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"He was the best best friend I could have ever had... he told me to go to Nashville...told me to leave and follow my dreams and my first album he was in my dedications." Kane said sighing.

"I was in that home etc. class if you remember... I caught my bread on fire... so you might have to teach me a thing or two.... or all of it." He muttered and without thinking, he kissed her again. He really had a thing for her.

"I remember that you helped me cover up messing up and made my bread for me because you said I was hopeless and should stick to playing football and singing." He muttered smiling. "I haven't played a game of football in a long time but that singing thing took off so you might have been onto something."

Kane was handsome and smart... he looked nothing like a country singer but when you heard him, you knew he was something special. "Darlin' would you mind... going out with me... please... I know I asked you but I want a straight answer this time..."
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Heidi shrugged as she listened to Kane. [b “I’m pretty sure as soon as you realeased your very first song, she went around and told everyone you were back together. I think she even went up to Nashville one weekend to try and find you.”] she said. [b “You’re playing the festival? I love the town festival. I’m helping with the food and everything this year.”]

She grinned and looked over at him. [b “I really don’t mind cooking or baking even. I love to bake and cook. Mrs. McGinnis helped me realize that freshman year Home Ec.”] she said. [b “When I’m cooking, nothing else matters. That’s the only thing I’m focused on.”]

She listened to his question and thought for a moment. [b “I didn’t really keep up with a lot. Jared wrote me a few letters too. Said he missed Georgia a lot.. I was really sad when I found out he passed.. The whole town came together.. He was the hero.”] She smiled weakly. [b “He was so proud of you, Kane. Always telling everyone that his best friend was Kane Brown.”]]
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"Yeah shes the one who broke up with me because I wanted to leave." Kane said leaning against the counter, "You can call your mom and tell her your safe with me and I didn't kidnap you... but I got the time off because I told my label I needed a break. I agreed to do a tour in two years and a couple shows here and there... but not a full on tour... I'm playing the town festival this july 4th." he said looking at her.

"I'd like it if you taught me how to cook... so you don't have to all the time but at the same time I already like having you around." He said smiling. "Tell me more about what happened when I left? Everyone seemed to cut ties with me and I know absolutley nothing and my mother didn't exactly keep up with my friends from high school except Jared, I know he went to Iraq and didn't make it back." He muttered looking at the ground. "I got a couple letters from him while I was in Nashville and then they stopped coming and about a month later I found out he had been in an explosion. "
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Heidi smiled softly as she listened to him. [b "I guess that means I'll just have to teach you how to cook."] she said. [b "Since I don't want to do the cooking and all that stuff."] She grinned and winked. [b "How were you able to get all that time off? I mean. The fans still want you to tour, right?"] she asked. She didn't understand how being famous worked, obviously. She sighed when she heard him mention his own mother. [b "Mine's probably either freaking out because she doesn't know where I am, or just pissed because I'm not home yet to clean."] she muttered.

She glanced back at him as she started unpacking the kitchen boxes. [b "But you didn't get a big head?"] she questioned. [b "I don't think you have a big head. Their just stupid."] She placed the plates in one of the upper cabinets. [b "Jamie is probably just jealous and mad because you didn't take her with you."] she said. [b "Believe me, after you left, it was like your breakup never happened. I think she tried getting ahold of you and everything."]
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Kane chuckled, "Too bad I'll never use it, I live on pizza or what my mom makes me, I can't cook to save my life darlin." He said sighing. "No tour, cancelled everything to come home and just have some time off. I do have to write and record but I'm working on that here. I have a studio in my mother's basement, when I had her house built I put it in so I always had a place to work while I was at home. So I'll be working there occassionally but for the next year or two I am home and relaxing." He muttered looking at her.

Kane could stop working now and never have to work a day in his life and everyone in that town knew how much money he had. "Acting like they know me is an understatement and the ones that did in school won't talk to me anymore, think I got a big head when I went to the city and because a superstar as they call me." He said sighing. "Remember that girl Jamie that I dated in high school? Yep saw her at the grocery store today... walked right past me and didn't say a word."
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Heidi glanced over at Kane and smiled softly. [b "How long are you planning on staying here? Don't you have a tour comig up in a few months?"] she asked as they walked into the elevvator. She looked up, them damn eleveator was fancier than her entire room. She rolled her eyes, but then glanced over at him once more. [b "Top floor does mean privacy. Thats always a good thing."] she said. [b "I bet since you came back to town, everyone has been coming up to you, acting like they know you."]

She walked into the apartment after he unlocked the door and smiled. [b "Its really nice. I love the modern vibe it has."] she said. She put her purse on the counter and giggled when she seen all the boxes. [b "I bet if we work together, we can have everything unpacked tonight."] she said. She was standing in the middle of the kitchen, being awkward as hell. [b "I love this kitchen."] she said softly. She loved to cook and bake, it was her main hobby.
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"Penthouse, top floor." He said getting out of the truck. "Don't worry about paying me back darlin' your helping me so you let me help you... thats only fair right? and buying you dinner doesn't count, just expect me to make sure your alright." He muttered looking for his key as he held open the door for her to get into the elevator. These were the nicest apartments in the area. They did live in a small country town but developers had built these in hopes of attracting some high profile business to the area. As of right now, Kane and a business man from Atlanta who was never home were the only two living in the building.

"Picked the top floor because its away from people and it was a bigger apartment. Its three bedrooms. I don't know why but I felt like I would need the space." He said unlocking the door. Inside was an apartment littered with boxes. It had been furnished so he had furniture and things as well as his television in the living room.
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Heidi smiiled softly as she watched Kane pay for their food. [b "I'll pay you back.. I get paid on friday."] she said softly. She hopped up in the truck and glanced over him at. [b "She should enjoy her retirement. I'm actaully off the next two days. I don't have any plans. I really wouldn't mind helping you."] she said softly. [b "It would give us a chance to hangout.."]

[b "She came into the diner a week or so ago. Telling me how her son was taking care of her and his grandmother. She seemed like she enjoyed overseeing all your merchandising. She's very proud of you, you know."] She looked out the window as they headed into the more richer part of the town. [b "The apartments over here are really nice."] she said. [b "I was looking at them after graduation... Price was too high."] She glanced down at her feet and sighed slightly.

Once the truck was parked, she grabbed the pizza boxes and slid down out of the vehicle. [b "Which one is yours?"]
  BooBear96 / 1y 225d 3h 24m 37s
Kane nodded and handed the waitress his befit card to pay for the meal as they headed out the door. He made sure to carry their leftovers and put them on the seat between them in the truck. “Help unpacking would be something that I would greatly appreciate...I mean I don’t have anyone but my mother to help me and I don’t want to drag her into that. She deserves her retirement in peace.”

Ever since he had made it big he had taken care of his mother, Bought her a House, new cars, and she had retired from her job and just handled his merchandise and shipping on it as well as his fan club. “She has her hands full with the fan club and my merchandise. You know everything ordered is packed and shipped by my momma, no factory’s or teams here...just one old lady in Georgia in her garage packing boxes. I never forgot my roots, that’s one thing I could never do even if I tried. What do they say you can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy?”
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Heidi smiled softly. [b "You've only been to london once?"] she questioned. She didn't understand that. She'd always been the history nerd. She loved reading anything that had to do with history. But London was her favorite to read about, especially with the royals. She giggled when he said they should go someday. [b "Slow steps, remember?"] she asked.

She nodded when he mentioned Tokyo. [b "I bet that was amazing."] she said. [b "I've never even been out of Georgia before."] Her parents were normal lower middle class working souls. They always said they were going to vacation sometime, but they never did.

She looked down at the pizza and breadsticks that were left over and nodded. [b "That's fine"] she said softly. Soon enough the waitress brought over pizza boxes so they could take them with them. [b "You ready?"] She slung her purse over her shoulder and stood up. [b "Kane, please. I still haven't unpacked everything, and I've been back at my moms for a month."] she explained. [b "I can even help you unpack, if you'd like."]
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Kane chuckled, “in the 6 years I’ve been doing this I’ve only been to London once and it was cold and rainy but the city is beautiful, lots of little shops and that giant Ferris wheel...the London Eye...we should go someday.” He muttered as they ate.

“My favorite place was Tokyo, the food and the energy was electric and I couldn’t wait to go back so I’ve been there three times...but in the States my favorite place to play has to be Philadelphia. The people there are always full of energy but I love playing Georgia because it’s my home.” He said telling her stories.

He made a note never to mention her ex again or his. There was so much pizza left over. “Do you want to take this to go and go hang out at my place?” He asked her curious. He had just moved in so there were boxes everywhere. “Please when we get there don’t mind the boxes I’ve been home one day and haven’t fully unpacked yet. I did some last night just the essentials but it’s home now.”
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[b "You give me butterflies.."] she said softly. Heidi looked at Kane and smiled softly as she listened to him. [b "How about we take a trip first."] she said [b "Even with my given circumstance, I would like to take whatever happens with us, slow."] She glanced up at him as she took a bite of pizza. [b "I don't want to rush, and then something bad happen."]

She listened to him, gasping softly when she heard him say he couldnt have children. That was horrible. [b "I can't believe you've been waiting on me since middle school, I'm nothing special, Kane."] she said softly. She listened ot him speak about her ex boyfriend, and she shook her head. [b "Dakota is crazy... But can we please not talk about him anymore? He's out of my life."]

She took another bite of the pizza and smiled softly. [b "Tell me what it was like traveling the world as a famous country singer."] she asked. She wanted to hear all about his adventures. [b "What was London like?"]
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"I know this is going to sound crazy... I've probably sounded crazy all night but... you want out of Georgia and I want a relationship with you... both of these things could happen." He said in his thick southern accent as he shoved another piece of steaming hot pizza into his mouth.

"I can't have kids... thats why this baby doesn't scare me. Its something I've wanted and I'm more than ready for... so I'm not leaving on that account.... actually good luck getting rid of me.. I waited on you since middle school I'm not leaving now but I know you and Dakota dated in high school, he was an ass to me my entire high school career because he knew I liked you and when I left after graduation... I even got hate mail from the guy because I actually made something of myself. I have the mail somewhere, I kept it just to prove to myself that I was better than the guy who had the one thing I wanted.... " Kane sighed and continued eating, "When you turned me down in high school because you were dating him, he actually pushed me against the lockers in the locker room and told me that I wasn't worth his time and that I would never be anything more than I was...if you remember I was a scrawny kid in high school. I bet I could beat his ass now and he deserves it."
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Heidi smiled softly as she listened to Kanes comment. [b "If that was a joke, it was terrible."] she said softly. She looked at the pizza and giggled. [b "You don't have to tell me twice."] she said as she grabbed a piece of the cheese bread. [b "I'll visit there one day."] she said. In truth, she just wanted to get the hell out of Georiga. She had the thought of leaving, just running away, but she was scared. She didn't know if she could make it on her own, especially with a baby coming soon.

She took another bit of the cheese bread and sighed softly. [b "Dakota and I dated since highschool.. We were actually living together, renting a house that we were in the process of buying.. I was about to start college. And then I found out I was pregnant.. I told him, and he kicked me out. I've been back at momma and daddy's ever since. Uhm.. I started picking up more shifts at the diner. Trying to get everything figured out, including my life, before the baby gets here."]
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Kane chuckled and said, "Thanks... she hurt me but got me a number one... so I guess I got out easy... shes making someone else miserable.... I love that I hate you is about her too." He muttered looking at the pizza. "Dig in." He said grabbing himself two slices and dipping one of them into the garlic butter. "This place has the best pizza of anywhere, hands down."

He sighed and said, "the city itself is great, I love Nashville and someday I'd like to live there again but right now... I need to be home. I sold my apartment and moved home just to rent another apartment but its quieter here. In the city something is always happening or going... theres never silence and theres always music, thats why Music City was the choice for me. I was discovered in a bar there and I still love to go back to that bar and eat... they have the best chicken tenders and sweet tea."

He took a bite out of his pizza and smiled, "Okay... so since we can ask anything...tell me more about your situation."
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