Minecraft Campfire Tales: the tale of Rancid Anne

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The tale of Rancid Anne has been around for years for the Minecraftians, but only a select few of them know of the sickening truth about the tale...but for now, let the tale begin...

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She giggles happily and follows him as they kiss, then they make themselves at home.
  Tagger / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 2m 54s
Leo: *Kisses her as they dissapear into the castle.*
  Leo / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 4m 46s
She now had a physical body, but she looked like she did as a ghost
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 6m 17s
Oh.... my.... goddddd. *His jaw drops to the floor as she gains a physical form.*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 9m 16s
She smiled and surprisingly could blush, being a ghost and all that
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 11m 10s
Wait, you're not going to... !? Walks down the halls to see them kissing and leo has a look on his face that says, "1. WTF and 2.THANKS
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 11m 56s
"I wasn't going to ask you to..." she told him, looking for Leo.
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 14m 42s
woah..... that is so cool... *Turns away* I am committed to Anne. i won't betray her like this or at all.
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 18m 26s
She finally reappeared, and the Rose on her head bloomed.
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 20m 32s
Oh, ok.... i understand that. that is fine... i can relate.
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 22m 25s
"I don't like hurting others..." she said, slightly visisble.
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 20h 25m 44s
are you ok? *Notices and examines her* you don't have to if you don't want to. i'm not the king anymore...
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 20h 30m 35s
"How can I help you?" She asked, sounding a bit down.
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 21h 51m 34s
can i at least have you help me train? please... I want to protect her...
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 218d 21h 56m 54s
"I...no, I can't...I won't..." she said, and went invisible again.
  Arisen Rose / DoomGuy123 / 218d 21h 58m 35s

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