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The relationship between man and dragon has always been rocky. Men have hunted dragons for thousands of years for nothing but glory and bragging rights.
In retaliation, the dragons fought back, destroying human settlements and the such. The dragons only wanted to survive, but man was proving to make it difficult.

Though, there were the few dragons who wanted peace with man. Several dragons even went so far as to mate with humans, but the pairs were usually shunned and killed on sight.
To man, for such an act to happen, any human caught with a dragon was considered a traitor. Many humans and dragons continue to lose their lives over the pointless conflict.

Lady Octavia, a sweet and gentle young dragonelle, was one of few who wanted a peaceful coexistence with humans. She had been well known amongst both man and dragon for her beautiful singing voice. It was said her very voice brought together warring folks to a peaceful agreement instead of bloodshed.
Her caring nature and gentle voice inspired many to see things differently, to unite dragon and man.

Sadly though, Lady Octavia lost her voice due to an attack. It is unknown who or what even did it, but the dragonelle was left with terrible scars along her throat and a crippled right front leg.
Without her voice, there was no longer sweet songs to bring the people and dragons together. Once again, bitter hatred sprung up between the races.
Man and dragon were once again at each other's throats.

As for Octavia, the dragonelle retreated to a lone meadow with a burrow leading into a massive hill. She now calls it home, away from the hatred and destruction.

Years pass, and man and dragon are both in ruins. Without Lady Octavia's songs, the world was left in disarray and chaos...
[h3 [center Other Info]]
This is what I have so far
I am willing to listen to ideas to add onto or maybe change this plot a bit, it'll be 1x1

I know I would like a male charrie to be paired with Lady Octavia

[ Lady Octavia *Dragon Lady 10*]
If you're curious what she looks like and a little bit about her

Just PM me if you are interested in this plot
Thank you, and I look forward to hearing and getting a better idea for this plot ^^



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[h3 [center Lady Octavia]]
Octavia's yellow gaze never left the other dragon, watching him closely. She remained in a low position, her tail curling between her legs. The dragonelle's wings remained slightly unfolded from her sides.
However, the massive dragon still showed no hostility whatsoever towards her. Octavia instinctively retreated backwards, lowering herself even closer to the ground when the other dragon stretched his wings. Probably a bit of an overreaction, but when you had once been attacked and nearly killed by another dragon, it was reason enough to fear for your life.
Though, as the large dragon settled down, did the dragonelle stand a bit again. She started to frown at first when the other didn't reply right away. Her words must've reached him though, for he replied. As he responded, Octavia listened. The breeze rustled her mane ever so slightly, yellow eyes glowing.
As the dragon explained he had been flying and landed to rest, Octavia felt slightly relieved. Her own head tilted to the side, pupils becoming a bit rounder in her yellow gaze, showing a more relaxed state. The dragonelle still remained a bit tense. The other soon introduced himself, Ierdarrot.
Once again Octavia found herself shifting her paws every so slightly, tail remaining tucked between her legs. Yet there was still a curious glint in her own gaze.
[#008080 [i ~Ah, yes, sometimes one can only fly and stretch their wings for so long before they must rest. Well, territory can also mean little to some...~]].
Her nostrils flared, a forked tongue flicking out of her muzzle to test the air. Naturally, she was still slightly wary.
[#008080 [i ~A powerful name, Ierdarrot~]] the dragonelle bowed her head slightly in respect, then lifted again [#008080 [i ~ I am Lady Octavia~]].
[#008080 [i ~It is not very often I get visitors...though I hardly leave here as well...~]].
The dragonelle seemingly trembled a bit, but shook the chill away that had run down her spine. She didn't like to think about what had happened. The scars, her crippled leg, and the loss of her voice was enough of a reminder...
Her eyes opened again, glancing towards Ierdarrot [#008080 [i ~Do you often travel? I cannot say I have seen or heard of you before~]].
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Ierdarrot lifted his head from the stream and licked his muzzle with his long forked tongue. He shook his head and snorted. He noticed the subtle body language changes in the dragonelle and grinned. His eyes darted from her yellow eyes to her stiffening wings and saw that the smaller dragon stood in a more submissive posture than when he had first landed. She didn’t seem like she was going to attack him and even though, she probably could if she wanted to, he got the sense that she would rather flee from any sort of fight than to stay and defend whatever was hers.

Ierdarrot was not typically a fighter and even though he could over power his enemies due to his abnormally large size and weight, he chose not to engage in combat. He feared that he may mortally injure another dragon and that would weigh heavily on his heart if that happened. His pupils dilated slightly so that he could see the dragonelle more clearly, but he did not test the waters by moving closer to her. He did not want to spook or make the dragon afraid of him. He took a step back from the water and decided to nestle down on the ground. Before doing so, he stretched out his massive wings and beat them furiously, trying to get rid of an ache that had started when he had decided to fly today. He folded his wings up against his body and laid down.

He was curious about the dragonelle, how she got here, where she was from, what had happened to her to turn her into the flighty creature that she as. His eyes were half closed when he heard a buzzing in his ear. He shook his head and the buzzing didn’t stop. He looked at the dragonelle again and his body stiffened. The buzzing was her trying to communicate with him, and then he heard her words. He looked down and clawed at the bank of the stream with a claw. He shook his head again, trying to smile. [#007001 [b “Do not be afraid. I have no territory of my own that is close to here. I am simply just here to rest a little bit and stretch my wings. If it is your territory, I should be the one leaving, no?”]] he questioned, looking at her through dark eyes like an inquisitive young whelp. He wanted to know more about her. [#007001 [b “My name is Ierdarrot. You may ask me anything if you so wish. I will not bite,”]] he said, his voice deep and rough. Even for a large dragon like himself, he found that his voice was sometimes more than what it needed to be sometimes.
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[h3 [center Lady Octavia]]
The dragonelle's head suddenly rose upwards. Her nostrils flared, forked tongue flicking out of her muzzle. She sensed another presence. The spine along her back rose upwards, her white mane shifted ever so slightly as the wind picked up, the result of another's wings.
Octavia's yellow eyes glowed, pupils narrowing into thin slits. Her body trembled ever so slightly. Though, whoever was there, didn't seem to have malicious intentions. Despite this, the dragonelle remained on edge. Her wings unfolded slightly from her sides, offering her to snap them open and make a quick escape should the situation call for it.
Her gaze remained where she had seen a shape land. Sure enough, a large dragon crested the small hill, slowly walking downwards to the stream. Octavia seemingly stepped back a few steps. The spine along her back once again flattened. The dragonelle remained in a submissive stance.
She was no fighter, preferring fight over flight. If the other had really wanted to, they could easily drive her away, but they did not. Instead, the other dragon simply kept his distance. Like the male dragon, Octavia simply observed him. She was slightly curious what brought him to her more reclusive home.
The dragonelle started to open her muzzle as if to speak, but no sound came out. She shut her jaws again, giving a soundless sigh. Her yellow eyes closed, wisps of white smoke rose from her nostrils. It was rather hard to talk, when you had no voice to speak with...
Though, perhaps there was still a way to communicate. Octavia opened her yellow eyes again, glancing over to the larger dragon. She tilted her head to the side in an almost curious fashion.
There was still the option of allowing him to hear her thoughts, to allow her words to reach out to his mind.
[#008080 [i this your territory? I can leave if it is...~]]
Octavia shifted her front paws in an almost nervous fashion. She just hoped her words were heard. The dragonelle truly was a timid creature.
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Ierdarrot flew in the glistening skies over the land that once was peaceful, but now it was filled with death and violence. The breeze was strong and it lifted the large dragon higher into the air. He soared over a large clearing that had a stream flowing through it; a perfect destination to rest for a few minutes and continue on his way.
The war between man and dragon had stopped with the help of a dragonelle, but with the most recent events, the war had resumed and people and dragons were dying frequently. People could not see past their arrogance and ignorance that dragons and humans could live side by side each other and live in peace.
Ierdarrot snorted loudly and pressed his wings close into his body and went for a dive. Even though he was a massive breed of dragon, he didn't loose his agility and aerial skills. He was a magnificent beast and he liked being larger than life. In the second few moments of the dive he opened his wings back up to full length and stopped himself from crashing into the ground below.
He stretched his wings farther and softly landed on the ground, making the earth shake beneath his feet. His stomach rumbled and he was very thirsty. He slowly made his way over to the stream that he has seen. He kept his vigil. He didn't like things sneaking up on him. Stopping suddenly, he lifted his nose to the air and smelled the presence of another dragon. It was an unfamiliar scent to him and he could not recognize who it belonged to.
Coming over the crest of a hill that was on the other side of the stream, he saw a dragonelle drinking up the cool water that made the small creek. He stood there for a moment, watching the dragonelle for a moment. He didn't want to disturb her so he kept his distance, observing her.
Finally, he made up his mind and gently made his way down the small hill and stood at the other side of the creek. He decided it would be best if he distanced himself from the dragonelle, so there wouldn't be any conflict. Ierdarrot lowered himself onto all fours and let his forked tongue slip out of his mouth and began to drink up the water as much as he could. He periodically gave the dragonelle a sideways glance, but continued drinking the cool water happily.
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[h3 [center Lady Octavia]]
The day was quiet for the most part. The only sounds being of nature, the birds and beasts moving as a gentle breeze caused the branches of trees to sway ever so slightly. It was one of those rare moments of peace in the world.
There was a soft glimmer of bluish teal scales. A scaled head appeared, glancing around with yellow eyes. The dragonelle slowly emerged from the burrow that led into a hill. The hill was located in a small meadow, trees surrounding the area on all sides, flowers growing around. It was a quiet little place, away from the destruction that ravaged the places outside.
As the dragonelle moved, she limped ever so slightly, favoring her right front leg. Her wings were neatly folded against her sides, tail trailing behind her. As the beast lifted her head, the sunlight shown down. Upon closer inspection of her throat, there were horrible scars, a reminder of the attack that left her without her voice.
She still had nightmares of the attack. Ever since that day, the dragonelle had always been on edge, constantly in fear that her attacker would return to finish her off, but the worse she had to deal with was no longer was she able to try and keep the peace between man and dragon, no longer were her songs heard. Her voice having been the one thing to bring the two races together.
Though now, the war between man and dragon had once again commenced, and there was nothing she could do. It saddened her greatly, but there was nothing to do.
She seemingly sighed, continuing to walk along. Despite the slight limp, the dragonelle moved fine. She soon came to rest beside the small stream that ran near her burrow. The beast leaned her head down, forked tongue flicking in and out as she lapped up the cool water. It was quiet, or so it seemed.
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