystal told her story. As she continued to talk, Rene's ears drooped more and more. "Wow," she said when the other finished. "I'm so sorry to hear that." There was a pause at the words soaked into Rene's mind. "You could come sleep at my place, i'm sure my parents won't mind helping another furry!" Rene's tail swished back and forth through the chair. So not only was she going to be seeing Krystal at school, but at home too! She continued to lap at her milk. Soon, the bell rang for students to go back to class. "Meet me by the front doors after school, we can walk to my house together." Putting her thermos away, Rene made her way back to class. Sitting once again in the back row, she couldn't concentrate. All she could think about was Krystal. The end of the day eventually came, and Rene all but ran to the front doors to wait for Krystal. Spotting her in the crowd of students, Rene waved to try and get her attention. Once Krystal made her way to Rene, the neko wrapped her in a hug. "We're going to have SO mush fun!" she said, ecstatic. Walking to Rene's house, she talked the whole time, about herself, how she's always been alone because she wasn't fully human. Soon they were at her house. As usual, Rene knocked then entered, leading Krystal inside. Also as usual, her father was watching the news, while her mother was cooking. Rene introduced Krystal to her parents. A look of joy showed on their faces. This was the first friend Rene had ever had. Once dinner was ready, Rene's mother set out an extra plate for Krystal. Rene had her usual cat food bowl.
  Furen Dorīna / rocksanne / 1y 192d 16h 50m 43s
Krystal sighed, "I came here looking for a good place to stay after my parents died in an unfortunate accident...I have no other family and everyone I've met so far don't treat me like I'm intelligent, with the exception of the teachers..." she said, while thinking about where Ying wa after the crash, but she knew that Ying wouldn't stop until Krystal was out of the picture. "If you know anywhere I could live, let me know please..." she said, and the Neko girl noticed she constantly had her left hand glove on. "I don't know anywhere else to go after school..." she said honestly, unhappy and saddened a bit.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 193d 9h 23m 45s
The sun rose just as it does on any other day, yellow, bright and cheerful. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky to darken the day. Summer break was over, and it was time to go back to school. Many students were excited to go back to school. One, however, was not. This student did not like to go to school, she only did to keep her parents happy. Slowly, she made her way to school. As she got closer to her school, there were more and more students doing the same. They chatted happily, telling tails of summer doing and goings. That changed as she walked by, they stopped, stared, pointed. She trued to ignore it, but she could not stop feeling all those eyes on her. It was just because she was...different. Unlike her fellow students, she was not human, only part. She was also half cat. With cat ears and a matching tail, she stood out from the crowd. This students name was Rene. Making her way into the building, she tried to not be noticed as she walked to her first class.
Finally, all too slowly, the end of the day arrived. Sadly, with drooping ears, Rene made her way back home. She was almost home when there was a booming thud and the very ground shook. Leaning against a building, Rene waited for the earthquake to end. But, it couldn't be an earthquake, those didn't happen around here.
Once the quake was over, Rene resumed her walk, but the strange quake was still on her mind. She tried to figure out what it could be, but she came up with nothing. Eventually making her way home, Rene knocked and entered her house. Her human father was in the living room, watching the news as her Neko mother was cooking. Hugging each of her parents in greeting, Rene went upstairs to start her homework.
While she was working on her math homework, her mother called out to Rene that dinner was ready. Placing her pencil down on her paper, Rene made her way to the dining room. The air was rich with herbs and other wonderful smells. The food looked wonderful, as her mother's cooking always did. There was a plate in front of her mother and father, but a bowl in front of Rene. Her parents started to put food on their plates, and Rene looked at her bowl, which was filled with cat food. She smiled, and like a real cat, ate her food without any utensils. While her mother's cooking SMALLED good, Rene could not stand the taste. So, her parents gave her cat food to eat. This was normal for the family. They chatted a little, each telling the others how their day was. Gradually, the meal was finished. As her mother gathered the dishes, her father put the food away. Thanking them, Rene went back to her room to finish her homework. As it got late, Rene grew tired. Walking back to the main part of the house, she wished her parents good night and they did the same for her.
The next day, Rene was at school, sitting in the back like she always did. AS the teacher was going threw their lesson, class was interrupted as a student entered the classroom. All eyes in the room went over to the newcomer. As Rene saw her, her ears perked up and her tail swished side to side happily. This new student was a furry, just like herself! She was no longer alone.
"Ah!" said the teacher. "You must be the new student. Class," he said in a cheerful voice. "This is Krystal. Krystal, welcome to the class." Krystal made her way through the sea of desks, and found an empty one in the back of the room, right next to Rene. She pawed at the fox, trying to get her attention. The teacher went on with their lesson, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. "Hey, Krystal, I'm Rene." She tried to draw Krystal's attention to her ears and tail, just to point out the obvious fact that she, too, was a furry.
When it was time for lunch, Rene looked around the room for Krystal. She was at a table by herself. Walking over to her, Rene sat across from the fox. "Hi again!" she said happily. "Can i sit here?" she asked her while she was moving to sit in a chair. From her back, Rene withdrew a thermos of cold milk. Poring some into the thermos cup, she lapped the rich cream up like a cat drinking water. "So, what brings you to this part of town?" Rene asked her happily, glad to have another furry to talk to.
  rocksanne / 1y 193d 16h 43m 49s
Krystal was chasing a very dangerous criminal, whose name was Yong, a criminal for hire who has just taken the lives of thousands aboard a space colony, named Horizon Lunar Colony. "I will catch you Ying!?!" The blue fox shouted, following Ying closely in her Cloudrunner V2. "We'll see about that!" Yong answered, ramming her ship into Krystal's, causing a malfunction in the teleportation systems onboard. "What did you do?!" Krystal shouted, while Ying tried to separate the ships from each other, but before they knew it, they were plummeting towards the surface of earth, and they both blacked out when the ships crashed.
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