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Alright! I'm gonna say this for the first time in a life time! Erm......is anyone wanting to join in a yaoi rp?.....how many times have I said that. Alright, here it is, i'm searching for another yaoi rp. This time, i'm wondering if it can be something in between an action like thing....don't know how to explain....erm.....okay, here's my idea:

I was thinking it was like an assassin like thing. Where there are two assassins

The assassins are commanded to kill a person. If they don't do their job under at least 7 days. They will be taken off their assassination breach. And their identity will be shown. But when they are in the middle of one of their jobs. Something happens, they were to kill.....each other?! But what happens if they fall in love? Oh me oh my! I want to know! Will they hate each other because they are not of the same branch? Or will they fall for each other and live in the shadows as one? Who knows!

Okay! Not that you have seen my idea. That's only an idea! Remember that, I am up for anything you throw at me.....even if literally. I don't care.

Now, since I am a responsible parent, i'll be placing rules:

-Anyone who doesn't like yaoi, DON'T JOIN

- If you want to join, PM me saying 'Ideas' and tell me the idea or if you don't have one I don't mind, we can chat about an idea

-I really do want someone who will reply under a day. I'm sorry about it, i'm not trying to be rude, if you do have to leave for more than a day, just tell me. I won't mind.

-Again, if you don't like yaoi, please don't join

-If any sexual stuff is going o be in this, I have a site where we can do so

- And also, ES rules apply! And that's it ^^

If you want, just send me a skelly if you want, I might do one. But eh

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