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We're allowed to GM one another. Most of this has been discussed previously. So we know what's happening, just now how it's going to happen.
Established Info
- Jiraiya died mid-May, two weeks prior to beginning of rp, Naruto found out 6 days prior to beginning of rp. Via getting kicked out of her rv.
- Pein kills Jiraiya
- rp begins two days after full moon, start of June
- Naruto is 19
- The Uchihas are werewolves, Sasuke's not & he ran away. Suijetsu is a Kappa, no one is surprised. Karin's a witch. Jugo was possessed by a malicious spirit as a child and it never left. Kimimaro [bone buddy] is a Gashadokuro, a spirit that is amassed from the form of people who died of starvation during a battle and were never buried, supposedly indestructible and constantly hungry for blood.
- Team Taka stole the rv
- The Akatsuki own a laundromat/ dry cleaners. It's a front for illegal paperwork.

Important Plot Points to Happen
- Obito being a dick and an asshole
- Naruto's room
- Shisui goes shopping with Naruto & much money is spent
- Itachi teaches Naruto how to bandage a bullet wound feat. Hidan
- "Call me 'nii-san'."
- "I got the barbecue sauce out of the carpet."
- Werewolf discovery
- Poker Night
- Yamato comes to check up on Naruto
- Naruto finds out about blood bars? And those weirdos were asking about drinking her blood .
- ???
- Kakuzu being a greedy fuckhead
- "Fucking hell Obito, if you want to kiss me just do it."
- Naruto's a special fox thing
- "What's my name? Come on, you promised. What's my name?"
- Kakashi comes to pick up Naruto
- ???

Uzumaki Naruto: [#c15501]
Uchiha Obito: [#991b0a]
Uchiha Shisui: [#CB877E]
Uchiha Madara: [#5C0001]
???: [#000000]


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She stared at him for a second, wondering if he was so disconnected with the human psyche that he couldn't understand how buying some chicken nuggets didn't make her 'a-okay'. Internally shrugging, she guessed he was raised thinking presents were the way to win affection. It would explain a lot.

[b [#c15501 "Well, I didn't have long to grab stuff, so I had to pick what was most important. I don't know if you can really tell, but these are actually my sleeping clothes. What I was wearing yesterday is the only other thing I own."]] Quickly, she casually added, [b [#c15501 "I didn't exactly think panties and bras were the most important thing, you know? So if I'm going to be trying on a bunch of stuff, I'd like to [i not] be naked every fucking time."]]

Glancing at her, Shisui noted her pants weren't colored denim, but a soft cotton that jogging clothes were made from. His car was cold enough that now he could definitely tell that there was next to nothing separating her chest from the A/C. Huh.

Searching the line of buildings, he started sauntering off towards one with lingerie advertised in the windows. She had to almost run to keep up with him; his legs were much longer than her own, and it didn't look like he knew the definition of the phrase 'pacing oneself'. As they arrived, he held open the door for her, letting her skitter along to the sport bras. Within seconds, he watched her get confused by the combination of band size and cups. The girl had never been in [i Victoria's Secret] before, and the last time she had been in a store filled with so much pink and gold, she had been pulling her grandfather away from gushing over the cute toddler clothing.

It didn't take long for a worker to snag her to get their sale quotas. [b [#c15501 "I don't know, I always just got a medium sports bra. It kept them in place,"]] Naruto informed the woman. Quickly, she was whipped away to be measured and thrown into a changing booth. It took five tries before they were able to find something that fit correctly. At that, he told her to get three in varying colors.

When the lady who was helping her took note of him, Naruto quickly dissuaded worries. [b [#c15501 "He's here to make sure I don't burn out Daddy's card,"]] she said, dismissing any questions. Immediately, she turned to glare when she heard him snort. She doubted she'd ever be willing to think of Obito as her [i [#991b0a 'sugar daddy']].

Naruto thought she was done with that part, but Shisui quickly steered her towards the Push-Ups and T-Shirt bras. Arguing quickly showed to be useless as she was told to [i [#CB877E 'suck it up, Daddy wants you to look nice']].

Finally, after what she deemed to be a ridiculous amount of time to try to bedazzle herself up, she was allowed to find herself some underwear. Too bad Naruto didn't seem to find any, just some scraps of fabric that might have been designed to resemble panties in an abstract concept. [b [#CB877E "It's called a thong,"]] Shisui supplied. His cheekiness made her want to hurt him, or at least kick him in the shin. She was forced to get enough underthings to last her two weeks; if she kept trying to fight it, he'd make it a month.

By the time she was finally allowed to head up to the register, the man in charge of the credit card added a few sports pants and a pair of actual pajamas. [b [#c15501 "Are we done now or do I need to get a babydoll for Daddy?"]] she asked through clenched teeth.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 131d 17h 15m 13s
[#e35045 [b "Well, you don't have to worry much about the price with me! Obito didn't lay down a limit so go wild!"]]

A wink.

Everything was going much better now for the both of them. Naruto was quieted which meant she was calming down and now he could focus on getting through this day without any more trouble. Since she really didn't voice much about any specific places she wanted, Shisui just started on his way to the square to see what they would find. Thinking about it he was sure she needed more than just clothes.

Soap, shampoos, bedding, personal items, all of that started to jumble up in his mind as he tallied up the list.

A glance at Naruto. He added good makeup to that list because already her foundation had worn away save for where it was caked on her cheeks. Yeech. Must be trying to hide some ulgy splotches or something. Hopefully Obito could teach her how to properly apply it without making a terrible mess again. Also fix up those nails.

Then again, he reminded himself, she really was just a human.


It was a quiet ride the rest of the way before they pulled up to the square. Almost leaping out of the car, Shisui whipped off his glasses and neatly tucked them into his pocket.

[#e35045 [b "So, what exactly do you want to pick up first?"]]
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 132d 4h 35m 13s
She pulled her legs to her chest as she started digging through the bag for her breakfast. With a sniffle, she tried to keep back from tearing up again, but it was difficult. So, she was silent for a minute, slowly nibbling through a chicken nugget as she stared out at the traffic around them when Shisui pulled back to the streets.

His apology helped soothe the pain of what he said, but his earlier words echoed in her mind. Would everyone think that she was some girl he basically bought online? Had he told everyone that she was just a 'whore' he found in a dumpster that he took in to suck him off whenever he got an urge? Although the man she spoke to yesterday wasn't the most pleasant, she hadn't thought he would be so disgusting. To be kind of kind to her face but was actually what her grandfather would try to warn her about. The guys that would lure her in to demean her with whatever the thought they could get away with.

Even still, Shisui's excuse didn't justify what he told her. If she was someone with so little to her person that she would be desperate enough to do what he had accused, why would he treat her like that? Everyone had, even that old man [i ]. Jiji wasn't nice enough to be considered 'one-of-a-kind', she knew, so why was everyone but the weird toddler a bunch of jackasses. Maybe she should have just waited for that 'Kakashi' guy like Hiruzen suggested.

[b [#c15501 "The fanciest thing I've ever gone to was Macy's during a after the holiday sale kind of thing. It scared the shit out of me. I didn't think so many soccer moms would be willing to kick people in the face for jeans that might not even fit,"]] she said as she finished her last nugget. [b [#c15501 "Usually I go to thrift stores, Walmart, and Target. One time I got a really nice dress from this boutique that was seventy-five percent off because the were closing down. It was expensive, about fifty bucks I think."]]
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 133d 19h 52m 29s
Needless to say, all this information was news to Shisui. With each statement she made he could feel his gut twisting up more and more. Obito had…done something nice for once? Took in this girl when her grandfather died? That was…so out of character for him to actually go about doing. Shisui actually couldn't think of anyone he knew doing that. That grandfather of hers must've had something over Obito…but what?

Oh, she was also crying. Damn it.

Quick as a whip, Shisui turned into a nearby parking lot without even a warning about the tight turn. Then another turn and he was in the drive-thru ordering a meal of chicken nuggets. No, he didn't know how many just give him ten. Fries? No, just the nuggets for Pete's sake!

Then he rolled up the window, looked at Naruto and said,

[#e35045 [b "I asked that bastard if he had picked you up online and he said yes! Three times I asked that and each time he never denied it!]]

Pulling up, he continued,

[#e35045 [b "I don't know why he likes messing with people so much! He's probably giggling in that stupid high-pitched voice about me sticking my foot in my mouth! And also you're crying and I'm so dead if you tell him! I'm already dead inside!"]]

The bag of warm nuggets was tossed at her stomach.

[#e35045 [b "Please don't make a mess either in the car it'll me [i me] cry. Also I'm still not taking you to a thirft shop because that's asking for trouble so let's go to a chain store instead. Also-I so sorry for being an asshole to you."]]
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 134d 6h 12m 37s
She didn't pause to wait for him to begin with something new. Immediately, she rounded on him, [b [#c15501 "you are the biggest dick I've met in the past week. For all I care, he can scrape out your sack with a fucking fork. My Jiji, the man that raised me and the only family I've ever had, just died. Do you want to know how I found out? It wasn't because he had a heart attack while he nutted in some hot chick and she screamed. No. Some fucking douche bags decided that since he was dead, they got to have his home. So they kicked me out, but at least one of them let me grab some shit."]]

Her voice never faultered, didn't even quaver as she all but yelled at him. [b [#c15501 "And then I get sent to stay with some toddler as a bunch of weirdos came to pay their respects. He told me one of them was a goddamned necrophiliac, and asked where the body was! So, when that old dude found that he had somewhere I could go, that they offered to take me in, he shipped me off. Obito told me I only had to worry about not getting pregnant and to tell him if somebody tried shit, not sucking him off. ]]

[b [#c15501 "So you can go fuck yourself. Go chew your own balls off. Go wreck yourself. I want out of the car first and far away from you."]] As she spoke, she had begun to cry. Tears streamed down her face, but it didn't deter her as she chewed him out. All she was missing were the teeth around his neck. Why she sounded like a tried & true school teacher that was disciplining an errant child, she couldn't explain.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 135d 2h 51m 48s
He never said a word as she spoke and let her finish her little rant. All the while he kept up his careful act of driving further into the downtown area. When she finished talking he jumped in with,

[#e35045 "If I let you get out of this car without a leash, Obito would have my balls sliced off. With a particularly dull butter knife."]

Stopping at a red light, he turned to her with a noticeable lack of smile. The hard glint in his eyes stayed though as he continued to talk,

[#e35045 "If that asshole was to rain money on you then that's not my business. If he wants to doll you up and flaunt you around, that also isn't my business. As far as I know he just picked you up from a random bus stop because he realized no one actually wants to suck him off unless they have nothing better. All I care about is doing what he says so I can pay off this nice car of mine."]

The light flashed green and off they went.

[#e35045 "So I don't know why he's bothering with some random brat. I really don't care, but [i try] and put up with the all-paid shopping trip."]

He paused for a second before adding on,

[#e35045 "Also don't you know what hangs out at those stores? He would [i kill] me!"]
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 135d 5h 24m 40s
Slowly, she turned to look at the man deemed safe enough to escort her ass around all day. Her thoughts about him, from what she had seen of him the day before, quickly plummeted into the lowest layer of gravel beneath the asphalt. She got to deal with yet another dickhead. [b [#c15501 "Oh, I don't know, how about two dollar jeans. That's the fucking answer. Why don't you just drop me off at some [i 'Retail-r-Us'] and let me get a few things, and you can go on your merry-fucking-way? You can just pick me up after a couple hours so you won't have to soil your pretty shoes. Does that sound good to you?"]] Her saccharine tones dripped with all the sarcasm that had been building within her since her knees scrapped against the clay ground as that group of thieves sped away from the trailer park she had been living in. At least she hadn't gotten hysterical yet.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 135d 20h 7m 46s
He really doubted that she meant a trendy second-hand shop from how she had dressed so far. Even the clothes she wore weren't ratty, so she had the money to make those terrible choices. He also had the sinking feeling she would be the 'but [i why]' types when it came down to picking out something that looked good. Those types were draining to deal with and it wasn't like Shisui could back out of this! No! Obito would be pissy about it!

Ugh, you would think she would actually [i understand]!

[#e35045 [b "Second-hand shop or a cheap outlet for dead people's clothes?"]], he asked, [#e35045 [b "because I think I already know the answer."]]

The man knew he was really being an asshole, but the fact was that this was supposed to be his day off. Not that Naruto knew it and Obito would smack him if he complained aloud but-

-that didn't mean he couldn't be a [i little] bit grumpy about it.
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 135d 20h 29m 21s
She stared at the card, wondering why the hell anyone would just hand out a direct link to their money. The one she had from Jiraiya was only allowed to be used to necessary purchases when he was away. Naruto was pretty sure now that he was dead, it was illegal to drain it to the max.

[b [#c15501 "I don't like icecream,"]] she said in reference to his 'shakes'.

Staring out the window, she watched them roll away from her new residence. She thought back, remembering her last visit to the grand city of San Fransisco. Didn't they stay with that sweet older woman? [b [#c15501 "I know a thrift shop."]]
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 136d 17h 57m 3s
He saw his death approach when Naruto appeared and though it was difficult to keep his smile he managed. He wondered if Obito knew exactly how this woman looked when she was 'cleaned up' and was testing Shisui. Maybe he was? Which was fine considering he had seen far far worse in passing. This would be a challenge maybe, getting her to look passable, but he loved stuff like this.

Even if the shoes she wore hurt deep down in his soul.

"Since I wouldn't even let you sit in the back anyways of course I don't mind! As for the other thing I have never stepped foot in any place that sells nuggets and steadfastly refuse. You can have one of my shakes instead."

Looping his arm with hers, he almost dragged the poor girl to the car from yesterday. The front seat was just as nice as the back was with the added bonus of getting to see him in action. Which was really a plus he thought. Closing the car door on her, he slipped into the driver's seat and started the car. As it purred to life, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a sleek card. Sure enough, it had Obitos name typed out on the front.

"Obitio told me to make sure you got whatever you needed, he explained as the card was handed to Naruto, "so I figure the first place is clothes. Any where you prefer?
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 137d 5h 33m 20s
Side-eyeing the new entry of the house, Naruto chomped down the rest of her breakfast. She looked down at herself and shrugged. [b [#c15501 "Sure, let me get dressed."]] Immediately, she popped off of the stool and darted up the stairs.

It took maybe two minutes at most before she trudged back down, uncaring about her noise level this time around. She was wearing the same clothes, but now had a self-made ribbed crop top and a pair of what was probably dollar-store flipflops. The jarring colors of her chosen fashion would probably affront even the most dedicated of the 80's era pop fans. At least she brushed her hair. [b [#c15501 "Can we pick up some chicken nuggets? Dude ain't got nothin' but corn. Oh, and can I sit up front? The back's weird."]] And the strength of the smell of her toothpaste was enough to wake the dead.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 137d 18h 25m 52s
Shisui entered with all the tact of a particularly robust rhino and didn't even try to be quiet as he nosily walked through the living room towards the prone form of his brother. He paused there, shook his head, and proceeded to slowly drag out Obito and turn him over on his side just in case the idiot vomited. Jeez, last night must've not gone over so well if he was still passed out this late in the day. Maybe the chick ditched him? Wait-no he could hear her in the kitchen as she peeked out and he just gave a rather nice smile.

Because he was going to be nice and try to get her adjusted well. If only because it wasn't much fun to take the piss out of some random girl who couldn't even shoot back with much. Standing up, he glanced back down at Obito and said,

[#e35045 [b "Well! Don't you just look like hell warmed over?]]

The tone of 'cheeky asshole' came easily to Shisui and he never hesitated to flaunt it. Stepping over the prone form on the floor, he eyed Naruto up a few times to actually get his first good look. She was attractive in a very 'plain' way and really needed a lesson in not dressing like trash to polish herself up. Good face though, but the weird little birthmarks over the cheeks didn't really help any. Running his hand through his thick curls, Shisui nodded to himself.

[#e35045 [b "Anyways, Obito told me to make sure you pick up everything you need today so I hope you got some sleep last night. Its going to be terrible if you didn't!"]]

The smile got a harder edge around the edges.

[#e35045 [b "Because I don't like waiting for slowpokes.]]
  Shisui / magical-muffin / 1y 137d 19h 3m 18s
[size30 [center [b [i [#d26297 Scene Change!]]]]][size20 [center [b [i [#d26297 Next Day!]]]]]
Naruto woke with a raging migraine, probably from crying so long last night. Attempting a sniff, she winced as air stung against the beginning of her throat. With a groan, she peeled herself out of the bed. She spent a minute getting dressed in shorts and an old band tee before tip toeing down the stairs.

Immediately upon the landing, she noticed an arm sticking out from under the coffee table. After a brief investigation, Naruto found out that her new guardian got piss-ass drunk once she locked herself in her new bedroom. She didn't bother trying to get him into a better position. If her latest 'responsibility' wanted to be a fucked up drunkard, she was going to let him. Not like she planned on staying long.

Glancing around the kitchen, she saw a knife set, a microwave, a stove, and a refrigerator. All the cabinets revealed was a few mismatched dishes, a couple pots and pans, a manual can opener, and a handful of utensils. Shit, this guy didn't even have what most people she knew considered to be 'essentials'. How the hell did Jiji-Hiruzen think she was going to survive here?

After locating the pantry, which was under the stairs across from the half-bath, she found three cans of corn. That was it. Three fucking cans of mexi-corn. She felt like she was reliving the time her grandfather disappeared for half a year and when he came back all he had left to eat was some panko crumbs and part of a pickle spear. Luckily, she brought down a few granola bars just in case Obito was as ill-prepared for...everything as she thought he was.

It was in the midst of eating her chosen meal, she heard the front door click open.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 137d 19h 32m 40s
He really hoped she was too caught up in her meltdown to notice that he hadn't left from her door. Obito had never been fond of people crying; even when he wanted them to be miserable. Just the sheer raw emotion crying showed...eugh it was just a hassle. It was a hassle and honestly it was stupid of him to try and take in this brat.

Hell, his own brother hadn't even know his name for a good chunk of his childhood. So why did Obitio think this would even work out well? It would be better for the both of them to stuff her pockets full of cash and load her up on a bus. Or just pick up the phone and call-

Yeah, he was an utter mess but it would fuck her up even more to be stuck with that mutt 'brother' of hers.

[#8B0000 'And not just because you still blame him'], came the nasty thought, [#8B0000 you just can't stand the thought of him using her as a replacement [b like you are.]]

For a moment longer he stood there before walking away to get black-out drunk downstairs and pass out under the table. The usual thing to do when those niggling thoughts started to pop up.
  Obito / magical-muffin / 1y 137d 23h 37m 0s
She nodded, looking away from him quickly. [b [#c15501 "I think... I'm gonna go to bed."]] With that she gently closed the door and pressed her back against it. Slowly she sank to the floor, the sound of her belt scraping against the cheap wood of the door. As soon her her rear hit the carpet, sobs loudly wracked her body. A near silent scream escaped from her mouth as the knowledge of her grandfather's death finally settled into her.
  Uzumaki Naruto / ShortbreadSandwich / 1y 137d 23h 53m 37s

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