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She played with a crystal pendant around her neck as she tapped her fingers on the table, humming to and bobbed Her head to the music playing on the speakers, Taking a sip of her coffee Them pulled out get prescription poison pill bottle and put 4 of the small, yellow pills in hey mouth, chewing them up.
Driscoll just gave another little 'whatever' shrug and headed back behind the counter, where he picked up a pile of menus and began wiping them clean. No one else in the place bothered with cleaning the menus and Driscoll didn't mind that task. He'd much rather be helping in the kitchen but Ivan was being a grouch and it wasn't like the man let Driscoll help out on his good days to begin with
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"I'll be fine", she said as she smiled again Then adjusted herself in the booth so that she could get comfortable and looked at the menu again quietly.
Driscoll shrugged a little at her and mumbled, "S'alright," then he turned away. He stopped for a second when he heard the coughing and he mumbled, "You okay?" actually sounding like he gave a damn for just a moment there. He usually opted for the 'I hate everyone and everything' tone.
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"T.. Thank you", she says quietly add she looked up at him then coughed into the mask, wincing in pain from another migraine
Driscoll shrugged and he took the menu when she was finished with it, scribbled a few things on his pad in a scrawl that even the smartest people in the world would have trouble deciphering, and headed back behind the counter again. He put the other for food in with the cook, who grunted acknowledgement and warned the youngster to keep out of the kitchen. Driscoll rolled his eyes, poured some coffee and put it down in front of her, a straw added to the mug at the last minute. "Your food's cookin'. Ivan's in a mood but he cooks good when he's moody."
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"Just some coffee with a straw and some scrambled eggs with bacon please", she says, her words slightly slurred then closed the menu and handed it to him, smiling lopsidedly as she adjusted the mask.
As the girl entered, Driscoll looked up from the counter and watched her for a moment, a blank expression on his face. He usually looked angry so at least he didn't look like he was about to blow his top for once. He grabbed his little notepad and pencil, headed over towards her and said in a rather monotone voice, "Hey, welcome to Presto's. I'm Driscoll. What can I get for ya?" He tilted his head ever so slightly to the side and he found himself eyeing her a little too intently.
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She limped heavily into the restaurant wearing a blue hoodie, blue jeans, a black sublime shirt and sneakers, Johnny 3 tears from Hollywood undead's mask on her face, underneath the mask, her left eye slightly drooping and her eyelid partly closed, the left side of her mouth also drooping, a scar going from the corner of her mouth to the Middle of her cheek, a deep scar going over her nose and up her forehead. There was also scarring underneath her nose and her left side of her jaw poked out slightly where they tried to fix it, smaller scars on the rest of her face. Her left arm hung useless by her side as well, she then limped to a booth and sat down.

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