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Well, it looks like it's demon killing time, and not just for Doomguy, but for a woman space marine as well, known as Doomgal, and she is a relentless fighter, together, can they stop the legions of Hell


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In the Hell dimension, the Icon Of Sin spoke aloud to all the inhabitants of Hell. "The Doom Slayers are to be awakened by the humans...we cannot allow the Doom Slayers to be arisen from their slumber..." the Icon said aloud, and sent the legions of Hell to invade Mars and to kill everyone they came across, or to possess them. "The Doom Slayers must remain asleep, or all of Hell will be ravaged by their device..." the Icon said to himself, hoping the demons did not fail.
  Icon Of Sin / DoomGuy123 / 2y 154d 3h 39m 59s

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