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The galaxy is still at war between the few Jedi remaining, and the Sith, who are close to galactic domination, but the Jedi are attempting to contact any one that is able to lend a hand, bounty hunters, mechanics, anyone who could help the rebellion.


Home world:
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Race: Blaznerd (blue fox
Age: 19
Home world: space colony ARK
Preferred weapon: T-21
Ship: Cloudrunner V2
Droid Partner: customized battledroid "Wrecker"
Username: DoomGuy123

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Ares clambered aboard Krystal's Cloudrunner, and hooked himself up to the ships laser cannons, always preparing for an enemy to show up. "Vurnasia, keep an eye out for TIE fighters, I can sense some nearby!" She told her mentor by their comm link. "Let's hope that my father is safe for now, because once we get to Kashyyk, all hell's gonna break loose." She explained.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 280d 4h 16m 52s
"I could always tell that you were different..." Vurnasia said with a gentle chuckle as she was walking alongside her. Soon enough, the snake was at her own ship and thanked Krystal for her help. "Kashyyk. Got it." The snake said with a slight smile before finally getting into her ship and Helix getting into the back slot.

"Are you okay? You were SHOT while you were out there!" Helix said, showing a bit of his soft and caring side. "What can I do for you, if anything at all? Medical support? Something else?" He continued.

"I assure you that I am fine, my friend. Thanks to Krystal, I may not even need to get into a medical bay later." Vurnasia admitted, smiling just a bit. "But if you really want to do something that would make he happy...take me to Kashyyk." She said, chuckling gently.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 281d 13h 27m 45s
"Healing Force? But I thought that was almost impossible for students..." she said with surprise. "I must be different than most..." she said to Vurnasia, hugging her as well, then helped her to her ship. "We need to get to Kashyyk..." she said, and Ares went to Krystal's ship and got it ready. "Where to?" He asked, and she told him.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 281d 22h 58m 32s
Vurnasia could have sworn she was going to black out until she felt someone else's hand upon hers. It was Krystal helping her, and the contact of their hands sent a strange surge of something through the snake. She got up slowly, suddenly not feeling the pain she used to feel...or at least not feeling most of it. Vurnasia lifted up a portion of her shirt to where she had been shot...but nothing was noticeably there besides a couple scars. "Y-yeah...thank you." She said as she hugged the fox tightly, tears almost escaping from her eyes. "You have healing force..." She said gently with a smile.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 281d 23h 54s
Krystal suddenly felt a burning rage inside her, and received a large burst of energy from the force, and when she held out her hand, the trooper's head immediately crumpled, and then Krystal helped her up, and Vurnasia could feel a strength flowing into her body when Krystal's hands came into contact with her. "Are you alright?" She asked gently, hoping she would be able to recover from the shot.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 282d 1h 44m 32s
Vurnasia turned towards Krystal as the terror trooper uncloaked. "K-Krystal!!" She shouted before pushing her out of the way as the trooper opened fire. The blasts hit the snake with full force, and Vurnasia groaned as she fell straight to the floor and her vision faded slowly. However, she was still conscious enough to see and understand what happened next...
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 282d 2h 13m 37s
Krystal roamed for a few minutes, searching for any more troopers, but could not see or find any, then she came back, a Terror Trooper uncloaked behind Krystal but the fox had no idea that the trooper was about to open fire from behind. "You're dead..." the trooper whispered to himself, raising his arm mounted blaster.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 282d 2h 18m 24s
Vurnasia shot a couple more troopers, seeing that there were none really left any more. However, she could feel something strange. It was some kind of disturbance in the if, someone...was still there. "W-wait a second." She mumbled, closing her eyes. "Something isn't right." She said gently.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 282d 2h 22m 1s
Krystal then got the butt of a rifle to her face, knocking her away, and left her in pain, and that's when she used the force to throw him across the station. "I hope that's it..." she told Vurnasia, but they had no idea that there were terror troopers aboard the station, and these troopers could become invisible due to a cloaking device.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 282d 21h 33m 28s
Vurnasia continued to let the blasts fly from her ee3, and multiple stormtroopers in the distance fell to the ground. "Well, I'm glad to hear it!" She shouted in reply to Krystal's comment, as she pulled out her own saber and slashed a couple more troopers.
Helix shot any enemy he could with his dt-29, and he watched as Ares demolished them all. " got it easy. All I have is this dinky little pistol." He said with a robotic chuckle as he kept firing.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 282d 21h 36m 31s
Krystal quickly leapt forward and started to slash he troopers apart with her saber, then leapt backwards, blasting them at long range. "This more fun than being a bounty hunter!" She shouted.
Ares fired a few explosive rounds, and grabbed two E-11 blasters and started to blast every trooper he could while shouting a war cry. "Kill me all!" He shouted.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 286d 21h 1m 59s
Vurnasia quickly reached behind herself, grabbing an ee3 off of a strap holding it to her side. The weapon was a great all-around blaster, and could go up to long ranges. She began to fire at the stormtroopers, letting the force guide each shot.

Helix pulled out his dt-29, already blasting it towards the intruders. "Yes, let's!" He shouted in reply to Ares' remark as he reloaded his revolver-like weapon.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 286d 21h 8m 7s
Krystal waited, and I was helping her evacuate the area, then a shot went past her head, almost catching her ear. "Whoa!" She shouted, and she pulled out her blaster and shot him in the head. "Stupid stormtroopers..." she muttered to herself, then handed the blaster to Ares. "Use this, Ares." She told the hulking droid.
@hey, at least I have enough firepower to take out an army." He retorted, and took he blaster Krystal handed him. "Let's kick some stormtrooper ass!" He shouted, starting to fire st the intruders.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 286d 21h 12m 28s
"Don't steal the fun part, now." Vurnasia chuckled, wanting to be able to deal with the stormtroopers too. However, the civilians' safety was much more important...and she knew that. The snake rushed into the open area with Krystal and looked around.

Helix was running along, having to slow down a lot because of Ares' slow speed. "You were right about your movement speed." He said as he looked up at the behemoth of a droid.
  Vurnasia Varzo / AskTheStaff / 286d 21h 18m 31s
"Helix and Ares are headed to the docking bay, if you can evacuate the civilians, I can handle the infantry..." she said, and rushed into the area outside, and sounded the alarm, and as soon as she hit it, many people grabbed their blasters and vibroblades. "We got hostiles, get to Landing Deck A!" She barked, and they all hurried to the area designated by Krystal.
  Krystal / DoomGuy123 / 286d 21h 27m 8s

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