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This is mostly for coding to be honest. I want to make sure that the rp description and everything looks good and actually works before I put something up. Also, practice for writing.


A time-travel mishap.

It all started on the Hogwarts Express. Everyone knew magic was supposed to be forbidden until one got to the school. That didn't matter to Draco Malfoy. The Dark Lord had given him a task. 'Bring the girl to him.' It was what his mother said. All he had to do was hit her with a certain spell and she would be in his grasp. He had trained all summer for it. All summer to practice the spell under Death Eater supervision. And why shouldn't he do as The Dark Lord commands? After all, it was because of that no good Dahlia Potter that his father was in Azkaban in the first place. Filthy half-blood.

Her godfather was dead, or as good as anyhow. A fall through the veil wasn't like a stroll through the park. Everyone told her it wasn't her fault, but she knew it they were wrong. All she had now was the mirror he gave her and an amulet left to her in his will.

When Draco came, storming through the train to get to her cart, she was almost happy for a moment. Perhaps she'd get to see Sirius again. Meet her mother and father after all this time. Draco said some words and swirled his wand in the direction of her chest. The spell was cast and struck her, right against the gift her good old dogfather left her in his will.

When the Ministry found the girl, chest half blown open, they thought she was dead. It took two aurors with a little background knowledge in healing to get it through their heads she was dead, but she wasn't as well. When Dumbledore arrived on the scene, having been called to help investigate the stranger, he was sure dark magic had been used. Was it because of Tom? Was it because of Gellert? No one was sure, and the girl wasn't even alive enough, let alone awake enough, to tell them anything. So, when she finally did come around, all she sparked in the Department of Mysteries was more confusion.

Dumbledore picked her, one of the Prefects of Gryffindor, to show around the exchange student. Apparently she had been tutored at home by a fairly paranoid old coot. The new comer tested right into the sixth year curriculum, right into her year. Another girl didn't seem so bad, not at all. Perhaps they'd hit it off; although the other girls were nice enough, her split from Sev did leave a dent in her life. And James' persistance seemed to have calmed down somewhat over the summer. She wouldn't ask why; she was lucky that he finally got the hint to leave her the hell alone. So why did she miss his ever constant flirtations?

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