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A couple of future pilots get trapped in he present day, and one causes massive havoc


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Krystal moaned when she was caressed, and she smiled as she was pleased, but she immediately blushed when she felt her friend tie her hands behind her back, and she smiled nervously, being slightly aroused at being submissive to the neko. “You’re kind of kinky, aren’t you?” She asked, and she blushed even more when Rene answered. “Yes, and I am loving it right now...” Rene answered, smiling as she continued to tease Krystal more. “Oh-oh...” she moaned, trying to keep herself from letting out anything from her exposed parts.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 159d 15h 32m 47s
Rene helped Krystal into the outfit. As she was kneeling in the floor, arraigning the leather so it fit properly, she found her face close to Krystal's exposed body. She could even feel the heat from her friend on her face. Rene gave Krystal a kiss there, giving each inch a little attention. Krystal just looked down and watched, feeling each gentle kiss against her skin. Placing a hand on Rene's head, she combed her finger's through her hair. Soon, Rene changed from kissing to licking, her tongue touching each part of Krystal's skin she could reach. Her other hand was placed on Rene's head, pulling her friend to her, forcing her to stay in this position. Krystal tasted sweet to the neko, it was a taste she couldn't get enough of. As her hair was raked through, she slid her tongue into her friend, pressing and rubbing against her sensitive spots. There was a moaning sound, it was soft, almost not heard. With a twist of her head, Rene broke free of her friend's hold, not that it took that much effort. She rose to her feet, licking some of Krystal's moisture from her lips. "I...think i should change into something a little more...comfortable. Know what i mean?" Krystal smirked. "You do look a bit warm." Standing in front of her friend, Rene removed her shirt, followed by her bra. With her chest now exposed, she pressed her body against Krystal, skin meeting skin. The girls started to kiss, licking each others lips, rubbing their breasts together. "I have an idea," Rene said with a smirk. Moving to her nightstand, she walked with an adulterated hip swing, showing off her ass to Krystal. After rummaging in the drawer for a few moments, she was but in front of Krystal, a call of yarn in her paws. With a curious expression, Krystal looked from the yarn to her friend. "What's that for?" sh asked. All Rene did was let out a little laugh. Once Rene turned crystal around, she pulled her friend's hands together behind her back, and tied them together, loose enough to not hirt Krystal, but still keeping them together. She then turned Krystal back around and pushed her to the wall.
  rocksanne / 1y 159d 23h 54m 35s
She was a bit flustered and she was also wanting to have some more of their fun with her, and she sighed. “Do you want me to put on my new outfit for you?” She asked, smiling as Rene purred. “Yes please!” Rene said, and Krystal winked and took off her clothing and took the leather outfit and started to put it on, her private parts exposed for Rene to see and it made her wet, as did Krystal. “Like the view?” She asked, her bottom facing Rene as she tried to get the legs of the outfit on herself. “A little help please?” She asked, having a problem getting it on.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 167d 1h 23m 45s
"Well, this will be a first for me, but..." she put one side into her mouth, mimicking what Rene had done in the changing room. "you know, this is kind of fun." The toy moved around in her friend's mouth, and Rene watched. She could already feel herself warming up below her waist. This time it was Rene's turn to grab krystal's wrist. "i still prefer the real thing." And with that, Rene gave Krystal a kiss, even licking her friend's lips. "There is no end with you, is there?" Krystal said jokingly. All Rene did was shake her head. She looked down at Krystal's chest, and placed her paws there, kneading them in a cat like motion. "They're so soft," Rene said sweetly. She kept kneading, just for the fun of it. Once she was content, she nuzzled her head into Krystal's chest and a loud purring noise could be heard. "Rene, your doing it again."
  rocksanne / 1y 167d 21h 20m 15s
Rene looked to her parents. "We had a lot of fun," she said, giving Krystal a knowing glance and a smirk. "That's good, dear. What did you get?" Rene tried to play it cool, like nothing was up. "Just some clothes for Krystal. Nothing special." From behind Rene, Krystal spoke up, "What about the pink..." In response, to keep her friend quiet, Rene spoke over her. "You know, we should put this stuff away." The half fox followed her friend upstairs and hung the new outfit in the closet. "What was that about?" Krystal questioned Rene. "I just...the thing is...I'm a bit..." She looked nervous. Krystal smiled. "It's fine, don't worry about it."The half cat let out a sigh of relief. Rene looked at the clock. "Its still too early for dinner, what should we do in the meantime?" All Krystal could do was smirk. "Do you really have to ask?" removing the dildo from its bag, Krystal looked at it.
  rocksanne / 1y 167d 21h 20m 26s
Krystal blushed when she was helped out of the outfit and into her normal clothes, her eyes dilated because she wanted to have some more fun with her friend, but she knew that the neko’s parents would be slightly against it, but she didn’t particularly care that much about it. “When we get back, I think we should get something to eat and drink before we decide to have some more of our fun...” she said, holding her friend’s hand gently. The two soon returned to the house, their parents sitting in the living room, the mother doing a puzzle on the coffee table, and the father reading a newspaper. “There you two was your shopping trip?” The mother asked, looking up from the half finished 1000 piece puzzle.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 172d 21h 34m 41s
Rene jumped in surprise as the employee knocked on the door, causing the toy to rub, hard, against the two girls. They whimpered quietly at the sudden jerk of pleasure. Krystal was trying to gather her clothes. As they pulled away from each other, the toy remained in Rene, and slid out of Krystal. the pink piece of plastic was so wet it was shining. Rene heard a barely audible sigh as the toy slid out. "Forgot...that was there.." Krystal said with a blush. :Oh, god," Rene moaned as she removed the toy from herself, her end just as wet as Krystal's. After fixing her clothes, Rene helped Krystal out of her current attire and into her normal clothes, but she made sure to run a paw over Krystal's curves, that of her ass and of her chest. Krystal looked good to Rene, and she could be with her forever. Once Krystal was dressed, Rene had an idea. She stood in front of the door, barring Krystal's way. "Rene, we need to go," she tried to explain to her friend. "Wait...there's...something i want to do." The toy was still in her paw, still wet and shining in the light. Sticking out her tounge, she brought the toy to it, slowly dragging Krystal's end across her tongue. Rene did this again, from another angle. And again from another. Krystal could only watch with a smirk as her friend had her fun. Rene's tongue came to the tip of the toy. "You taste....really good." She then put the toy in her mouth, moving it back and forth, letting Krystal's wetness touch every part of her mouth. As Rene slid the toy out for another stroke, Krystal grasped her friend's wrist. "Rene, you can stop, we need to go." Rene blushed as she removed the toy from her mouth. The pair walked out of the store, talking about what they would do once they got to Rene's home.
  rocksanne / 1y 175d 22h 2m 51s
Krystal moaned a bit too loud, and they heard someone knocking on the door of the dressing room, making Krystal Yelp in surprise. “What the hell is goin on in there?” The employee asked, and Krystal spoke. “Sorry, I’m trying out the outfit I bought!” She shouted, and she forgot about the toy in her lower regions, and put her clothes on, telling her friend that they could have more fun at home, especially while she was wearing the suit she got. “I actually like wearing it...” she said, getting more comfortable in the suit than she appeared to be
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 180d 23h 20m 17s
Rene felt amazing, and judging by the look on Krystal's face, she felt the same way. The fox's firm, free chest moved between the two of them, rubbing against Rene's body. Lower down, every now and then there was skin to skin contact, each girl feeling how warm the other was when this happened. Pushing a little more, Rene forced Krystal's back to the wall, the toy penetrating each girl as much as it could. All Rene could do was smile and purr. Krystal's moaning filled her ears. "Shh, hun, someone will hear us." In response, Krystal clamped her mouth shut, but all she wanted to do was moan and beg Rene for more. Giving the fox a kiss, Rene put her paws on each side of Krystal's face. As she pulled from the kiss, she kept the top of their heads touching, so she could look into Krystal's eyes. "This feels so good, Rene, please...don't stop..." Krystal whispered to Rene. The cat smiled and purred. Lowering one of her paws, she put it onto her friend's skin, right above where the toy was between them. "Please..." Krystal all but begged. giving the girl a rub, Krystal's smile widened. Rene kept rubbing, moving her hips, letting Krystal feel things both inside and outside her body. It was at this point that it happened, Krystal felt the best thing she ever felt in her life. Krystal's body tightened around the toy, her arms wrapped around Rene, holding her close, She bit her lip so she could stay quiet, but she wanted to moan, enjoy what was happening so bad. "I love you," Rene said quietly to her friend, and she started to go through what her friend was. They kissed, deep, deeper then they had ever kissed in their lives.
  rocksanne / 1y 181d 22h 35m 47s
Krystal was overcome with pleasure, her only response to the toy was the moaning she let out, which made it even better for Rene as the two began to move back and forth, causing them both vastly great pleasure and it made them both want to keep it up all day. “Oh...god, this feels so good...” she said, her body still wanting more than before, and she kept moving with Rene, getting more moist as she continued to do so. Soon she felt herself start leaking her bodily fluid, and she moaned loudly as she smiled with satisfaction
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 183d 4h 34m 16s
Moving to stand right in front of Krystal, Rene moved her friend's hands so she could see Krystal's body. "You look good," she said with a smile, the toy still behind her back. Krystal was too focused on what she was wearing to notice. Rene eyes her friend up and down. "Rene, what are you doing?" Krystal asked, a confused tone in her voice. "I'm seeing how beautiful you are, silly." To help ease Krystal's fears, Rene gave her a kiss on the lips. "You..really think i look beautiful?" Krystal asked, her blush getting deeper. Gently, Rene pushed Krystal to a wall, even going as far as to put a paw on her chest. The two kissed again, and as they did, Rene lowered her paw, sliding it along Krystal's body. "What are you doing?" she asked Rene. "Nothing," was all she replied. Her paw was now between Krystal's legs, at her exposed body. Lowly, Rene felt her friend, and felt moisture. At this point, Rene was purring quite loudly. Pulling back slightly, Rene looked down at what she was doing, and Krystal did the same. From behind her back, REne produced the toy she was hiding. "What are you going to do with that?" Krystal asked, though she knew the answer. She watched as the pink toy was inserted into her body, slowly. All she could do was moan in pleasure. Lowering her pants, Rene let the other end enter her body. Moving her hips, Rene moved the toy between them, and watched as Krystal smiled.
  rocksanne / 1y 183d 4h 38m 55s
Krystal looked at her, her face going red and she slowly started to undress, allowing Rene to see her unclothed body, and soon she was helped by Rene with putting on the leather outfit, and it made her feel strange and exposed, but it didn’t make her uncomfortable. “I don’t know if I like this or not...” she said with a nervous smile, and she looked at Rene who was licking her lips at her, making Krystal blush even more, and She covered her exposed parts with her hands, since she was quite modest when it came to showing off her body.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 187d 23h 29m 3s
Rene looked around, fascinated. She had never been in this store, and all the clothes looked...different then what she was used to. AS Krystal spoke to her, holding the garment, Rene didn't know what to say. "Well...they do SELL clothes, so you could consider it a clothing store." In her mind's eye, she saw Krystal in the outfit she was holding, and it looked quite good on her. "Oh, you HAVE to try that on!" she said with a smile. "That color will look GREAT on you!" Krystal didn't look convinced, but nodded anyway. If anything, at least it will make her friend happy. Krystal held on to the garment, and looked through others. Rene, meanwhile, wondered along to another part of the store. This part had toys of the adult verity. A bright pink one caught her eye. It matched her hair as a matter of fact. This particular toy could be used from both ends, and gave Rene an idea. Going back to the clothes area, Rene fund Krystal. She looked a little unsure of herself, looking through what the store had to offer. "Oh, you still have it," she said, referring to the piece of clothing she still had in hand. "Come on! I found a fitting room over here." Leading her friend to the fitting room, Rene all but pushed her friend inside. The toy she had picked out was behind her back so Krystal couldn't see it. "Well?" Rene said with a smile. "Try it on!"
  rocksanne / 1y 188d 58m 33s
She smiled, and when she saw her friend’s panties, she blushed bright red , and she ended up holding her hand, smiling flustered, and she saw the store. “This looks like a great place.” She said, and when they got inside, they saw all kinds of kinky things everywhere, and Krystal even saw revealing outfits as well, making her blush even more. “This is a really...interesting outfit...” Krystal said, taking an outfit without anything to cover her chest or her lower parts. “Hey Rene...are you sure this is just a clothing shop...?” She asked with a concerned tone.
  Krystal (modern disguise) / DoomGuy123 / 1y 194d 17h 32m 36s
"Its decided then!" Rene exclaimed, suddenly standing up. Krystal soon stood as well. In a fast walk, Rene was at the door and through it, Krystal behind her, smiling as Rene's childish, care free nature. As the pair walked down the long drive, the wind started to pick up, rustling the tree branches with more force. With a sudden gust, the wind picked up Rene's skirt. As quick as she could, she tried to hold the front of her skirt down, but the back was lifted quite high, giving Krystal a good look of Rene from behind. A blush reformed on Krystal's face. Just as fast as the gust came, it was gone, and Rene's skirt returned to its proper place. Catching up to Rene, fighting off the blush, Krystal took Rene's paw in one of her hands, and in a friendly whisper, told Rene she looked good from the back. This caused Rene to blush now, and the hand/paw holding didn't help. The two walked, soon getting into town. Walking along strip mall stores, the two went from one clothes shop to another. The sun was high. the temperature perfect, the wind was calm. "Let's go in this one!" Rene pointed out a store that looked rather large. "There's so many things we can try on!"
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